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Why You Need to Build an Email List For Your Business Right Now

If you talk to some small business owners about email lists, they can see the whole thing as positively archaic. It can seem to some like it is going back a little, especially when you think about all that we have at the moment, from social media and websites. However, it still remains a really vital tool for your online marketing strategy for your small business. If you think about the social platforms that you have to join, they all have a requirement of an email address. So it is still very much relevant, and still a modern way to communicate.


The advantage for small business owners is that having an email list of subscribers is a great way to help your business. Sites like show just how much creating an email list can have on ROI, especially compared to other online marketing methods. Plus, it also has advantages over modern media. Think about the social platforms that you use, for instance. What happens if they just become unpopular or your target audience just get a little tired of it? This happened to things like MySpace, and is Snapchat still what it once was? If social media platforms go and you don’t have an email list, then you can lose a lot of customers. Having an email list helps you to remind them that you’re still there, and you can share the latest offers and news with them.


There are plenty of other advantages to email lists too. Think about how personal they are. They can bed edited to have that person’s name or share things that they might like because they bought some similar from you before. Plus, it lands right in their inbox. It is way more personal than simply seeing something on your social media feed. And in a similar way, emails like this are also pretty necessary. People will be checking emails pretty much daily, at work and at home, as there are things that they need on there, from work news to things like their kid's school information. So it is something that will get noticed when your brand pops up in their inbox. People don’t always check their feed or their Instagram feed, and if they didn’t for a few days, then that is people that you are missing with your social content.


Creating an email list and then sending out newsletters or information on it is pretty inexpensive too. A lot of online marketing doesn’t have to cost a lot, but this is going to be one of the ways that cost the least. You can also really make it customizable, which is what is going to help draw your customers in and keep them coming back to your business again and again.


There are several ways to build up an email or subscriber list for your business. But starting sooner rather than later is a good way to not miss anyone. An incentive to join usually helps, but if people like what they see and good things come into their inbox, then they will stick around.


7 Factors That Can Make Or Break Your Brand Identity

Every entrepreneur starts a business with the dream of building a successful brand, but this is not always an easy journey because it will require consistency, hard work, and willingness to take risks and handle challenges. Building a brand is not a one-day activity but a journey that is full of challenges and winnings here and there.

The reputation of the brand needs to be cultivated consistently and avoid things that can ruin its reputation along the way. It is easier to break a brand in today’s digital world as compared to earlier ages due to the popularity of the internet especially social media where people tend to share their views and opinions about anything freely. Below are some of the factors to consider when building your brand identity or reputation because they will either make it or break it.


  1. Product Review And Your Feedback Towards Them

Whether you like or not, there will be someone out there who will have something to say about your brand. Whatever is said can either be positive or negative and sometimes you may not have much control over what people want to say about your brand. However, the way you respond to the customers’ review will determine whether you will kill your brand or make it. For instance, in case there is a positive review, it is always nice to appreciate the reviewer and also promise to keep up the good work. If it’s a bad review, you will have to respond too by being polite and promise to handle the issue in a manner that you are sure of because again you do not want to promise your clients something that you cannot provide.


  1. Online Presence

In today’s digital world, people tend to shop and order commodities from the internet a lot. In this case, only those who are available online and have provided relevant information about their brand will survive in the competitive business environment. Being present on the internet and interacting with customers is very crucial when it comes to brand building. Sometimes you may need to partner with a digital marketing company to improve your online presence by keeping you up-to-date and consistent.


  1. Market Research

Most businesses invest in market research when their product is new or when venturing into new markets only and then relax after that. If you want to build and maintain your brand identity, you must continue to carry out market research so as to be updated on new trends in the market. This will help the brand to remain relevant to the consumers otherwise they will shift to competitors who have decided to adapt to changes in the market.


  1. Quality Control

After making sure that you interact well with your clients both on online platforms or offline, there is the need to ensure that your products are of good quality. In this case, there is the need to take charge in controlling all operations of the business and the output itself. Customers will expect not only a top-notch quality but also the consistency of the same. If a company can master the trick of quality control in all operations, there is a guarantee of a positive brand reputation.


  1. Consistency

Consistency is a very wide aspect when it comes to brand building because it is required in almost all operations. The aspect is significant in production, packaging, product design, posting of information on online platforms, selling strategies and customer service. While this can be difficult to achieve at times, some experts can surely help in providing a consistent branding material for all your means. You can trust an experienced brand-building service provider Brandmatters who looks after all your branding affairs. Sometimes seeking expert advice from a third party can help you to do something that you never thought could be achieved.


