NFTs, ETH, Crypto, Investing Stocks

NFTs, ETH, Crypto, Investing Stocks


Investing in multiple crypto currency's is fun but collecting and trading NFTs (non-fungible token ) is a wonderful community

NFT Rarible

Crypto Currency

With Ethereum on the rise to 2k is a great investment I personally think it will hit 10k by end of 2021.

New to the crypto space join CoinBase

Gemini Great platform as well founded by the winklevoss twins able to invest and earn intrest on your investments.

Stock Investing

Public App is one of the first investing platforms with a social aspect you can follow and see what other friends or famous investors have in their long-term portfolio. Follow me on Public.

Public Investing App
Bitcoin Breaks 20k History is made in 2020!

Bitcoin Breaks 20k History is made in 2020!

Dec 16 2020 Bitcoin BTC hit 20k

One River Digital Pledges $1 Billion In Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) By Early 2021

CryptoCurrency is skyrocketing the time is now to get into the future we all know the dollar bill and coins are old news they will still be accepted currency but digital currency is a much-needed thing to regulate a lot of money is to be made.

I recommend using the leader recommend holding your currency in a Digital wallet.

Check out Coinbase. Get $10 of free Bitcoin when you sign up with my link and trade $100 of digital currency:

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