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Catering For The Modern Consumer: How To Ensure Your Online Store Is Up To Speed

We live in an age where technology is omnipresent. The role of tech is becoming increasingly important by the day, and as a business owner, it’s crucial to recognize that consumer demands are changing in line with technological advances. If you run an online store, here are some simple ways you can ensure you’re up to speed.

Payment options

When you think about going shopping now, what kinds of images do you conjure up? Increasingly, we rely on the web and online stores to provide us with the products we’re searching for rather than going into stores. As the Internet has evolved, and online shopping has become more popular, the range of payment options and the methods we use to acquire new products have also become more diverse. You can still walk into a store, hand over coins and notes, and walk out with your goods, but if you choose to place an order online, you may be greeted with a host of options. Most recently, the option to pay using cryptocurrencies has been added to the payment page. If you’re a store owner, and you’re keen to ensure that you’re moving with the times, you may wish to consider thinking about accepting this kind of digital payment. Cryptocurrencies facilitate instant payments, they can make it easier to trade with clients overseas, and they can be an attractive option for new customers. If you are thinking of modernizing your online shop, it’s wise to do some research, learn about litecoin and other types of cryptocurrency, and find out more about the benefits of offering this payment option. Relatively speaking, this is a new trend, but it is gathering pace.

User experience

Some of us shop with the sole aim of buying a product, but increasingly, consumers are looking to enjoy an experience. If you’re not pushed for time, and you’re not under pressure to find a product as quickly as possible, you may be actively searching for a store that offers more than the chance to process a transaction. Consider a clothing store, for example. Yes, you can go straight to the dresses page, and add the dress you want to your cart and pay, but you could also browse the latest trends, have a look at outfit inspiration, get some advice about sizing based on your previous orders or read more about the brand. As a store owner, it’s your job to give your clients something a little different and to ensure they enjoy the time they spend with you. If you’re new to online business, it’s a good idea to take an hour or so to look around your site, and get an idea of what kind of experience you offer your customer. Take notes, make changes, and try and be original.

If you have an online store, it’s vital to respond to emerging trends and changing consumer habits. If you’re stuck in the past, you might struggle to attract new buyers, and you could end up losing existing customers to competitors who are a step ahead.

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10 Important Tips to Get Improved Results From Your Blog Posts

So you’ve been trying to get improved results from your Blog Posts for a while now.

You see others do it. And it seems like everyone makes it look so easy.

But for some reason, success keeps eluding you.

But now, you’re going to be armed with the same tips,

Tricks and secrets that other blogging experts know that get them great results.

So give these tips a try and see if they don’t work for you too…

  1. Write for your target audience

The first tip to getting improved results from your blog posts is to identify your audience, uncover their needs and write a blog post that solves that need.

The best way to uncover the needs of your audience is to perform a competitor analysis and industry research. Thus, you have a proven reason for writing on a specific title.

If this sounds complex to you, it isn't, here are my top four favorite tools that you can also use:

  • Quora

Find questions your audience are asking using this resource. It is similar to an online forum, but it's not an online forum.

  • Twitter advanced search

This is another free resource that you can use. Just type in your keyword into twitter search and add the word “questions” to it. It will display all the questions being asked by your target audience.

This is a free tool; it displays the most popular keywords searched by your target audience.

  • SEMRush

With this tool, you can observe your competition and see how best you can modify their ideas to create a unique blog post for your audience.

  1. Use highly attractive headlines

Without a very attractive headline, it is highly likely that your blog post will neither be read nor be shared.

To find the emotional marketing value of your headline, I suggest you analyze it with EMV headline analyzer or Headline analyzer by CoSchedule. Coschedule's headline analyzer will even provide you with tips on what to do to improve your headline.

  1. Break the page with subheadings

Formatting your blog posts is very important, your audience will skip your blog posts if it's just one giant paragraph.

One major benefit of using subheadings to break your blog posts is that it entices skimmers (those who glance through a blog post before reading it) to read your blog posts.

Two other proven ways to format your blog posts are:

  • Writing in easy-to-digest sentences
  • Emphasizing key points in your sub-headlines

Apart from formatting your blog posts, they should also be easy to understand.

