Engaging Customers With Your Brand News

If you have spent so much time creating content, you will know how sad it feels when you don’t get as much engagement as you expected. Businesses are spending so much money on creative content so they can become a news source for their customers. Their blogs aren’t just to update consumers on new features, patch fixes, bugs and glitches in software, but also to promote their ethos. Content can be educational and for businesses that’s exactly what it should be. Brand news shows customers what you’re up to, who you’re talking with, what about and what they can expect in the future. But surely nobody wants to sit down and read your content do they? You’d be surprised how key marketing strategies can make customers want to read your news. 

You’ve got mail

One of the best ways to keep customers informed is via email. This trusty old but gold method allows you to share content across a wide spectrum of customers. Newsletters are a short and sweet way to inform your customers on what you’re doing, tell them how to access new features and generally keep them up to date with what’s going on. Samsung do this by sending out email newsletters to their customers, showing them new releases of products, what the latest software update included and more. The engagement level will slowly rise when you start using email marketing to help with SEO. If you archive your newsletters, they can be changed in future to include current popular keywords and keyphrases. Thus your template and text is ready to be filled using the best consumer trends of that particular month or week.

Among the professionals

Sharing your blog posts on LinkedIn is an excellent idea. Your business is exposed to industry minds, so many experts can take a gander at what your business is exactly doing. You also get to speak with industry lingo, using jargon that professionals will appreciate. Thankfully, you blogs might also get shared, liked and commented on by such people. Among the professionals, your business will be talked about and this gives your brand news more leverage in expert discussions. You never know you might also meet other industry professionals or business owners that would like to collaborate with you. Getting interviewed or quoted by journalists is also something you should be aiming for when sharing on LinkedIn.

Offer your link

Working with SEO and marketing companies, you can offer your links to spread the word faster. SEO companies will use your link and smartly put it into an article that can be varied in tone. If you want an article that examines industry changes and examines the future, you can demand so. Putting your off-site link in this kind of article will project an image of your business being cutting edge and in the running to be seen as one of the more futuristic companies.

Engaging with customers with brand news allows your content to be viewed as an educational source. You can not just change minds but inform them, so your customers understand you better.

Why Outsourcing Could Be Money Well Spent

If you are a newbie entrepreneur, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with just how much you have to do. You are no longer a specialist as you were in your full-time position. You now have many shoes to fill from finance whizz to marketing guru, and from social media manager to website designer. These roles can be difficult to master and the chances of you being able to fulfill them to the highest standard are slim. Instead, you need to consider the joys of outsourcing.

Outsourcing was once frowned upon as it was thought to show weakness and admitting defeat. If you are truly worthy of being an entrepreneur, you should be able to complete every duty and task yourself. This is a defunct concept in the twenty-first century and nuanced outsourcing is seen as a business function in itself. If you want to have every aspect of your startup running cohesively and to the highest standard, you will need external experts on board. Read on to find out why outsourcing could be money well spent.

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Your Online Presence

The most crucial aspect of any modern business is the online presence. It's all very well and good having a snazzy all singing and all dancing website that is aesthetically pleasing, but what’s the point if no one knows that it exists. You need to outsource your SEO & web design capabilities to off site experts. These specialists will work with you to craft a website using WordPress or a drag and drop builder according to your digital marketing strategy. This means that your website will be designed to meet your goals. Perhaps you want a global reach, more followers on social media, hits to sales conversions, or you want to analyze the traffic that you achieve. A specialist firm can help you formulate strategy and adapt it according to your business vision.

Your online presence doesn’t begin and end with a website. You should be exposed across a number of platforms from your website to social media and from third party blogs to online directories. Emulating your brand across a range of platforms can maximize your exposure online and can help build your brand’s following. It doesn’t matter whether you import ball bearings from Taiwan or whether you design bespoke tee shirts for teenagers, you need to tap your niche online.

Making your website utilize SEO tools means that you will appear further up the Google search results. This means you will be the company harnessing the traffic and potential customers that are searching for relevant terms linked to what your business has to offer.


Forget spending a day a month working through tax obligations, pension contributions and job sharing legislation to ensure that your staff get paid on time. Instead, you can relinquish this responsibility to a third party. Outsourcing tedious administrative tasks such as payroll will free up your time to enable you to spend your hours on more important aspects of your business vision. Outsourcing payroll also means that you no longer have to worry about human error or panic about your staff being paid on time. A third party firm will work efficiently and accurately to ensure that your workforce gets paid the right amount on time.

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IT Troubleshooting

If you always have a queue of people at your office door to complain about the server going down, WiFi being patchy or laptops freezing, it’s important that you can outsource your IT troubleshooting. Having to fix simple IT issues can take up a ridiculous amount of your time each day and can prevent you from being productive. WiFi downtime can also result in an unproductive staff team that become frustrated and struggle with low morale.

