6 Compelling Reasons to Start Using React Native

React Native in recent years has gained much popularity owing to its ease of usage and competence. Here are the 6 key highlighted benefits:

The shift from mobile phones to smartphones has been phenomenal by all measures that have spurred entirely new services and industries while penetrating deep into the existing ones. In fact, with around a hundred application on their phone, users have started to accept mobile apps as their primary gateway to availing products and services or getting in touch with businesses.

Now if you are on the other side of the aisle- as a service provider, the key thing to decide is not if but what kind of an app to build? If you know anything about app development market, you must be aware of the native vs hybrid debate and the trade-offs involved in user experience and performance. React Native is one rare technology in the domain that comes out on the top of all such considerations. Here are 6 reasons React Native would make an excellent platform for your next mobile app:

React Native is an open source project that means it’s not just available for free but you are limited only by your imagination in terms of customization. While an entire piece can be written on the benefits of using open source technologies, your key takeaway should be that these technologies evolve rapidly, have a large community, and as a result, there are many supporting tools.

As the open source tag indicates, there are no operational costs associated with using React Native, thus significantly bringing down the cost of development. Along with that, there is also another reason- React Native employs JavaScript, which is one of the most common languages web developers use and hence ample cheap resources are available. To put it in simple terms, you have to pay your developers relatively less to build apps on a platform that is free!

Both Ios And Android Covered
As discussed previously, React Native is packed with the benefits of both hybrid and native apps without actually suffering from their shortfalls. What makes it stand out even among other hybrid frameworks is its equal competence in iOS and Android as well as UI and features. For instance, Xamarin and Ionic cover both the platforms but lack many native UI components.

Native Rendering
There are two kinds of hybrid apps- those built using HTML and CSS wrapped in a native wrapper. They are essentially web apps disguised as mobile apps; Second is the kind built using native components of each platform. These applications are far more similar to corresponding native apps in terms of feel and performance. React Native stands in the second category. And should go without saying that it is a major plus point.

New And Expanding Framework
In the world of mobile app development, React Native is still a relatively new framework. While this would be a negative aspect for any other framework due to various apprehensions, React Native has clearly underscored its competence with success stories of Instagram, Skype, Facebook, among others and managed to turn those apprehensions into excitement for this new technology.

Also, owing to its open source tag and corporate backing from Facebook, React Native developers are confident in undertaking large projects with long-term assurance and wide community support.

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Third-Party Plugins
One of the key highlights of any technology remains its resource pool and compatibility with other supplementary technologies. React Native excels in this regard as well. When you create React Native applications, you aren’t just limited to its core libraries but can also easily import third-party APIs to bring more functionality and even access hardware features to boost performance.

As discussed earlier, React Native is a framework born out of the debate between native vs hybrid apps that is packed with the benefits of both. But that isn’t enough. What makes it truly stand out is its excellence among the host of other hybrid app development frameworks. Now as a business, if you ask what kind of an app should i build? You are most likely to lean towards a cross-platform app with native features. And then if you ask which technology would deliver the best results? React Native would still come out on the top.


Top 4 Features in Your Mobile App That Successful Bike sharing Startups like JUMP, Ofo and Mobike won’t Tell You

As cities get more congested, bike sharing has emerged as a feasible in-city ride with economic and environmental incentives. Here is what you need to succeed as a bike-sharing startup:

Metropolitans are stuffed with bike-sharing startups. If you live in any such city, there will definitely be one out there. And though the concept has mushroomed across the globe, there are few global success stories and even the unicorns of the segment are till now largely limited to cities like Beijing, Shenzhen, Washington D.C, San Francisco, and others of the same league.

Top 4 Features in Your Mobile App That Successful Bike sharing Startups like JUMP, OfoFor a startup looking to start a bike sharing service, there couldn’t be a better time- the market is neither so nascent that they would have to innovate and build the requisite technologies themselves nor it is so explored for the competition to burn them out. With enough success stories around and ample un-explored markets, the time is just ripe to build a bike sharing app. But before you rush to seize the opportunity, you need to understand that it is a rapidly moving domain and it is essential to get things right at the first go as you may never be able to find another chance. So, to help in the cause, there are 4 absolute necessities that you must incorporate in your bike sharing app:

Bike sharing essentially works by fitting bikes by GPS and displaying their location on a map in the app. The moment any users starts a ride, that bike is taken off the list of available bikes and isn’t displayed on the map. If you are building an app, it is almost certain that you would also use the same tech and method. But there is also a crucial addition you can make.
The problem here is that since the users don’t have to set a drop location before they start a ride, once all bike are taken, new users have no way of finding out when a bike will be available or when. To counter this, you can show them a heat map of all your bike activities. This will give them a clear idea of where they are most likely to find bikes at approximately what time.

