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Celebrating the History of Dragon Blogger Technology with a PS4 Giveaway

Dragon Blogger is not just a technology blog but has many social media properties including a YouTube Channel as well as you can find them on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,, Soundcloud and more. Just search for dragonblogger in Google and the many sites will come up. Dragon Blogger has many writers and reviewers contributing to the site now and is always on the lookout for more streamers, gamers and people who want to contribute content and get free stuff to review.

Besides the giveaways and gaming related content, you can find the latest gadget reviews also on Dragon Blogger Technology and these can be anything from Bluetooth Earbuds, to the latest Mobile Tech, Car Tech, Video Cards, Speakers and more. A growing number of brands are partnering with Dragon Blogger which is expanding the amount and type of products that get reviewed all the time.

Dragon Blogger not only hosts the latest tech news and features video game content and streams, but you can also find tech giveaways over at Dragon Blogger Technology as they often giveaway a product that they get to review or partner with sponsors for larger giveaways. Over the years people have won Kindle Fire Tablets, Laptops, PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as tons of headsets and Bluetooth accessories.

Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment does more than just product reviews on their YouTube Channel which is you can find everything from video game let's play's, to the various contributors experimenting with different entertainment and product demonstrations. Feel free to get to know all the contributors to over the years, there have been nearly 20 different people contributing at various points in the site history.

Dragon Blogger Technology isn't just about reviewing products and sharing the latest tech news and gadget info. Since the beginning the owner of Dragon Blogger has wanted to give people a chance to win free stuff and was one of the earliest giveaway sites leveraging the giveaway platforms that are now very popular long before they became popular. Giveaways are fair and honest, and each giveaway always has it's winners announced publicly in social media, on the site and in the giveaway platform widget. This ensures legitimacy and accountability for each giveaway and leaves no question “was there really a winner, or was that giveaway really legit?” Many winners also take pictures holding the prizes to help build assurance that the giveaways are indeed legit and not scams.

Enter for your chance to win a PlayStation 4 which includes the EasySMX Cool 2000 Gaming Headsetthat is hosted and sponsored by, ThisBytesForYou and NexusInYou666 but we are also co-hosting and make sure if you enter the giveaway you cut/paste the URL for this page when it asks you “which site did you enter from”. That way we can get credit for co-hosting the giveaway and have our chance to host the winner and win a cool prize ourselves.

Enter to Win a PlayStation 4 Now

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console Giveaway

If the above widget doesn't work you can enter from the main site page here: if you have any questions go to and use the contact us form to ask the site owner, or you can ask the giveaway owner at


eCommerce Trends That Will Mark This Holiday Season

As the holiday season is at the very doorstep, every eCommerce business is thinking about the best ways to show your appreciation and spark new interest in your leads, generate a lot of new ones, and make as many sales as possible. After all, the holiday season is that period of the year when your sales are going to peak, and it is an opportunity that you never want to miss.

The fact is that eCommerce is booming, but it is important to be aware of the current trends that are most likely to work. Every year is marked by its own set of methods and practices, some of them coming and leaving, while others just evolving into much more powerful versions of themselves. It is up to you to grasp what works best for your particular industry and niche and use it to your advantage. Web traffic is crucial, so don’t forget about your SEO efforts, but there is also design, marketing, and other aspects that you must think about carefully.

So, get ready for the holiday season the right way, and be one of those eCommerce stores that is going to be on top.

Build up anticipation and prepare

What you need to be aware is that your window opportunity isn’t big – it’s quite the opposite, in fact – and every other eCommerce business in your industry will be fighting for pretty much the same target audience. This is why you need to start building anticipation early. Start with your mailing list, and, of course, your social media channels.

Now, it is pretty important that all of your users have their own segment in terms of what they are after. This is all because of relevance. You want everyone to get the kind of offer that is specifically appealing to them. As the holidays come near, move slowly from teasing people with ambiguous ads and slogans, to openly presenting what you have to offer. In order to keep everyone informed, come up with your own branded holiday hashtag, pin a post to the top of your social media page, or make sure that all your newer blog posts have a Call-To-Action that lets your customers know that it is high time that they have subscribed to/followed you, because that way they will be able to learn more about your holiday promotions and sales.