A specialist external firm can become your team of IT troubleshooters. These experts will work remotely alongside your IT system to ensure that downtime is minimal and that your assets remain secure. Rather than queuing up at your door, your staff can raise a ticket, pick up the phone or email the external team and have their IT issues rectified within minutes. Being able to work more efficiently will lead to greater productivity, which you can then convert into profit.

Being an entrepreneur is tough, often simply because of your workload and the variety of tasks that you need to complete. Forget about risking burnout and use outsourcing to help you. By utilizing outsourcing sensibly and according to your business plan, this could be money well spent.

Dare to Succeed

There are times when you feel that you can conquer the world. Your business is growing, your clientele is coming to you and you’re ready for more. But that’s precisely the point you realize that you might not be quite as prepared for growth as you might think.

When things are ticking along at a steady pace there seems little point worrying that you might not be able to cope; you’re on top of things and it’s all working out just fine for you. When things are that good, that’s when you need to take a look at this blog and get ready for growth.

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Whether you sell physical goods or services, you know that your website is the first place your customer base is going to head to and it’s those crucial first seconds on landing on your page that makes all the difference. If you’ve used a professional service such as Parxavenue Web Design Services you’ll have nailed that landing page and seen your hit rate zooming. Now it’s time to take a look behind the scenes, in the engine room of your site.

Pretty looks aren’t enough and your site must reflect a capacity for growth. Your site must be able to accommodate in increase in visits. Pages need to load quickly and properly and not just on laptops, if you’re experiencing issues with your mobile site, get it fixed as a priority.

If you have a checkout facility on your site it needs to be vigorously tested. Your customer confidence relies on a safe, secure and quick checkout. Any customer left hanging, unable to determine if their sale went through is a customer who will not return to your site again. Safety is a huge concern when it comes to checking out and paying for services or goods.

If you do have physical goods to sell, how will you go about fulfilling an increased demand? Do you have enough storage space or capacity to create/order more of the materials you need? It might be the right time to look at increasing your warehouse and office space in line with an increase in productivity.

Then there’s you. If you’re already at capacity, might you need to consider taking on extra staff? It’s a real sign of progress when you up your game from a one-person show to becoming a team player. If you haven’t had any experience of either recruiting or becoming an employer there are some useful courses you can take to get you up to scratch.

It’s no small thing to up your game when it comes to taking on staff and if you need to, hire the services of a recruitment company to talk you through the process and help you find your best hires.

Becoming an Employer

When you’re expanding your team, you’re going to need to think very precisely about the roles you need fulfilled. You’ll need to think about the exact work you’ll need your new recruits to take on and start this process by creating a job description. If the work seems to spill over into different jobs then you may even need to consider creating more than one role. Alongside your job description and this is equally as important. In this document you’re thinking about all the personal and professional qualities you’re looking for in a team member. You’re going to be working closely together so it’s vital to get this right and avoid making a hiring mistake that costs you personally as well as professionally.

Get the team right and your business is going to see more and more success, growth and hopefully profit. Consider your team to be your best and most valuable asset so take your time to get it right.

Growth in business is something you crave and perhaps something you fear slightly. It’s exciting while also being a little daunting but it’s also the sign of a healthy and successful business.

Start by getting the basics right and that means getting your website into a place where it can cope with sudden growth. Crashing websites are a thing of the past and no one has time to deal with a site that won’t load properly, whether on their laptop, phone or tablet. The design is one thing but its functionality is equally as important when it comes to making a great impression.

Then it’s down to you. Are you ready, are you prepared for growth, prepared to succeed, to up your team and possibly your own workload? Dare to dream of growth then go ahead and make that happen.

5 Tips To Building Your Website Design Business

The web design industry, like most others, is a competitive one. Every day, more people are learning how to build websites, and old ideas are continually getting replaced with new ones.

To stay relevant and build your business, you have to do things that set you apart from others and guarantee you a steady flow of clients. Here are five tips for building your web design business.

#1 Create a Unique Approach to Your Business

It is like having a unique trademark that represents your company. While focusing on the technical aspect of web design is good, it is vital to build websites with unique features that pertain to you.

Create websites with a unique signature that differentiates your design from others, and ensure it's what those in your target market want.

Note that there are a lot of web designers today, so it's important to bring something different from what everyone is doing.

Aside from designing, treat your clients, and respond to their complaints in a way that speaks to your brand, and the image you want them to have of your business.

#2 Provide Services That People Can't Forget

In building a web design business, especially when you are just starting, set workable timelines for yourself. Always over-deliver, but don't over-promise, and under-deliver.

Being able to deliver on time will give you a good reputation among your clients, and help you get referrals.

Go beyond web designing, and offer complementary services like website development, SEO services, content writing, and digital marketing.  Employ people who are skilled in those fields to work for you, and if you are starting your business, there's no need to fret.

