Am I Making the Most Out of My Website?

Am I Making the Most Out of My Website?

Most professional businesses now have websites from which they can base their commerce, attract new customers, and act as a source of the necessary information. However, many companies aren’t taking the required steps to ensure that they’re making the most of their websites and actually ensuring that the traffic to their websites converts into sales.

How Can I Make the Most of My Website?

If you are unsure of what steps you should take to optimize your website, you should consider hiring a digital marketing agency that can discuss with you how to make the best use of your website and the steps that you can take to improve it.

DMG is a digital marketing company that can help you to make the most of your website through aspects such as targeted marketing and SEO. Not only will they be able to advise and implement improvements to your website, but they’ll ensure that you can convert this into real website traffic.

Do I Have a Professional Website Design?

Your business and the content on your website might be of high quality and provide real value to your market. However, if your website design is unprofessional, potential clientele visiting your website will click away from it within a matter of seconds.

To ensure your website looks as if your brand provides a valued service to your customers, you should ensure that you use professional design elements. Using website builders such as WordPress can create a simple foundation.

However, if you want to spice up your design, you should ensure that elements such as your fonts and graphics both stand out and are professional at all times.

Am I Engaging with Customers?

Your website is an excellent opportunity to engage with customers, providing you with an easy platform from which customers can comment, express their opinions, and leave reviews, and from which you can answer any queries.

To optimize this, you should consider installing a chatbot to your website, as well as comment boxes and a simple-to-use contact section where customers can engage with you and your brand.

Is My Website Mobile-Optimised?

With 40% of transactions now performed on mobile phones, it’s crucial that you consider how you can optimize your website for easy viewing on this vast platform. For instance, most mobile users will click away from your site if it doesn’t load efficiently within 10 seconds.

To optimize your website for mobiles, you should ensure that your website is easily converted to a mobile format, that the graphics load properly, and that the mobile website loads at a fast pace.

Is My Site Updated Regularly?

If you create stellar content but you haven’t updated your website in a long time, not only will this affect your Google ranking, but your website will look inactive to potential clients. Instead, you should begin to write a blog or change your homepage regularly to ensure that you add constant new content and up-to-date information to your business website.

How to Get Your Web Content Noticed

How to Get Your Web Content Noticed

The internet is outstanding if you’re a user. On site after site, there is more excellent content than you can shake a stick at. It is medium that just keeps on giving! Alas, that’s only one side of the coin. The other side, which is from a content creator’s perspective, is that there is too much good — and bad — stuff out there, and that it’s becoming more and more difficult to get content noticed. Indeed, sometimes just getting people to look at what you’ve produced is as difficult as creating it in the first place.


Social Media Channels

If you want to get noticed, you better go to where everyone’s hanging out. In the digital world, that’s social media. This is where content comes to life; it goes viral, it’s shared, the creators are followed. It’s an out and out machine. Of course, simply posting a tweet or Instagram photo with a link is not going to get you very far. You need to first, focus on tags, and then second, spend time building up your list of followers. If you have enough people behind you, then you’ll have an increased chance of spreading your content far and wide.

The Big Players

Your website depends on other websites for its success, and by that, we mean the search engines, and by that, we more or less exclusively mean Google. To make sure that your content is getting noticed by people, you need to first ensure that it’s getting noticed by Google. If you haven’t put all that much effort into the SEO and linking side of your website, then the search engine will have a hard time finding it. Don’t know how you’re currently doing? Test website crawlability, and find out. Making your site easy for Google to find isn’t the most difficult thing in the world, but does require some time and energy.

Other Websites

It can take years to build up a website that receives thousands of monthly visitors. While you may eventually reach that level, in the meantime it may be a good idea to work with other, more successful websites, in order to get your content seen by other internet users. Guest posting is an awesome tool that can serve all parties well; the other site gets great content, you get exposure on another website. If you’ve got great content but, thus far, only a small audience, use this method to expand your reach.

Various Mediums

What’s so great about your content, anyway? Is it the information, the design, the relatability? You’ll need to have a level of flexibility when it comes to your content. For example, you might love writing blog posts, but video is the latest trend — it accounts for something like 80% of internet traffic. As such, it might be worthwhile adapting your content to different mediums. Some people love blogs, some love podcasts, others love infographics. The research is already there — just mix up the vehicle, and potentially reach a new audience.

