White Hat SEO

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is colloquially to refer to as safe, legit, or sustainable SEO practices, that you probably “should concentrate on”.

That’s really it! “Good SEO”.

White Hat SEO, Explained

What Google wants you to do instead is “prepare” your content in a way that helps THEM organize it better. Really, what they have done, is create this $80 billion dollar industry of people who are working for Google without Google actually paying them. Google publishes their list of guidelines of what they WANT you to do (notice I didn’t say “a list of guidelines of what will make your site rank better”, although there is some overlap) so that you will spend your time preparing (optimizing) your website so it’s easier for their web-crawler, Googlebot, to understand your site better and make their life easier. Here are some of Google resources for what you should do as an SEO (this would be the closest thing to White Hat SEO):

Okay so that's like 200+ pages of super boring dry reading. I know you’re not here for that. #TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read)

The key takeaway here is that Google is not going to give out its secret formula to ranking on its search engine. That would be stupid. Instead, it’s going to publish a bunch of information (and misinformation) that is actually geared towards making the algorithm’s job much easier. So it can take information of all of our websites (me and you included) and display it to it’s users on the SERP (search engine results page). My prediction is that one day Google SERP clicks are going to go so low, because all the information a searcher needs will be displayed ON the SERP, and there will not even be a need to click through to the actual website. For example: no need to go to NFL.com anymore for the scores

So that is why “White Hat SEO” is a misnomer, just like black hat seo. We SEOs use it to say “what kind of SEO tactics and tricks can we do that Google “approves”. But really, Google just wants you organizing your site, not building “good links” and “guest posting”, etc. More on this later. White Hat SEO is: slower, but safer

White Hat SEO is the term we (not Google) give to label certain search engine optimization tactics/strategies as ‘safe’ or ‘sustainable’ for your website. Whereas Black hat seo would signify the search engine optimization tactics/strategies that are ‘risky’ for your website.

White Hat SEO Techniques & Tactics

So now that you understand what White Hat SEO is, let’s talk about some of the generally accepted white hat seo techniques, tactics, tricks & strategies that you can use in your business and feel generally safe about (there is always a risk of doing something wrong, or Google changing their mind about what they like, but you can’t live your entire life on what-ifs. Get out there and SEO a little).

Pro tip: One easy distinction to understand if what you are about to do is white hat seo vs. black hat seo, is look at how much automating & mass producing you are doing. If you are using bots, scrapers, spinners, and producing and/or sending out non-personalized information, it’s probably closer to black hat.

White Hat SEO Techniques, By Category:

  1. Local
  2. Link Building (Off-page)
  3. On Page
  4. Promotion
  5. Technical SEO
  6. Other

White Hat Local SEO Techniques

  • Claim your business on Google My Business
  • Claim the Foundational Citations (Yext, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Apple Maps, etc.)
  • Fully complete (filled out with descriptions, hours, videos, images, etc.) all your listings
  • Submit your business to trusted data aggregators

The foundations of establishing your business as an actual business (and not just a website) in Google’s eyes is to make sure your business is claimed & listed everywhere that Google expects a real business to be. Next, you want to make sure that your business information is listed consistently & accurately across all these online directories, so Google will trust the information is up-to-date and reliable.

Check Your Business Listing Accuracy

If you have already claimed your Google My Business listing, I highly recommend you check your business listing accuracy across the web right now.

White Hat Link Building

  • Associations & Organization Links – Get listed (and linked to) at the various professional organizations, associations, institutions, etc. that you are a part of.
  • Guest Posting – Find other websites in your industry and do contribute quality articles for them, so they can share more interesting information to their audience and introduce you at the same time (and link to you).
  • Outreach link building – Reach out to other relevant & trusted websites in your industry and show them the valuable content you are creating so they have an opportunity to share it with their audience (and link to it).
  • Social Foundations – Build & fully fill-out your social profiles (Facebook, Linkedin, Yelp, Twitter, etc.)

