5 Best Content Types for Maximum SEO Engagement

5 Best Content Types for Maximum SEO Engagement

Everyone knows that a website or e-commerce site needs high-quality content. Anything less than high-quality, and you risk shooting yourself in the proverbial foot, a point that is backed up by the experts at Thebigfootagency.com. But, there is more than one type of content out there, which makes it difficult to figure out how best to target your audience.

A useful way to identify high-performing existing content on your website is to analyze traffic and see which pages engage visitors the most. But, if you need to create a ton of new content, check out the following list to see which types of content perform best in Google web searches.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are the easiest types of content to produce for SEO purposes. Anyone can write a blog post and publish it on their site. Evergreen subjects are the best, as these are relevant whatever the year or season. But, it?s a good idea to update older blog posts too, as this helps to refresh content and ensure the post remains relevant to new audiences.

Make sure your post is on a topic that?s relevant to your audience and include keywords (blogs are perfect for long-tail keywords). Once you publish your blog, be sure to promote it on social media to help drive traffic back to your site.

Photo Galleries

Photo galleries work well in certain niches. For example, if you are creating a piece of content about French beds, a photo gallery works brilliantly, as people would much rather see attractive images of stylish beds than waste time reading textual descriptions. You can still include keywords in the image alt-tags, which will help the search engines categorize your images.


Video reigns supreme in the world of content marketing. Online video dominates search engine listings and click-through rates on video have gone through the roof. To maximize audience engagement on your website, make sure you include some carefully targeted video content.

For example, if you run a machine tools business and you need to add content to your blog, create some informational videos that show users how your tools work and what they can do. These will be more interesting to readers than dry descriptions of tools and what they can do.

How-To Guides

How-to informational guides often prove popular with online audiences and can perform well in the SERPs. Aim to write a comprehensive guide that includes as much detail as possible. The longer and more detailed your guide, the more useful it will be to an online audience. If you can embed video content, even better.


Infographics present information in a visual way. If you have some dry statistics or survey results for your audience, create an infographic rather than typing it out in a blog post. It makes the information a lot easier to digest. Infographics are also more shareable, which is always a good thing.

Consider who your target audience is before creating content. If in doubt, mix and match and then analyze each piece to measure audience engagement.

Are Your Ready To Build Your Own Website?

Are Your Ready To Build Your Own Website?

Websites have become a staple in recent years. Without one, it?s incredibly hard for a business to get off the ground, as customers won?t be able to find you. Along with this, it?s become one of the easiest ways for businesses to get started, removing the need for a physical building. Websites are great. But, are you ready to start making your own? To help you answer this question, this post will be going through the skills you need to complete a job like this. Along with this, it will also have some great places to get help in areas you?re unsure of.

  • The Skills You?ll Need

Bootstrap/WordPress/Other: Nowadays, there?s nearly no reason to start a website build from scratch. Instead, you can use a tool like WordPress or Bootstrap to lay the foundations for you. Using them will take some learning, though. So, it?s worth trying them out before you start on your final website.

HTML/CSS: Most modern websites are built using a special markup language called HTML. Alongside this, a similar language called CSS is responsible for the styles on the website. Both of these are very easy to learn, with resources to be found all over the internet. It?s worth understanding them before you begin, though.

Java/PHP/Plugins: Using bootstrap or another barebones system, you might have to learn some PHP and JavaScript to add applications to your site. On a service like WordPress, though, you may only have to learn about some different plugins.

SEO: Websites need to be optimized for search engines to help them reach the highest rankings. Without this, customers wouldn?t be able to find your site. This area is very complicated, so it?s worth using everything at your disposal to help you. There are loads of add-ons you can add to your site to facilitate this work.

Security: Most reputable websites are secured using a tool called SSL. Installing a security certificate isn?t an easy job, though, and you?ll need to do some research. Along with this, you should also learn a little bit about network security to make sure the service system you are using is good enough. People will be warned by their browser when a website isn?t secure.

Databases: A website which collects data of any sort has to have databases to store it in. In most cases, this database will be a MySQL variant, making it easy to learn what you?ll need to know. This sort of database is very common, so it?s easy to find loads of resources to help you when you?re using your own.