2.Seamless Experience
Once the user gets to a bike, the process to start riding must be as seamless as possible. QR codes work best in the situation. Each of your bikes should have a QR code that the users can scan from their app to unlock it. While this adds convenience for users, you also get to fend off the intricate task of installing and maintaining any kind of software on the bikes.

3. Simple And Secure Payment
Payments are collected, once all users complete their ride Process should be as simple as possible and of course must be secure as well. A preferred way would be to use some popular mobile wallet that users in that area already use rather than creating your own- to minimize friction during payments. But you must also include traditional payment options like credit and debit cards for the non-tech savvy users.

4. Booking Options
The booking and availability in bike sharing have a crucial problem- a bike is stopped from being displayed on a user’s app the moment another user unlocks it by scanning the QR-code. Now consider this- you see an available bike a couple of yards away and when you are down half the way, it disappears (because someone else took it). Now imagine the same condition during rush hours at any subway station. The service would essentially frustrate more users than it would serve. To overcome, you need to offer users an option to book bikes in advance. They can just select a time and be assured that they will find a bike. Not only would it enhance loyalty to your service also help them occasionally book rides for others as well.

Now you may have some idea of how intricate it can be to develop a bike-sharing app that looks quite simple on the surface. But the startups are lucky in this regard as well because as these technologies go mainstream many app development agencies are starting to offer such services. Just hire an app development agency that fits in your budget and vision to start your journey.


Is there any formula to a successful digital marketing?

Making a Mark in Online Marketing

Online digital marketing has gained popularity in the internet age. This type of marketing is performed through the internet using electronic devices like mobile phones and computers. Some well -known types of digital marketing include Search Engine marketing SEM, content marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing. Before the advent of the internet, traditional marketing was performed through print advertising, flyers, advertisements in the newspaper and magazines and billboards.



Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing has benefits. You can reach your audience quickly and easily; hard copies of the materials can be easily stored for future use or for the use of customers and easy to understand. Digital marketing is beneficial because customers can easily interact through a digital medium, marketing over the internet is cheaper, it is easier to measure the success of an online marketing campaign, digital marketing helps a business target a global audience and all sizes of business can compete easily in an online platform. Most business enterprises use both types of marketing according to their budgets. Today, traditional marketing is used to support a digital marketing campaign


Digital marketing success is all about planning. Make a list of the types of customers who will be interested in your product and plan how you can effectively market the product to them. Understand your product and identify the reasons why your product is superior to those of your competitors. Plan ways by which you will give better customer service compared to your competitors. Put yourself in the place of your customer and make marketing plans based on what you think you will require if you are your customer. Have a clear picture of the type of results you want. Make a list of platforms you intend using in your digital marketing campaign. Use tools to automate the marketing campaign. Platforms will have an option to help you schedule content. Have a plan b ready when a customer responds to your marketing efforts. Keep your plan flexible and change or improve the plan to make the marketing plan effective.

 Budget and Goal

Make a digital marketing budget. Make sure that all your paid campaigns are within the budget. Make the budget flexible so that you can invest in another platform if the one paid marketing strategy is not achieving results. A clearly defined goal is essential for successful digital marketing campaigns. This goal will help you monitor whether the campaign is going according to plan and whether strategy needs to changed or tweaked and help you measure whether your campaign is a profitable one.


A good website and other digital accessories are the main aids to digital marketing success. The website should be easy to navigate and give all the information about the product for effective digital marketing. Other requirements for successful digital marketing include your own virtual private server and your own domain name.

 Search Engine

Search Engine Marketing SEM is one of the most important ways of getting customers to buy and use a product in the internet age. Most customers refer to search engines to find a specific product. The website should be Search Engine Optimized to get a high rank on the search engine results list. Investing in Pay per click ads and Bing Ads are important for successful search engine marketing.

 Social Network Marketing

You should market your products on social media networks where potential customers are likely to see them. You can also use paid social media advertising to effectively market your product. When marketing over the social media you should write a page that makes potential customers interested in the product rather than promoting it like an advertising campaign.

 Marketing using Content

Content marketing involves writing or placing relevant content on the website. Content is the key to successful digital marketing. You can not only write relevant content but also place images, videos and audio clips to draw the attention of your potential customer to your product. The quality and quantity of the content on the website is important for successful digital marketing. When writing content on your website, make sure that the content you write is subtly promoting the product.

