Is there any formula to a successful digital marketing?

Making a Mark in Online Marketing

Online digital marketing has gained popularity in the internet age. This type of marketing is performed through the internet using electronic devices like mobile phones and computers. Some well -known types of digital marketing include Search Engine marketing SEM, content marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing. Before the advent of the internet, traditional marketing was performed through print advertising, flyers, advertisements in the newspaper and magazines and billboards.



Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing has benefits. You can reach your audience quickly and easily; hard copies of the materials can be easily stored for future use or for the use of customers and easy to understand. Digital marketing is beneficial because customers can easily interact through a digital medium, marketing over the internet is cheaper, it is easier to measure the success of an online marketing campaign, digital marketing helps a business target a global audience and all sizes of business can compete easily in an online platform. Most business enterprises use both types of marketing according to their budgets. Today, traditional marketing is used to support a digital marketing campaign


Digital marketing success is all about planning. Make a list of the types of customers who will be interested in your product and plan how you can effectively market the product to them. Understand your product and identify the reasons why your product is superior to those of your competitors. Plan ways by which you will give better customer service compared to your competitors. Put yourself in the place of your customer and make marketing plans based on what you think you will require if you are your customer. Have a clear picture of the type of results you want. Make a list of platforms you intend using in your digital marketing campaign. Use tools to automate the marketing campaign. Platforms will have an option to help you schedule content. Have a plan b ready when a customer responds to your marketing efforts. Keep your plan flexible and change or improve the plan to make the marketing plan effective.

 Budget and Goal

Make a digital marketing budget. Make sure that all your paid campaigns are within the budget. Make the budget flexible so that you can invest in another platform if the one paid marketing strategy is not achieving results. A clearly defined goal is essential for successful digital marketing campaigns. This goal will help you monitor whether the campaign is going according to plan and whether strategy needs to changed or tweaked and help you measure whether your campaign is a profitable one.


A good website and other digital accessories are the main aids to digital marketing success. The website should be easy to navigate and give all the information about the product for effective digital marketing. Other requirements for successful digital marketing include your own virtual private server and your own domain name.

 Search Engine

Search Engine Marketing SEM is one of the most important ways of getting customers to buy and use a product in the internet age. Most customers refer to search engines to find a specific product. The website should be Search Engine Optimized to get a high rank on the search engine results list. Investing in Pay per click ads and Bing Ads are important for successful search engine marketing.

 Social Network Marketing

You should market your products on social media networks where potential customers are likely to see them. You can also use paid social media advertising to effectively market your product. When marketing over the social media you should write a page that makes potential customers interested in the product rather than promoting it like an advertising campaign.

 Marketing using Content

Content marketing involves writing or placing relevant content on the website. Content is the key to successful digital marketing. You can not only write relevant content but also place images, videos and audio clips to draw the attention of your potential customer to your product. The quality and quantity of the content on the website is important for successful digital marketing. When writing content on your website, make sure that the content you write is subtly promoting the product.

 Email Marketing

You must make an email list of potential customers and send targeted emails to successfully market your product. The email should be sent to interested customers and not to all available email lists Users will put it in their spam folder if the email is not relevant to them.

Banner Advertising

Buying advertising space in a high traffic website is an effective marketing strategy to achieve digital marketing success. Placing your banner in an up and running website will not only be beneficial to you but will also benefit the website publisher.

Mobile Marketing

You must make mobile apps to help potential customers to find information about your product easily on their mobile devices. You should place apps on Amazon, Google Play and the Apple App Store to ensure that the information is available on all devices. Google recommends making a responsive website for effective digital marketing rather than two websites one for a desktop and one for a mobile device.

Employee wellbeing

The backbone of a company with a good product is its employees. To make employees happy the company must recognize their contribution, create a friendly environment and have a healthy communication between management and employee. One method of making employees is to have a corporate game show where employees can play interesting games to learn more about the products of the company. There are specialized agencies that hold such game shows in companies.


Digital marketing is a challenging marketing method. It is also the most effective marketing method available today. With a careful flexible plan in place, you can effectively market your product over the internet and increase sales of your product.


Digital Marketing Secrets Every Business Should Know in 2018

Want to know how businesses are killing it online in 2018? Here are the secrets of successful digital marketing strategies employed by top businesses.