  1. Uniqueness

One mistake that many businesses do is trying to mimic competitors brand characteristics because they think they are successful. What they forget is that product differentiation and uniqueness is one brand characteristic that makes it successful in both new and existing market. Trying to copy other people’s brand has a higher chance of breaking your brand than when you design and produce something unique as long as the quality is top notch and consistent.


  1. Visibility And Availability

How easy is it to find your brand whether on online or physical stores? This is a matter of marketing and ensuring the availability of your products where clients can reach them with ease. If clients know that they can only find your products in specific stores only or when they order from online stores delivery is always delayed, your brand reputation will be ruined very fast. Again, how many people are aware of the existence of your product? Marketing strategies should be consistent and effective for people to know your brand and love it.

How To Prepare Your SEO For The Holiday Season

How To Prepare Your SEO For The Holiday Season

The weather is still far from cold winter days with everything covered in snow, and the holidays are only yet to come. Still, if you have a website, and have to prepare for all the online sales that you are going to have during the holidays, then it’s already high time that you start getting ready. In fact, you can never say that it’s early to start preparing for this period, as you need to be on top of your game when things start to get busy.

So, by now you have probably learned enough about SEO mistakes that you should avoid. Now, keeping the upcoming holidays in mind, you need to remember the fact that ranking properly on Google isn’t something that happens over the course of a day or two, so if you haven’t started working on your holiday SEO strategy, then you should do it now. Remember that next to Christmas, you’ve got a bunch of other important dates to cover, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So come up with your best content for the occasions and get ready to rumble.

Create appropriate landing pages

Every upcoming holiday should have its own set of landing pages which should be based on keywords and terms related to that particular date. The pages can be static. All that is really important is that you put the most effort into keywords which will most probably trend online during that period, and learn a bit from your previous campaigns if you have had run them before.

Focus closely on the design of the pages so that they perfectly fit the given holiday. Make your theme be all about it, throw in proper decorations, and include appropriate images. Also, these pages will do just great for promotion via social media networks. Furthermore, your email marketing campaigns will lead directly to them, so that you get to convert for the desired keywords much better.

Offer holiday-themed deals

How To Prepare Your SEO For The Holiday SeasonYour website’s theme does one part of the job, but you should also make sure that you offer your customers something that they will find valuable. Make sure that you are not just a copy of your competition’s idea, but provide people with something that they can only get from you. Rely on your strengths and show the true significance of your business both to you and your customer base.

Look at what other businesses are doing and take the idea one step ahead, or come up with something completely unique. Once you’ve got what it takes, promote it as much as you can (within reasonable limits).

Make sure that your online store’s frontend and backend are proper

Further, then creating the perfect landing pages, you need to make the best possible website content for your holiday customers and make sure that it’s perfectly optimized for your SEO efforts. What this means is that you make sure that some of the common SEO aspects are in place, such as H1 and H2 headers, page loading speed, as well as getting rid of any duplicate content.

Also, while your website visitors won’t be able to see your backend, it certainly has to be top-notch and fully SEO optimized, or things will go awry really fast. So, get all your code straight, make sure that every image that you use is well-optimized, and take care of your sitemaps, as it is of vital importance, according to expert SEO agency in Brisbane.

Don’t forget to think mobile

As you are probably well aware, a huge number of your customers will be purchasing your products by using their mobile devices. The number of mobile users is only growing, and there is no denying of the fact that we live in an era of smartphones, where even your old folks probably have one (even though they may not be as good as using it as youngsters). Therefore, it goes without saying that your website needs to be mobile-friendly.

And when we say mobile-friendly, it means more than just making sure that the screen resolution fits the screen of a given device. No, you have to optimize every little bit of it. Make sure that all the buttons are responsive and all choices are there for mobile users. Your customer base will be very disappointed if they come to your website and realize that they are going to have trouble navigating it due to it not being properly optimized for their device. This is generally the case, but during the holidays, it’s even twice as much important. Because this is when shopping becomes hectic, as groups of customers turn into crowds, and sales reach their annual peak. So, if your website doesn’t provide the right user experience to your holiday buyers, then they will certainly look for a similar product somewhere else.

Keep in mind that the holiday season is the time of the year when your sales can go through the roof. It is the most hectic period for all kinds of shops, which means that your website needs to be properly optimized for your customer base. You need to make sure that your SEO efforts are top-notch, and start preparing on time so that your website gets the most traffic as well as conversions once the chaos begins.

How to Expand Your Online Retail Store

How to Expand Your Online Retail Store

Many businesses in today’s day and age have an online store. It is the cheaper alternative to renting out spaces, and online shopping has also become common among people. No matter what a company specializes in, learning how to expand an online retail store is an important venture to increase profit. Here are four steps you must take in order to achieve this.