 Email Marketing

You must make an email list of potential customers and send targeted emails to successfully market your product. The email should be sent to interested customers and not to all available email lists Users will put it in their spam folder if the email is not relevant to them.

Banner Advertising

Buying advertising space in a high traffic website is an effective marketing strategy to achieve digital marketing success. Placing your banner in an up and running website will not only be beneficial to you but will also benefit the website publisher.

Mobile Marketing

You must make mobile apps to help potential customers to find information about your product easily on their mobile devices. You should place apps on Amazon, Google Play and the Apple App Store to ensure that the information is available on all devices. Google recommends making a responsive website for effective digital marketing rather than two websites one for a desktop and one for a mobile device.

Employee wellbeing

The backbone of a company with a good product is its employees. To make employees happy the company must recognize their contribution, create a friendly environment and have a healthy communication between management and employee. One method of making employees is to have a corporate game show where employees can play interesting games to learn more about the products of the company. There are specialized agencies that hold such game shows in companies.


Digital marketing is a challenging marketing method. It is also the most effective marketing method available today. With a careful flexible plan in place, you can effectively market your product over the internet and increase sales of your product.


Digital Marketing Secrets Every Business Should Know in 2018

Want to know how businesses are killing it online in 2018? Here are the secrets of successful digital marketing strategies employed by top businesses.

Content marketing rules the web

Using content to drive traffic and increase sales is a top marketing technique employed by businesses. People go to the Internet most often to research. Searching for ratings, local places, information, and help learning to do something.

By regularly creating useful content, you’ll position your business to be the answer to their query.

Content marketing increases your website authority on the search engines. It will also build your brand, giving visitors to your site a reason to stay longer and increasing the chances of a sale.

Customers are weary of ads. 71% of consumers claimed they were turned off by content that sounded like a sales pitch. They want useful and entertaining content.

Offering that useful content will not only help your SEO, it will build trust in your audience by making you a thought leader.

Content marketing will also give your brand a persona, another crucial element in a world ruled by social media and selfies. Letting your audience get to know your business on a more intimate level will help build trust and ultimately drive more sales.

The biggest hurdle to most businesses considering a content marketing strategy is the time required to create content. Content marketing can be time-consuming, but there are content marketing secrets used by marketers that you can try to save time.

Consider adding content to your marketing strategy and get more from your digital marketing efforts.

Make offline and online marketing work together.

The lines between the virtual and the physical worlds are blending more every year. While we may all live in the physical world, consumers are spending more and more time in the virtual world.

It is crucial for businesses to connect their online and offline marketing in creative ways to make a seamless transition for consumers.

For the first time in 2018, time spent online is surpassing all other media types. People spend more time on the internet than they do watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading print.

No big surprise there. But it may surprise you that many businesses are still failing to maximize their online efforts.

What are some ways to blend these types of media?

Use hashtags in offline marketing to bring a campaign to the digital world.

Extra Gum is a great example of using a hashtag campaign to combine their online and offline marketing in a creative way that focuses on the consumer. In their TV and printed on their product is the message “we’re looking for life’s little moments” with the hashtag #giveextragetextra for people to share their moments on social media.

This will create some excellent user generated content, as well as helping to remind consumers of the gum during everyday life moments.

Create a cohesive brand.

When you’re building your website and logo, make sure it uses your businesses branding. Print and digital experiences should be seamless for users.

Combine online and offline shopping.

Brick and mortal sales and online sales are becoming more blended. Successful businesses adopt the attitude of “we don’t care where you buy” and create a cohesive marketing effort to reflect that.

For example, if you have a physical store front, make it easy for shoppers to look up reviews about your products on your website.  82% of users research online while in the store. You can include a scan code to make it easy for shoppers, and even have a coupon appear for the shoppers that are in the store researching that item.

Nordstroms has a great way of using the Internet to increase in-store sales, as you can see in the example below.

Use Marketing Automation

From email autoresponders to automatic segmenting of an audience in your CRM, there are many ways marketing automation will make your life easier and your marketing more effective.

Decide what tasks are most tedious and choose the software that will help ease the burden for your sales and marketing teams. This is especially important for small businesses where the owner or manager IS the sales and marketing team.

Marketing automation software ranges from simple social media account management like Hootsuite to more advanced business management systems. Below is an example of a marketing automation system for network marketing businesses, which includes a complete CRM with integrated emails and autoresponders, calendar, reports, and audience segmentation.

These digital marketing secrets are what successful businesses are doing in 2018. Isn’t it time you started crushing it online? Start improving your digital strategy today by:

  1. Improving your content marketing.
  2. Blending online and offline marketing efforts.
  3. Using marketing automation.


