6 Ways That Every Business Can Benefit From Content Marketing

6 Ways That Every Business Can Benefit From Content Marketing

Developing a winning digital marketing strategy is so difficult because there is a lot of conflicting information out there about what works. Some people say that SEO is the most important thing to consider while others swear that it’s all about social media. Others suggest that digital marketing is overrated in some industries and you’ll still do better with more traditional offline marketing strategies. 

Trying to make sense of all of that conflicting information is tough and it often leads to disjointed marketing campaigns. Businesses end up spreading themselves too thin across lots of different strategies without a cohesive plan, and that’s never effective. However, if you’re looking for a digital marketing strategy that brings multiple benefits to the business and is cost effective, content marketing is the way to go. It still needs to be part of a wider digital marketing plan but if you can deliver regular, good quality content to your customers, you will see improvements across the board. 


Most people automatically think of blogs when they think of content marketing but that’s only one small part of it. Content marketing refers to any valuable content that you deliver to your customers free of charge. That could also include ebooks, online tools, infographics and much more. Offering this kind of content can benefit your business and improve your marketing performance in so many different ways. If you haven’t put much thought into your content marketing strategy so far, it’s worth considering these benefits that it brings to your business. 

Promoting Without Selling Yourself 

Let’s face it, nobody really likes adverts. You’re not likely to pay much attention to the social media page or website of a business if you’re constantly bombarded with adverts for their products and nothing else. If you consider the social media pages of most successful businesses, only a small percentage of their output is direct marketing like that because that’s not what customers want to see. If that’s all you offer, people will unfollow you and they probably won’t visit your site again. That’s why content marketing is so good because you’re offering your customers something without the expectation of payment. 

It’s important that you build a relationship with a customer before they are willing to spend their money and you’re not going to be able to do that simply by filling their inbox with marketing emails. If anything, that will just put them off ever wanting to deal with you in future. However, if they’re regularly visiting your website to make use of the quality content that you post on there, you start to build that relationship. If they are in need of products similar to yours, it’s likely that they will think of you first. 

Improving SEO 


Whether you agree that SEO should be at the center of your digital marketing campaign or not, you can’t deny that it is very important. SEO is a tricky thing to get right and so many businesses struggle with it because a lot of them don’t realize how important content marketing is. In fact, content marketing and SEO are intrinsically linked and you can’t really be successful at one without being successful at the other. Good SEO requires keywords, articles, and links, all of which can be found in your content. You can think of content marketing as the practical application of SEO in a lot of ways. Site mapping is another central feature of SEO and a good content marketing strategy always encourages that as well. Constant updating and output is important in SEO too because a site that hasn’t changed at all in the last year is not likely to appear very high in the search rankings because the algorithms will consider it outdated and irrelevant. As expected, constant output is a central feature of content marketing as well. 

However, it’s important to understand that content marketing doesn’t automatically equal good SEO and vice versa. The two are very closely linked and when combined properly, they are very effective, but a lot of businesses make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need to bother with SEO because they are good with content marketing but that isn’t true. Content marketing is important but ideally, you need a good SEO company that will help you to build that content marketing into a wider SEO strategy. A lot of businesses fail at both because they’re only doing one or the other. 

Reaching A Wider Audience 

Increasing the scope of your marketing is important if you’re going to see continued growth. There are a lot of different ways that you can do this, social media marketing or referral programs, for example. But one of the best things that you can do is up your content marketing game. When people find something that they like online, they share it with their followers on social media. That means if you’re putting out great content all of the time and your site is being shared often, you’ll be exposed to a lot of new customers. Your investment is relatively small but the return that you will see on quality content is very big in comparison. This is a far more effective way of expanding your reach than something like marketing emails, for example. Once the articles are live on the website, they will continue to draw more traffic to your site at no extra cost. When you compare this to something like pay per click advertising where you’ll be paying a fee for each new visitor to the site, it’s clear that content marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to expose your business to new customers. 

