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PHP vs. NodeJS

PHP vs. NodeJS – What’s best for Web Development

It won’t be an overstatement if we call PHP one of the most influential languages for web development of all time. Released in 1995 and currently running its 7th version, it was the de facto language for server-side scripting when the internet exploded in early 2000. Out of many well-recognized applications, Facebook is perhaps the most prominent examples built with the power of PHP.

Over the next decade, as the broadband became more accessible and mobile devices started to take the center stage, there was a need of more data-driven and responsive applications and that is where Node.js came into the picture in 2009. But before we go any further, it is worth mentioning here that Node.js isn’t exactly a language like PHP but more like a run-time environment that combines the power of JavaScript and Google Chrome’s V8 engine. Netflix and LinkedIn are perhaps the best examples of popular applications running on Node.js.

Since these two technologies perform the same basic tasks but are entirely different in their programming structures like syntax, context-switching, among others, there is no point in comparing those subjective matrices. Thus, we will only take a look at more relevant factors like performance, ecosystem, usability, among many others. Let’s see how they stack against each other:


For any technology to prosper, there is need of a favorable ecosystem of tools and community around it. Since PHP has been around much longer than Node.js, this is one aspect where it clearly has an upper hand.

PHP has a relatively large number of frameworks, many quality tools and scripts, and most of all, a mature community.

Node.js, on the other hand, is quickly catching up by levering the popularity of JavaScript. Since it is the language most of the front-end developers are already comfortable in, it has resulted in quick proliferation of Node.js developers and other resources.
Winner- PHP


This is actually a tricky thing to measure. Each language has its own structure that gives it leverage over certain tasks. If one is excellent at searching, other may beat it at sorting. So instead of getting into the illusion of benchmarks, let’s take a look at how each of their performance is suitable for different kinds of applications:

Real-time applications

PHP applications weren’t exactly built with real-time applications in mind. So, if you want to create one using PHP, you will need to deploy many standalone processes and still may not achieve the expected level of results.

Node.js are built from ground-up to create and efficiently handle real-time applications. Its extensive set of libraries, template design engine, and robust framework makes creating real-time applications a breeze.

Database applications

Here the two technologies take entirely different routes.

Traditionally, PHP traditionally has delivered excellent results with SQL database like MySQL.
Conversely, Node.js deploys NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

Now, one can well argue on the performance of one over the other, but that is an entirely different debate and we will just declare a tie here.

Third-party applications

No technology is ever complete on its own and it is its capability to work with other technology that largely determines its usability.

PHP works in blocking mode, i.e., it can’t accept new requests until the server responds to it and thus, isn’t much effective for third-party applications.

Node.js is a clear winner here. It works on non-blocking I/O and hence, can easily handle multiple requests at a time and is ideal for third-party applications.
Winner- Node.js

Web servers

PHP doesn’t run on its own and requires other servers, most commonly Apache to continuously run in the background.

Node.js is again more efficient in this aspect and one can easily create web servers.
Winner- Node.js


You can’t possibly find a hosting service that doesn’t support PHP, hence, making it possible to avail cheap hosting solutions hence giving PHP web development companies an edge in cost-effectiveness.

Node.js is currently far behind in this aspect but there still many decent hosting solutions are available.
Winner- PHP

So, if we go by numbers, the two technologies are almost head-to-head with no clear winner. But if you consider that Node.js is relatively new and still rising, it becomes evident that while PHP web development is holding its ground for now, it may not continue for long. Which effectively means that if you are looking for a cost effective solution immediately, you can proceed to hire PHP developer but if you are willing put the extra effort, Node.js may deliver better results.

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2017’s Top Emerging Trends to Boost Your Web Designs & Give a Fresh Look

As you know that 2017 is shaping up and we are already in the fourth month of the year. There are some of the fresh and creative web design trends that are gradually emerging on the web.

During this year, you may have also noticed that the visual trends have changed the face of web design and some of those trends have improved the user experience also.

When it comes to website design, user experience plays a very important role and you can’t let your visuals go of the edge.

If you are designing your website or wanted to customize it to give a new and fresh look in this year, you can go through this post and find top emerging trends of 2017 that will help you to customize your site with fresh designs.

Top 5 Wonderful Web Design Trends of 2017 To Checkout


Light and Natural Color Palettes

Do you know that selecting a right color scheme is highly essential for your business website? It can impact directly to your website’s success. The layout and other important design choices, comprising font, which must be developed to convert with your color scheme because it assures you readability.

Recently, Pantone declared that Green would be the color of the year in 2017. It is a color that describes new beginnings that consider current events of the world. In the recent statement Leatrice Eisemen, an Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute says, “Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the hope we collectively yearn for amid a complex social and political landscape”.

This year, neutral and natural palettes are overtaking the trend of bright colors that was highly demanded in 2016. It doesn’t mean that bold colors will not be utilized; however, they will not be the highlight of web design.


