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Top 5 free Plugins for WordPress Image Optimization

Everyone wants their website to perform at its best without any compromise. This greatly affects the business and increases the customer trust. Image optimization plugins can be very helpful and can increase the overall performance of a site by decreasing its loading time. You can use them to optimize images and other files you upload to your site by making them smaller in size with minimal decrease in quality.

Here we have outlined some of the best Image optimization plugins which are also free to use.


#1. WP Smush Image Optimizing and compressing software

Image OptimizationSmush is among the most popular plugin for WordPress image optimization. It is available in both free and paid or premium formats. This plugin compresses your images without really affecting its quality.

The plugin feature automatic optimization of any image you upload to your WordPress site. It also has a bulk optimization option enabling you to tackle the number of tasks at once. This plugin is just perfect for you if you're looking for compressing your images backlog. It uses a lossless optimization technology for compressing images which results in minimal loss of quality along with decreased size which makes it a perfect choice.

#2. EWWW Image Optimizer

Eww Image OptimizerEWWW is another amazing and feature loaded plugin for WordPress. Installing and setting it up is quite easy. It automatically optimizes any images you upload to WordPress as long as it is of GIF, PNG and JPG file format.

EWWW does not use any third party service but the process of optimization takes place on your own server which is an advantage of this plugin. This decreases the time taken in compressing images and it only takes a few seconds to compress images below 1 MB size.

The plugin also offers cloud optimization feature which generally takes a bit longer but can be useful for those people who are facing difficulties in the setup process. By default, EWWW uses lossless optimization but for an even bigger reduction in the size, you can apply loss reduction.

#3. Optimus Image Optimizer

Optimus Image OptimizerIt is quite effective and one of the favorite choices of millions of people when it comes to image optimization and compression for a WordPress site.

The Optimus plugin can optimize image up to 70% resulting in quick loading of your site while also saving bandwidth. The software uses Optimus server for file compression. It sends the image to its server as soon as you upload them and provides you the optimized version of the image simultaneously in no time.

The quality of the image is never going to alter without your permission. Like other plugins, it also features automatic optimization with an option to stop it whenever you wish to.

#4. Kraken WordPress Optimizer

Kraken Image OptimizerKraken is a powerful WordPress image optimizer plugin which reduces image size to approx 80%. You also need not worry about the quality of your image as it assures you the least possible reduction in quality. Therefore you don't have to compromise quality wise for the sake of decreased image or file size.

The process of optimization is carried out by powerful Krakens server in blazingly fast speed and you need not to utilize your servers in the process. This, in turn, results in saving your operating cost and makes your site loading faster.

It helps in dramatically increasing the load times of your sites in mobile and tablet devices also because more and more of users are nowadays using these devices for accessing the sites. Kraken is ultra fast and robust software which uses best in the class algorithm. You can trust and rely on its capabilities worry free.

#5. Short pixel

Short Pixel Image OptimizerShort pixel is one of the most widely used image optimizer plugins for WordPress. The setup process of the smart pixel is also very easy. You just need to visit their visit and sign up there after that you will get your ID and password on your registered email.

The plan ranges free to premium paid version so one can choose accordingly. They offer the optimization of images via an API. You will get an option to choose the level of compression which ranges from lossy to loosless and glossy. It allows you to compress up to 50 files at once with a really fast compressing speed. You can use Smart pixel plugin to optimize all you WordPress images with just a click of a button.

These above-mentioned plugins are free and best for WordPress image optimization. You can use any of the above for decreasing the load time and increase search rank of websites so that it can get a lot of visits. But if you are short of time or have less knowledge about plugins then you can take help of an SEO Company.

Author Bio. :- James Tredwell is a Technical SEO at who works with unique problems and advanced search situations. He helps clients improve organic traffic through a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm and Web technology.


8 Ways To Promote Your Company Online

Digital marketing has evolved rapidly over the last two decades. It’s now impossible to run a successful business without doing some marketing online. Here are just 8 ways in which you can promote you business on the web.