White Hat On Page SEO

  • Content Clusters
  • Create Unique & Valuable Content
  • Improve Content for UX
  • Informative Internal Linking
  • Naming Images
  • On Page SEO Optimization (all the standard best practices)

White Hat Promotional SEO Tactics

  • Promote your content on social media
  • Brand Building – Use PR, networking & advertising to grow your brand awareness

White Hat Technical SEO

  • Alt text – Add alternative text (alt text) to images
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Clean / avoid thing content
  • Create an XML sitemap
  • Eliminate Keyword cannibalization
  • Mobile optimization
  • No Index Non Valuable Pages
  • Page speed optimization
  • Setup Google Search Console
  • Schema Markup – Add structured data markup to your web pages to give Googlebot a clearer picture of what everything is.
  • Website structure

Other White Hat SEO Strategies

  • Analytics
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Final Thoughts

The idea of putting everything about White Hat SEO into ONE article is insanity, so we didn’t even try. This article was meant to be an introduction to what white hat SEO is, and some of the techniques & strategies that you can use to help improve your website visibility without too much risk. If you want more information, actionable strategies, or even the exact processes we use to actually implement all of these things, be sure to join our SERP University community here.

White Hat SEO by Devin Schumacher first appeared on SERP Co.

How WordPress Does Get Populated Among The Developers?

How WordPress Does Get Populated Among The Developers?

WordPress is a popular content management system among developers. A survey says that thirty percent of the website has been built over WordPress. Hence it is good to know the importance of WordPress and the features that are helping the work to interact with the visitors. Many plugins are available for the WordPress site to improve the functionality and also the requirement of the customers. Most of the plugins are free to use and to use for further features then it is necessary to pay some bucks on it. So by placing the required features to make use of it will be effective and also help to increase the performances. 

It is Free! To Use

To develop the site will be easy to create as it requires certain coding language but to reach the extent of the website users must make use of certain features that can be helpful to increase the performance and also efficiency. Developing a website is not as easy as it seems because it requires certain logical work to implement. Hence it takes a huge time to do. So by using WordPress will help the developers to reduce their effort in terms of developing the site. The major advantage of WordPress is that it offers free plugins that are difficult and takes time to code. So by taking the chance to build the site with the help of WordPress will be effective and easier. The complete setup is free and easy to install without any payment and also the process takes less time to install. Hence by using the WordPress is much possible to improve the action for the improvement of the website without any interruption as it offers the high result to use it.

Easy To Customize

WordPress has multiple options to change the theme, functions, and plugins with easily accessible options. It might seem to confuse to select the required theme. Hence by choosing the required features will allow the developers to create interaction and also bring the traffic. Driving the customers on the website is a huge problem as it requires a certain amount of marketing strategies but using the WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, etc will easily turn the market to increase the visitors. 

Many top app development companies were using this WordPress is the plugin facility that it carries to improve the features and increase the performance. The customized system of the WordPress is easier to handle; just you have to drag and drop rather than coding. Many options are available to increase speed and website interaction. You have to search for the plugin that helps to increase the functionality of your business as it must be according to the goals.  Hence analyze the requirement to be done with the plugins that can be added to the websites. So by knowing the requirement will help to improve the business and also increase the efficiency without any barrier. It has much analytics, customize forms, etc that increase the conversation rate optimization. 

WordPress is SEO-friendly

SEO is the demanding part of every business. Many companies were targeting the employees to know about SEO because to sustain the business via the internet, it is important to manage the rules of the search engine. By following the rule will help to improve the site and increase the ranking on the search engine page. 

Working on the ranking part will be difficult to process as it requires certain knowledge on analytics, keywords, competitor’s strategy, etc.  So it is difficult to manage the work at the same time for the website. So by taking the chance to work with WordPress will allow the business to capture the movement and also increase the business. WordPress allows the developers to increase the chance of marketing strategies by adding certain plugins such as Yoast SEO, Optimiser, etc. Many other options are available in the WordPress to increase the ability to manage the business in terms of engaging the ranking position. So by knowing it will help to cross the state of the static process of building the interaction. Hence by knowing to work on the SEO section will allow the users to maintain the business and also increase the profit rate just by improving the ranking position. 

Easy To Manage 

Handling the WordPress is easier by comparing other CMS. It offers wide options to increase the efficiency and also the performance of the website. The website is all about getting traffic by the audience that the site goal carries. So those who were using WordPress to develop the site can increase the speed and also efficiency to complete the interaction section.  Many companies were using the WordPress to improve the functionality and also the speed to complete the projects. Many developers claim that to use WordPress it is much easier to manage the project with the deadline. 