7 Skills You Should Develop Prior to Starting a Business

7 Skills You Should Develop Prior to Starting a Business

With high motivation and drive to pursue your business idea, you are well and truly on the right track to starting your new business. However, without developing essential business skills, your thirst to immediately initiate your business may lead you closer to failing then succeeding. Maintaining and improving on key proficiencies will allow you to grow your business at a faster rate, as well as allowing its viability and sustainability. Mere passion is not nearly enough to maintain a competitive edge ahead of rivals within your industry, especially in an increasingly aggressive competitive landscape. Here are 7 integral skills that you should develop prior to starting a business.

  • Financial

An integral skill that you will need to develop is understanding the key measures of profitability and sales growth. Ensure to create a business plan prior to the start of your business. Showing your positive annual forecasts and feasibility of your business will ease your ability to attain business loans. Formulating financial statements and accounting budgets will also allow you to evaluate profit achievements and check whether you are meeting your set targets and objectives. By evaluating the financial data, where it be annually, monthly or even daily, you will be able to properly budget and invest in areas that are required for you to boost your business’ growth. Your financial reports will stand as proof to partners and stakeholders that your business is increasing in profit and is a sustainable business to invest in and partner with.

  • Employee wellness

As a manager in your organization, it is important that you have a solid understanding on how to effectively manage your employees. You must ensure that you are able to maintain employee satisfaction to reduce turnover rates, absenteeism and increase productivity in the short and long term. This can be achieved by focusing on promoting a healthy work environment for your employees to thrive in. Encourage health practices through group sport and physical fitness sessions that will also be able to foster teamwork and collaborative work effort. Promote healthy eating by providing healthy food options such as installing a healthy convenience store or Healthy Vending Machine within your work office. It is highly integral to encourage a supportive social environment by promoting inclusivity and diversity and stressing the negative impacts of workplace bullying and degrading work environments.

  • Technical knowledge

Being tech savvy is a fundamental skill to attain prior to starting your business. You will require technical skills to record financial and inventory data into software, programs, and spreadsheets to manage your business spending. It is integral to understand the formatting of website development programs to attain a greater reach to consumers outside of your geographical office location as well as to allow for e-commerce consumers. Through high proficiencies in social media, you will be able to reach out to your consumer base through various marketing platforms and better adapt to changing digital marketing trends. By taking advantage of emerging technological trends and opportunities that arise, you can capitalize the technology to improve your business’ operational processes, marketing and even core product or service. Through your technological knowledge, analyze what areas of your business are driving business growth and which target market is your business attracting by measuring digital marketing metrics.

  • Leadership

Influencing and empowering your employees is a quality that is essential to starting up your own business. Leadership is a quality that encourages innovation and creativity from employees that can be used for the business. Effective leadership also improves employee morale which will increase the overall productivity of the business. Develop a clear company vision, set goals and develop a pathway for your employees to be inspired to follow. Become a guide, mentor and role model to align your employee’s passion and motivations to your own.

  • Organisational/management

One of the most integral skills to develop prior to establishing a business is organizational skills. To effectively schedule, manage and be time-efficient, a high use of organizational skills is required. Organisation is needed for planning what goals should be pursued and which objectives should be met. This also accounts for tactical level plans such as the attendance of meetings and coordinating with suppliers and other stakeholders. Organisation is essential when involving the scheduling of tasks for your employees, focusing to avoid under or overworking your staff.

  • Communication

Ensure you are continuously communicating the organizational goals to your staff and stakeholders in a clear way. Allow for the opportunity for feedback and ideas, enabling a 2-way flow of communication to foster discussion and creativity in problem-solving. Maintain a positive and supportive interaction with stakeholders and well as develop networking skills for external connections. Developing high communication skills will enable you to confidently pitch ideas to partners, stakeholders and the public to showcase the passion of your business and knowledge on is the purpose, aiming to confidently show progression in your business. With effective communication, you will be able to cultivate loyal employees and capitalize on their innovative ideas and charm customers and suppliers to remain with the brand.

  • Learning and development

A skill that is often neglected but is highly critical for rapid business growth ongoing learning and development. Seeking to improve and educate your skills and knowledge on your product will assist you to develop a better product or efficient business processes. Embrace a mentality to strive for improvement and not be complacent with how your business is currently. Always be willing to innovate and explore new opportunities and trends within your industry.

No matter the purpose of your business, aiming for profitability will only be achieved through your initial drive and development of skills to boost your business growth. Which key skills do you think are essential to developing, prior to starting a business?

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