Content marketing rules the web

Using content to drive traffic and increase sales is a top marketing technique employed by businesses. People go to the Internet most often to research. Searching for ratings, local places, information, and help learning to do something.

By regularly creating useful content, you’ll position your business to be the answer to their query.

Content marketing increases your website authority on the search engines. It will also build your brand, giving visitors to your site a reason to stay longer and increasing the chances of a sale.

Customers are weary of ads. 71% of consumers claimed they were turned off by content that sounded like a sales pitch. They want useful and entertaining content.

Offering that useful content will not only help your SEO, it will build trust in your audience by making you a thought leader.

Content marketing will also give your brand a persona, another crucial element in a world ruled by social media and selfies. Letting your audience get to know your business on a more intimate level will help build trust and ultimately drive more sales.

The biggest hurdle to most businesses considering a content marketing strategy is the time required to create content. Content marketing can be time-consuming, but there are content marketing secrets used by marketers that you can try to save time.

Consider adding content to your marketing strategy and get more from your digital marketing efforts.

Make offline and online marketing work together.

The lines between the virtual and the physical worlds are blending more every year. While we may all live in the physical world, consumers are spending more and more time in the virtual world.

It is crucial for businesses to connect their online and offline marketing in creative ways to make a seamless transition for consumers.

For the first time in 2018, time spent online is surpassing all other media types. People spend more time on the internet than they do watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading print.

No big surprise there. But it may surprise you that many businesses are still failing to maximize their online efforts.

What are some ways to blend these types of media?

Use hashtags in offline marketing to bring a campaign to the digital world.

Extra Gum is a great example of using a hashtag campaign to combine their online and offline marketing in a creative way that focuses on the consumer. In their TV and printed on their product is the message “we’re looking for life’s little moments” with the hashtag #giveextragetextra for people to share their moments on social media.

This will create some excellent user generated content, as well as helping to remind consumers of the gum during everyday life moments.

Create a cohesive brand.

When you’re building your website and logo, make sure it uses your businesses branding. Print and digital experiences should be seamless for users.

Combine online and offline shopping.

Brick and mortal sales and online sales are becoming more blended. Successful businesses adopt the attitude of “we don’t care where you buy” and create a cohesive marketing effort to reflect that.

For example, if you have a physical store front, make it easy for shoppers to look up reviews about your products on your website.  82% of users research online while in the store. You can include a scan code to make it easy for shoppers, and even have a coupon appear for the shoppers that are in the store researching that item.

Nordstroms has a great way of using the Internet to increase in-store sales, as you can see in the example below.

Use Marketing Automation

From email autoresponders to automatic segmenting of an audience in your CRM, there are many ways marketing automation will make your life easier and your marketing more effective.

Decide what tasks are most tedious and choose the software that will help ease the burden for your sales and marketing teams. This is especially important for small businesses where the owner or manager IS the sales and marketing team.

Marketing automation software ranges from simple social media account management like Hootsuite to more advanced business management systems. Below is an example of a marketing automation system for network marketing businesses, which includes a complete CRM with integrated emails and autoresponders, calendar, reports, and audience segmentation.

These digital marketing secrets are what successful businesses are doing in 2018. Isn’t it time you started crushing it online? Start improving your digital strategy today by:

  1. Improving your content marketing.
  2. Blending online and offline marketing efforts.
  3. Using marketing automation.



Website Factors That Promote Your Leads to Conversions

The Rise of the E-Commerce Industry


E-commerce is a growing industry, and many people have found success in doing business in the industry. Because of the increasing use of internet around the world, more and more people prefer buying online than going to the physical store because it is more convenient and they feel a lot less hassle. Shopping online also gives the customers additional perks, like additional discounts and other freebies. The changing way people buy products has also ignited the curiosity of tech companies to look deep into the reason why people would buy something from the internet. A tech company had published their study, explaining how regular website visitors are converted to become a customer just because of a few things that are found on a website.

How a Visitor would become a Customer

According to the research released by a tech firm, the first thing that you should consider if you are in the e-commerce industry would be the play on words. The study found out that using the pronoun “my” instead of the pronoun “your” would drastically boost your sales. For example, if a visitor saw a phrase on the website saying “begin MY free trial” versus a phrase saying “begin YOUR free trial,” the phrase that used “my” would have more clicks. It is because people have an idea that the item is already under their ownership, and it is an instinct that plays inside the mind commanding that the phrase with “my” should be clicked.