Start by building a website

Building a company website should be every business’s first priority. A website is your shopfront to the digital world and is where you’ll generate most new customers – almost every other form of digital marketing is simply a way of leading customers to your website.

There are lots of factors that go into creating a successful website from a striking homepage to easy navigation. You can create your own website using free website builders like WordPress – you don’t need any coding know-how to do this. For a more elaborate and bespoke website, you could alternatively hire a professional company such as Svitla Systems custom web development company to build your site. Both have their advantages – you’ll save money with a free website builder, but could have more freedom when it comes to design when choosing a professional company.


Consider search engine optimization

Having a website is no use if people can’t easily stumble across it. The most common way in which people stumble across websites is through search engines like Google and Bing. SEO (search engine optimisation) is a means of improving your rankings on search engines when certain keywords are entered. It’s possible to do your own keyword research and incorporate these words into your site, but you could be better off using an SEO company who have a more thorough understanding of keywords and the general field. Keywords aren’t the only thing that will boost your rankings – having a strong presence can help, which all the following marketing methods can help to achieve.

Image Source


Reach out to new clients with social media

Social media is another great medium for finding new customers. By creating engaging content on these platforms, you can lure in new customers and then direct them to your website.

There are lots of different social media mediums, all of which can be worth getting involved in, although certain social media channels may deserve more focus depending on the nature of your business. Local businesses can thrive using Facebook, whilst global businesses can benefit more from Twitter. LinkedIn can be great for marketing to other businesses, whilst Instagram is better suited for marketing to general consumers. There are then mediums like YouTube, which can be used for creating video content.

The key to generate leads through social media is to make it fun and engaging. Constant promotional content won’t get people interested – ideally your social media should be 20% promotional, 80% non-promotional. This could include using humours or offer advice or simply sharing facts and world news related to your niche. Images, videos, creative hashtags, memes, emojis, infographics and polls can all help to make your posts more varied and engaging. The likes of Facebook and Twitter can allow you to pay to promote posts to extend their range beyond your existing followers to strangers.


Build trust with online reviews

Many customers look for signs of credibility before committing to a company. Online reviews on sites like Trip Advisor and TrustPilot are the best way of building this trust. You can help to build positive reviews by encouraging all happy customers to leave a review on these platforms. If you receive negative reviews, try to reply to these if possible as this can give you a chance to publicly apologize and explain yourself, which could help your reputation.

Get other people to promote you through blogs and social media

You can expand your online presence further with third-party endorsements. This could involve getting a blog to write a promotional post on your company, getting a social media influencer to shout about you or encouraging a fellow company owner to endorse your work. Often this involves doing something in return – you may throw some money their way, or promote them in turn. The more people you encourage to promote you, the greater your web presence. This can be a great organic way of attracting clients much like word of mouth in person.


Try email marketing

Another way of promoting your company online could be to use email marketing. This is most effective at encouraging return customers as it involved sending emails to people that are already on your mailing list. Like any form of digital marketing, there’s an art to email marketing – your emails headers firstly need to grab people’s attention and the content needs to be engaging. Email marketing is mostly used for letting people know of updates and new promotions that you’re offering.


Create PPC ads

PPC ads are what most people think of when they hear ‘digital marketing’. These are the adverts that you find all over the internet. PPC stands for ‘pay-per-click’ – you usually pay an ad to run for certain amount of clicks before it is taken down. There are picture ads that you’ll find on most sites and there are text ads which you’ll find displayed at the top of search engine results. You can hire a professional PPC company such as Click Consult to design a picture ad or run a text ad marketing campaign on Ad words.


Use video advertising

Video advertising is another way of promoting your business. Before the internet, the only form of this was TV advertising, but the internet has made this exciting form of advertising for accessible for the average person. Video advertising include starting a channel on YouTube from which you create videos with your own camera and mic, or it could involve hiring a professional video production company to create content. This could be live action footage or an animation depending on what you feel is best for you. Video advertising is thought to be the future of digital marketing with a huge growing interest in the field.

