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The 9 Worst Ecommerce Designs in History

Nowadays, all retailers should have a website. This much we know to be true. But as with so many things in life, web design trends come and go. In fact, some websites exhibit strange styles choices that were never in fashion to begin with.

Back in the mid-90s, most websites were pretty horrible to look at. Either that, or they were plain and boring. Today, there are some gorgeous ecommerce web designs out there. But there still exists a wide range of flashing, brightly colored, overcrowded and poor quality websites in the digital ethos, just waiting for some poor hapless soul to stumble across them.

From these shining, Flash-animated, vaguely terrifying examples, we can learn what not to do when it comes to making our own ecommerce websites, and what to avoid when browsing new websites for sale ourselves — investing in badly designed site may cost you a pretty penny… Don’t do it people!

Right folks, what do we like about this website?

It’s hard to know where to start with this one…

At first glance, it’s like someone cut up a catalogue and made a collage from their favorite listings. At second glance – yes, it’s the same. That’s exactly what it looks like.

Here are just a few of the many things wrong with it:

  • It’s overcrowded (that’s an understatement)
  • There’s no informational hierarchy – we don’t know where to begin
  • The graphics are small and poor quality

As you arrive on this one-of-a-kind car rental website, the second thing you’ll notice, after the explosion of color and animation that hits your eyes, is the intensely off-putting music that starts playing automatically.

Here are a few things that aren’t working:

  • First off, it’s an assault to the senses
  • There’s far too much going on – sounds, colors, animation, brains…
  • Despite this compelling graphic, I don’t know if I do trust Ling

Now, the first thing you’ll need to do when you arrive at is chosen whether you want to view it in HTML or Flash. Choose well.

Just who is Penny Juice? Great question. As you can see, people have a lot to say about Penny Juice. Finally, a 100% juice that kids will drink! Available in bright yellow, pink, green, blue, purple and orange.

Penny Juice teaches us that:

  • There is such a thing as too much color
  • The best place for your menu is not in tiny writing at the bottom of the screen
  • Adobe Flash is dying

Another Flash-based dominion of terror! Patimex, a Polish charcoal company, has a very special mascot – a grinning devil barbecuing a sausage. What you can’t see from the image is that the mascot also bounces around the screen and sings. You cannot take your eyes off him.

Here’s what we can take away:

  • Audio autoplay is a singularly off-putting feature in a website
  • Devils don’t make cute mascots – consider what your graphics say about your brand
  • Adobe Flash is dying

Wait, Suzanne Collins as in the author of The Hunger Games trilogy? Yes. This is her website. It’s not what you were expecting, is it?

The website is bare, and the first call to action we see takes us to another website: one with little on it except a request to download Adobe Flash Player. For a dynamic author of futuristic teen books, it’s surprising that this website looks and acts the way it does.

What’s wrong with this website?

  • It’s full of dead links
  • It’s designed for 200% zoom, so it looks strange and sparse on a desktop
  • It’s dated and unexciting – downloadable documents galore

Ok, so compared to the others, this one doesn’t look too bad. But it’s not good either.

There’s a scrolling carousel of 32 promotional images that hit you right in the face – like this one of a very ‘stock image’ employee. It’s dated and bland – where the others have over-compensated to give their websites ‘character’, this one has done the opposite.

What we can learn:

  • There will always be a better menu heading than ‘Things We Do For You’
  • Some explanatory text on the homepage that explains what you’re about is helpful
  • If you have to use stock images, there are better stock images out there

Low Price

Welcome to the black hole that is Low Price Skates. Clearly, there’s something missing from the top section here. Who knows what that could be? More skates pics, one must presume.

Low Prices Skates offers free shipping from $99.99 – what a great deal! Presumably, it means when you spend $99.99 – but regardless, it’s not very clear.

We have a lot of images crowded onto the homepage, with tiny text descriptions that even a person with impeccable eyesight would struggle to read from a reasonable distance. The copy also reads like it’s been written for SEO, not users, as you’ll see from this paragraph on quad speed skates:


That’s a lot of keyword stuffing, right there.

So, what can we learn?

  • For one thing, make sure your website displays properly
  • Keep all text at a reasonable, legible size – 16px should be the minimum
  • Optimizing for SEO requires more than including the same keyword over and over

Yvettes Bridal Formal

Gosh! What a lot of things there are to look at here.

We have a tuxedo model – the same picture twice? – intermingled in a collage-like style with what appears to be a footbridge. We have no way of knowing how the footbridge is involved.