The next thing that you as an online seller should take note is the emphasis on the word FREE if there are free items or services that you will give to the visitors. People like to receive gifts, and adding the word to your website would dramatically boost sales. One website, in particular, is not that popular with visitors, but when a tech and e-commerce expert suggested that the word FREE should be added in, the website’s sales rose to 18%. This would help more people who have taken on the e-commerce industry to gain more customers online, and it would pay off if more people would become interested in your website that tells them that they will be receiving something for free.

Another thing that you should consider if you are in the e-commerce industry is the assurance to the visitors that their privacy will be respected once they decided to make a purchase. It should also be noted on the website that the information given by the customers will not be sold to any third party institutions. Once customers received unwanted emails, they would start to unsubscribe from your website, and the conversion rate would start to decline, and it is terrible for the business. However, if their private information is protected, there will be a chance that more people would start doing business with you just because of the protection of their email address.

Active phrases on the buttons found in your website would also trigger visitor conversion, especially if it says GET INSTANT ACCESS instead of the generic “submit.” People would also like to see quick actions every time they are involved in a purchase, and using descriptive words would allow them to start being curious and click on the button immediately. The word choice would depend on what your e-commerce business is all about, and a strong imagination would be crucial to execute this point.

The study also stated that you should be careful about your choice of colours. Orange would produce more sales, because of the prevalence of websites like Amazon that uses the same colour for buying things.


Another small tweaking needed in your website is the placement of the objects and elements. Changing the position of the image and the action buttons would increase the conversion rate by 5%. For example, a website that sells an overnight bag shows that the image of the product is on the left, while the action to buy is located on the right. Experts in the field of e-commerce suggested that people would tend to look into the left first just like when they read, so it is important to present the item first. This would also give them the chance to decide instantly whether to buy the product or not.

It also matters that the actions found inside the website are personalized, so words like “chosen for you” or “picked just for you” would make a big difference. It is also important to note that an advertisement’s design should match the website where the visitors would be redirected. If website owners would not follow this, it could make the visitor think that he or she visited the wrong website, and they might leave immediately thinking that the offer is just a scam. Make sure that the design of the advertisement and the website is similar to each other to prevent the people from leaving.

There is also a tendency for online shoppers to avoid going to a website that would show them long videos. The study found out that if someone is shown a video that is more than 90 seconds long, they tend to leave the site immediately without checking the items being sold. This is crucial, especially if you are trying to win the people to visit your website. If you think that videos would make the website more popular than you are wrong. It would only make the people go away so do not think of putting it on your website if you wanted to get more conversions. Furthermore, try different kinds of testings to keep its security breach intact. Penetration tests reveal weaknesses, thus, there are more chances for improvement. Lastly, experiment with everything. See what would work and what would not work.



Website operators and online sellers would only need to review their websites to change the condition of their conversion rate. Some changes are effortless, yet it would cause a drastic change in your conversion rate. It is very important for someone who is in the e-commerce industry to learn each of these pointers by heart because these things would make them successful in the career path that they have chosen.

7 Marketing Methods For Modern Millennials

7 Marketing Methods For Modern Millennials

Marketing has evolved to the point where it is no longer recognizable any longer. Gone are the “offline” tactics that used to appeal to a mass audience. The business card and solid handshake combo still have some use but they have been replaced. Nowadays, companies focus on using SEO and social media to attract customers. They have to be seen as modern to thrive.


There is a good reason for this: millennials. These people are defined by their birth dates, usually between the 80s and 90s. Growing up with technology, this generation requires a lot more from a strategy, mainly facts and figures. It is untrusting of anyone who claims to be an expert because they hold power. Millennials fight back against the man; they don’t embrace him with open arms.


Funnily enough, it is this generation that holds all of the aces in 2018. According to Pew, there are 71 million millennials in the USA today compared to 74 million boomers. By 2019, the latter won’t be in second place. Businesses, then, have to figure out how to appeal to a demographic that is growing with every passing year. How do you advertise to a nuanced and complicated group of people?


Here are a few ideas.


Be Relatable

The idea of trust is a big one for millennials. They don’t believe huge corporations when they speak or release information. For youngsters, they are too long in the teeth to take data at face value. The most recent example of their cynicism coming to light is the Volkswagen emissions scandal. If they can’t see behind the scenes, then it’s going to be hard to convince them of anything.


