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secure your WordPress

Best way to keep secure your WordPress blog from spammers

WordPress has been the best blogging content management system around the globe. Since it is easy to customize, WordPress has become a favorite of bloggers and web designers. At the same time, it is getting more attention from hackers and spammers. Securing your WordPress blog is the most crucial [...]


Building Trust in Your eCommerce Company

It?s not easy getting an online store off the ground when you?re a small operation, not least because you don?t have a ready-made reputation to piggyback off and a lot of consumers are hesitant to buy stuff online when the company is not well known to them. That?s why [...]

Website Off-Site Maintenance

Your ultimate guide while dealing with Program Interface issues!

A Guide for Handling 5 Key Program Interface Development Issues Introduction Application Programming Interface, API, is a set of tools, routines, and protocols used to build software applications. It specifies the interaction between software components. You can as well use it to design the elements of GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces). [...]

Do's and Don'ts Every Web Developer Should Know

Do’s and Don’ts Every Web Developer Should Know

Web design has to be one of the most arduous modern day professions. Seeing your website going live may make up for all the hardships during development, but the result does not erase the fact that to reach it, you had to spend countless hours perfecting the code, troubleshooting, [...]

Network Security

The Unbelievable Ways Your Business Benefits From Network Security

To make it in business, you have to look for little things that give you an advantage over your competitors. Most of the time, it?s the simplest of things that have the biggest effect. Sometimes, it?s something that you never even realized would make such a difference.   As you [...]