Sorting Your “OMG It Crashed Moments” As A SME

Small businesses, freelancers, and solo entrepreneurs have one thing in common. They try to keep their costs under control. Indeed, because they work on a tight budget, they can’t afford to waste any time or money on IT problems. Unfortunately, anybody who’s worked with computers knows that technology can sometimes be temperamental. One minute everything is fine, and the next you are facing the infamous blue screen that appears when your laptop has crashed. Horror! What are you going to do?

One thing is for sure; your productivity is going to be deeply affected by the issue. Additionally, every minute you waste on a technical problem costs you a significant percentage of your income. Therefore, for SMEs, there is such a thing as crash stress, which refers to the anxiety caused by tech problems. Thankfully, you are not on your own. There is a lot of support available to help you sort out issues and carry on with your day. 

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Computers can be unreliable

Computers are great until suddenly, something goes wrong, and you have no idea what to do to fix it. While most of us use digital gadgets every day, we are far from better experts. Indeed, it’s easy to find your find around your laptop, and it behaves appropriately. However, if for any reason – from a failed update to an aggressive virus –, your computer stops working, most people are left unable to troubleshoot the issue and get at the bottom of the problem. Besides, unless you’re a qualified technician au fait with the latest tech jargon, it’s fair to say that trying to find an answer online can be confusing. Thankfully, that’s why people like Computer Revolution exist. You need someone who can help you to recover your device and remove the unwanted issues. 

Building your own website? Get an expert at the ready

Most independent professionals opt for a simple DIY website template from a reputable platform such as WordPress. Indeed, WordPress is not only simple to update and set up, but it offers plenty of functionality and customized features for businesses. However, despite its apparent simplicity, WP remains a professional tool that requires expert knowledge. You might find that the customization path can affect the layout and responsive design of your site. Don’t blame yourself; the tool is designed by professionals for professionals. Without relevant expertise, you can’t be expected to build a perfectly functional website. But a WP developer can help you to fix issues and maximize your digital presence. 

You can’t connect to the wifi anymore

You’ve paid for high speed Internet connection, and somehow your wifi keeps dropping. It slows you down. More importantly, your customers are growing dissatisfied. However, you’ve got in touch with your provider, and they can’t find any fault on their end. In other words, the wifi problem comes from your home office. There could be a variety of reasons why you can’t maintain your connection. An IT consultant can help you to figure out the source of your problems and optimize your network utilization. 

Oh My God, it’s all crashed again! 

Unfortunately, technology can give you some nasty surprises. Instead of letting it stress you out and affect your day-to-day productivity, you can keep in your phone book the numbers of your local computer experts, web developers, and network pros. 

How To Use Social Media For Your Business

Social media reaches out to most of us at some point, and with its growing prevalence in today’s marketplace you really could be missing a trick if you fail to effectively harness its power for your business. It should be part of your digital marketing strategy, particularly as it can be free to use. The challenge can be in working out how to use social media for your business, which is where we come in today as we share a few tips. 

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Amongst other things that people will expect to find when they visit your website, they will look for your social media links there. These should be easy to spot, either in your sidebar or footer and link out directly to your social media sites. People expect companies to have a social media presence these days and they will often seek to engage with you there.

Selecting your social media platforms

Whilst we advocate using social media for your business, we would not suggest that you attempt to run dozens of accounts. It is better to be present, engaged and successful on one platform than to be inconsistent and absent from several.

It is worth choosing just one or two platforms initially and mastering those. Grow your audience there and learn how to use them, along with understanding how much time they take you to run them. 

In order to decide which platforms to start with, it can be worth asking your initial customers what they use and also seeing where others in your industry are most active. 

Name and branding

The first thing you will need to do is set up accounts with the social media platforms that you wish to use. Where possible you will want your social media handle to be the same as your business name, or a recognisable abbreviated version. This will make it easy for people to find you there if they choose to search for you.

You will then want to ensure that your accounts are clearly identifiable as affiliated with your business by using your branding. The logos and images will all need to be different sizes for different platforms, so check out the sizing needed and then upload and fit them all to the screen. 

Complete your bio for each platform, and again aim for consistency here. You are now all set.

Content sharing

You will now want to start sharing content on your sites. This can be anything from chatting, showcasing your products and services, running competitions and sharing other people’s related content. It is worth playing around with a mixture of these things initially to see what works best for your business and gains you the most engagement.

You might want to use a Facebook advertising agency for small business promotion as they will specialise in this area for you. Facebook can be a challenging platform to grow and yet for the majority of businesses it can be invaluable. 

If you select Instagram, take advantage of their Stories option to give regular daily updates on your business. If you opt for Twitter, you will need to chat there regularly and interact with your customers. 

10 Reasons Your Business Should Use WordPress

10 Reasons Your Business Should Use WordPress

As an entrepreneur, you'll need a professional website that is easy to customize and simple run. While this may sound like a pipe dream, it is, really, very achievable with WordPress design services, a completely free programming program that makes exceptional websites and which is very easy to maintain. In this post, we'll talk about the reasons why you should utilize it to fabricate your business website. 