In the recent time, Cinemagraphs have gained the huge attention of website designers. It is high-quality videos or GIFs, which run on a smooth and it becomes a highly wonderful way to augment program and visual interest to otherwise static pages.

Full-screen loops will surely hold a visitor’s attention for longer than a quick look. In many ways, Cinemagraphs are the excellent ways the latest evolution of the animated GIF. The popularity of it is constantly growing as lots of businesses prefers cinemographs on their website, describing how they work, products, and services.

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are the small lines that are trailing from the edges of letters and different symbols, separating into distinct units for a typewriter or typesetter. This type of fonts is known for making the individual letters more idiosyncratic and a lot easier to remember instantly.

We also noticed that serif fonts apparently gained more traction last year as typographers started developing more modernized serif fonts. Various design trends started looking in a different medium before they spread to other channels. So, you can also opt for Serif fonts in this year and grab more attention of visitors.


Today, a lot of companies are opting for illustrators as well as graphic artists to develop modified illustrations for their business websites. Flat design and minimalism were there for years, adding illustrated traces to your website is a wonderful way to inject a little spark.

With the increase in competition with digital photography, illustrators are being more creative and conquer the new heights. Moreover, it has more chances to be appealing compared to a photograph as it is not restricted by reality. Because a designer can express anything in a drawing and can fascinate visitors.

Mega Navigations

Those days are gone when designers were opting for hamburger icon while the icon helped to free-up space and develop friction between the user and where the user wants to navigate to. This year, desktop navigation menus are not taking new layouts but also growing in terms of size. Right now, mega navigations are the big thing that is gaining attention.

When it comes to talking about the mega navigations, they are large navigation menus, which completely take over the screen to submerge the user and keep them on track, increasing conversions and the user experience at the same time.  Furthermore, they can also change the whole structure and content strategy of the website.

So, you just check out the top emerging web design trends of 2017 that you should adopt and make your website apart from other websites. These websites will help you to attract more visitors, convincing them to stay longer and become your customers. Once, you decide to customize your website design, you ensure that you hire a professional web design company that has expertise in designing and developing websites for years.

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How To Market Innovatively For Your Small Online Business

When marketing your small online business, sometimes the sheer amount of SEO, content, social media and link building strategies that you read about can be overwhelming to say the least. It becomes very easy to say to yourself that you just don’t have a chance because the resources available to you are tiny compared to your competitors.

But you have a distinct advantage. You can be nimble. You can change strategies at the drop of a hat and you can explore things that cumbersome competitors take too long to do.

There are many ways that you can be innovative and fill the gaps that competitors leave behind. And as you fill those gaps, you become a much stronger force over time, eventually being seen by competitors and Google as a company of value.

I’ve listed here some innovative ways that you can create a buzz about your business without breaking the bank. They require some work, but if you were afraid of hard work, you wouldn’t have started your business in the first place.

Publish written content on your site. You have heard it a thousand times, but, if done correctly, it really does help your site to start to get a footing with search engines and then visitors. I have yet to see a site that writes large amounts of content not be successful in its industry in all my years on the web. A top tip, if you can manage it, is to write ‘longform’ content on topics that relate to your product or service, which typically means anything over 3,000 words.

Become helpful on Reddit and industry forums. There will undoubtedly be a ‘subreddit’ about the business that you are in. Join that subreddit and genuinely help people out, giving answers to questions, pointing people in the right direction, and once you are a settled user in that community, and seen as someone who is helpful, you can start to (gently) promote your own content and services. If you tie that in with the content you publish (as mentioned in the previous point), then you can start to gain a following and make many more people aware of what you do. The same goes for any industry forums that may exist. But remember, your number one priority is to be helpful and of value before you mention your own business.

Be a valuable social media person. Until you have a steady stream of business coming in, much of your time should not be spent on social media, unless it is absolutely vital to what you offer. However, there is a way, when you start out to be a valuable member of your community on Twitter and Facebook and that is by sharing recent, useful articles and news items about your industry. This is so much more simple than people think. Use Google News to find recent articles about your industry, then share them, perhaps @mentioning the person that wrote the post and the company that it may be about. Do this several times per week and you’ll soon be seen as someone that offers value and will be followed and liked by important people within the sector.

Write a report about data or information in your industry. The larger companies in your industry do this and there is a reason. It works. They use these reports in many different ways to gain business. They build brand awareness, they gain email addresses when people swap an email address in exchange for downloading a report. They also work in ways such as mail posting (yes, remember that) reports to prospects and then calling them about it a few days later. These reports, if done correctly, are useful in so many ways. If you know your product, and can use the internet to find things, then you should be able to put together a 4-25 page report that is non-salesy and useful to potential buyers of your product/service. Big companies do it because it works, smaller companies don’t because they think it’s too much hard work – so do it while you have the chance and are nimble enough to do so.