  • Getting Help

Of course, you might have some missing pieces in this list, and that would make sense. Most web developers won?t do all of this work, leaving things like SEO and security to external companies. Finding the best SEO company is just a matter of reading some reviews and doing some research. There are loads of services like this, and you can also find options to help you with design, programming, and databases, too. It?s worth getting help where you have to with something like this. But, you should still be able to do a lot of it on your own.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the website your business uses. Most people have enough of the right skills to get a job like this done. It might take some learning, but it will be worth it in the end. Having professionals do the job from start to finish would not be cheap.

How To Make Your Website Attract Traffic Regularly

How To Make Your Website Attract Traffic Regularly

There are so many web developers around but the quality of their services varies so you need to look for certain qualities in your web development company. It is very important to hire a web development company that makes use of WordPress to build websites. This is because WordPress offers so many benefits. WordPress based websites allow users to be able to make some modifications without consulting the developers.

Search Engine Optimization

There are millions of websites on the internet now and more are still being hosted. So, building a website is not enough. Optimizing it for search engines is equally as important as building the website. So, you need to hire a web developer who is also experienced in search engine optimization. Launching a website without optimizing it for search engines is like winking in the dark. The benefits of search engine optimization is not only visibility, it also pulls ready buyers to your website. This is because people who search about a product online are usually people who need the product.

Content Management

Search engine optimization will only attract traffic to your website. It is the content that will make them order your products or services. Nobody really needs ordinary traffic that won?t make orders. In fact, no company can survive on mere traffic. It is their orders that will keep your company in business. So content is very important. Your web development company needs to be knowledgeable about content management too.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Internet is now accessed more via mobile devices than via PC or laptop. This is why mobiles apps have become indispensable to businesses now. The only alternative to mobile apps are mobile friendly websites. So, you should be sure that your web developer can develop a mobile friendly website. Companies whose websites are too big and complicated to be mobile friendly have mobile apps.

Social Media Integration

It is important for your web developer to be able to integrate your website with popular social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This makes it possible for the visitors of your website to be able to share any post they come across on your website. When some of your posts are shared, it boosts the credibility and popularity of your brand.

Incorporation of Analytics

Every website should have analytics incorporated into it. This feature gives you daily statistics about your traffic and products. Some of the important reports that you get are the number of daily visitors, the number of orders on each of your products. This daily report is very important. For instance, if the number of your daily traffic begins to dwindle, you will quickly find solution to it before your number of daily sales begins to reduce. Secondly, if the number of orders of a particular product reduces too, you will definitely find a solution to it. Remember, a problem identified is a problem half solved. Without analytics, you may not be aware of any problem until you have lost most of your customers.

Our websites load easily and fast

Your website should be able to load very fast even with weak signal. Any website that takes more than 10 seconds to load is unacceptable. You can only achieve this if your website isn?t heavy and has little functions. Heavy websites also consume more mobile data each time they load.

Simplicity matters

Your web developer should consider simplicity and ease of use. There are so many other companies offering what you offer. So, why should anybody take a lecture on how to navigate through your website? It should be so simple and intuitive enough for a 10-year old kid to be able to navigate through on his own. This is why it is very important to include only functions that are important to the purpose of the website. Contrary to what most people think, too many functions don?t attract traffic, rather they make your website difficult to use.

Universal Compatibility

Your website should support all kinds of browsers. It should be compatible with Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera Mini and others. This is very important because it does not make sense for anybody to change his browser because he wants to order your products. Or which is more convenient for you? To change your browser because you want to order a product from a company or look for another company that offers the same products?

Your website should be secure

The most important details of customers are their credit card or payment details and these details will be used on your website to order your products. So, your website should be very secure. If anybody doubts the security of your website, he will never order your products no matter how cheap your products are.

Improved turnaround time

A very good web developer should work with great speed. Time is very important to business. So, a good developer delivers projects even earlier than the agreed timeline. In fact, it is better to hire a developer that promises to deliver your website earlier than most developers.

Competitive charges

When it comes to web development, higher charges do not always lead to a higher quality website so you need to negotiate better. Besides, you should compare the charges of several web developers. You can select the developer with the most competitive charges. However, you should avoid overly low charges. This is because it usually leads to poor quality jobs. Most inexperienced web developers adopt this gimmick to attract clients.

Billing transparency

A trustworthy web developer should be able to offer billing transparency. There should not be any hidden charges or additional charges that will spring up when the service is on. Your exact charges should be laid bare for you even before you sign the dotted line.