The menu and copy we see on this page look like it was created in Microsoft Paint. There’s little to distinguish content from links. And the color palette is absolute madness.

We’ve not even looked at the gowns and veils page yet! Here it is:


It’s quite something. Yvette is obviously passionate about what she does. She seems to do many things.

This website teaches us that:

  • Too many choices make taking the next step paralyzing
  • Updates are important – it’s not been PROM 2010!!! for quite some time…
  • LESS IS MORE !!!!!!!!!!!! **

Now, most of these websites are quite old – but they’re still out there on the web. Even today, there are plenty of newer e-commerce websites making simple design and usability mistakes that will affect users’ impressions of the brand – and its ability to make sales. So if you’re thinking of creating a website for your online business, say no to bad web design! 

Victoria Greene is a branding consultant and freelance writer. On her blog, Victoria Ecommerce, she shares tips on e-commerce and how writers can hone their craft. She is passionate about using her experience to help e-commerce companies increase their brand reach.

Best startup spots in the world

4 Startup-Friendly Spots around the Globe You Should Know About

First things first, think about who is your target audience. Wisely analyzing even the slightest details is crucial when building a start up at certain destination to make it good for the business. The fact is – if you know exactly what you want to build, with right preparation, you can easily do it at any location. The following destinations are great places to start developing your own business so take a look, find what suits you, what is needed for your start up, and just go for it!

Do your homework. Depending on your needs make a list of thing you are searching for and that are necessary for your start up, and do your research. Go through these examples and tips, compare them to your list of needs and write down the pros and cons. It can help you decide if you are ready to turn your life upside down and move to a whole new country but unsure of the exact location.


ChinaChina is the world’s most populous country and second largest state by land area, which can be a bit difficult for making a breakthrough start up. But it can also be great for adventure seekers ready to make an all-out effort and the ones who love the difficulty of the task. It is challenging but it can give you much more joy after achieving you goal and starting up your business in China. Besides, if you are fond of Asian culture and their way of life, this change can be inspirational and fulfilling. Plus the food is awesome!


Imagine owning a small Parisian café. Having the opportunity to enjoy the smell of fresh cup of espresso mixed with the smell of breakfast croissant every morning from your own venue in a place that you’ve always wanted to live in. Imagine spending your free time exploring the city of your dreams, feeling like a tourist but still being a part of this wonderful society. If starting business in France was your dream and you are ready to finally make it happen then it is great news for you that since 2015 France has made it easier for foreigners to set up a business in a city of choice. So read through forums and see what others are saying about this topic to help you decide. And start making your dreams comes true!


Phi Phi Islands Thailand It is a great idea to visit the country first if you are planning to star your business there. There are many amazing hotel deals that you can choose from before coming to see the Thailand and discover it’s stunning beauty. That way you can see first hand if it really meets your needs to build a startup and make a living. Thailand is the second-largest economy in Southeast therefore the possibilities are endless if it matches your targeted audience and can fulfil the demands of your plans. Be prepared to experience something completely new and unexpected but make sure that you have though about it thoroughly and that you will not give up as soon as you find a bump in the road. If creating your own business in this exotic country was your plan since you can remember then just go ahead and make that first step.


Germany is the perfect country where you can put an excellent business idea into practice.The German infrastructure will make it easy for you to start as long as you are certain that you’ve done a good research of the needs for you new line of work. The positive economical climate makes this country start up friendly and not only you will be efficient but also enjoy building it. As an entrepreneur you are well aware of the fact that the progress of a country gives you good grounds to start developing your ideas. The capital of Germany, Berlin, a vibrant city is a appreciable place to make a great base to operate from. It evolved to one of the Europe’s friendliest start up hubs. You should consider putting an effort into planning and researching Berlin for your future business development.

Well, now that you have seen these options, and compared them with your list of needs and wishes, all you have to do is make a decision. Pick a place, don’t think too much, you have been preparing yourself to take this step your whole life. Sometimes all you need is a little push and this is it! Put your words into action and start packing your suitcases!


reasons to choose joomla cms for startup business

Reasons Why Joomla CMS is Best for a Startup Business

The choice of technology is one of the most crucial decisions upon which hinges the future prospects of any startup. Because not only what they choose will end up determining the quality of their application, but is also a decision that can’t be unmade, at least not without incurring considerable time and resources. Also, since startups generally evolve rapidly, their requirements in the future may become much different from what they were at the initial stage.