So, the answer is to show them the inner workings of the business with a series of videos. Shoot people behind the scenes who are working on new projects and interview employees about their experiences. Yes, there’s a chance that most workers will tow the party line regardless. And, you’re not going to put a person on camera that has something negative to say.


Still, body language is an excellent sign. Some people will say the right things yet their bodies will scream “liar.” Others will project such happiness and confidence that they must be telling the truth. Always invite the audience to give their feedback through the comments section or by interacting on social media. The generations of the 80s and 90s have an opinion and love to put it out into the ether.


Go To Them

Never wait for a millennial to come to you because it’s a mistake waiting to happen. Their independence means they pick and choose content and don’t let others impact their thinking. If someone mentions something they should see, they may or may not watch it depending on their mood. Honestly, it seems ridiculously short-sighted yet people act like this because of authority issues.


We’ll get into the power dynamic later in the post, but for now, let’s concentrate on meeting them where they stand. Millennials are different to every other generation, and that means they consume media another way. Some will see the odd billboard or flyer and clock the brand name, but it won’t stick as well. Why? It’s because it isn’t engaging.


What is appealing is a video on YouTube or a series of short and creative tweets. These platforms have billions of daily participants and millennials make up a large percentage. But, they also love to game, use apps and send messages. Therefore, developing an application can grab their attention. These are the people that will use it religiously rather than using a desktop version of the website.


Snap A Snapchat

We like to believe that everything is created equal, none more so than a millennial. The truth is very different. There is inequality and it still exists in the 21st century. For the most part, it can be uncomfortable and awkward and hard to change. However, there are times when inequality works in favor of the brand. Before you judge, please carry on reading.


In the paragraph above, the post outlined how you should target the audience through their mediums. Social media is the big one as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram continue to grow. Using a mixture of all the big platforms is a wise move, yet there is one app that needs more attention.


Regarding people born in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, Snapchat is the king of social media. In simple terms, it has millennial privilege over the rest of the industry. Snapping snots on Snapchat then is an excellent way to raise awareness. A warning – don’t be overly sales driven. Because you’re using Snapchat doesn’t mean the usual sales tactics don’t exist. This generation hates forced and unnatural content.


Ask For Their Help

No company has to go begging to an audience with its tail between its legs. Although, one demographic that would relate to this tactic would be the one in question. Asking for help is a subtle form of including the target group within the plan. Too many businesses believe their expertise is the one that counts, so they develop a strategy and put it out to the public. When there is no traction, they wonder why because they are too arrogant to see the pros of including “amateurs.”


Well, novices might not have a degree but they are the boots on the ground. They are the ones who have to react to the marketing scheme and make a conversion. As a result, their input is integral to the firm’s success. Companies that interact on the street aren’t annoying people; they are showing that they care. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a piece of advice come to life.


Stopping people as they walk may not be your M.O. In that case, start a competition and get the public to develop ideas and send them in to win a prize. As well as free labor, it’s a savvy way to gain their trust and attention.



Tell A Feel-Good Story

Think about society today and write down one thing that springs to mind. Progression is without a shadow of a doubt on that list. Also called PC, millennials like to be progressive and forward-thinking men and women. Rather than ignoring people and the world around them, they embrace everyone and everything. The well-being of other people is as important to them as their own. At least, that’s how individuals like to be perceived.


With that in mind, businesses can tug at their heartstrings with an emotive, feel-good story. Crying doesn’t have to be the objective because there are more ways to evoke a person’s feelings. Booking has an advert on TV right now that is a prime example.


Magnus is an employee on a mission to film his travels. Along the way, he comes across people and cultures he has never seen before while soft music plays in the background. At one point, he even exclaims that he has no idea where he is. Millennials relate to this more than anyone because it mixes traveling with a humanitarian mission.


Commit To A Cause


Again, this plays on the generation’s need to help others. In their eyes, there is too much inequality – gender and class-wise – that they can change. Even the environment is a fantastic cause that needs help from a millennial’s point of view. Companies that can do any of the above are the ones that stand out from the crowd as genuine and progressive.


Of course, what isn’t real or forward thinking is the act of milking your good deeds for money. When you think about it, it is basically what the business is doing when they advertise the fact they give to charity, for example. The key, then, is to do it without saying a word. CL Smith has a range of sustainable packing ideas that aim to save the environment. By using their products, an organization can piggyback off of the good PR.