Consider Experience

It is better to consider a web developer with several years? experience. The longer you offer a certain service the more you get better with the service. The most experienced web developer is likely to be the best. However, some service providers inflate their years of experience to lure innocent clients. This is why it is advisable to request a documentary evidence for years of experience. You should not rely on only word of mouth.

Hire a team

Although a single individual will charge you much less, it is better to hire a team of developers or a website development company for the sake of continuity. Change is the only constant thing in life and you will definitely have needs to modify your website. It is better if the modification is handled by the original developer. If you give it to a single individual, it is not likely that you will see him again after a year. He could have relocated, he could have gone back to school or he could have changed his profession.

In conclusion, it is important to bear in mind that no single developer will have all the requirements so you should prioritize them to separate the ones that are very important to you from the ones that you can ignore.


Author Bio:

Harnil Oza is a CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company based in USA & India having a team of best Indian app developers who deliver best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Fast-loading Website

5 Reasons Why You Need a Fast-loading Website

Have you checked the loading speed of your website lately? The results of this exercise may be shocking and a slow-loading website could be causing all kinds of problems that you may not be aware of. However, finding out that your website is slow could save you a lot of heartache in the future and it gives you the opportunity to fix the problem before things get worse. If you're still not convinced that you need to address this important issue, the reasons explained below may change your mind.

Online Visitors Expect a Fast Loading Website

Today's online users expect more from a website. They expect it to be useful, they expect to have a great user experience, and above all, they expect a modern website to load instantly. If this does not happen, most online users are impatient and they will leave your website and go elsewhere to find the content, products, or services they are searching for online.

A Fast Website Builds Trust

The vast majority of professional websites that are developed by the leading organizations in the world perform to an extremely high standard. Your website should do the same thing or your visitors will start to lose trust in you, your website, and your online business. A poor hosting solution may be the issue, so you should consider purchasing a reliable, faster hosting plan from a professional hosting company like Certa Hosting.

A Fast Website Increases Conversions

Different website owners have different business models and they also have different types of conversions that are important to them. Some website owners want to convert website visitors into email subscribers, some website owners want to convert website visitors into paying customers, while other website owners want more people to click or view the advertising on their websites.

However, all of these different types of conversions can be affected in a negative way if a website performs poorly. This is particularly true if people get annoyed or frustrated while they try to navigate your website and they will be less likely to answer a call to action if the website is slow to load.

You Will Have More Returning Visitors

Websites such as blogs often depend on returning visitors who come back to a website to consume new content on a regular basis. If a website visitor has had a positive experience in the past, they will be more likely to visit again. A fast-loading website is one of the factors they will take into account before deciding to return to a website.

You Get More Organic Traffic from the Search Engines

When the search engines are ranking a website, its loading speed is a factor that is often taken into account. The more of the search engines guidelines like this that you follow, the better your website should rank.

A fast loading website is no longer an option in today's online world. Each of the reasons above should be seriously considered and if your website is slow, you need to rectify the problem immediately.

Top 3 Topics to Learn to Be More Hireable

Top 3 Topics to Learn to Be More Hireable

Job hunting is stressful enough. Being rejected is completely disheartening, and being repeatedly rejected can even make you feel like you aren?t worth it. Not only are there simple things that you can fix that?ll hopefully make you more appealing to potential employers, but there are also topics that you should learn and familiarize yourself that will wow them. Being hired is about selling yourself. Knowing these three topics can give you an edge over your competition because it shows that you know the basics of how the world today works.

Social Media

Social media is a topic that is both very easy to learn, and something that becomes increasingly complicated. You can know how to use social media, but the fact is, most people only know how to use it for their personal life. It is how to use it for businesses that can make you instantly more hireable. You don?t have to be an expert, but you learn the best practices.

Know how to increase engagement, how advertising on the social mediums works, and, most importantly, know its limitations. A great way to both practice social media marketing and have an example to show your employers is to start your own blog that you market. Think of it as your guinea pig where you can use trial and error to find the best strategies that work for you.


Search engine optimization is a digital marketing technique many people have heard about, but at the same time, know very little about when it comes to applying it to their business. Being knowledgeable in SEO strategies that increase page ranking is an incredible selling point for future employers. You can know everything there is about SEO, however, simply learning the basics and proving your knowledge can be enough. Once you are hired, speak to your company about improving their SEO ? lead them to companies such as Click Intelligence, who will help you with your apply SEO and link building into your business?s marketing strategy.