Think mobile

eCommerce Trends That Will Mark This Holiday SeasonIf you aren’t already fully aware that we are living in the era of mobile devices, then you really need to get out from underneath that rock and embrace this fact. Long have passed the days when mobile marketing was merely an addition to your strategy. Today, it is pretty much impossible to be a successful eCommerce business without having a website that is mobile-friendly. In fact, Google has even made mobile-friendliness one of its priorities in term of ranking.

So, if you really want to make it big during the holiday season (and generally any time during the year), according to experts such as All Web Design, you simply have to invest in a good mobile solution, such as Responsive Web Design. When the holidays come, people will be crawling all over the web for what they need, and the fact is that the majority will be doing that via their smartphones. So, make sure that your website provides them with the perfect journey to conversion.

Incorporate a chatbot

Chatbots have become quite advanced and extremely useful for eCommerce businesses. First of all, they are the first way that customers interact with your website. A lot of them use AI, which enables them to answer more complicated questions, offer products that are related to what the user has looked for, and actually engage in discussions.

Even without a complex AI, they can be immensely useful for your website. The fact is that conversations with eCommerce stores generally follow the 80/20 rule. This means that about 80% of people ask simple yes/no questions, which any chatbot can handle easily. The remaining 20 percent will ask for more details about a certain product, where you can step in and respond. Generally, chatbots reduce the time needed to provide the best possible customer support and make it less stressful because your team of employees no longer has to go far and wide to answer every possible question.

It is also important to mention that chatbots make other things easier as well, such as tracking packages, cross-selling and up-selling, and so on.

Track your results

Finally, you must be aware that when the shopping spree ends, your job isn’t over yet. As we have ascertained, eCommerce is constantly evolving and coming up with new trends, and this is largely due to people tracking their results and improving on the particular year’s success or failure. Lucky for you, social media website, surveys, as well as, of course, your own tracking via your preferred tools, provide you with the data that you need.

You must always keep track of things such as Cost Per Click (CPC), Return on Investment (ROI), Customer Retention Rate (CRR), Cost Per Mille (CPM), and of course, and complaints that your customer may have had.

When the holiday season comes knocking at everyone’s door, it is time to amp up your eCommerce efforts and embrace the trends in order to be at the top amongst the enormous competition. This is the time of year when the sales can go through the roof, and it is up to you to make that happen. So, stay ahead of the ever-evolving nature of eCommerce, and make the holidays fill your pockets.

Top 10 Must Have Ingredients for Web Developer

Top 10 Must Have Ingredients for Web Developer

A web developer needs to understand how to create magic and productivity in his web development process. These magic make the workflow of a web designer time-efficient and better result oriented. However, there are no hard and fast rules for creating flow but there is some prerequisite that can smooth progress of work.

Here I have taken views from the various developer and try to collect top 10 ingredients for a web developer. For better convenience here, I have divided the list into three categories like tools for a) UI & UX (user interface) b) SEO (on page guideline) and c) Content Placement, respectively.

A) UI & UX (user interface)

A web developer builds a user interface that should have optimum user experience of looking good, as well as it is productive in its usability. These qualities are built with four important stages, which are persona Definition, Task Definition, Wireframing, and Mockups.

  1. Persona: Persona of a website is agreed by its outlook and receptiveness. It also contains the quality of the website so that it resonates with visitors, kindles more content sharing, and transforms more email subscribers, donors, and volunteers in sales prospects.


  1. Task Definition: The next stage in the UI/UX Web design phase is the task definition phase. Task definition is commonly performed in combination with the user persona phase.


  1. Wireframing: It is part of the UI/UX Web design procedure as it shapes the first graphic representation of the ideas considered. Wireframing allows web designers to interpret their views and thoughts into a graphic interface.


  1. Mockups can be measured as a communicating version of the wireframe that comes with all the colors, graphics special effects added. Mockups are the closest form to the real Web page layout and content seen by the users when the website gets live.


People think SEO is an easy task, but in the real world, it’s not like that.  It consists with lots of activities that and techniques. However, it is not possible as a web developer to do whole SEO but they can focus on some core activities while developing a website. So here we are going to cover some prerequisite that can help them to cover basic SEO.

  1. URL Structure: Including search engine, friendly URLs for each of web pages is highly followed in on-page SEO, as these bring good crawling. Shorter URLs seem to accomplish better in search engine results, however; there are exceptions to this rule.
  2. Create sitemap: You can create both sitemaps (HTML and XML). HTML is user and XML is used by Google or another search engine. So try to upload basic sitemap and structurize it the proper way.


