How SEO is Like Compound Interest

How SEO is Like Compound Interest

SEO is Like Compound Interest

blue graph depicting a watch and arrows indicating compounding of interest over time

Let's say you've got a stock portfolio and can secure a 7% return every year. If you start out with $10,000, at the end of 10 years you'll have nearly $20,000 dollars in your portfolio. This illustrates the power of compound interest hard at work for you.

So it sort of begs the question, if compound interest is so powerful and so simple, why isn't everyone wealthy?

For those who can save, the biggest reason they don't benefit from compound interest is a lack of consistency in their investment. Investors routinely jump from investment to investment without regard for long-term

trends. A study at Fidelity demonstrated that the best investors were the ones that forgot they had an account at Fidelity! Twenty year annualized returns for the S&P 500 were about 9% but average investors only made about 3%. This is not good.
Consistency Wins

Seo is pretty much the same.

The ?investment? is hard work, and like compound interest, the long term results can be tremendous. When you are dominating your niche in the search engines, it's like a license to print money.

But just like with compound interest, increasing your search engine ranking takes consistency. People get discouraged after starting a blog because they aren't producing organic sales leads as quickly as they'd like. And sure enough, they jump all over the place with their seo activities without regard for what the search engines ultimately want to see (informative, relevant content).

But a lack of SEO focus is ultimately self-defeating.

Seo campaigns are like the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill, gaining momentum, size, and impact as they go. When you launch that first your blog, you'll be lucky to draw in more than a few hundred visitors per month, and many of those will be from sources other than organic traffic (ie social media). But over time, as your content volume expands and Google recognizes you for more and more keywords, your traffic will increase.

With persistence you will slowly gain more traction and draw in more views. Repeated effort, and a growing content base will move you up search engine rankings, even if the movement is slow. ?And as you move up rankings, you'll draw in more reads, and the cycle will repeat.

So just like with the Tortoise and the Hare, think slow and steady. Keep building strong content. Take the time to connect with new people and existing relationships. Share your knowledge and expertise and over time the search engines will begin to recognize you as an authority in your field.

How to Be Successful at SEO

You'll find that there have been a lot of success stories on the Internet concerning search engine optimization. While?many people have taken the time to share their own formulas for success all of the information that is available to you can?be rather confusing. The following are some tactics that you can employ to be successful at search engine optimization.?If you're not confident in your own abilities with search engine optimization you'll want to hire the best SEO company that?you can find. This is also an excellent step for people that are just starting out and are unsure of what to do in regards?to SEO. Finding a good company to help you create a good search engine optimization campaign can be a wonderful place to?start.

If you are set on doing your SEO on your own you may want to consider looking into a search engine optimization course if?you're not completely confident in your skills with SEO. Finding a good course on search engine optimization can help you?learn a great deal about this process which can be a great help when you're looking to put together a solid search engine?optimization campaign.

You may have noticed that without a doubt search engine marketing can be very complex. You need to have credible links,?solid professional content and a fantastic page design. While it would be wonderful if you can do all this by yourself you?may need to employ help with one or more of these things. No matter what you are looking to hire someone to help you with?you want to make sure that you find the best possible service. There are many freelancers available online that can assist?you with a number of different things in regards to a?search engine optimization services.

This is just the start of what you should know in order to be successful with search engine optimization. Remember if?you're looking to hire anyone to help you with any part of your marketing campaign you want to take the time to research to?find the best possible candidate to assist you.

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MicroSite Masters – SEO Rank Tracker

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SEO Help You Need To Read Right Away

SEO work is a way to bring your website above your competition. Doing so means
knowing the techniques to bring up your rank. This article will show you ways to
make yourself visible, it will also tell you things you should stay away from.

The way to do this is to make a robots text file and place it in your site's
root directory. txt file and plugging it into your main directory. This tells
the search engines that these files are not to be accessed.

Take the time to consider what keywords would be associated with your content,
and use these keywords throughout your website. Add keywords to both your title
tag and main content, but keep your keyword density to a sane level to avoid
getting the dreaded “keyword stuffer” label.

Dedicate each page to highlighting one target keyword phrase. Confusion is the
inevitable result when you try to cram a lot of different keywords into a single
page. Your readers will get more out of a page that maintains focus on one
topic. They will be more likely to return to your website, too. Search engines
may help bring visitors to your site, but they will not endear it to readers.
Search engine optimization is important, but the experience of your readers is
even more crucial.

Join as many prominent organizations as you can when you are working to optimize
your search engine ranking. These organizations link to their member businesses,
so you can get more local visitors. Plus, a good Better Business Bureau rating
lets customers know that you are running a legitimate website.

You should seek out ezines and online forums that focus on your target market
and submit articles with imbedded backlinks that connect to your website. The
great thing about eZines are that they are archived, so even if your article is
found months later, it can still have usable links back to your site.

If you want to rank higher on the search engines, aim to include content that
delves into a wide variety of topics but still remains focused on your overall
idea. If, for instance, you are blogging on a topic such as golf, include
content dealing with the professional tour, course design and various types of
golfing gear. By keeping your content diverse, you will attract the largest
possible audience.