There's a vast market of freelancers whom you can hire, and as things progress, you can hire a regular staff if you wish.

#3 Have a Target Market and Leverage Partnerships

In web design, it's okay to be good at a lot of things, but being a jack of all trades does not always work out well. To build your business, you need to focus on a particular aspect of web design and become a master of it.

It means that if you want to build e-commerce websites, you focus on it and train to be the best. When those interested in that field of web design need someone, they'll come to you because they know you for it.

Having a target market would also help you know where to add value to yourself. Note that this does not necessarily mean that you can't take on other web design jobs.

Leveraging partnerships and connections would help you reach other target markets. It means that when you get a job that is not in your field of expertise, you can sub-contract to someone, and split the profit.

Leveraging partnerships helps you maintain your target market while also influencing others.

#4 Build Long-term Relationships

Most tech people tend to ignore the importance of building relationships and marketing themselves properly. A person can be the best web designer with little jobs, while someone who is not as good gets more clients.

The difference between person A and B is that while the other might not be so good, he understands the value of relationships in sustainable business relationships.

Thus, for you to build your web design business, give attention to your clients. Don't just build a website and end it there, reach out after to get feedback and if possible, send thank-you-notes.

It's easier for your old clients to return than for you to get new ones, and they are your number one marketing agent, through referrals. No one can sell you better than a satisfied customer. 

You can also create monthly SEO services free or at a moderate fee, and send monthly reports. These two will help you stay in the minds of your clients, and when they need to build another website, your name will pop up first in their minds.

#5 Choose Your Clients Wisely

There's a famous saying that there's a thin line between love and hate. The same applies to people you work with; they can sell you to others as quickly as they can destroy you, so choose your clients wisely.

If you are starting your business, don't be in a hurry to make your mark, and work with everyone that comes your way; be picky. Note that once you've carved your niche and built your reputation, you'll have a lot to choose from.

Thus, have an idea of the kind of clientele you want, and go after them. Also, in building your web design business, don't sell yourself cheap. Be confident in your skills, and have a fixed price.

Most web designers work as freelancers. If you fall in that category, ensure that you get half pay before you start building the website, and before handing it over, you get full. 

Try to have face-to-face meetings also, as people love to have a picture of who they are dealing with. It does not have to be a physical meeting; it can be done virtually with video conferencing, and still, serve the same purpose.

Building Your Web Design Business

In addition to the five tips mentioned above, don't just build websites, add value to your business. Let your clients at the end of the day feel like they received more than a site, and remember it's not about what you want, but what your client needs. 

Author’s Bio: Cheryl Hearts is a writer and journalist from Boston, Massachusetts. Her passion for writing started at an early age and evolved during the high school years. She enjoyed creating her own stories, so she decided to make writing her career.  After earning a degree in Journalism, Cheryl started running her own blog CherylHearts.com where she’s covering topics of great interest to society.

7 Web Design Principles To Know In 2019

7 Web Design Principles To Know In 2019

The web is the king if we talk about presences these days. With everything going online those who are not online are almost negligent from the main scene. This stands true especially in the case of business and commerce where e-commerce is the new normal.

To have your business online is no more a luxury rather it’s a necessity and need of the hour. Firms commonly hire e-commerce developer to get their websites online to get a digital presence for their business.   However, to hire ecommerce developer and get a website built is not enough.

Yes, you read it right having a website is not enough. You must have a website with good web design. If you are planning to get your e-commerce website built then you can’t neglect the designing part of it.

Well, if the lack of web designing knowledge is troubling you then don’t worry. We would cut your task of searching and study. We would now discuss those 7 web designing principles that you must know to get your website on top charts in 2019.

So, don’t miss it if you really care about your business and are interested in driving some serious profit online.

The Call To Action Buttons

The Call To Action (CTA) buttons are the revenue drivers on your website. Thus, you can’t neglect them. While designing your website take care that the position and color scheme of the CTAs is such that it is not overshadowed by other elements. Other elements must be in support of the CTAs and CTAs shall be clearly highlighted.

The Craze For Speed  

What if I say you have just 3 seconds to impress or lose a customer/client? Well, that the time it takes a user to switch to another website in case your webpage is not loading. Speed is at the core of this digitally connected world. So, if you want to get those viewers to stay at your web page you need to ensure that your web design is such that it supports fast loading.

User-Friendly Features

The sole purpose of the web page is to be user-effective and user-friendly. Your web design shall reflect that user-friendliness. Say for example the one-page checkout, video descriptions are elements that make the website and engaging. Your web design must accommodate such elements.

Watch Out For Hot Areas 

User activity tends to be more on a certain section of the web pages and is not uniform throughout on a single page. You must study those hot areas on your website with tools like heat map analysis. Put those user searched elements on these hot areas when designing the website.