Shortening The Sales Cycle 

Getting customers through the sales cycle and closing a sale as quickly as possible is important. Often, access to information holds up the process because customers have a lot of questions about the features of a product or the materials that the product is made from etc. If your sales and customer service team are constantly on the phone or emailing responses to these basic questions, that’s not a very good use of their time. But if you use content marketing effectively, you can often shorten the sales cycle. If you’re posting quality content about the products and going into more detail about the features, those questions are answered. You can also write about the manufacturing processes that you use and any changes that you’re making to reduce your impact on the environment. Those sorts of things improve your public image and also give customers the information that they need to make informed purchasing decisions. 

Another benefit of using content marketing is that you can give people a sense of your company culture. Your attitudes toward the environment are a part of that but people may also be interested in the way that you handle employees and what your eventual business goals are. People are increasingly interested in what kind of business they’re dealing with, rather than just the product itself, and you can use content marketing to show your customers who you are. 

Solidify Your Brand 


You should already know that your brand is a very important part of your marketing strategy. It’s always the companies that can build the strongest and most recognizable brand that have the most success. There are lots of different ways to increase brand awareness from good social media to more traditional techniques like branded merchandise. But you should never underestimate the power of content marketing when building a good brand. 

The brands that people connect with the most are the ones that they consider to be leading authorities in their industry. Amazon, for example, has the strongest brand in the online retail world because people know that they can get you almost any product and deliver it to you the following day. In short, they know everything there is to know about online retail and they’re pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of delivery times and choice of product. If you want to be successful, you need to be the Amazon of your industry and content marketing is one of the best ways to do that. 

If you’re posting regular, good quality content that gives people a lot of useful information that relates to your products, you show them that you are an expert in that area and you are a trusted source of information. 

Build Trust 

Trust between you and your customers is important for a number of reasons. As we’ve already seen, content marketing can help you to position yourself as an authority in your industry which is important because it means that customers will trust in the quality of your product. However, it’s also important that your customers trust you as a business, especially if you’re selling products online because there is always a danger of scams. If a company is consistently releasing quality content on their website, customers know that they are a legitimate business. 

Content marketing is a hot topic at the moment for a reason, because it’s so effective and benefits your business in so many ways. If you aren’t using it already, you really need to invest in it. 

How One Very Clever Website Uses Virtual Cows To Increase Dwell Time

How One Very Clever Website Uses Virtual Cows To Increase Dwell Time

Web developers are some of the naughtiest marketers in the world. For starters, they don’t call themselves marketers at all – that’s far too low brow. A designer is somebody who creates something to be marketed. He or she does not engage in the vulgar marketing process itself. And second, web designers very much do get involved in marketing, embedding small nudges to encourage users to do what companies want them to do, often without users even knowing. 


If there’s any group in the world who is trying to affect the mind of the average person subliminally, it’s not the Illuminati; it’s legions of web designers working for SEO and web design agencies. Practically everything they do is what behavioural economist Richard Thaler would call a “nudge” – surreptitiously taking advantage of some aspect of our psychology to get us to do something that they want. 

Take the practice of mimicking messaging apps on websites. Websites will create imaginary inboxes with the small “1” in a red circle, indicating unread mail. Of course, it’s nothing of the sort, but it’s a way of creating a situation in which people are much more likely to click the call-to-action. It’s a trick.

Web developers are beginning to realise that by appealing to people’s online habits and instincts that they’re able to boost conversions and get people to do their bidding. It was only a matter of time, therefore, before gamification came to web design in a big way. Thanks to platforms like Roll20, it’s easier than ever for people to get involved with games online. In fact, that’s now what people expect. A website experience seems a little empty without there being some kind of optional in-browser game that people can play. 

Hide-And-Seek To Increase Dwell Time

Ever since Google included “dwell time” as a marker of site quality, web designers have been looking for ways to increase the time that people spend on their pages. Most quality companies have exhausted the regular avenues of improvement: plenty of white space, fast loading times, snappy navigation, engaging content, and so on. But relatively few firms employ gamification to keep people hooked. 

