How to Make Your Blog More Engaging to Your Readers

How to Make Your Blog More Engaging to Your Readers

In many ways, setting up and running a blog is easy, and just about anyone can have their site set up in just a few minutes and start posting content. However, although setting up a blog can be easy, getting readers to the site can be more challenging. There are a few ways that you can engage more with current and new readers in an attempt to build your following and create a site that makes you proud.

Create Good Content

If you have done your research on blogging, you will know how important your content is. No matter what your niche may be, you always need to provide something your readers want to know. One of the best ways to do this is to try and find a different spin on an existing topic. Find a popular or trending topic that fits in with your niche and look at it from a new perspective. People are always interested in differing opinion, even if it's controversial, so thinking of a different angle can get you noticed.

Be Visually Appealing

Your blog is the face of you and what you want to say, so make sure it appeals to your readers. Many visitors like to have pictures or video to look at as this is more visually stimulating. However, there are also other ways to get your readers attention. Try adding documents or slides to your posts to reiterate a point or show a trend. There are sites such as DocRaptor that will help you convert these documents without any complications.

Be Helpful to Your Readers

Although your visitors will like to read what you have to say, you can make it even better by offering them a solution to a problem. There may be something within your niche that has always been difficult resolve; this gives you a great opportunity. By thinking about possible solutions, you will be giving people something they haven?t had before. Not only will this be engaging to your readers, but it will also be something they will want to share with others. You might be able to make it your angle, to try and solve those seemingly impossible problems.

Monitor the Trends

Whatever your blog is about, there will always be certain topics within it that are trending, or at least getting a lot of attention. To stay relevant, you need to find out what?s happening in the realm of your blog topic and write about it. TrustMyPaper For example, if you are a writing a music blog and a new band hits the scene, then you should be writing something about it. Readers will be eager to hear what you think, and it will make your blog relevant.

Social Media

Social media is by far the best way to reach your readers, not only because there are billions of potential people out there, but also because this is where the trending stories are. It is no coincidence that the clear majority of bloggers are hugely active on their social media accounts. They are all trying to gain a greater following and a larger readership. As with your posts, anything you share to social media should have a photo as these posts are more likely to be clicked statistically. You shouldn?t just use social media for sharing your content; you also need to get involved with conversations and get yourself out there. The more people see you, the more likely they are to follow you and then see your blog posts.

Offer Them Something

The promise of free information will often lure visitors to your site. If you can develop a short eBook or perhaps a PDF file with useful information or a ?how to? guide, then you will find people eager to read and download it. You need to make it your own and offer them something they cannot get from anywhere else. If you are looking to generate income from your site, then offer the first part for free and then make any subsequent parts available for a fee. If the content is good enough, then it will encourage people to pay for it.

Monitor Your Traffic

Sometimes gaining visitors to your site is a matter of trial and error. You can write something that is amazing, but it will only get a few readers, while something simple gets thousands. To find out what makes your readers happy, you need to analyze your visitors after each post to see how they react to it. You can then start to develop a strategy that you can incorporate into all your posts. Another reason for monitoring your site traffic is so that you can find the perfect time of day to post your content. Depending on where your visitors are located, they will be reading your latest post during their lunch break or when they are at home. By keeping your posting times the same, readers will anticipate it.

Keep Your Layout Simple

Have you ever been on a website that is so cluttered by options that you don?t know where to start? For many readers, seeing a site like this will be enough to put them off wanting to explore. You must keep the design of your site simple yet enticing, use images and buttons but keep the writing to a minimum. Most bloggers like to have their posts on the front page because its easier for the visitors to see it. While this is a good idea, it isn?t essential, if there is something else you want on your front page then do it. You must remember though, that you should make your blog easy to find from any page.

Whatever the reason you write your blog, make sure that you are interested in the subject matter. There is nothing worse than writing on a topic that you don?t like, it will make you demoralized, and this will show in your content. There are plenty of potential readers out there for everyone, so don?t delay.

Why I Stopped Using Facebook

Why I Stopped Using Facebook

If you use Facebook, I?m sure you?ve found yourself scrolling endlessly through feeds. How often have you found yourself scrolling for 10 or 15 minutes without even realizing it?

At first, it?s just a notification. Next thing you know, you?ve seen pictures of somebody?s vacation, some funny cat videos, and that little Billy lost a tooth. Who is little Billy anyways? Must be someone?s nephew. Then you realize it?s time to stop scrolling and get back to work.. but what was it you were working on again?