Innovating more goods and services is the first stage, given that you cannot expand if you do not have something else to offer people. Organizations must also thoroughly invest in their marketing tactics and use any programs and technologies available to their advantage. Lastly, by expanding you are also becoming a global company, and you must better understand exactly what this means.


Innovate more goods and services

Innovation and creativity are key to a successful business. Take a look at what you are currently manufacturing and think about how you can expand into other categories or even come up with new merchandise. You can’t grow your retail store without having additional items that you can offer your customers. What value are you providing them with? Why would your audience want to purchase from you? As a company, focus on creating and offering more goods, if you want to grow not only your retail store capabilities but also your customers.


Marketing tactics

For people to know about you in the first place, you must invest in marketing. The chances are that you have already done this with the retail store you had thus far, but if you expand it, you must kick gears up a notch. Ensure you have the appropriate people working on this aspect of the company, and grow your social media and digital marketing efforts, and even public relations partnerships and initiatives.


Take advantage of software programs

You must also consider how you will put your plans into action and expand your store. You will not be able to do it without the help of certain software programs, as your endeavors are rooted in technology by working on the world-wide-web. Ensure that what you are using will be credible as well. For instance, you can read more about an e-commerce software company that will help you manage your merchandise flow, synchronize and automate by looking at the following website –


Become a global company

It is time to expand past your local pool of customers and reach people on a global scale. You are already operating online, and it’s now a matter of targeting the right groups and understanding how different markets work. What has worked for you in America may not perform as well in Europe, and you must determine how you will change your products and services accordingly. Moreover, don’t forget that you will need to ship internationally, and thus export your goods everywhere.

Expanding your online retail store will benefit your business in many ways and can be achieved with the right employees and strategies. Every company wants to increase their profit margins, and grow your capabilities, both in new products and markets, will achieve this.


Using Your Blog To Impact The World

Using Your Blog To Impact The World

Why did you create a blog? Was it something you wanted to use as a means to make money? Did you create a blog to give people an insight into your personal life? Is your blog a means to express interest in a particular hobby? Whatever the reason, your blog doesn't only have to stand as a means to provide you with wealth. It can go beyond an insight into your life, or a few tips and tricks on a particular topic. Your blog could stand for something truly meaningful. This could be your platform to make a positive impact in the world around you.

One blog can make a difference. And that blog could be yours!

But where do you start?


It starts with an idea. What is that really stirs up your emotions? When you switch on the news, which stories provoke a strong reaction from you? What topics are impacting your life? There are people who blog about social change, raising awareness about hot topics – how black lives matter, police brutality, transgenderism, the #me too movement, as examples – giving a voice through their experiences, or giving a voice for others, promoting change and disruption. There are people who blog about global issues – world poverty, the environment, and global warming – looking to make a difference to the world through the power of the written word. You can do the same.


Research the issue you are interested in. The more honest your blog is, the more credible it will become. Find out more about the topic that is driving your heart by reading other blogs (check our previous links for a start), watching the news, and picking up news journals. Don't rely on half-truths you may have heard elsewhere, but use genuine sources to gather hard facts about the matter at hand. Of course, you may have direct experience with certain issues, so the truth can also come from you and what you have been subject to first hand.


Create posts that will raise awareness. With the knowledge you have received, focus your writing on stirring up the passions of others. Provide links to news sources and articles based on research and study. Write with conviction and courage and from the heart. You may not be popular in certain quarters with your writing, but if it really is an issue that means something to you, then providing there is truth and you aren't being libelous, go for it, and write with positive intent.


Share your posts. After writing your posts, you need to spread the word about them, using marketing fundamentals to boost your readership. Your social media networks are a start, but also consider the issues you have been writing about. There are bound to be forums online that relate to your blog, so add your voice to the many and provide a link to what you have written. You may also want to connect to charities directly – if your blog could help their work, they may be willing to share what you have written on their websites. And speak to anybody you know who can get behind you, especially if they share your passion for change. Ask them to share the word with people and networks they are involved in.


Provide actionable steps. People have read your posts, but what can they do next? They need actionable steps to help the cause. Therefore, link to any charities that are connected to your posts. Point them in the direction of fundraisers, such as  Give them ideas on how they can provide support. Create boycott forms or petitions that your readers can sign up to or link to similar online. And encourage people to share their stories, giving their opinion on the issues that matter. They can do this on their blogs or even contribute to yours. It's about paying it forward and ensuring your words make an impact beyond your corner of the internet.

One blog can make a difference. Can yours?

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