You can test your posts' comprehension level by using the readability test tool.

  1. Use bullet points to break up your content

You need to highlight your best information because most people (including your audience) skim before they read.

Bullet points and subheadings are perfect for creating content that can be “skimmed”

To write fascinating bullet points, here are three proven tips you should keep in mind:

  • Each bullet point should express a clear benefit.
  • Treat them like mini-headlines and write them as such
  • Each of your bullets should not exceed two lines
  1. Use images to break up your content

It is a proven fact that visual content is more understanding for the human brain than written content. Hence, you can get improved results from your blog posts by adding captivating images.

You can design an image with Canva or purchase premium images from Shutterstock or any other similar website.

Another advantage of using images is that you can use it for SEO purposes on Pinterest, Instagram and other visual websites.

  1. Optimize for SEO

Though it doesn't make sense to write for SEO, it doesn't make sense to write without it as well.

Let me explain.

When you are writing for SEO, you will be ‘stuffing' your content with various keywords. But you can still optimize your content for Google's organic search by using these five proven tips:

  • Interlinking your content
  • Adding image alt attribute
  • Optimizing for focus keyword
  • Add proper meta description
  • Add proper meta title

If your website is powered by WordPress, I recommend you use a free plug-in called WordPress SEO by Yoast to optimize your content for SEO. It will show you what you need to do and displays a ‘green' color when you've successfully optimized your content for SEO.

  1. Write an optimized first paragraph

The best way to do this is to use similar keywords in your headline and first paragraph. Don't use too much preamble in your first paragraph, make your point quickly. You should also provide a summary of your content in your conclusion.

  1. Include one call to action

Don't confuse your readers with many calls to action. Include just one to make it easy for them to take any action. A call to action can be:

  • Leaving a comment. For example, leave a comment below to share the tip(s) that you use in getting improved results from your blog posts.
  • Sharing your blog post
  • Following you on your social media channels
  • Or even, purchasing your product
  1. Be consistent

Simply put, you need to post more often.

After implementing all the tips above, you can still get better results by posting often.

But don't forget that your niche and your audience are key factors that will determine the frequency of your posts.

Apart from these key factors, other factors you should consider are:

  • Frequency: the frequency at which your competitors publish their posts, you don't want to be left behind. Do you? You can use a tool called WhatRunsWhere for this purpose
  • SEO traffic: the more the quantity and quality of your blog posts, the better your SEO traffic.

If you need help with any part of the content creation process, you can outsource some parts of it.

  1. Ask for contribution from other experts in your industry

This technique works because it boosts your credibility within your industry and the guest poster will also have a bio that links to his site.

If you don't know experts in your industry, you can use tools such as mention (this tool is not free, but you can use their 7-day trial version to test-drive their effectiveness) or Buzzsumo to find them.


And there you have it – 10 important tips to get improved results from your Blog Posts.

Now that you know these tips, there’s just one thing left for you to do: take action.

So get to it now.

Author bio:

Smith Andrew is a Jr. Content writer working with Ranking By SEO. In his corporate life he write many blogs and articles on SEO, Link building, SMO and many more.


5 Benefits of Personalized Video Marketing for your Business

Video marketing is always a perfect content material for many consumers online. Different statistics back this up. At least four out of five users on Twitter watch video content posted on their feed. A total of 500 million hours of content watches Youtube every day. Lastly, one out of two online users seeks for video contents of a product before deciding if s/he will purchase one.

However, these kinds of videos should be compelling enough for people to leave a lasting effect. Thus, the creation of personalized video contents. These videos are building engagement opportunities to give a memorable experience to your audience. In this article, High Tower Video Production will give you five different advantages and benefits of using personalized video marketing. Sit back and continue reading, you may not know that this innovation might change your business.


1. Boosts Conversion and Sales

Personalized campaigns and contents have a significant impact on the performance of different e-commerce companies. The biggest benefit for personalized contents, especially videos, is boosting of conversions and sales.