If you think about it, when was the last time that Facebook improved your productivity? A better question might be to ask, how much time have you wasted using Facebook? Don?t worry. You might not be wasting that much time as compared to the average user. Or you might be a Facebook maniac and not even realize it yet! (probably not).

Major Time Waster

An hour every day. That?s about the average time users spend on Facebook. All of those times checking notifications and getting sucked in really add up. And it?s pretty difficult to track yourself. Minutes seem to fly by while you?re scrolling.

It starts off as a simple notification. That?s the bait. And if you go for the bait, you?re likely to get hooked. That quick look at your phone turns into a few minutes. Those few minutes turn into about 7 hours a week, 28 hours a month, and two weeks a year (on average)! Now here?s where it?s going to get a bit uncomfortable. That amount of time adds up to about 8.4 work weeks. It?s like sitting at a desk working full time for 8 and a half weeks scrolling through Facebook. That?s a lot of time. And this isn?t considering the amount of time it takes to refocus your mind back to work.

Broken Attention

You?ve seen how much time the average Facebook user wastes on the platform alone. But there?s another effect at play here. It?s the amount of time it takes to refocus your mind. Have you ever noticed how long it takes to get that mental momentum back after taking a break on Facebook? It could take 10-15 minutes to get back in the zone. This is a hidden cost of pulling your phone out and scrolling through the app. You think you?ve only wasted 5-10 minutes but in reality, it took you another 10-15 to get your focus back.

It takes time to focus your mind on work. That momentum has to build up for you to get in the zone. And if you?re constantly looking at notifications and scrolling through Facebook every hour or so, you?re downgrading the quality of your work. How much can that cost your business, job, or school career?

Negative Effects

A lot of people have said they feel negative after using Facebook. And a lot of people have talked about the joy of leaving the social network. They talk about it as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

I was reading Harvard Business Review recently and came across an article called A New, More Rigorous Study Confirms: The More You Use Facebook, the Worse You Feel. Doesn?t sound like a very positive article, right? Well, there are some positive takeaways. The study found that having a face-to-face social network in real life has some positive effects on overall well-being. But, on the other hand, Facebook users self-reported some pretty negative side effects of using the social network. The researchers found that liking posts and clicking links were predictors in users feeling negative in the areas of physical health, mental health, and life satisfaction. Researchers can?t pinpoint the exact cause but it may have to do with the way we compare ourselves to other people?s polished profiles and posts.

Deleting the App

I personally could tell that Facebook was draining my time and productivity. It felt like I was wasting hours looking through the feeds and other people?s lives. Look, I?m happy that someone somewhere got married and someone else?s kid lost their tooth. But I don?t need to spend my attention on those things when I should be working. And that?s why I had to get rid of the Facebook app. Now I just post to Facebook via Instagram without getting lost down the rabbit hole.

You might feel better too. Try deleting the app for a week. See if anything changes. Maybe you?ll find that you can accomplish more, have deeper focus, and feel better overall. The only way you?ll know for sure is to test it yourself. I did and it?s working out great for me.

Instagram Stories Ads And Other Insta Marketing Secrets For 2018

Instagram Stories Ads And Other Insta Marketing Secrets For 2018

instagram tips for 2018


In the last 5 years, Instagram has turned into a go-to social network for businesses looking to put their names on the map. Companies love to use Instagram because it gives them a chance to connect with their targeted audience. And with more than?500 million daily active users?it seems like an easy enough task…or is it?


If you plan to use Instagram to promote your business it?s important to stay on top of things. Knowing all the latest trends and statistics, using the right hashtags or when to post are some of the tricks you need to master in order to make this platform your money-making machine.


Here, we?ll give you some useful insights and help you uncover the secrets of Instagram marketing that will take your business to a whole new level.


1. The story behind Instagram stories


In 2017 only 8% of businesses used Instagram story ads as an attempt to engage more customers. Yet, the stats are about to change since 2018 is shaping up to be the year of the Stories. According to statistics whopping?88% of businesses?are changing their strategies and focusing more on posting through stories.


Using Instagram stories quickly became a huge marketing trend. This relatively new feature released in March 2017 gives you a chance to experiment and see what works best for your business.


Still, the most important thing is to create quality content based on clearly established goals and KPI?s. After that, all you need to do is track your success rate through?Instagram Stories analytics. Together with impressions and reach you?ll be able to see your Instagram Stories? exits and replies from the last two weeks. And if you?re interested in generating traffic, try using a third-party tool for counting clicks.