WordPress is Simple to Update 

As a matter of first importance, WordPress empowers a wide range of clients – even those new to Content Management Systems (CMS) – to update content rapidly. Be it pages, blog entries, or custom post types; you can update the majority of your website's content utilizing WordPress' agreeable visual editor. 

From a business point of view, this implies even individuals without a technical background can deal with updates effectively. You don't need to stress over incidentally harming great made content since you can move your content back utilizing WordPress' modification framework. This translates into less time and cash spent preparing representatives to use the CMS. 

Easy to install and set up 

Setting up a website can appear to be a bewildering exercise, which is the reason 60% of entrepreneurs haven't yet gotten around to it. However, with WordPress, setting up is a necessary three-stage process. 

• Firstly, you'll have to open a hosting account with a web have – which can cost as meager as a couple of pounds a month. 

• Secondly, you'll have to purchase a space name (for example which you can do through your web have. These cost a couple of pounds a year. 

• Finally, you have to sign in to your hosting control panel and install the WordPress programming on your hosting account. 

With many hosting organizations, you'll discover WordPress is now available on your control panel or cPanel. To install it, you should pursue the on-screen directions to finish the arrangement procedure. If you pick to purchase devoted WordPress hosting from eUKhost, you'll discover WordPress is as of now preinstalled for you. 

Configuring, WordPress is additionally simple to do. You may require a brief period to get comfortable with a portion of the terms and to discover your way around the admin panel, but there is nothing technically testing, and no coding is required. 

When you have installed and designed WordPress, your website is manufactured. You would then be able to change to a progressively appropriate subject and start adding the content you have to maintain your business. Once more, you won't require any coding skills whatsoever. 

WordPress is Easy to Customize 

Nobody needs to be left with a cutout site, and if you use WordPress, you won't be. The WordPress subject framework implies you can implement attractive structures rapidly. You should purchase a one-time license for a premium topic – the best of which accompany intensive documentation and pre-made formats for vast amounts of utilization cases. 

Moreover, WordPress is at the core of a flourishing freelance development community. That implies that at whatever point you do need assistance, you'll have the option to discover it effortlessly. 

The majority of this implies it will cost less if you need assistance tweaking your site, and doing so won't take ages. You can even do it without anyone's help if you have some fundamental technical skills (and your subject is well-recorded). 

You can utilize WordPress for practically any kind of business. 

An incredible aspect concerning WordPress is its versatility. As it is such a well-known stage, engineers have made numerous plugins that give you a chance to build websites of every different kind. 

Numerous organizations need a website from website design service provider with a home page, a contact page, and a couple of pages about their administrations – which can all be made very effectively with a standard WordPress installation. However, it is additionally conceivable to make a full scope of specialist business websites, such as completely working online shops, paid enrollment destinations, and property postings locales. If there is a specific sort of website you require for your business, there is a very likely possibility that you will discover a plugin that will make it for you – for free. 

The enormous scope of free plugins to extend the functionality. 

We referenced plugins quickly when we talked about the different kinds of website you can make; however, they merit an increasing point by point notice. A plugin is a bit of programming that gives WordPress extended functionality. In this way, if there is something that you need your website to do which is excluded in the center WordPress programming, you can install a plugin to do it. 

Just to give you a thought of the capacities of WordPress, there are presently more than 49,000 free plugins available. They spread every possible thing you could need a website to do, including numerous business-related functions such as invoicing, email promoting, investigation, and deals pipe creation. You can even get plugins for plugins. Furthermore, there are a great many premium plugins available as well. 

There is no other website creation stage with such a vast range of functions as WordPress.

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Creating A More Effective Business On A Long-Term Basis

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Plenty of businesses are built on good ideas and make a profit, but few of those businesses actually succeed for an extended period of time. Why do so few companies actually last? Well, many of the businesses that fail simply don’t have long-term plans of action. You have to think about more than your sales in the current day. You have to think about the bigger picture. If you want to ensure that your company lasts, let’s talk about how you can create a more effective business on a long-term basis.

Keep your employees happy.

Hiring professional and intelligent people for your business will certainly help it to succeed. Of course, you have to remember that people aren’t machines. If your workers are unhappy, then even the most competent and skilled members of staff will become unproductive. You have to look after your employees if you want to create a more effective business in the long-term. You have to think about more than meeting quotas and making a profit. Focus on the wellbeing of your workforce. Make sure your employees take plenty of breaks. You might even want to create a more enjoyable office for them because our work environment affects our mindset. A modern office design could make so much difference. You could also create a relaxing breakroom for everyone to enjoy. Perhaps you could include a pool table and some couches to turn it into a pleasant retreat whilst people eat lunch or drink some coffee.

You should also try to keep your employees happy by managing their workloads effectively. So many of us feel stressed in the modern business world because of the overwhelming pressure we face at work. You know this as an entrepreneur, but the same is true for your workers. That’s definitely something to consider if you want to create a happier workplace. Maybe you could automate certain processes with software; generating invoices and entring other forms of data automatically could keep your workplace productive but still lessen the workload of your staff members. In turn, they’ll be happier and more productive. You might also want to look into Sling scheduling software pricing. Being able to schedule and communicate more effectively with your employees could save time and make the workday much less stressful for everyone.