WordPress is Safe & secure

It is important to look at the site that has followed with a required certificate in terms of security. Many users were preferred to use the secured site rather than a low-level certified site. So by improving the site with its network security will automatically improve the traffic to your site with confidence. WordPress allows wide options to use the site with a secure and profitable option. Hence to use WordPress is completely fine. Even you can build an eCommerce site with WordPress as it is easier and also help to increase the traffic effectively. 

Easy to Handle Different Media Types

Multiple media are available on the platform of the business to create awareness such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. By engaging with these kinds of media will be helpful to create awareness. Hence by using the plugins that allow serving the features of the site will be useful to manage the complete business and also the business. So make sure to develop the site using WordPress will be effective and also efficient to use.

Final Words

Those who were planning to build the site can make use of WordPress to develop as the requirement of the logical application is less when compared to other CMS. 

Author Bio:

Adelina Casey is a creative content writer who works for Top App Development Companies. She explores new technologies and shares her knowledge through writing. She is amid the finest writers of the company. Given whatever topics on the latest technologies, she can write very well.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adelina.casey.522

Twitter: https://twitter.com/casey_adelina

The Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog

The Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Pixabay – CC0 Licence

Once you have got off the ground with your blog, where do you go next? Because there are so many different strategies out there to take on board not just with regards to the art of blogging, but also driving traffic, the question soon comes, “how can I monetize my blog?” Because so many of us are now looking for a way into earning money from our blog that we have to hit the ground running. And because starting a blog means that we want people to see what we have to say this means that we've got to find approaches to market our blog and now it seems that anybody coming up through the ranks already has a firm grasp on marketing. But for those people to have no idea where to begin what are the ways to monetize your blog?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods because if you don't have your own products to sell all you need to do is develop content that links to specific products that are already out there. Because there are so many types of affiliate marketing programs it can be a minefield to navigate. This Legendary Marketer review is one approach of many but it's important to note that when you are looking for the right affiliate program that it does link in with the type of products that you are passionate about and is inherently linked to your blog. There is no point in having links to fitness equipment when your blog is all about the travel lifestyle. You must remember that with the content that you're creating the products should be seamless.

Selling Ebooks

While the best ebooks are the ones you create yourself this means that it can take a while to create this product that resonates with your readers. Ebooks can provide a quick pathway to monetizing your blog just as long as you create the right type. Non-fiction ebooks are quite straightforward to create because they don't necessarily require excessive planning like a novel would but you're also teaching people skills that they can use. Promoting your ebook through the blog is easier when you create attractive content. And then by building a sales funnel you can then start to sell your ebook in a more automatic fashion which will result in more effective passive income.

Selling Digital Products

At the same time, you can sell digital products of a similar ilk to ebooks. It seems that many bloggers sell ebooks because it's that right balance of weighty content at a cost that isn't too excessive. But there are other digital products that you can sell such as videos, PDFs, and software. At the same time, you can also sell your expertise via coaching. The great thing about being a coach is that you can charge a lot of money for an hour-long session. But it's important that you diversify your efforts and provide packages that are able to cater to various types of customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the older approaches but it's still very effective, just as long as you have a list to begin with. There are many email marketing platforms out there that can help get you started but it's a chicken and egg situation where you need to already have the followers in place so you can start to build a strong connection with the readers by marketing your product through them.


Many bloggers go for the PPC approach but this only works if you have huge volumes of traffic, approximately 10,000 visitors or more every day, and even then the income will be minimal. You could negotiate with advertisers directly and use display ads rather than PPC adverts. Again, this is to do with making sure the product is within your specific niche. Because PPC is an expense up front you need to cross the 100,000 visitor threshold to make any significant profit. It's always worth contacting the advertisers especially if they are looking to push your specific product.

Monetizing your blog isn't a megabucks operation at the outset, and as everybody is looking to monetize their blog it's all about finding the niche approaches that suit the brand you're trying to build. Because there are so many different streams of income it's important to remember that you undertake the relevant research to ensure that you are staying true to your blog and your brand. If you want to start monetizing your blog you have to treat it like it's a business.

Can You Realistically Make Money From Home?