3 Ways for You to Create a Buzz around Your Business

8 Promotion Tactics To Skyrocket Your Small Business Website’s Traffic

Having high website traffic is the necessary condition of success for small businesses specializing in online-based services. Without a steadily-increasing stream of visitors, internet-based companies have little room for growth. However, drawing in new consumers is not a simple task in today's marketplace. There are over 1 billion websites registered in the world today, meaning there is a lot of competition to be had between online businesses.

Coming out on top is not easy, but there are steps each company can take to improve their chance at success. Specifically, companies need to utilize a wide variety of marketing tactics in order to reach out to more and more potential customers. Choosing the right approach can be difficult, in no small part due to the abundance of low-quality online articles which tend to promise wonders, but deliver only trifles. So instead of pretending to sell you marketing panacea, we will use the rest of this article to outline what are some of the most commonly used methods of increasing online traffic.

Magazine Ads


Despite what some naysayers have been telling you, traditional media hasn't quite gone the way of the dinosaur yet. They are dwindling, however, which means they are more likely to support themselves through advertising. This is where your website comes in. Advertising your website through newspaper and magazine ads has never been cheaper. Use this opportunity to introduce people to your company logo, tag-line, and website URL.

Stickers, Leaflets, Business Cards

Don't underestimate the advertising potential of small bits of paper with your logo and website address on them. Printing and distributing paper-based materials is an inexpensive way to infiltrate the pockets of your fellow city-dwellers. Make sure to include these materials in your official press-kits, as local media can be a powerful ally for getting your name heard.

Mobile Advertising

People are taught to pay attention to moving vehicles from an early age. And if you know where their eyes will be looking, why not put an ad there? A single line of text such as a web address can easily be put on a bike, a car, or on the side of a train, thus ensuring your brand is circulating on the streets.

Outdoor Panels

Placing a Display Me lightbox with your company logo and a QR code pointing to your website at the entrance of your business office, combines online and offline marketing for maximum impact. Passersby who regularly move through your area will have many opportunities to check out your ad, and some might even scan the code out of curiosity. This will lead them to your website irrespective of how popular it might be online.

Search Engine Optimization

People are not going to visit your website if they can't find it. Your service might be excellent and your site might be a masterpiece of design, but if no one comes across it while browsing online, all your effort will go to waste. SEO works by making your site more visible on search engine result pages. Optimization is achieved through the tactical use of keywords and keyword phrases throughout your site's content. The better your site is optimized, the greater the likelihood of it appearing among top search results on Google or Bing, which makes it easier to find through while browsing the web.


Incorporating a company blog in your website ensures that you have a means of expanding your content on a regular basis. Blog posts are very versatile when it comes to increasing traffic. First, they are ripe for SEO because they can incorporate trending keywords as they become popular. Second, they are a free source of content for your social media page. Finally, quality blog posts can be valuable sources of information for other blog writers, who will in turn link to them, further spreading your online presence.

Social media marketing

By creating a social media profile for your business, you are setting it up to become a part of the online conversation. If they like your social media content, your soon-to-be followers will check out your profile, which should contain a link to your website, which is where you want to lead them. The best part comes from the fact that your followers are likely to share your content with their friends, potentially creating new followers at no extra cost to you.

Celebrity Streamers

The popularity of video-based services like Twitch and YouTube in recent years has brought about the rise of a new kind of entrepreneur: the celebrity streamer. These individuals make living by creating video content for their massive audiences. Having your website featured in one of these videos is sure to give a boost to your traffic. While it can be difficult to get a hold of top-level streamers, there are plenty of young, eager celebrity-wannabes that would be willing to promote your content at a fair price.

Causing a Traffic Jam Online

Increasing online traffic is often presented as something achievable only through esoteric means. The reality is that increasing website traffic is not as difficult as it seems. Understanding the basic principles behind online (and offline) advertising allows companies to expand their traffic quickly, conveniently, and at very little extra cost.


Business Launching on Social Media

Most marketing enthusiasts believe that business launching needs a lot of hard work. Because for these people, starting any business can be a minefield, even for experienced entrepreneurs. How true is it? Let's find out.