Use freelance sites to build useful tools for your site. Have a look around sites in your sector. Some will have useful web tools that visitors fill in or interact with to gain a useful conclusion – such as calculators etc. You may wish to emulate one or some of these tools, or indeed have your own ideas having used other tools on competitor sites. You can post projects on freelance websites like or asking for tools to be created, but crucially, you pay nothing until you are satisfied that the freelancers bidding on your project are capable of doing what you require within your budget. You can drastically improve the stickability of your website by adding one or more tools and then sharing them with the correct audience.

As you can see, whether it be longform content pieces about your industry, web tools that are helpful to potential buyers, the sharing of useful industry news stories and articles, or answering questions on the appropriate subreddit for your business, content is important, especially at the early stages of a small online business. Use content to become a valued resource in your sector and you’ll be well on your way to building an audience and an income stream.

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5 Reasons You Should NEVER Build Your Own Site

add new post wordpressThere are areas of your business that you think you do by internally. It is like the areas of your home you convince yourself don’t need professional help because a little bit of DIY will do the trick. The thing is, you’re wrong. Just like at home, your business needs as much help as possible even if it isn’t apparent. A website is a perfect example. Thanks to advances like WordPress, it is easy to build a site and never hire an expert. Here are five reasons to avoid this scenario like the plague.

The Cost

‘Isn’t WordPress free? So it doesn’t cost a penny?!’ Yes, WordPress and other similar sites are free, which is a positive. The negative is you pay for what you get. And, because you don’t pay anything, you don’t receive much in return. Sure, they are a few styles you can use that look quite professional, but thousands of other people use them, too. Good sites cost money because the money pays for the bespoke themes that make your site unique.

The TimeThe Time

The same mentality goes for the amount of time it takes to build a quality site. Excellent websites don’t sprout up overnight. Ok, the bare bones might be easy to put together, but it takes months of hard work to get it almost perfect. Any website that only takes an hour to create won’t be able to mix it with the big boys.


Due to the lack of themes at your disposal, a site from a free vendor will look like it is free. That doesn’t mean it won’t look the part, but it won’t stand out from the crowd. It might be perfectly passable, yet you shouldn’t settle for acceptable. An excellent site is a site that wows people when they land. The only way to do that is to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. You might think people are shallow, but it is human nature. The secret to a top site is making a good impression, and you do that by looking the part.

The Support

Sometimes, a simple question can put the most complex problems into perspective. By asking, ‘who is going to maintain and look after the site?’ you will realise you need help. Let’s face it – it’s much better to go online at and use their expertise to save time and energy. Apart from time, it will also save you money. Good hosts can tackle any problem and fix them before they escalate out of control. Being online 24/7 is imperative in this age because going offline leads your customers to your competitors.


Remember the phrase, ‘you get what you pay for?’ Good, because nothing could be truer when it comes to websites. Forget about the aesthetics for a minute as this isn’t what performance means. Performance means how well your site handles an influx of traffic or how well the software works. Poorly constructed sites crash as soon as they run into trouble, whereas good sites thrive under pressure. And guess what? The best sites come from the professionals.


All About The Growing Need For Responsive Sites

Now that mobile phones have become the most commonly used device to access the internet, responsive design has become more important than ever. This has completely changed the website game for businesses all around the world. While before they had plenty of room to get all their messages across, now they must do it in a limited amount of space. As well as opening up challenges for business owners, it has also created a host of new challenges for web developers.

DGoogle Ipadepending on what business it is, some prefer to establish a separate mobile site while others go for the responsive option. While both approaches have numerous pros and cons, if SEO is an issue, there are a number of reasons why responsive is the best way to go.

Search Engine Recommended

Responsive design sites have one URL and the same HTML making it easier for search engines to crawl, index and organize content. More and more businesses are finding that SEO is the way to go, and are channeling their resources into creating sites that are well optimized. If people are planning on sharing content off the site on social media, it is easier to do from one source.

One Site For All Devices

The cleverness of a mobile responsive site is that it still provides a great user experience regardless of what device it is accessed on. For business owners, this really forces them to think about the essence of their company and the key messages they are trying to get across. There are plenty of places to turn if they need help with web developers. For the website developers themselves, responsive sites make them think about features that work across all devices. Ultimately, if a person likes a particular website, they will access it from numerous different devices. If they can enjoy a consistent experience across all of these devices, all the better.

Easier to Manage

Purely in SEO terms, having separate websites requires separate campaigns to manage. One site and one campaign is significantly easier to manage than two. That’s not to say that the two campaigns can’t both be effective, and indeed many people use their laptops and phones for two different types of searches. Having said that, for smaller businesses, it is much easier just to focus time and attention on one campaign.


With new devices being released all the time and different screen sizes being preferred, a responsive site is always ready to adapt to trends as they happen. For now, this is likely to be a significantly smaller investment than creating separate sites. This means that once a website is created, it won’t need to be constantly updated which is a relief considering the speed in which technology moves.

Ultimately, responsive sites are one of the main trends for businesses, brands and developers up and down the country. This is something which shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.