Marketing Stratigies

Marketing Trends To Make Your Mark In 2018

January might mean the time to be making new resolutions personally, but it may also be time for businesses to do the same. One resolution all businesses should pin to their office wall is revisiting and refreshing their current marketing strategy. To continue to grow as a thriving business in today’s busy modern world, keeping track of the newest trends can make the difference between making that 1000th sale or missing out altogether. Below are a few trends that are key to watch out for this upcoming year:  

Hello Siri, Alexa, and Google

Voice-activated search is becoming increasingly popular in 2018, especially with the introduction of devices such as the Google Home Hub and the Amazon Echo to our homes. These devices have revolutionized the home by allowing consumers set alarms, play music and order shopping using their voice alone. The smart technology means marketers now have the power to create a specialized copy using advanced keywords to help consumers find even more services and products related to their voice command.     

Smartphone Traffic

As millennials become the focus more of marketing in 2018, it’s safe to say traffic sources are currently to be found primarily from smartphones, rather than desktop computers, as they grew up with the power of the internet at their hands. Traffic from smartphones is predicted to continue to rise in 2018, meaning creating engaging, yet concise, copy that’s small-screen friendly is key. Your current content on-site and your search engine optimization strategy may need to be revisited to allow your consumers to read your copy easier on the small screen. It’s time to move away from chunks of paragraphs, each heavy with keywords, and instead craft content people can read and view on the go. This could mean turning more towards videography and infographics, rather than text-centered articles.  

Social Media and Live Videos

Tapping into social media isn’t a new idea or a new trend, but it’s arguably one of the fastest growing marketing platforms for the digital age. Nearly 800 million users log on and post to Instagram every month. Social media channels are ideal for sharing a variety of rich-media posts, including videography. Live Videos came into their own in 2017, but in 2018, the trend continues to grow. They provide real-time engagement with visitors to your social media channels, with Facebook and Instagram being the ones to watch regarding Live Videos. They can target potential audiences as consumers chose to watch a Live Stream and continue to scroll past advertisements.   

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The popularity of smartphone game Pokémon Go was able to show marketers that there is a channel waiting to be tapped into for their next step in their strategy. Pokémon Go was one of the first that used AR content to create an immersive game by tracking the users’ locations and time-zone to adapt their experience. Augmented Reality offers consumers the opportunity to experience immersive story-telling from their favorite brands, and it’s one to watch in 2018.


Life Hacks: Changing Your Career Path

Changing your career can be a daunting prospect to many people, but there are a couple of life hacks that can help you to make the change seamlessly, and with as little stress as possible. There are some risky way and less risky ways to change your career, and knowing how to go about the change is always really important. Follow these ideas and you will have your new job in no time.

So many people are dissatisfied with their job, feel undervalued or underpaid, or perhaps just want to try something that has a bit more impact on the world. Whatever your reasoning, there has never been a better era in which to learn new skills, and try something new. There are lots of ways to find a new career that you love, so soak up some of these great ideas, have an open mind, and be prepared to find yourself a new career.

To Quit or not?

Whether to quit your day job or not is up to you, and depends on what kind of person you are. Some people find it really beneficial and liberating to quit their current job and use that adrenalin to throw themselves into the job search. This can be fantastic if you don’t have dependents or have some money saved up in the bank.

For many though, they are unsure about what they want to try next, or how long it could take to find another income in their new line of work. Taking your time with it, and having an idea can be good before you make any decisions. You can apply, and try out other fields while still having your current job. Being smart, and not rash, can really pay off.

Educate Yourself

Going back to school can be a great way to get a taste of the new field you are looking to go into, and looks really good to employers too. If you are changing career, you have loads of experience working, and a qualification on top of that lets them know you are serious. Why not check out your nearest supply chain management masters, nursing course, or law conversion course.

There are plenty of courses out there for any field, so see if there are any that are applicable to you. Many courses also offer a hand on experience with work placements working in actual businesses. This looks great to employers and can give you a taste of what it is like working in the new career you want to try. Adding qualifications to your CV is never going to hurt, and you can get a taste of what it’s like working in the new career your thinking of going into.

There are loads of ways you can get into a new career, from doing internships, gaining new qualifications, to just asking around. Whatever you do, and whatever you want to go into, there has never been a better time to change careers. Information and opportunities are easily accessible online, and many people change their career many times throughout their lives.

SEO for your business website

8 Promotion Tactics To Skyrocket Your Small Business Website’s Traffic

Having high website traffic is the necessary condition of success for small businesses specializing in online-based services. Without a steadily-increasing stream of visitors, internet-based companies have little room for growth. However, drawing in new consumers is not a simple task in today’s marketplace. There are over 1 billion websites registered in the world today, meaning there is a lot of competition to be had between online businesses.