Small Business Owners: Asking For Help is Not a Sign of Weakness

Small Business Owners: Asking For Help is Not a Sign of Weakness

Not everyone can be an entrepreneur. Sure, in theory, anyone can start their own business but it’s safe to say that entrepreneurs are cut from a different cloth. After meeting numerous business owners it becomes apparent that while they all have very different personalities and idiosyncrasies they have a great deal in common. Entrepreneurs are defined by their passion. It’s their passion that pulls them through even the toughest challenges. They tend to be enthusiastic autodidacts who love learning new things and teaching themselves new skills. They tend to have a rare gift for fusing the creative with the practical and share a fierce independence.

Image by MaxPixel

This last point can be something of a double edged sword. While their independence and determination are what helped them to untether themselves from the career ladder and take their careers and their livelihoods into their own hands, it can also prove a rod for their back. Business owners, particularly small business owners are accustomed to spinning gold out of straw, accomplishing great things with limited resources. However, all entrepreneurs should remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it can benefit your business and your life. Here’s why…

It ensures you get the expertise without the pricetag

Outsourcing is one area in which many small business owners can be loathe to ask for help. Having become accustomed to doing everything in-house “their way” they can be extremely reticent about entrusting their brand to outside agencies. However, outsourcing is often highly beneficial to businesses. It gives them the expertise they need without a hefty price tag. Whether it’s managed IT services to make your infrastructure more efficient; see more information here, digital marketing to grow your brand our Human Resources to ensure your practices are on the right side of compliance, and of course web design, outsourcing can be a tremendous boon.

It helps you feel better about taking time off

Outsourced third parties aren’t the only ones small business owners should be able to lean on. They should also be able to trust their own employees with the running of their business in their absence. Be honest with yourself, how many times have you eschewed time off work because you were concerned about how well the business would function while you were away?

Small business owners should remember the qualities and skills that made them hire their employees in the first place. When they take a leap of faith in the skilled individuals they’ve painstakingly chosen they can feel a lot better about taking time off and avoid burning out.

It gives you a whole new perspective

Small business owners’ unique vision is what allows them to spot gaps in the market which their competitors have failed to fill. It’s this vision that can help give the brand its USP and resonate with their target market. That said, businesses always benefit from an outside perspective. Taking on the advice of employees, outsourced help and business consultants is not a compromise or a concession… It’s an informed choice you make on behalf of your business.

The great thing about being an entrepreneur in the 20th century is that there’s so much help, advice and support out there. You do yourself and your business a disservice if you choose not to follow it.

The Importance of UX in Web Design

The Importance of UX in Web Design

The Importance of UX in Web Design

UX stands for User Experience and it is the most important factor in web design. It matters more than the style, appearance, and content of a website. If your platform doesn't deliver good user experience, it isn't going to thrive, regardless of how pretty it looks. According to a recent report, around 77% of digital marketing agencies believe bad UX is a significant weakness. ( In this article, we discuss why UX is so important and how you can improve it.

What is UX?

User experience is what people feel when they interact with a website or an online platform. Visitors have a good user experience if everything loads quickly and the platform works without any glitches. Visitors have a bad user experience if the platform loads slowly and the app hangs frequently.

If the website doesn’t perform as well as expected, people will click the back button and visit competitors. No website is completely immune to the competition so if you want to get ahead, you can’t afford to compromise on user experience.

Why is UX Important?

It is easy to underestimate the importance of user experience. Most designers, especially ones with little to no experience, focus on the design and features of the website. They’re constantly on the hunt to create a new and exciting platform. Sometimes developers can lose sight of user experience in the process. Here are some reasons why it is important to keep UX in mind:

  • Retaining Customers – Businesses need a steady customer base to get consistent income. This can only happen if you have the ability to retain clients and ensure they keep coming back to make a purchase at your establishment. Websites that deliver good user experience are more likely to help you retain customers. People are more willing to abandon sites and businesses that don’t work as they expect them to.
  • Company Reputation – Most people determine how trustworthy a business is based on the website’s quality. If your site is slow to load, difficult to navigate, and looks old, customers are less likely to trust your business. If you want your business to have a good reputation, you need to make sure your website delivers the best possible user experience.
  • Impressions – A good first impression is essential in the modern competitive business world. If people don't have a good experience with your brand on the first contact, they won't bother going further in their business dealings with you. That's why it is important to make sure people have a good experience from the get-go.

As you can see, there are several reasons why it is important to focus on the user experience of your website. A great way to check if the platform lives up to expectations is to navigate it from the user’s perspective. Visit the website on your desktop and mobile phone to get a clear idea of how it performs on all devices. If you can navigate through the website smoothly, without experiencing any delays, there’s no need for optimizing or redesign. If you encounter several problems, you might need to hire a professional to assess the platform thoroughly.