Both videos and personalized contents have huge impacts on conversions and sales. What will happen if you combine those two into one content? The potential for success is very high. Most marketers noticed a 20% increase in sales when they use personalized contents. Consumers have a 64-84% chance of buying a purchase after watching a video on the shop's site.

Personalized video content is a good idea if you need more profit for your business. Also, the potential of having significant influence and higher sales and conversion rates is very likely.



2. Increases People’s Trust

Trustworthy and reliability is one of the many aims of every brand online. If you have achieved that image of your brand to your audience, it can give you a big lead from your competitors. Different contents can help you have a credible and reliable image, but personalized video contents can do the work for you.

Personalized videos can give a compelling impression to your audience. With the combination of building a relationship to your audience and creating a memorable content for them, personalized videos can easily increase the trust of your audience to your brand — not only that benefit but also leaving a lasting memory to them, which will make your content hard to forget and imprinted to them.

Focus your video content on your customers' values, needs, and other information about them that should have a connection to your brand or products.


3. Appeals to Mobile Users

Videos appeal to different mobile and smartphone users. Videos are most likely watched through the use of a smartphone or any mobile device. Based on many research and studies over the past years, online users are very comfortable watching video content and longer contents through their mobile phones.

With this data and information, you need to take advantage of this phenomenon. Since videos appeal to many users, your personalized video contents are perfect for mobile users. People are watching videos through handheld devices because of the experience brought by videos on mobile. Your brand needs to create a unique experience with the video content you are creating on their smartphones.



4. Converts Well on Facebook

Facebook has updated their rules and policies for having exposure for video contents on news feeds. Videos are perfect for Facebook. There are different ideas on what videos you can create for your Facebook marketing. You can either make paid video ads for your brand to widen the reach of your brand image or create video contents for your customers to build a relationship and strengthen your ties.

Another idea is using the Facebook Live feature and create personalized videos with it. You can have real-time experience with your customers, and at the same time, it can be still viewed even after the live streaming. It is also important to make your first seconds of the video compelling and fascinating to sustain the attention of your viewers. Lastly, captions should also be interesting to draw your audience's attention. Facebook is mainly made for relationship-building and connection to people, use that wisely using your personalized video contents.



5. Effective Way of Communication

Videos are a perfect way to convey a message to your audience. Not only it is an interesting way to be a medium of a message, but also it can transmit a message because it is dynamic content and not static. Also, videos can help you angle a message based on its main aim. You can frame your message to be urgent or appealing depending on your video execution.


Final Thoughts

Personalized video contents are still on the rise in this generation of content creation. Its potential is also not measured to its highest point. However, it is sure that personalized video marketing can undoubtedly give you different benefits in your business. After reading these five different benefits, we hope that you will try to create one and have significant advantages to your business.


Best Suited WordPress Themes For Musician

Are you interested to create your own website? Try WordPress because it is the most favored platform for developing a website. It became an effectual platform for young artists and musicians. There are ultimate options for customizing the website according to the requirement.

To sustain in the digital world, you should have an online profile. When you will have your own webpage, it can provide you a competitive advantage. Having a personal profile or website can give you chance to interact with interested visitors.

A number of WordPress music themes are currently available to use. You should always try to select a musician theme with artistic appeal and better functionality. If you want to maintain a balance between design elements and information which you want to display, let’s have a look at some brilliant WordPress music themes:


Those who aspire to have an excellent WordPress music theme, they can select Vice. It has unique features to create an innovative and unique musical website. People who have just started their journey can take the help of video tutorials. It even helps in the creation of custom website landing pages and adds YouTube videos in the back for getting better attention from the viewers.


Depending on the requirement of a music website, it can be the perfect choice for you. It saves your time and enhances your visibility among visitors. It makes this easy for you to provide details associated to the tour dates. Even, you can use logos according to your preference. It doesn’t require any coding, you can easily install it. Visitors will get the customized share button which will help them to share content.


For designing an appealing music theme based WordPress website, you can definitely select Amplify. It is feasible enough that you can make changes according to you. Background, color, layouts, and templates can be easily customized depending on the website requirement.