Image – CC0 Licence 

Many of us dream of making money from home. You’ve heard of get rich quick schemes, I’m sure. We’ve all had emails from people telling us that we can earn a small fortune from the comfort of our own sofa. Usually, as part of some kind of dodgy pyramid scheme, often a complete scam. But, you might also have heard of successful entrepreneurs launching businesses from home, making money, and living the life that they have always wanted, doing something that they love with a perfect work-life balance. You might even know people that make money blogging or working as freelancers from home, so it’s certainly possible. 

But that doesn’t mean that absolutely anyone can do it, and it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s easy. So, before you throw your job away and give up a consistent income, ask yourself if you could realistically make money from home. 

Do You Have a Plan?

Don’t just give up work with the hope of making money from home. No matter how many success stories that you may have read, there is always a risk, and most of these stories will fail to mention all of the hard work and even rejection that came before success. 

Make a plan first. Save some money and make sure that you’ve got financial security. Speak to your loved ones to make sure they support your decision and even consider a backup plan so that you’ve always got a fall back in case things don’t work out. 

Have You Explored Different Options?

There are many different ways to make money from home, and in the early days, before business really grows, you might need to explore different income streams to keep yourself afloat and avoid the need for work out of the home. Any one of these different streams could lead to a full-time income, but it’s always a good idea to have options. Read up on affiliate marketing basics, learn about the best ways to earn money from home, and ask other people how they do it. 

Are You Committed?

The people that are most successful when it comes to working from home are the ones that are committed to their success. Doing something that you love will help, but you need to be ready to invest time, give up other things, and really focus on your home business. It’s unlikely to be easy, and it’s important that you know that. 

Can You Motivate Yourself?

How well do you work unsupervised? Some of us are great at it. We manage our time well, we’re able to stay motivated on our own, and we push ourselves to meet targets. Other people don’t. They struggle to work without a manager or supervisor behind them. They procrastinate when left alone and struggle to work quickly or well. 

If you aren’t naturally good at managing your time and motivating yourself but want to make money from home, you should look at some ways to improve these skills. To-do lists, goals, targets, and even timers and alarms can help. 

Reaching Out: A Guide To Programmatic Advertising

Image Credit Pixabay.com License CC0

Advertising is everywhere. When we turn on any of the screens that we use constantly in our daily lives, it is there. On our TVs in the form of commercial breaks and product placement within movies and TV shows, through to our phones and our laptops where every webpage we open will have several ads placed throughout. 

You are potentially exposed to thousands of ads each day. Many of these you will not even notice. We can very often develop ad blindness, overexposed to constant messages, and many of which bare little relevance to our lives. 

If you run a business and are wanting to place the type of advert that is less likely to get overlooked and is more likely to land on the screen of someone who will have use for it, then programmatic advertising may be for you. 

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Simply put, programmatic advertising is a form of advertisement that is automatically targetted toward relevant people. Ads are bought automatically and are then placed using complicated and evolved algorithms. The ads can appear at the times that the specific individuals for whom they are aimed will be online and can be targetted for the type of device that they are most likely to use. 

Programmatic advertising is adaptable and is capable of learning and tweaking your advertising campaign as it sees fit in order to maximize your overall marketing goals. 

What Data Does Programmatic Advertising Use?

Using key demographics and other information such as personal interests and browsing and shopping habits, it is possible to get a clear understanding of what types of products and offers will appeal to a certain person. 

This data can be obtained by your company directly, and you can use data from companies with whom you share synergy in order to provide complimentarily product offerings.  In addition to this, third-party datasets can be bought, however, the effectiveness of this information may not be as good as with the first and second party sets. 

Managing And Adapting Your Campaign

As with any form of campaign, you’ll be looking for a marketing dashboard to provide your performance data. Understanding how an ad campaign is performing is essential as it lets you know whether your eggs are in the right basket. 

The beauty of programmatic advertising is that algorithms manage your ad buys as they go meaning that they are always learning from the way that users have interacted with the ads previously.


In any form of marketing, it can be useful to run A/B testing to compare and contrast different concepts in order to see where your strengths and weakness lay in each idea. These tests can be shown to different audiences with similar backgrounds, and the way that the ads are interacted with can indicate a preference for one of the options. This can then automatically be substitute for the remainder of the campaign. This will then lead you to a much greater degree of success.

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