Keeping that in mind, taking a generalized approach at this stage is the smartest decision to make. That is, pick a technology that can serve all the purpose and is flexible to evolve, support and scale to your changing needs. Exactly something Joomla development services are renowned for.


Joomla is free to use. This means startups, who are generally low on the budget, do not have to spend anything on technological end and can save it for other more important tasks. Apart from the Joomla itself, there is a host of other free plugins and templates that they can use for additional functionalities and interface. Or if they prefer, there are also many affordable templates that they can deploy to get a feel for a premium application.


Most of the startups in the initial stage do not have ample technical expertise and hiring professionals isn’t feasible for them. With Joomla, they do not have to. Its interactive interface is exceptionally easy to use and even a non-technical person can easily manage the application once it is developed by a Joomla developer. This also drastically improves the efficiency because they do not have to consult developers every time they have to make changes.

Quick deployment

For every startup, the time-to-market holds the key to beat their competitors because the more time the application takes in the development stage, more is the cost, and more is the market they concede to others. With Joomla’s wide range of ready to use modules and templates, web applications can be developed in the minimum possible time.

Quality product

Joomla being cost-effective and simple doesn’t mean that it offers those benefits at the expense of quality. It is the second most widely used CMS in the world after WordPress and supports millions of websites of all scales and businesses. If you aren’t convinced yet, we must tell you that it is well-known for its stability and high security.

Community support

For startups with little experience in the domain, it is almost certain that they will get stuck at one point or another. For that, Joomla has a very large and vibrant community of seasoned developers who are more than willing to help anytime you need.

Easy portability

As mentioned in the beginning, the choice of technology is crucial for any startup and as they evolve, their requirements may change. So, if after few years down the line, startups feel that Joomla isn’t serving them well, it provides an exceptionally simple procedure to port your application to any other technology. Also, if you are facing any problems with servers, the migration process is very swift and simplified.


How Easy Is it to Become an Entrepreneur?

One of the best things about living the dream is the fact that you have the opportunity go into business for yourself.  The number of people that want to own and operate their own business has been on the rise for many years.  From the outside, becoming an entrepreneur seems to be an easy task, one you feel might not even require an online bachelor degree, but if you sit down with an entrepreneur, they might have another story to tell.  Here we are hopefully going to answer the question “how easy is it to become an entrepreneur?” once and for all.  

Overall Increase In Stress Should Be Expected

In most cases, the desire to become an entrepreneur is driven by a few things.  First, you might not be happy with your current employment.  It is a common feeling and there is nothing wrong with feeling that way.  You might have a great business idea and want to take the plunge, but the amount of stress that it will put on you and your family should be considered.  Second, you may have earned an online BSIS degree and feel like you need to put that BSIS degree online to good use.  Third, a chance to own your own business has fallen into your lap seemingly out of nowhere.

Never Ending To-Do Lists

They say that once you become an entrepreneur, it will become a neverending day of work for you.  Owning a business is hard work and nobody has ever been able to take the easy street to their first million dollars.  Getting up early, staying up late and working every day of the year is a requirement in order to keep things flowing toward your goal of owning your own business.  Make a list of things that you need to accomplish and realize that list is going to always be there.  Until you get a firm hold on your new business, that to-do list is going to be there reminding you there is more work to do.

Frustration Becomes Part Of Your Day

Just like with all the stress related to becoming an entrepreneur, you are also going to experience frustration a little more often than you might be used to.  This could come from a new partnership or even the fact that a delivery was not on time and now you are trying to explain to a customer why that happened.  Learning to deal directly with frustration is a new skill that you will need.

It Can Be Rewarding

There is no sense in talking only about the bad things.  Becoming an entrepreneur can also be rewarding for you.  You get to work for yourself, set your own hours and only answer to you.  Getting information from satisfied customers is a great feeling and one that can carry you through the next bit of stress that comes along.  Keep the rewards and goals in mind.

It’s not easy to become an entrepreneur, but the hard work will pay off and as long as you have the determination to make your own business grow, you will see the rewards.  Good luck!

WordPress FAQ

Why WordPress Has Become Synonymous To The Internet

WordPress development has developed from being a mere blogging platform not just to a full-fledged content management system but to the best and most popular website development system. Every creative web development company has either tried it out or still uses it now.

The features that attracted WordPress web development companies are numerous and some of them have been discussed right here.