Business Launching Can Be Tough

Launching a new business can be tough, especially when you're still trying to find your first customers. You need to be on top of so many different things. There is so much to do but so little time to do it. Also, when you launch a business, you have one objective in mind. It is to raise the profile of your company to increase traffic and most importantly, drive leads and sales. Which is truly crucial to any start-up enterprise.

Aim For A Successful Business Launch

If starting a business is a new territory for you, its launching can really be daunting. Finding your bearings and figuring out exactly who and what your business adds up the challenge. So to eliminate chances of falling into pitfalls, all you have to know is how to perfectly market your brand and company on its first promotion.

Remember, your business or product launch is the first impression people will remember. A memorable business launch will bring your product to the attention of more people in more locations. If you need advice along the way, help is always available. Fortunately, you found this article.

Preparation is key for all new ventures. We will help you prepare. Below is an amazing and effective tip on how you can execute the best business launching for your new business venture.

Business Launching on Social Media

The Power of Social Strategy

With the digital platform taking the business world by storm, business launching on social media is essential. It is a smart, strategic, and very effective way of promoting what's new. You are maximizing potential sales by targeting as many potential channels as possible. Moreover, launching your business on social media allows you to quickly respond to queries of people who are curious about what you have to offer. It's a convenient and hassle-free way to help you launch a successful online profile.

Reasons why you should launch your business on social media:

  • Social media is important for your business.

It can significantly increase your brand recognition. Today, it's unarguable that these social networking sites are one of the most stress-free and profitable digital marketing platforms when it comes to boosting business visibility.

  • Statistics show.

91% marketers claimed that their social marketing efforts greatly heightened user experience. Hence, producing a wider audience for a business in no time.

  • It's cost-effective.

Business launching on social media is a way much affordable compared to a traditional corporate business launch which is usually local television ads. There's no need to throw a huge event. All you need is a social media account and unique ideas to post. So by just by investing a little money and time, you can significantly increase your conversion rates

  • Very engaging.

Introducing your new product or service using social media allows you to interact with your audience right away. You are able to communicate with your audience which gives you chances of getting more leads.

  • Improved brand loyalty.

Media presence is always a part of every company's goal. Using social media for promotion, businesses are able to develop a loyal customer base because there's high rate of customer retention and customer loyalty. You can directly communicate with your target audience and even with other businesses. It's one reason why a lot of people will believe in you as a trusted enterprise.

  • SEO Rankings

When it comes to calculating rankings, social media is becoming a vital factor. So if you want to secure a successful ranking, social media presence is required. If your business is new, it's vital to send out a brand signal to search engine. Through social media, you can speak as a brand with validity, integrity, and constancy.

  • Brand Authority

On social media, you can tell your business story in the most unique and compelling way. But it does not end there. It all comes down to communication.  When you introduce your business on social media, you are building a positive image in the minds of your target audience. You can show feedbacks and present testimonials from people who have tried your brand.

Help Alert!

Gearing up to launch your next business? Business launches aren't easy even on social media. So before you get too excited, here are some tips for a successful brand launch in social media.

1. Create the best plan.

You need a plan tailored to what ‘success' means to you. Therefore, you need to integrate your social media efforts into your company’s marketing plan. That's easy to accomplish if you include an editorial calendar and posting schedules before your launch day. You don't need a plan implementation team. Your effort is enough as long as your plan is well-organized.

2. Engage with your followers.

Aside from your promotional and advertising posts, interact. Communicate with people through blog posts that answer questions relative to your product or service offering. You can also share useful links related to your niche. share links to allow distribution across social channels. When people start to connect with you, expect a huge conversation-building. Be active in listening and responding. You're launching a business. You have to attract leads right away. A great customer support is a key to gaining people's trust.

3. Be consistent.

The social media personality you want to impose must match your brand. Consistency is crucial to brand recognition. You'll appear inauthentic when your social media content doesn’t seem to jive with your company’s promotional campaigns. Consistent posting schedule is an important requirement.

4. Develop great content.

Media-rich content is king. Use your posts to express and resonate. Don't waste the time of your followers by posting non-sense news and outdated information. So think before you post.