Putting your website in a prime place to be found is what search engine
optimization is all about. The article you have just read gave you multiple tips
on how to make this happen for you. Applying these simple tricks will get your
website noticed in no time, so increase your traffic today!

Thanks for reading. For more great seo tips see?

5 Insider Tips To Web Design To Increase Traffic And Conversions

Increase Traffic & ConversionsThe growth of the Internet has been staggering, and many companies are able to survive solely off of traffic and conversions generated online. Achieving a sustainable stream of revenue, however, requires work and dedication. The best way to achieve result, however, is to hone a website for attracting eyeballs and converting visitors as effectively as possible. Here are five tips for achieving this goal.

1. Run a blog

A website must be the central location of an online campaign, but it needs other properties to support it. One of the best properties is a blog. While website content must be carefully crafted, blogs allow website developers more freedom. By encouraging those who visit the blog to visit the main website consistently but not incessantly, blogs can be a great way to generate the traffic necessary to succeed.

2. Launch a forum

One of the best ways to attract attention is to foster an online community. While forums are widely considered to be old web technology, they are still incredibly popular, those who can create a top forum in particular field will generate significant traffic. Forums are also self-sustaining, and they will continue generating more traffic once they reach a critical mass.

3. Integrate social media

In the past, most Internet users would first load a major search engine when getting online. Today, however, many start with social media. Because of this, those who want to attract attention must have a social media presence. By creating informative, interesting posts, website operators can leverage the power of social media to fuel a website's popularity. Further, good post will likely be shared by followers, which can spread a company or brand name across social media ecosystem.

4. Each page should encourage a sale

Websites must be informative, but the purpose of most websites is to generate revenue. When crafting each page, special attention should be paid to ensuring that it encourages visitors to purchase a product or service. It is important to be subtle, however, as being too pushy can cause visitors to look elsewhere. It is also important to remember that sales do not have to occur instantly, and an effective website will encourage those who did not buy a product or service today to come back and reconsider making a purchase tomorrow.

5. SEO from day one

Many website operators create a website and then worry about SEO. While SEO can be successfully added to website, and as far more effective to consider SEO from the beginning. By finding target keyboards before creating any content, those who run websites can prepare themselves to skyrocket up the search engines. Today, search engine algorithms place an emphasis on good content over the sheer number of links a website has, so creating top-notch content and honing it for SEO is becoming increasingly important.

The web is highly competitive, but the rewards for those who succeed can be high. By taking time to create the best website possible and giving it useful, supportive Internet properties, website operators can increase their odds of succeeding.

Written by Monica Chamber

Monica is an online marketing
specialist and also teaches part-time in Google?Adwords course??in Sydney. Monica has worked in New York for five years in a national search marketing agency prior to relocation to Australia.

Why Blogs need SEOPressor Plugin

Search Engine Optimization Pressor or SEOPressor is an automated plugin for blog sites. The developer of SEOPressor plugin is expert Daniel Tan. Various website and blog owners use SEO to increase the visibility of their sites on the internet. When searching for any information on any search engine, particular websites appear on the first page and so on. This takes place as per the ranking of a particular website made by the search engine. The process of SEO will increase the visibility and hence the ranking of a blog or website. Higher the ranking more will be the frequency of the blog appearing on search engines.

With the help of SEOPressor plugin, the blog gains substantial boost in their ranking on various search engines especially Google. It is an on SEO structure which eliminates manual SEO experts who charge in order to provide this boost. Thus, there is the added benefit of cost reduction. This is achieved automatically as the plugin manages various tasks including calculating keyword density, modifying them for SEO and so on. These tasks if done manually will require both man power and is time consuming. Hence with the help of SEOPressor the above tasks are done efficiently saving cost and time.

The SEOPressor plugin advantageously keeps on adding keywords to your blog?s content. This helps in improving the SEO quotient. An SEO score is updated for each and every blog entry on the site even before it is published. This allows the blog owner to make suitable changes in order to achieve better optimization.

Among various features of the SEOPressor is the ?Suggestions? feature which includes step by step instructions, thus guiding the blog owner to increase the overall SEO score of the blog. This is achieved by a base algorithm known to copy Google Analytics? performance.

Let us see the other features of the SEOPressor plugin

1. Automatic suggestions to improve the blogs SEO score

2. Forms a live SEO score and update the score as and when content of the page changes

3. Combines the SEO mechanism in the blog, thus allowing side-by-side view of SEO settings and page content

4. Verify internal links on SEO

5. Highlight the keywords in the post even in image tags apart from regular headings

There is no need for the creation of back links on posts. All this is taken care of by the plugin. In addition to the already mentioned characteristics it is highly user friendly as it provides an interactive interface.

The only drawback among the various positives of the plugin is its cost. This plugin is not free to use. The developer charges a one- time $47 fee for a single site license.

Thus the SEOPressor is a cool SEO plugin for blog users out there. It gives you access to several attractive features at a very competitive price. The setup is very easy and its simple interface has made it a blessing for those who do not have much programming knowledge. It effectively negates the need to recruit separate SEO programmers who charge a good amount. This saves the blog owner a good amount of cash in the deal.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought a ?Wireless Laser Printer. These days she is busy in writing an article on Emergency Shelter.