A small web design company called Zurb, however, has created a game that attempts to increase dwell time on its site by getting them to play hide and seek with cows. When a user arrives on the company’s website, the impulse isn’t to read the beautifully-crafted copy or read about the product. It’s to find where all the cows are hiding to complete the game. 

Think for a second just how clever this is. Not only are you exposing a person to your brand, but you’re also providing them with a dopamine hit from playing the game and signalling to Google that your pages are giving value to users – far more than your competitors. 

There are dozens of other examples of gamification of websites, but the Zurb example gives us all of the information we need. Web sites that use games put themselves at a critical advantage, over and above their competitors. 

Deluxe Web Design for Better Rankings

Deluxe Web Design for Better Rankings

source: pixabay.com

Deluxe web design is the best way for a small or medium sized company to make a mark online. The large target market can be easily tapped using unique responsive designs that retain attention.  These designs have many benefits for businesses and users. Here we discuss the benefits of deluxe responsive designs:

1- Increased Mobile Traffic

More consumers are shopping online. From needles to cars they are buying whatever they need online. This is due to the savings online shopping offers. Besides being more convenient, it offers an easy way to price shop. With deluxe responsive websites, your goods and services can be easily viewed on all size devices.  Users will never come across distorted tables or images and will have a good experience with your brand.

2-Quick Development at A Lot Less

Business owners prefer to spend less money on marketing and therefore opt for responsive web designs. This helps them save money for other things. Cost of development is also low as compared to creating two or three versions of a website to fit various screen sizes. Maintaining two separate websites can also be expensive. So, it is best to go with just one. The latest technologies are more preferable, and businesses need to stay with the latest trends and give up the obsolete ways.

3-Decreased Cost of Maintenance

With a single website to look after, business owners have to pay less for website maintenance.  The layout will be optimized by web designers and developers who use modern testing methods to ensure you get a high-quality layout. You will be paying fewer labor dollars if you opt for responsive web designs.  You will not need two content strategies or two teams to handle the two separate versions. With less time to spend on website maintenance owners can focus on more important aspects of running the online business such as social media marketing or press releases.

4-Less Load Time

If your website takes a long time to load, get it revamped altogether.  Get a responsive design developed as it will load faster on both mobile phones and on the desktop.  A mobile user gets frustrated if the web pages take longer than a few seconds to load. If you have two separate versions to a website, it is very likely that the web page is not optimized for cell phones or tablets. Instead of losing visitors, get a responsive design so the site loads fast and the guest can see what you have on offer. Designers will use the caching and responsive image display techniques to ensure your website loads fast.  This will ensure you do not have any missed business opportunities.

5- Decrease the Bounce Rate

When a guest stays at your website for longer, your bounce rate will be low. A responsive website is easy to load and is easy to navigate.  Visitors are able to stay at such sites for longer. With better site engagement your guest can come closer to your goods and services. This will help them come to a buying decision.

6- Conversion Rates Will Improve

Deluxe responsive sites enhance user experience. When guests will have a good experience with your brand they are likely to return back and make purchases. If you have a newsletter subscription form they are more likely to fill it out at a site that is easy for them to use.  They will take all the actions on the website you want them to. A single secure professional looking website will bring in better conversions.

7- Easier Monitoring

Users go through various redirects, conversion paths, and funnels. With multiple versions of a website, it is difficult to monitor their movement. If you have a single website, you can use Google analytics to learn what percentage of the total traffic is coming from mobile phones or desktops or tablets. This way it is easy for you to learn how your website is performing on various devices.

8- Users Get A Positive Experience

Your website is your brand ambassador. When all looks good at first glance your impression will be good. This will help build a level of faith in guests and they are likely to trust the brand over others. When users have to zoom and pinch they are sure to never return.

9- Get Better Rankings

Google prefers responsive designs and likes a website that is optimized for mobile phones. Mobile friendly websites can have better rankings as compared to other sites. The load time is quick, and they have better bounce rates. With high-quality content and good backlinks, it is easy for any such website to improve their rankings. There will also be no issue of duplicate content as is the case with having separate websites for desktop and mobiles. This affects rankings in a negative way.