5. Add images and videos.

This is crucial. Images and videos are powerful communication tools. They are more engaging than words on a page. Therefore, never forget to include an image or video on your post. You can also share images and videos relevant to what your product and service are all about. Be sure to use high-quality images. When it comes to your choice of video, explainer videos are very popular. They are short but very precise communication material.

‘Ultimate business launching solution but needs collective effort…'

Social media is not a magic bullet that can replace your other communications activities. But when properly executed, it can be one solid foundation of a new marketing. It has become an integral part of public relations. A multi-touch approach gets the job done while complementing all other communications efforts.


About the Author:

Khristine Agase is the Content Manager of izideo, a professional Explainer Video company.


Why is Laravel among the Best PHP Web Development Frameworks in 2018?

Why is Laravel among the Best PHP Web Development Frameworks in 2018What Benefits a PHP Framework Brings?

As we look forward to benefits and features of Laravel, some of the underlying points that go well with all the PHP frameworks are worth giving a mention:

  • Adopting some of the best practices in development along with Rapid Application Development
  • Facility to reuse code and components that result in a structured and maintainable web application
  • Separation of presentation and logic layers by the inbuilt model view controller
  • Makes use of object-oriented programming methods and tools that will extend web application capabilities
  • Inbuilt security policies and methods

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is being widely used to support fast and effective customized web development services. Laravel development has a colossal nerve and right after its inception into technology, it has supported faster and effective customized web development services. Presence of Accurate and comprehensible documentation is crucial to the success of large-scale frameworks and that's the key reason behind the success of Laravel Framework.

Let’s find out how it is easy to use and what features it brings with itself that has made it the best PHP framework in 2018 and a leading web development option among the developers across the globe.

Based on Object-Oriented Libraries

Presence of many useful object-oriented libraries along with many other useful libraries gives it leverage over other PHP frameworks. One of the primary object-oriented libraries found in Laravel Framework is Authentication library, which is easy to use and also comes with a host of features that enhance overall web development process.

Effective Authorization Process

Laravel bring forth all the configurations out of the box and thus makes implementing authentication very simple. Laravel comes along with a number of authentication controllers that combine with the namespace. Guards and Providers make up the authentication facility of Laravel. While guards define how users are authenticated for each request, providers define how users are retrieved from persistent storage. A developer can define as many providers as are required during Laravel Development.

MVC support with Laravel

You'll get to use controllers, models, and views when you use traditional Model View Controller in your Laravel Applications, to handle requests, retrieve data, interact with the database and render pages. This further allows delivering a high level of priority between logic and presentation. This further facilitates a better documentation and also comes with several high-end built-in functionalities.

Security with Laravel Development

Laravel makes use of the Bcrypt algorithm and do not let passwords remain as plain texts. Laravel takes the case of security issues with the help of some of these important features:

  • Hash class for storing passwords
  • Make() and Check() functions
  • Authenticating users by Auth::attempt method CSRF Protection/Cross-site request forgery (XSS)
  1. CSRF Protection/Cross-site request forgery (XSS)
  2. Avoiding SQL injection
  3. Cookies – Secure by default
  4. Forcing HTTPS when exchanging sensitive data


Laravel as the most popular PHP Web Development Framework in the current scenario ensures the highest level of security in terms of the overall web development solutions.

Useful Tutorials

Laravel provides some amazing web tutorials in form of ‘Laracasts’ that feature a perfect blend of a perfect blend of free as well as premium video tutorials. These will teach the efficient use of Laravel Framework.

Smooth Migration of Database

Creating and modifying database is easy with Laravel. You will not have to worry about a specific SQL syntax for the database engine for which you create tables. Also, you get a chance to roll back the most recent changes to the database if required.

Landing Up

It’s not just about big and established companies, many startups have also turned into Laravel Development Companies who are building enterprise applications like worldoo,, laravel. Io, Many web app development companies are hiring Laravel developers as the urge to bring only the best on the table never stops.

Coalescing creativity with technology coupled with strenuous development, Laravel helps in bringing out the best features out of a PHP framework. Keeping pace with changing market solutions, it is capable of giving us effective and relentless web apps.

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