  1. Technical SEO: This involves the elements of a page that the user can’t see without looking at the source code of the website. Some of them are site speed, IP detection, 301 & 302 redirection, HTTP headers, Crawler access, Javascript and CSS. So you need to fix these all things before proceeding further. Here distilled mentioned awesome guideline on technical SEO wins for a web developer.

C) Content

It is truly said, “content is the king”. For a web developer placement of the content matters a lot for optimum productivity. After developing a website, you must focus on how your content is displayed in search engine results and across social media. So you can check these options

  1. Social metadata: Using social metadata can help to get the best possible click-through rate from the two most popular social media websites. So we need to add metadata for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn


  1. Rich snippet: Including structured data markup in web content helps Google algorithms better index and understand the content.


  1. Structured data: You can mark up data that you feel are important for users. Like any keywords, thoughts, references etc.

Along with these you also need to check these following points

  • Highlight some of the key points or services
  • Choose best color options
  • Choose the right combination of different color and also anchor text
  • Continuously

Do you have any idea of other for a web developer? Share your comments with us here.

Author Bio. :- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.

SEO Sins Which Could Limit Your Business Reach

SEO Sins Which Could Limit Your Business’ Reach

It is incumbent upon all small business owner, entrepreneur, and solopreneur to have at least a smattering of understanding when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Whatever the size and scope of your business, and whatever the nature of the products and services you offer, it’s likely that your enterprise could benefit from attracting more new users to your online content. The bigger your reach, the more prospects you have and the more prospects you have the more opportunities you have to convert. Yet, while we all like to think that we have a handle on “this SEO thing”, many of us find ourselves inadvertently breaking the sacred commandments of SEO and unwittingly committing cardinal sins which could have severe consequences in the eyes of search engine crawlers.

Consulting with an SEO firm is a great way to fix SEO sins on your content and help to recondition your content to incorporate more good SEO habits. However, before you book your first appointment there are still a few things you can do on your own to identify SEO sins on your content and prevent them from wreaking havoc with your reach. Let’s take a look at some cardinal SEO sins which could limit the reach of your business…


Thou shalt not use high competition keywords

Keywords are a vital component of SEO, ensuring that your content is properly matched to the right search engine queries. However, when researching keywords for your content it makes sense to pick your battles. The more vague and nonspecific your keywords, the more likely it is that you’ll be putting yourself in direct competition with higher authority domains.

Thus, you should choose the most relevant and low competition keywords possible, incorporating technical terms where appropriate. This will ensure that your content reaches the right readership.


Thou shalt not stuff thy keywords

There are certain behaviors that are like a red flag to search engine crawlers. One of them is keyword stuffing. This is where the keyword is overused ad nauseum. Not only does it sing to a search algorithm “you’re being played”, it also disrupts the flow of your content, making it seem insincere and unnatural. By and large, you should aim for a keyword density of 10% or less.


Thou shalt not harbor broken links

Broken links in your content are anathema both to users and search engine crawlers. They can imply that your website is in a state of disrepair or that it is poorly maintained while also making for a frustrating experience for the user. Speaking of which…


Thou shalt not neglect thy UX

User experience or UX is an important part of website design. While many entrepreneurs put a lot of effort into making sure that their web design looks beautiful, they are less concerned with creating a pleasant user experience. However, UX does play an increasingly large role in SEO rankings. UX is a huge factor in bounce rates, scroll depth and time on the page which are important considerations for search engine crawlers.


Thou shalt not offend Google with non-secured domains

If your website begins with an http:// prefix rather than an https:// this means that your domain is not secure and, bluntly speaking, this means that Google does not like you! Not only will your website be treated unfavorably in search engine rankings, but users will also be treated to a “Not secure” warning which could undermine faith in your brand.

Steer clear of these cardinal sins and you’ll be well on the way too saintly SEO!


9 Best Side Hustles to Boost Your Income

Making money on the side can be tricky. However, if you do it right it and make it work for you, finding the right side hustle to increase your income can make paying bills less of a struggle – and you don’t have to be Gary Vee to do it!  Consider these possibilities for accruing extra cash.