7 Helpful Tools to Design a Website

7 Helpful Tools to Design a Website

7 Helpful Tools To Design A Website 3

As referred by whatis site, a website is a related collection of World Wide Web (WWW) files that includes a beginning file called a home page. A company or individual tells you how to access your website by providing you with the address of your homepage. From the home page, you get to visit all other pages on their site. Websites help you grow business and is about being digital in this era where everything out there is on digital platforms. It is imperative to learn how to make a responsive website.

Web design is the designing of how your website will look online, and what feelings does it give, is it justifying the product of the website, or is it totally out of context? Having an intelligent design for your website is the essential part of your site because your website is your brand, and that is what gives your business. Web design means having skills, discipline and art of maintaining it. Web designing and Web development are part of one tree; web design is a broader category of web development.  There are plenty of web design services available out there giving solutions.

Here are a few helpful web design tools to help you:


Photoshop is a very all-around tool; although it is not free, it does give you an experience of having the whole device by yourself and explore it the way you want it to. Photoshop helps you build customized graphics from scrape. You can mix up multiple images and group them, apply filters in them or convert them, resize or do recolor. Photoshop is a very fantastic tool for making the design for your website attractive, but you need the skills and knowledge for the same.


Everyone has almost heard about this, as it is also one the best in the web-designing tool list. Sketch offers a clean and manageable space to create amazing designs for your website. It is much easier compared to other web development tools. Sketch has a feature of small documents, which keeps the documents very much sorted and mess free. There is a built-in grid feature which makes sketch help us create great designs. The plugins that sketch has to offer which make the work fast and easy. It is also said to be the all-round winner for web design.


Wirefy is said to be one of the web design software for building a great responsive website. Creating wireframes without having any worry and without having any issues, it is easy to do it with Wirefy by having minimal knowledge of CSS and HTML. Wirefy has several snippets and templates to offer which are scaled as the browser is rephrased working across multiple devices. If for your content plays a significant role in your web design that Wirefy is the one the best professional web designing software.

Additional Helpful Resources:


Figma is an interface design tool. It gives you the freedom to collaborate in real time with multiple users. Figma has both free, and a paid version depends on what you want to use it for. Both have their benefits. Creating icons for an article for the website is one of the most beautiful features of Figma, and it also offers you collaborating and sharing your design or graphics with others within the app. This app is a user-friendly app and easy to learn. It is a free website builder.


Bootstrap is a front – end component library to build responsive web design css. Developing CSS, HTML, JS is a difficult task when you do it for the first time, but with bootstrap, it is easy as it is an open source toolkit. Building your web with their sass variables mixins, responsive grid system, extensive pre-built components, and powerful plugins makes it super attractive to even work on this tool, and also the output is excellent. It’s one, the best website development tools, providing a lot of components to build your website.


As innovative as its name, this google web designer free download tool is the most helpful for the web designers to compress or resize their images without the fear of losing on the quality of the image. It is an exciting way of operating this tool you have to drag and drop the image and keep swiping for the exact compression and size that is needed for your website. The best part about this tool is that it is available online and offline too.


Canva is so far the best free website designing tool, which has impressive features to offer. People who are super keen on using infographics on their website as it attracts the audience much faster, and they can relate to it more. Canva provides the designers and non – designers both a fantastic experience in making a graphic, whether it is for digital or print. Images are like the lifeline for any website, and when you have a boon-full tool like Canva, it’s a win-win situation.


Having a responsive website tool for your website is so much essential to growing in the industry. We are becoming so advanced day by day that there are so many new devices, tools, apps being developed with brand new features, latest technologies that we do face challenges to cope up with these, but being provided by such great tools to help us, it becomes a cake walk.

Author Bio:

Maria Brown is Chief Content Editor, Blogger and maintaining Social Media Optimization for 21Twelve Interactive which is one the top Mobile App Development Company in India and USA. She believes in sharing her strong knowledge base with a leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business. She also writes for Top Mobile App Development Companies. Follow her on @Twitter.