Coming out on top is not easy, but there are steps each company can take to improve their chance at success. Specifically, companies need to utilize a wide variety of marketing tactics in order to reach out to more and more potential customers. Choosing the right approach can be difficult, in no small part due to the abundance of low-quality online articles which tend to promise wonders, but deliver only trifles. So instead of pretending to sell you marketing panacea, we will use the rest of this article to outline what are some of the most commonly used methods of increasing online traffic.

Magazine Ads

Magazine AdsDespite what some naysayers have been telling you, traditional media hasn’t quite gone the way of the dinosaur yet. They are dwindling, however, which means they are more likely to support themselves through advertising. This is where your website comes in. Advertising your website through newspaper and magazine ads has never been cheaper. Use this opportunity to introduce people to your company logo, tag-line, and website URL.

Stickers, Leaflets, Business Cards

stickers to promote your business

Don’t underestimate the advertising potential of small bits of paper with your logo and website address on them. Printing and distributing paper-based materials is an inexpensive way to infiltrate the pockets of your fellow city-dwellers. Make sure to include these materials in your official press-kits, as local media can be a powerful ally for getting your name heard.

Mobile Advertising

People are taught to pay attention to moving vehicles from an early age. And if you know where their eyes will be looking, why not put an ad there? A single line of text such as a web address can easily be put on a bike, a car, or on the side of a train, thus ensuring your brand is circulating on the streets.

Outdoor Panels

Placing a Display Me lightbox with your company logo and a QR code pointing to your website at the entrance of your business office, combines online and offline marketing for maximum impact. Passersby who regularly move through your area will have many opportunities to check out your ad, and some might even scan the code out of curiosity. This will lead them to your website irrespective of how popular it might be online.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO for your business website

People are not going to visit your website if they can’t find it. Your service might be excellent and your site might be a masterpiece of design, but if no one comes across it while browsing online, all your effort will go to waste. SEO works by making your site more visible on search engine result pages. Optimization is achieved through the tactical use of keywords and keyword phrases throughout your site’s content. The better your site is optimized, the greater the likelihood of it appearing among top search results on Google or Bing, which makes it easier to find through while browsing the web.


Incorporating a company blog in your website ensures that you have a means of expanding your content on a regular basis. Blog posts are very versatile when it comes to increasing traffic. First, they are ripe for SEO because they can incorporate trending keywords as they become popular. Second, they are a free source of content for your social media page. Finally, quality blog posts can be valuable sources of information for other blog writers, who will in turn link to them, further spreading your online presence.

Social media marketing

By creating a social media profile for your business, you are setting it up to become a part of the online conversation. If they like your social media content, your soon-to-be followers will check out your profile, which should contain a link to your website, which is where you want to lead them. The best part comes from the fact that your followers are likely to share your content with their friends, potentially creating new followers at no extra cost to you.

Celebrity Streamers

Celebrity Streamers

The popularity of video-based services like Twitch and YouTube in recent years has brought about the rise of a new kind of entrepreneur: the celebrity streamer. These individuals make living by creating video content for their massive audiences. Having your website featured in one of these videos is sure to give a boost to your traffic. While it can be difficult to get a hold of top-level streamers, there are plenty of young, eager celebrity-wannabes that would be willing to promote your content at a fair price.

Causing a Traffic Jam Online

Increasing online traffic is often presented as something achievable only through esoteric means. The reality is that increasing website traffic is not as difficult as it seems. Understanding the basic principles behind online (and offline) advertising allows companies to expand their traffic quickly, conveniently, and at very little extra cost.

Five Website Upgrades You Need to Boost Business!

Five Website Upgrades You Need to Boost Business!

In this day in age, your company simply cannot survive without a website. Even if you’re a local business who sells products from a physical store rather than online, you still need to have your name out there on the internet to be competing for customers. Even when people are looking for local businesses they will be browsing online to see what’s available, a nice website could possibly snag you a new customer. If you do trade online, it’s even more important since this will be the face of your business. It’s what customers will see first, it’s your chance to make an impression. If your current site isn’t up to scratch, here are just a few of the ways you can go about improving things to improve your business in general.


A Professional, Streamlined Look

The first and most obvious change you could make to your website is a new design. If your current layout looks cheap and amateurish this will lead customers to think the rest of your business is the same way. There are lots of talented web designers out there who can create something tailored to your business and make it look incredible. You need the right fonts, colors, headers, the right amount of whitespace on the page. Ads shouldn’t be too crowded or clutter up the page. It’s worth spending the money here and investing since it’s such a crucial part of your business, it’s likely to be the difference between success and failure.