It is the most applicable WordPress theme for the musicians. It is suitable for both musicians and for rising talents. You can increase your presence rate whether you are managing everything on your own or you have a band. Revolution theme has everything to promote your music. You can add blogs, upload photo in the gallery and give updates about your tour dates.


Obsidian can be considered as the modernly designed WordPress music theme that is mainly for the musicians. You can get enticing backgrounds that can be modified easily. It is featured with audio and video library sections which will help you upload your latest audios and videos.


It is a WordPress theme with multiple functionalities and is highly responsive. It is incredible to create a perfect music website because it is embedded in different qualities like revolution slider, layer slider plugins, and visual composer. It has at least thirty homepage demo sites with the amalgamation of a trendy portfolio and blog templates. Uncode enables to design unique statements for the layouts. Also, there is a possibility to add custom elements and shortcodes.


This WordPress theme can be the ideal choice for music professionals. It is present with pre-built demos which can be modified according to the project requirement. There is no need to use any code during site creation. After you will select and install the desired demo, it is easy for you to implement modifications. Kentha is featured with full-screen video background and drag and drop playlist creator.


Muso is an appealing music theme which is present with a modernly designed logo. It can show the latest track from Soundcloud and have Carousel for the promotion of the tour dates.

Music Club

Music Club is a viable WordPress theme for creating a music based site. It is useful whether you are a solo artist or you have music band. You can get a collection of features in a music club which can be enough to support your passion in all possible manner. There is an option to select from seven hundred Google fonts and icons. It comes with elegant concepts that lets you add headers, menu, and widgets.


FWRD has been designed especially for the music professionals who are self-motivated. Multiple advanced features have been incorporated into it for the user-friendly experience. It facilitates you to play videos in the background. Due to responsive layouts, you may notice nonparallel effects on your website.


The remix can be the most important asset for you if you want to have a WordPress music theme website for enhancing visibility among followers. It is capable enough in showing enticing effects that make your site more attractive. This is responsive in nature and allows you to add audio files. The features like the slider and visual composer are also integrated into it.


Music provides you the eye-catching seamless pages that show videos with content. It highlights your current page and helps you to show the event related information. Whenever you want, your gallery can be updated accordingly.


It is a blend of appropriate qualities that make your site captivating enough for compelling the users to visit you. Sura has elegant layouts to design your website. It even has a white space for creating a comfortable music environment.


It is expedient and technically advanced for fulfilling the requirements. An artist who wants to get a better online presence can use it for creating their own online website. Croma has the HTML5 player block to facilitate followers with amazing music tracks. You can keep a record of every single activity such as event updates, location and pricing associated with it.


The list of different WordPress music themes has been given here so that you can choose the best out of them. By selecting the one that suits your requirement, you can have a better presence on search engines.

Author Bio
Bryan Lazaris is a WordPress developer working at HireWebDeveloper, a renowned company in India to hire WordPress developer. He holds several years of experience. He has a flare of writing that encourages his to update users with new technologies. Apart from giving technical content, he writes on other associated topics.

WordPress Video Tutorials

How to Integrate WordPress Video Tutorials on WordPress Websites?

This post discusses Best Plugins to Integrate WordPress Video Tutorials on WordPress sites with an easy-to-follow process to make your content more engaging & user-friendly.

A huge number of business are swaging around the internet. It is not only because they have realized the cost-effectiveness of it, but new technologies have also encountered them in every couple of months. So, if you are willing to run a website then let me tell you WordPress is the best open source website creation tool which is written in PHP. It powers 20% of the web.

So, now if you have planned to run a website on WordPress, it is great! But are you finding it hard to interface with site management and content creation? Then don’t worry. There are many integrated video tutorials which will help you to learn how to use WordPress in a few minutes. Of course, there are plugins which can simplify your learning experience by providing a video library by providing an easy setup for selecting videos to display to the users.

# Learning with Video is Effective

Using video for learning is practical in many ways. They are easy to create, easy to distribute, and can be re-used. Human brain process visual information in within few milliseconds. So, it is vital for users to create an effective video. The current rate of video use for online corporate training has been reported at 33.5%. The cost savings from video training is implied, and the convenience cannot be matched.