9 Things Every Website Needs To Succeed

9 Things Every Website Needs To Succeed

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

Whether you’re thinking about setting up a website for your business or you want to update your existing one, there are a number of things you need to consider when it comes to creating something that is going to be successful. Whilst you may be able to bring in customers with a simple website that lists your products or services, there are several things you can do to ensure your website is bringing in more than enough business. Whether it’s focussing on SEO driven content or using stunning imagery, your website gives potential customers their first impression of your business. With that in mind, here are 9 things every website needs to succeed:

  • An Easy To Remember Domain Name

One of the first things you need for your website is an easy to remember domain name and URL. Whilst this isn’t essential, having a web address that is easy to remember will allow people to easily visit your site without having to search for you. They can simply type your address in a bar – whether they’ve seen it on a flyer or someone has told them in person – and they will be on your site in seconds. Keep it short, relevant to your business and ensure it is on brand. For a guide to setting your domain name, you can visit this site here.

  • Strong Branding Throughout

Another important thing to consider is the branding on your website. As a business owner, you will have brand guidelines that you adhere to on a daily a basis, all of which should apply to your website too. Whether it means you use your business logo, you use the same fonts or your website uses your brand’s colours – ensuring people see the same branding wherever they look is important as it will make it easier for them to remember you. If you’re struggling with your branding and think you will benefit from some extra help, you may want to work with a marketing agency. For more information, you can visit NetSearch Digital Marketing.

  • A Clear Message That Is Easy To Understand

Not only do you need to have strong branding, but you also need to ensure your brand's message is easy to understand and is clear when you visit your site. Whether it’s showing the products that you offer or presenting your values to your customers, this should be clear to people when they visit your site. Often this is the hardest thing to do, so having people test your website and write down what they think your message is can really help. Not only will you get customer feedback, but you will see how well people have understood your website and your brand.

  • Incredible Imagery That Resonates With Your Brand

Often when it comes to setting up a website it is the imagery that lets it down. Although text is important when it comes to ranking in Google, people often skim the text and look at the images on a site. Whilst you may not be able to afford a professional photographer for each and every photo on your site, it’s definitely worth investing in if you want to create a site that is visually pleasing to your customers. For a guide to working with a photographer as a business, you can visit this site here.

  • Attractive Videos That Showcase Your Product Or Service

If you want to take the previous point a step further, having attractive videos that showcase your main products and services is a great way to attract attention. Not only can these be reused on your social media channels, but they’re a great way to show that you’re forward-thinking and professional when it comes to business. Again, they’re expensive to create but they are well worth it when it comes to return on investment.

  • An Easy-To-Use Navigation System

Having an easy-to-use navigation system will ensure that visitors to your site have absolutely no issues when it comes to finding the information they need. Whilst a lot of pages run off one main standalone page, those that have a range of products may need to have a number of different categories and pages. If this is the case, make sure you make it as easy as it can possibly be for people to find the products or services they are looking for. The longer someone has to spend looking for something, the more likely they are to go looking somewhere else.

  • Corresponding Social Media Channels

Alongside your website, you may also want to consider setting up social media channels that can be used to attract people to your site. Using social media to gain traffic can be incredibly difficult if you don’t have a following, so the sooner you get these set up and start building an engaged following the better. If you’re struggling for things to post, start by considering what your target audience may want to engage with.

  • Regular Content That People Want To Share

As well as using social media to attract people to your site, regular blog content is a fantastic tool. Using well thought out blog posts, you can your target audience directly to your site. Whilst this may take some practice and a lot of work, regular content is also great when it comes to improving your rankings in search engines. For a guide to producing regular content for your website, you can visit this site here.

  • An On Call Support Team

Finally, you may want to consider having a team of people on call that can help you if you experience any issues. Whilst you may never need them, you never know what could happen when it comes to the internet. Whether it’s an issue with payment or your whole site suddenly goes down, the sooner a professional can fix it, the better.

Are you looking to build a website for your business? What do you need to ensure it has in order to be successful? Let me know in the comments section below.