Another simple yet effective alternative is a logo. You already have one (hopefully), but there is no need to invest in another. It already exists. Using the universal sign for conversation (see below) instantly points out that you care about the planet. And, no one will miss it because it’s something they search for when they choose a brand.



Personally Engage

You don’t have to do this because there is no way to tell who wrote a tweet. Plus, there are too many jobs to complete to spend time on social media.


Any employee is capable of interacting with the firm’s audience, but they should do it by being personal. All this means is that the company uses customer info to address people online. By adding a name to the top of an email, it will feel authentic and genuine. Merely linking a twitter handle to your response is a great move, too.


Thanks to the reliance on the internet, there has never been an easier time to conduct research.

Do you feel more comfortable targeting millennials now, or are they still a mystery?


A step-by-step guide to the book cover design

Have you heard the phrase not to judge the book by its cover? Well, it never works with a book cover design, does it? Even if the way the book is designed is not the crucial element that influences your choice, it is still significant.

The main purpose of any book cover design is to attract the right audience, which means it would be well-perceived and, therefore, well-sold. Everything depends on the readers, so they should be the starting point of your book cover design. Let’s take a look at the main readership examples to understand what books they will most definitely buy.

Books For Children

Strangely enough, this is the most sophisticated audience. Not because the little ones are extremely picky (though, sometimes they might be) but due to the fact that parents want to get the best for their kids. Thus, they will be very meticulous about the books they buy. So, how to create a perfect book cover design for children?

  1. Pay attention to the colors. Such book covers need to be bright and engaging. Have you ever seen any dark books for children? No, because none will buy things like those. What is more, kids love it when they see the rivet of colors, the splash of emotions. Make your book warm so that it could share the right emotions with children and their parents. For instance, take a look at the book cover design created by Sara Wafik. It reflects the whole spectrum of mother’s love, making the book look “cozy”.
  1. Think of the characters. Your book cover design aimed at kids needs to have a character the little ones will adore. Unique characters will be a half of your book’s success. That is why they need to be captivating and memorable. In this case, every detail matters. Look at the way a graphic designer Savina has turned her 3D small Hophops into superb characters of the books for children. These original characters help children learn more about colors, which makes them even more interesting.

Books For Teens And Young Adults

Сontrary to popular opinion, teens and young adults love reading. It helps them to grow up and to understand themselves. As a Spanish novelist Carlos Ruiz Zafón once wrote,

“Books are mirrors: you only see in them what you already have inside you.”

That is why a book cover design for teens and young adults should look brave, adventurous, and filled with love and friendship. What should you never forget when you create a book cover for this audience?

  1. Teens and young adults will appreciate it if you add action. A lot of action to your book cover design. To make them interested in your product, they need to realize it is worth their attention and that they can find something for themselves. That is why the hardest part would be to create a story filled with adventures and place it entirely on the cover. Think of Dienel and the book cover this graphic designer created. This very cover contains fire, struggle, and fight. If you are familiar with the concept of the horizon of expectations in literature, you will understand that this cover accepts the rules of this phenomenon and makes you play according to these rules.
  2. Play with fonts. Make sure the fonts you use on the book cover design are clear but not trivial or boring. This will distinguish your book from all the rest on the shelf and, at the same time, won’t scare people away.

Books For Adults

Indeed, the range of this particular type of audience is quite wide. However, there are several common points that always should be taken into account.

  1. Avoid clichés. You design a book cover to make your product better, to help it get distinguished and get remembered. Such clichés as, for example, lovers for a love novel book cover will not assist your book in getting sold. Think different, think outside the box. Try coming up with several concepts and then choose the best one. Perhaps, you will even need to conduct a survey to find out which cover will be the most beneficial option.
  2. Show emotions. Your book cover design needs to be emotional. It has to reflect anticipation, trust, joy, sadness, fear etc. Emotions are the key that connects people to your product. For example, look at the book cover design created by Xenia Voronicheff. Love, support, and closure: this is what a random person can feel while looking at this graphic design entry. You will want to look closer at this book and, perhaps, you will want to keep it, due to the tenderness it carries inside.

Bottom Line

Books and imagination always go hand by hand. If there is no design without imagination, creating your next book cover will be much easier for you. Just get inspired, and you will be awarded by the readers who adore your book!

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