A Live Chat Feature

Live chat is becoming more and more widely used. It’s something that customers love and can really help to boost business. It makes your company and site look more professional, and if you have customers that are on the fence about buying from you, being able to have their query answered hassle-free via live chat it could sway them. Not every customer will pick up the phone to resolve an issue before buying, and not everyone has social media accounts to speak to a real team member on there. Live chat makes it easy for them and can do great things for your business.


Clear Contact Details

When a customer is thinking of buying from you, one of the first things they will look at is how easy it is to get in contact if anything goes wrong. Make sure the page to your details is clearly linked and visible. It should contain a business email address, a landline telephone number, and your physical address. If you want a more impressive looking address, invest in a mail forwarding address. Here you will appear to have the address of a stunning office block on Google maps, but your mail is just sent there and forwarded on to you.


An Easy Verification System

If you run the kind of business that requires documentation from customers (perhaps for equipment hire or financial products such as a loan) you could include a real world identity verification option. This software can be easily integrated into your site and makes everything quicker and easier as opposed to having to upload and email information. It allows customers to scan things like IDs, bank statements, utility bills and more. If these are the kinds of things you need from customers in your business something like this could be ideal.


A Blog

Finally, a blog is an excellent addition to your website. It shows that you are knowledgeable in your field of business. This can help to make you look professional and trustworthy which customers will love, especially if they’re new to shopping with you. A blog can also easily integrate into your website, and over time can help to improve page rank. There are lots of freelance writers online you can hire to write posts for you, they don’t cost much and you get great content to add to your site every week or a couple of times a week. If you’re not on board with blogging for business yet, it’s something you definitely need to implement as a way to boost business.

There are plenty of ways you can improve your business website, many of which depend on the specific kind of website you run. However, it should be neat and tidy with a professional edge and blog at the very least.

Is your business website in need of an update? What features have you/ will you get installed that is specific to what your company sells?

why to choose wordpress website development for business

Top Reasons to Use WordPress Website Development for Business

Almost one out of every four websites on the internet is built on WordPress. From the smallest of businesses to stellar companies like Time Inc. and TechCrunch that garner millions of visits per day, WordPress remains the choice for all.

This makes one thing absolutely clear- WordPress development services are reliable and suitable for businesses of all scales and industries. And it’s perhaps for this reason that despite having dozens of CMS in the market, WordPress comfortably trumps them all. Here are some of the reasons you should use it for your business as well:

It’s free

The most basic factor upon which majority of the businesses focus is ROI, i.e., while they do care extensively about the quality, they are equally sensitive about the price at which that is attained. With WordPress, it’s win-win. They get to deploy one of the finest CMS with a broad set of features to help them push their business in digital space and the best part, they don’t even have to pay for it.

Extensive set of Plugins

Though WordPress is a complete package when it comes to creating and managing decent websites, there are thousands of other plugins and themes that you can use for additional functionality and give your website a unique feel. While most of the plugins are free to use, there are some paid themes as well for premium users.

High visibility

Websites built on WordPress are known to be SEO-friendly as they are indexed by search engines much better than other websites. This helps in improving the rank of websites in search results, thus, leading to higher visibility and recognition of businesses.

Simple but powerful admin panel

One of the key concerns of many businesses is that though they can get a website developed by hiring WordPress developers, managing them afterward without technical fluency remains a tough task. But with WordPress, users get a drastically simplified admin panel that required no technical knowledge whatsoever for day-to-day management of the website. Sure, having technical efficacy does have its benefits for its ability to edit CSS code for custom design, but it isn’t necessary to manage one’s website efficiently.

Task delegation and roles

Websites are generally managed by a set of different people, all of whom do not necessarily need the same set of privileges. For instance, if you have guest-blogging enabled on your site, they should be able to only write and not edit anything else. Similarly, for editors, there should be privileges of only writing and editing the content but not modifying the design or other aspects. WordPress has such capabilities built-in and can be easily managed through admin panel by granting or revoking different levels of privileges.

Additionally, since the admin may not be available 24*7 to manage the site, they can easily schedule content that will automatically be posted at a specified time.

Social media and community integration

WordPress websites can be easily integrated with most of the popular social media platforms, and even the on-site community like the comments section can be easily managed through a simple interface.

To put it simply, it creates aesthetically beautiful websites for free, offers a broad range of functionalities that even a non-technical person can easily manage, and yes, is powerful enough to handle millions of users. The only thing you need is to hire WordPress developers to create give a great start to your website and once it gets onboard, you can efficiently manage your business from anywhere you like.