Improve your website.

A business’ website is so valuable in the modern world. If you want to improve your company, then you need to improve your site. Obviously, every business has an online presence in 2019, but some companies are more prominent on the internet than others. Tweaking your content in small ways could massively boost your ranking on search engines and make it easier for potential customers to find your business when they’re searching for terms related to your industry and the types of products or services that you sell. Relevant keywords will help, but a responsive layout will impress search engine algorithms, too; plus, you’ll make visitors happier and increase the conversion of traffic to sales. After all, people are more likely to pay attention to professional websites that look good on all manner of browsers and devices.

Additionally, if you want to ensure that you’re reeling in all potential customers who visit your website, you need CTA buttons. A Call-To-Action button does exactly what it says on the tin – it encourages the viewer to do something. It encourages them to buy from you or sign up to your newsletter, for example. Remember, visuals are important. A red CTA button on a clean and concise landing page (no clutter) is going to catch the eye of most visitors. Don’t underestimate the importance of imagery when it comes to winning over potential clients. People are swayed by powerful visuals more than powerful text. They don’t want to have to work to find your products or services; they want everything to be immediately accessible. That’s how you’ll ensure you don’t lose potential customers to the competition. That’s how you’ll create a more effective and successful business on a long-term basis.

Keep researching.

Every strong business is built on a strong plan. Of course, a small taste of success is not a sign that it’s time to put your feet up and relax. Your business plan should never be filed away and forgotten. You need to update it frequently. The industry is always changing, so your company needs to change, too. Otherwise, you’ll fall behind, and your business won’t be relevant in the long run. Make sure you keep researching. By paying attention to your rivals and the changing needs of your target market, you can keep coming up with better solutions and keeping your customer base happy. Moreover, you’ll be able to entice new clients by offering them modern solutions.

6 Tips to Start Online Marketplace for Freelancers like Fiverr

6 Tips to Start Online Marketplace for Freelancers like Fiverr

6 Tips to Start Online Marketplace for Freelancers like Fiverr

When you want to find the potential gigs, startups, solo-operators, freelancers and other self employed entities have never had it so great – they should simply go to the web. So also, entrepreneurs who need assistance with copywriting, graphic design, programming, IT or other particular administrations can easily find the ideal freelancer on the web. Job marketplaces for the freelance services give a platform where people get recorded, and organizations can post projects or brose for what they need. Each site works a little differently by using the Fiverr Clone Template. A few sites offer free postings, while some are paid. Some take a percentage of the project value, while still others work with level rates. However, all serve a similar need: helping potential clients and freelancers network.

Tips for starting online marketplace using fiverr clone template by freelancers

1.           Use good project management tools

A popular solution for a freelance administrations marketplace is the expansion of a period logging feature to guarantee straightforwardness of the freelancer’s work. It is likewise a helpful method to follow the time worked for hourly projects.

2.           Use the tools that attract users to the platform

Attracting in the principal clients to the platform can be a genuine test. Referral programs can prove to be useful. Referral projects can attract new clients, improve associations with existing clients, and improve income. A refer-a-friend program is one of the noticeable sorts of referral projects, and statistics show that individuals are multiple times bound to purchase when alluded by a friend.

Here's the manner by which it can work: a client welcomes a friend to join the freelance platform and gets a specific amount of money for doing as such. Referred clients likewise get some discount for their first buy on the freelance marketplace. Fiverr applies precisely this referral program.

3.           Include user retention techniques

Your present client base is the best resource your marketplace has, since your current clients definitely know your product and welcome the service you give. Concentrating on this gathering of clients can help in boosting income for your commercial center, and unwaveringness projects are great at this. Loyalty projects are a proficient technique for inspiring individuals to continue utilizing the commercial center. Top rated status enables consultants to turn out to be significantly progressively successful on Fiverr. When a consultant wins Top Rated status, they get an identification on their profile and are compensated with elite advantages like expanded access to customer projects.

4.           Know how to manage with the difficulties in communication

Communication among employers and freelancers regularly prompts bothers like:

·             an excess of messaging

·             slow reactions

·             miscommunication because of unclear messages.

Your platform should offer an option to traditional chat messaging, as Outsourcely did. Outsourcely has given an extraordinary answer for unravel challenges in correspondence. See with your own eyes.

5.           Finalize your needs

The project definition stage is a decent spot to begin. Before you bounce carelessly into the design and development, you have to see precisely what is required. This will save you lots of time and effort over the long run.

6.            Prototyping and testing

When you have the graphic design close by, you can see your product in real life, or even test it out with genuine clients. This is when quick prototyping becomes possibly the most important factor. It doesn't require as much time (and money) as improvement does, yet demonstrates to be useful when approving your assumptions early in the process.

In spite of the fact that we've referenced testing after the development stage, they usually go in parallel. Some of the time tests are composed even before the code itself. However, paying little respect to the methodology you take, quality assurance is totally fundamental if you need to manufacture a successful and functional product.

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