It is very popular

WordPress development has gone from obscurity to the most popular content management system in the world and its popularity still grows. In fact, no other content management system comes even close. Do you know what it means to control over 4 percent of the entire internet? Yes, WordPress does.

More than 55 percent of CMS based websites are developed on WordPress. Here is the bomb, more than 15 blog posts are published on WordPress controlled websites every single second.

If you think this is some kind of deliberate hype or exaggeration, you can verify the figures.

Even popular brands use WordPress

Would you believe it if someone told you that sites like The New Yorkers, The Next Web, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and even the world famous CNN’s blogs all run on WordPress? Well, that is it. They all do and even many more. If these kinds of websites can be built on WordPress doesn’t that tell you the kind of functionalities and power behind the WordPress?

Remember, these are all different types of sites with different purposes. This underscores the versatility WordPress offers. So, in case you still see it as just a blogging platform, this should change your impression.

Some academic institutions run several online courses on their WordPress based websites and countless communities and high traffic e-commerce websites are built on WordPress and they work seamlessly. However, that does not mean that it can no longer be used for blogging. It is still a veritable tool for blogging. CNN’s blogs are all built on it.

Availability of numerous plugins

WordPress has so many plugins for different functions and instead of having to write lengthy codes for different functions, you just need to use some of the plugins from WordPress. Imagine, programming without coding. This is fun. This is why a lot of web designers and developers have joined the bandwagon of WordPress.

There is already a plugin for virtually everything you might want to do. This saves you a lot of time and effort. Even though WordPress has both free and paid plugins, its free plugins are more than 45,000 in number. Can you beat that? The plugins are so many that, the ones you won’t need will be a multiple of the ones you will get to use. And you know what? More plugins are being created every day.

WordPress is built on PHP so if you are an expert in the language, you might want to flaunt what you’ve got by customizing some plugins. However, if you value your time, it might not be necessary. Why would you want to start coding from scratch when you can make use of plugins? Don’t you want to impress your clients with an improved turnaround time?

Non-developers can also make use of WordPress

It has great tools for setting up online business sites like creating online retail stores. So, you don’t have to be a pro to be able to use it. WordPress websites can easily be integrated with different payment gateways. Being able to hand some tasks by yourself will reduce your website development cost as your developer won’t start from scratch.

Only a very few people are aware that WordPress also has a lot of plugins that are useful for backend tasks. So, it can be used for intranets too. You can self-host some apps and save some cost.

It can also be used for membership sites where members log in with their passwords to have access to some facilities of the sites. The most beautiful part is that you don’t need to have programming skills to be able to do some “wonders” with WordPress.

It is completely free

WordPress is open source and completely free to use. You can even make the change that you want to the site’s codes without paying any money. You don’t also require any kind of license to access WordPress. Although there are paid plugins, you can also get many free themes and plugins. The best part is that you can earn money by the side of WordPress by creating your own premium themes and plugins for other people to use.

WordPress skills are highly sought after

With some WordPress, you can get several kinds of jobs because the WordPress services are in high demand. You can get a job in a creative web design company or you can also get a job as a site manager in jobs that run their sites on WordPress. Having WordPress skills already makes you a website designer and developer.

Sites built on WordPress are very easy to manage

Sites built on WordPress are quite easy to run and maintain. You don’t have to be a website developer to be able to manage WordPress sites. There are several WordPress communities online that you can consult if you run into any problem. Some of them would have run into same challenges and probably fill you in on likely solutions.

WordPress is easier to learn

If you intend to learn WordPress, you can get numerous online resources to help you get started. And if you put your heart to it, you can be up in three months. You may not be a WordPress expert by then but you should have learned enough skills to make you earn some serious cash.

Free web hosting

WordPress offers two types of web hosting – free and paid for. As you will expect, free web hosting comes with limited facilities and resources. First of all, is attached to your web address. You also enjoy limited free themes. Free web hosting comes with limited storage space and no video storage. Most importantly, you can’t turn off ads as you have absolutely no control over them. The biggest problem with free web hosting is the addition of to your web address. No big company will take you seriously with such a ridiculous web address. WordPress paid web hosting is very affordable. Why not just upgrade your account to a paid one.

Now you know the secrets behind the rapid growth and popularity of WordPress. You may also want your next website built on the best content management system in the world – WordPress.

Author Bio:

Kenneth Evans is Analyst and Content Marketer for top app development companies. As a Content marketer, He has been contributing to various blogging platforms and Forums.