Optimize the content especially the images on your web pages while designing the website. Also, make sure that you take out all those bad links that give 404 error or similar kinds of results when a user clicks on your URLs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Touch

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as the next big thing in the domain of web technology. AI would play a major role in website design in the near future. As of now, you must adopt a website design that is accommodative with AI tools like Google Assistant, Alexa, etc. A chatbot on your web page is another attractive feature that you can add in this context.

Mobile Is Here To Stay 

The dominance of mobile in accessing the net is going to stay among the internet users. With close to 90% of all the global internet users preferring to have a nice viewing experience of a website on phones you can’t miss the trick. Your web design must be such that website loads smoothly and looks as attractive on mobile as on any other device. Cross-browser compatibility is another thing that you must consider while chalking down your web design.

Take these tips into consideration and put them to action the next time you modify or develop your website. Till then stay connected and share your views with us. 

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Alex Jone Works in a HR and Recruitment at Alliance Recruitment Agency- an IT Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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5 Powerful Ways To Promote Your Business

Promoting your business the right way is one of the most essential things you can do to generate more profit and return on investment (ROI). Although it may sound like an easy task, it’s actually far more difficult than it seems. That’s why good marketing campaigns are always appreciated. 

The important thing to note is that you’re not only chasing money with good advertising strategy, but you’re also in pursuit of creating a well-established brand. You want people to associate your name with quality stuff and services. This is the main reason why you’d want your marketing campaign to resonate in people’s minds. Here’s how to accomplish this.

Guerilla Marketing

This one's an oldie but goldie. In case you’re just starting off with your business, chances are that you don’t have a sufficient budget to cover the expenses of a full-blown marketing campaign. But what you do have is time, creativity, and charm. With a little bit of luck, good faith, and thorough preparation, your business can be on the verge of becoming a huge success in no time.

Even if you’re a thriving, prosperous business, you might want to consider guerilla marketing. In today’s (marketing) world, it’s all about creating that much sought-out buzz. This means that you want people constantly talking about your brand or services. Guerilla marketing is a great way to accomplish this, no matter how advanced your business is.

Social Media

People talk about the importance of utilizing social media for marketing purposes all the time – and for a good reason. Socializing on social media is another great and cheap way to get in touch with your customers. 

But social media isn't good only for this: you can actually find out the great information on how to further improve your products or services when talking to people online. If you show that you truly care about their opinion and actively engage them in the process of making your product or services better, your customers will surely appreciate this greatly. This kind of willingness to listen to people’s needs is a truly powerful tool that can be awesome for your business overall.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are a mighty marketing weapon that’s been in use since forever in different styles and forms. This heavy artillery of marketing not only evolved in the internet era but also retained its previous forms. It’s a testament to just how good and powerful this tool actually is.

In the pre-internet era, every business that held itself to the highest standards invested in banner ads all the time. The internet era also brought us the form of digital banners. Since we’re strong proponents of both online and offline marketing, we’d encourage you to look into sales promotion banners that will leave you enough room in the budget to pursue online as well as offline banner ads. This marketing strategy will most definitely give your business a much needed all-around visibility.

Mix Things Up

Speaking of offline and online marketing strategies, we’d also recommend you to follow the latest trends, but be kind of old-school at the same time. This will give you enough flexibility and will leave you open for all sorts of deals. A good mixture of offline and online marketing is a nice example of how different methods and approaches to things can work to your advantage. There’s no reason to close one door just because everyone’s doing something else.

You should think outside the box and pay attention to the details. While it’s true that we’re spending more and more time online, it’s also true that we’re still pretty much committed to going outside, commuting to and from work, shopping, going to the movies, meeting friends, etc. This means only that there are still plenty of opportunities to advertise your product or services offline.

Organize Contests and Giveaways

This can be a perfect example of how to actually mix things up and create a powerful marketing campaign that utilizes both offline and online marketing.

You can organize various online and offline contests and give away different things as a reward. It’s not just about free gifts (that people will certainly love), but it’s also about creating a closer bond with your customers. Everyone loves to feel appreciated, and these small tokens of good will can only help you further promote your business. As we’ve already mentioned – you want people to talk about your brand or services, and once they do that (online and offline), you’ll most certainly know that you’ve created a powerhouse business.

The Bottom Line

There are a number of different ways to promote your business, but we’ve decided to present you with these 5 since we strongly believe that everyone can become a huge success story if they stick to the aforementioned marketing methods.

Guerilla marketing, social media, banner ads, utilizing both online and offline marketing strategies at the same time, and organizing contests and giveaways should all be more than enough to launch you into the stratosphere of business success. Once you start running with the big dogs, you know you’ve made some sound marketing decisions. The 5 powerful ways to promote your business that we’ve picked will definitely help you on that route.