Tips for Increasing Your Income

  1. Drive for an on-demand ride service: One of the easiest ways to make money currently is to become a driver for an on-demand transportation service. These services are becoming huge all over the world. Because they’re so popular, drivers are almost guaranteed business anytime they’re on the clock. Another great perk for employees of on-demand transportation services is a flexible schedule. Working for these companies, employees can mark themselves available – or unavailable – anytime they want, which allows them to work day or night, making room for in their schedule for other commitments.
  2. Pick up some extra skills: In the workforce, having certain skills, licenses, or certifications can command a pay increase over the salaries of others who don’t have those skills. One great certification for anyone to obtain is CPR certification. Being certified to perform CPR is a great skill to have in case of emergencies, especially if you work with small children. If you’re employed as a babysitter or lifeguard, being CPR certified allows you to charge increased rates because you’re better trained to ensure that the children you’re watching are safe. Many other certifications are available online, and most of them never require you to step foot in a classroom.
  3. Make home improvements in exchange for rent: This tip is a little tricky to accomplish sometimes, but if you’re friendly with your landlord and you’re handy with a hammer, you just might be able to exchange work for rent. The homeowner is more likely to allow this if the place you’re renting is a fixer-upper and needs a lot of work.

If this path isn’t an option, and you need to find another way to make rent, it’s important to first know exactly how much money you need to be making – and how much of that should be going toward rent. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re able to pay each month for rent.

  1. Offer pet-sitting: If you’re an animal lover, becoming a pet-sitter on the side is a smart way to make money. Not only will you make some extra cash, but you’ll get to watch some cute pets while doing so. When you pet-sit, you look after an animal whose owner is out of town. Pet-sitting is popular because pets feel better and are happier when they remain in familiar surroundings and interact socially while their owners are gone. Pet-sitting also comes with flexible hours that you make yourself. Dog walking is also often considered pet-sitting, too, and it allows you to get some exercise while making extra money.
  2. Sell crafts online: If you’re someone who enjoys making crafts, turn that hobby into a moneymaker. Using a site like eBay or Etsy to sell your merchandise is a great idea if you create things including (but not limited to) jewelry, clothing, candles, artwork, home decor, or beauty products.

Being a seller on eBay or Etsy requires some preliminary work. Before opening your store, it’s important that you secure the rights to your designs. After that, you’ll need to photograph and provide descriptions of your items as well as price them and then package and mail them once orders have been placed. You’ll also need to pay regular attention to the sales site you’re using and be sure to address your customers’ questions or concerns.

You could use your online shop to even sell hidden gems you find at thrift shops and garage sales. Check out this video by Gary Vee searching his neighborhood yard sales to see what kind of valuable goodies you might find: 


  1. Use your extra room as a vacation rental: If your home is a rental, it’s best to ask your landlord or the home’s owner about this before starting. Once you get the go-ahead, start making money using your extra space as a short-term rental via Airbnb or similar online vacation rental service. One of the biggest benefits of this plan is that it doesn’t take up your time. Other options like pet-sitting or driving for an on-demand transportation service require your time, but renting on Airbnb only requires your space. Also, your marketing is taken care of and you’re paid online by the service, so the process is relatively easy.
  2. Cash-back/survey apps: Taking surveys and logging your purchases with cash-back apps can help you save a little money each month. While you won’t be raking in the big bucks with this tip, if you just need a little money and you have very little free time, scanning your receipts and answering surveys while you’re on the go is a great option. NOTE: Some of these apps are scams, so be careful.
  3. Sell your old textbooks: Many people have textbooks lying around, collecting dust. If they’re in good condition (or even if they aren’t), secondhand booksellers will often give you a pretty penny for those books. Be sure to call around to different stores to make sure you’ll get the most money for your books. Don’t rule out textbook buyers online, as they make it easy to get the book to them and get paid.
  4. Start a side business: If you’re an expert on something, find a way to make money doing that thing. Become a math tutor, do some freelance photography, or give piano lessons. People are always going to want to pick up different skills or improve upon the ones they already have – and that’s where you come in with your specialized side hustle to fill the niche. If you charge competitive rates and advertise responsibly, your side business has the potential to really take off.


Whether you need to make more money to cover bills or you just want to add to your savings, there are countless ways to boost your income. Taking advantage of any of the tips above will help you feel more secure about your financial standing.

By Laura Gayle, Business Woman Guide

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