Thus, if video training is enabled in WordPress especially for freshers, they will be more clear about how to use it. By integrating video tutorials in WordPress site, we are just meeting our users where they are.

Here are some Best Integrated Video Tutorials Plugins for WordPress:

1. CM Video Lesson Manager

This Plugin quickly manages the video courses and webinars for its users. It offers its administrators and users to leave a comment, track progress, and mark favorites. The plugin also supports pay-per-view channels for a limited period of time.

CM Video Lesson supports watching videos generated on Vimeo Private Video Channels and displays videos on any page or post on your WordPress site. The best out of this plugin is that it supports payments, student tracking, personal notes, and bookmarks.

Special Features of CM Video Lesson Manager:

– Helps in seeking Vimeo channel and private videos

– Provides the user to comment on each video description

– Offers to bookmark the favorite videos

– Allow the admin to edit plugin labels and set a price for watching channels

– It provides the room for improvement as it shows progress report according to the user and channels visitors

2. Video User Manual

Video User Manual was built way back in 2008 and gives the end user both a video and online manual. The plugin offers to explain the functionality available to editors in the WordPress. It installs over 80 video tutorials in the client’s WordPress dashboard teaching them everything they need to know. The videos are entirely updated and use non-technical language and clear graphics which helps your clients to understand quickly.

Best features of Video User Manual are :-

– Easy customization, allows for the integration of your company logo and your videos.

– Hide settings from admins which avoid troubles from lost or changed plugins by clients.

– Simple and professional helps to paste the title, and the URL of your video into the options page and your video will then display.

3. WP 101

WP101 is amongst the successful WordPress tutorial series. It has been praised as the “gold standard” for WordPress tutorials. It gives the user a substantial introduction about WordPress within few minutes. WP101 has 101 professionally produced videos and partnered with Yoast SEO.

It allows the users to add the custom videos itself. The list appears in the bottom along with WP101 videos. The user can visit the settings panel and add new videos by just pasting the video embed code from the video hosting provider.

The best out of WP101 features:-

– Install on up to 5000 client sites depending upon the plan

– It has 20 WordPress 101 videos.

– Offers 13 Yoast SEO videos

– It has white-labeled (i.e. no logos or branding, reinforcing your reputation and adding value to your business offering)

– Closed-captioned videos which ensure everyone has equal access to our WordPress training.

– Videos are automatically updated

– Install on all your clients’ sites

– Fast-loading videos with no impact on your website’s server

4. Integrated Video Tutorial


WordPress Integrated Video Tutorials Plugin provides easy access to the entire WPMU DEV WordPress Video Tutorial library on the website or network. This product is available under the GPL License. The plugin offers to display tutorials network-wide on both the front and back end from the dashboard viewer to individual and group video embed codes.

Its distinctive features are:-

– Offers the latest information on premium quality

– Hosted and Guaranteed: Each video is hosted on our powerful servers and is delivered with unlimited plays, unlimited bandwidth and is SSL compatible.

– It is accessible and flexible i.e. it shows the videos from a sleek video player designed to blend with any theme.

– It has one API for all your sites

– Unlimited bandwidth and Plays

– Offers customizable playlists

– One-click contextual video access

5. WPLifeGuard+

WpLifeGuard’s is great WordPress video tutorials which help to learn using WordPress. It is simple and covers the WordPress dashboard which is ideal for anyone new to or experienced with WordPress. All you have to do is install LifeGuard+ Assistant on all your new client projects, and users can learn how to use WordPress just by watching the WP Lifeguard videos. The major drawback of WpLifeGuard plugin is that you cannot add your videos into the mix. The best out of it is that every time the user can get new updated videos.

Wrapping Up

All these plugins are of excellent and have some unique features in them. So how do you choose which one to use for your project? You can go through each plugin more in detail further and according to the depth of video coverage you want and customizability you are looking for then, you can go ahead.


Author Bio:- Priya is a Technical SEO at : SEO Company.  She has 3 years experience in SEO, content marketing, and campaign management. she’s devoured every scrap of knowledge about search marketing and applies it daily as Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.


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