How to Ensure Your Website Provides Good User Experience?

Experienced designers never lose sight of UX and always make sure every aspect of the website works as expected. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to this aspect of web design. Experts often take the customer’s requirements into consideration when they plan the UX. Here’s a look at the factors they consider:

1. Target Audience Persona

One of the first things people look at is the target audience persona. Experts examine the client’s business carefully to understand their target audience. They look at things like age, education, gender, ability, and several other factors before creating a website. For example, if your business caters to a lot of Spanish-speaking people, you might need a website with both English and Spanish text to improve overall user experience.

Understanding the target audience is one of the best ways to create a great platform that delivers the best user experience.

2. Focus on Structure

A website should have great structure and clear logic to deliver a good user experience. Make sure the most important menus and links at the top and the least important ones are still easy to access and visible. You need to follow the layout people are familiar with and consider predictable.

Some designers go overboard when they’re trying to create something unique and that does more harm than good. It is important to maintain a predictable structure and just experiment with the colors and designs to add some uniqueness.

3. AB Test Everything

A/B and multivariate testing is a great way to understand if the design works well. You can assemble a team of users to test different versions of your website and determine which one provides the best experience.

This will help you refine the website and ensure only the most efficient version makes it to your real customers.

4. Mobile Experience

Most people use their mobile phones to look for products or information, which means your website should function well on the mobile platform. Google has shifted to a mobile-first index and will rank websites based on how they perform on a mobile platform. That’s why it is even more important to ensure your website works well on these devices.

Check how your site performs on Android, iPhone, and other devices to get a clear idea. You can also check its performance on different browsers for the best assessment.

Experienced web designers will make sure your website delivers the best user experience and draws more customers to the platform.

Author Bio:

Brij Bhushan Singh is a Professional Blogger and Content writer. He is working with Hridik IT Consulting. In his professional life he has written many useful articles about Android Development, iOS development, WordPress, Social Media, SEO and almost all about Digital Marketing.

Creating Selfies and Making Funny Memes of those Selfies

Of all the fads of our time that have hit the Internet, none has had such a great impact as the selfie. “Selfies” is the colloquial internet term used to refer to self-portraits. When it first showed up a few years back, it took to the photo-sharing communities – the uploader would take the photo of him/herself.

The actual origins of the term are unclear, but it first showed up in the Internet site Flickr in 2004, and then just grew from there. By 2005, the definition was included in the Urban Dictionary. So mainstream has the concept become that Smartphone manufacturing companies adopted a front camera to make it easier for people to take selfies using their Smartphones.

Taking good selfie/selfy pictures

Before you can make a meme, you should begin with an awesome picture of yourself. Sure, you can take and delete as many times as you like, and you should until you feel like you’ve nailed the look that you were going for. If you have makeup on, make sure it’s done right and also if the idea is to be goofy, ensure you’ve nailed the goofy look right before trying to make a meme out of it.

Be creative on the poses – don’t go for the snap in front of a mirror or the snap as you pose to show off the good side of your face. We’re tired of those, we want more, and so do you or you wouldn’t be reading this article. You’ll attach some funny quip to it, so make it a funny photo e.g. ugly selfies, which are a thing by the way.

Instead of taking 50 photos of your OOTD (Outfit of the day) try taking selfies of remarkable things. First, of course, you have to do something remarkably daring. One Japanese astronaut, Akihiko Hoshide, took a selfie of himself when he was at the space station about to launch into space. While it’s difficult to top that, try going creative.

Finding the captions

Depending on who you’re addressing the selfie meme to, it’s important to ensure that they’ll get what you mean. For example, if you’re travelling and you miss your friends back home, you can take a sad-face meme and then caption it with “Miss you guys”. You can post grouchy-you and excited-you selfies to show the difference between how you feel on Friday evening and Monday morning.

You can also use existing memes to advance your funny selfie meme story. For example, you can take memeing a step further and Photoshop your awesome selfie onto the face of Don Equis’s The Most Interesting Man in the World and caption it in common style, “I don’t always miss, but when I do it’s you guys” (when you’re away from the fam)-or Photoshop any of the Rage Comics onto your face to help make your point.

The idea is to be creative. Visit and you’ll see thousands of ideas you can use your selfies on. Remember that, especially where you’re not addressing people who personally know and love you (like your family), the bar is rather high, so you should put some thought into the picture so that somebody doesn’t respond to your meme with a criticizing Condescending Wonka message.