SEO increases page ranking. It means that people can find you when they use a search engine. The guidelines constantly change, so you need to make sure that stay on top of today?s best practices or hire a company to do it for you.


WordPress is the most popular CMS with over 28.4% of websites using it. It is a versatile tool that most websites are built from, so knowing how to use WordPress is a critical skill to learn. If you want to be even more hireable, know how to use the other top content management systems like Blogger too. Be flexible. Be knowledgeable. Be hired. Knowing the basics of HTML and the other building blocks of the Internet like CSS is a bonus.

Whether you complete a course and get a diploma in them, or simply read up on the topics, they are great to know. Each one of these topics is crucial to any company, the second it goes online. Knowing the stakes and how the online portion of the business works can make you a more effective employee because it means that you can optimize your work for online from the get-go. It shows that you know more about the business than your competition. It will make you more hireable.

Do’s and Don’ts Every Web Developer Should Know

Do’s and Don’ts Every Web Developer Should Know

Web design has to be one of the most arduous modern day professions. Seeing your website going live may make up for all the hardships during development, but the result does not erase the fact that to reach it, you had to spend countless hours perfecting the code, troubleshooting, and minding the overall design. We offer several Do's and Don'ts that might cut your checklist shorter by reminding you of the few things you should be aware of at all times during development.

Don?t gamble early on

Don?t immediately go for the latest software or the greatest new build out, if you don?t have a solid plan how to go about working with it. Taking an unnecessary risk, in this case, might not grant you a high reward. By choosing the latest software that you and your colleagues might not be familiar with, you are using up time you do not have and opening up possibilities for bugs and troubleshooting for days on end. Start with a reliable software or platform, and once you have settled in comfortably, take smaller steps to experiment with completely new software. That way, if it even comes to losses, they are minimal.

Don?t access a user database directly with user-supplied information

When a database is accessed directly with the information supplied by the users, you are leaving the door wide open for possible security breaches. This could erase archives with very sensitive data, or give access to confidential information regarding your users. And it can all go into the input box on your website.

This is easily addressed by sanitizing user input: you limit how many characters they can use to input a username or a password, whether they can or cannot contain other symbols, and have the code reject any character input you have not pre-approved.

Don?t neglect SEO

Many developers have the tendency to leave SEO as the last thing to do for the website when, in fact, it is something that needs to be tackled as you go along. SEO is more than just keywords, content, alt text in images, etc. It also deals with back linking between pages, accounts for load time, gets rid of duplicated content, and keeps the hierarchy of important pages and links refreshed and constantly updated. So, to avoid having to restructure entire sections of your website, later on, take SEO into consideration from the very start.

Do keep users in mind

The safest way to stay on track with the original idea and design is to create a profile of what your typical user would be. When you know the demographic, and the target audience, it is easier to analyze the type of people that will be visiting our website. You can build the website around the given data: their age, occupation, financial standing, and lifestyle. These will dictate the user experience, from font styles to the navigation between pages.

Do focus on multi – platforming

You can decide to optimize your website for PC users only. And in a time when fewer and fewer people sit at their computers for longer periods of time, this would be a big mistake. A lot of e-commerce and browsing nowadays occurs via tablets, smartphones and other devices. To ensure the website is visited as frequently as possible, adapt the website so it can be seen and read clearly across multiple platforms.

Do save the user?s time

The attention span has been in decline over the last twenty years, and new technologies only sped up the process. It is the reality of the modern age and in order to succeed, you will have to adapt to this. Many expert web developers from Sydney advise ?trimming the fat? wherever possible. Get rid of excess imagery in your gallery or pages that cause slow loading time; write shorter texts, then blend them with pictures to create quickly scrollable content that will also be informative and useful.

To sum up

Thoroughly plan how to go about the development process of your web page. There are countless factors that can impact not only the final outcome of your work but the process itself as well. As Murphy?s Law says ?If anything can go wrong, it will?, so prepare for everything. It is wise to make your own checklist of Do?s and Don?ts upfront and keep them around as a reminder. The best way to stay on track is to create your typical user profile and tailor the design to them. In this way, you ensure that whatever choice is made, it is in the user?s best interest.

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