2. Start boosting your posts


Getting familiar with Instagram advertising is something you?ll have to work on if you want to maintain or acquire high engagement. Luckily for you, it?s not that difficult. All you have to do is boost your posts to your followers. That way you can avoid using Instagram ads and special targeting. ?Just take a regular Instagram post and promote it in order to get more likes, impressions and visits. Your post will look like a regular one accept it will have the ?sponsored? sign and a call to action button.


3. Will Instagram profiles become the new home pages?


More and more people are looking for brands on Instagram rather than Google. Instagram profiles are becoming the home pages of the future so it?s really important to focus your attention on Instagram aesthetics as a crucial part of your Instagram marketing strategy.


Having a consistent aesthetic flow and a nicely organized color pallet could do wonders for your profile and attract new followers.


Aesthetic is essential for companies which base their business on visual appeal. For example, focusing on this type of?social media marketing for real estate?could make a huge difference when it comes to outshining the competition. There are many available visual Instagram planners which will help your profile really come together resulting in aesthetically pleasing appearance.


4. Everyone will shop on Instagram


Instagram decided to join forces with Shopify in a form of a?new shopping feature integration.


This new feature will allow Shopify users to tag their product in a photo along with the name and the price of the product. Customers will be able to do their shopping through Instagram without having to switch to another app.


People from Shopify explain that partnering up with Instagram was the next logical step because staying on the same platform will only result in increased number of additional sales. So, if you?re not using Shopify yet, this might be the best time to start.


5. It?s all about Instagram analytics


If you want to run a successful Instagram campaign you?ll have to get familiar with?Instagram analytics. Mastering analytics tools is really important because it will help with constantly changing the Instagram algorithm.

Also, frequently optimizing your content is another crucial factor in generating a high number of impressions and engagement.

And since 2018 seems to be all about Instagram analytics, you can look forward to more advanced versions of the tool not only limited to mobile apps.


If you want to be a successful marketer you need to stay on top of your game. This year is huge for Instagram, especially Instagram Stories so make sure you?re amongst the first who?ll use all its potential and put it to good use.



5 Tips For Marketing Online Within Your Niche

5 Tips For Marketing Online Within Your Niche

Many companies have a select audience to which their product or service appeals. General marketing tactics may work for the majority of businesses but may not always work within your niche. This is why it?s important to not follow one-size-fits-all marketing strategies and to try and think outside the box. Here are some tips for targeting a niche and getting leads.

Outsource specialist marketing companies

If you don?t want to do your own marketing and would rather hire a company to do it for you, think twice before selecting a general marketing company. It may work out better to find professionals within your niche. If you?re a tech startup hoping to get some press attention, it could be worth looking into a tech-focused PR company who are more likely to have better contacts in tech magazines and blogs that your average generic PR company. Similarly, if you?re looking to get a professional website designed, you may want to consider a designer who caters to your field. There are companies that specialize in web design for specific trades such as?law firm website design that may be able to help you stand out whilst creating something professional and presentable. As with outsourcing any professional, check that these companies have good user reviews and credentials so that you know that you can trust them.


Use relevant social media

It doesn?t hurt to get your business on all social media platforms, but clearly, some will be more beneficial than other making them more suited for focusing on. Facebook and Twitter are useful for all businesses. Instagram, on the other hand, may only be suited if you have physical results that you can photograph on a regular basis. A cake-making company or a retailer may be able to use Instagram to successfully show off their products, helping them to gain clientele. However, it?s unlikely you?ll get much out of Instagram if you?re an accountancy firm, with little to photograph on a daily basis. Contrastingly, sites like Linked In are likely to far more useful to business-to-business companies like accountancy firms than they are to a cake-baker. Linked In is ideal for professional networking and could be a better place to focus your efforts, messaging and linking up with other companies that might need your services.


Focus your keywords

Making use of the right keywords can get the right people visiting your site. If you?re doing an AdWords campaign and creating a web ad, you?ll want to choose keywords that cause your ad to show up when key people search for you. Whilst it?s good to use some broad keywords, make sure to use some more specific keywords and related keywords within your niche. If your company sells backpacks for travelling, think beyond ?backpack? (people looking for a work or school bag could be searching this) and consider keywords like ?travel backpack?, ?affordable travel gear? and ?passport wallet? (people looking for a passport wallet might also be looking for a new travel backpack).


Get involved in online communities related to your niche

There may be online communities which attract your key client base. If your company sells cameras, you might want to consider photography forums and photography blogs. Promoting your product in these forums and in comments sections of blogs could be seen as spammy, but by contributing regularly you could build a good reputation for yourself which will help your online credibility.


Cross-promote with companies within your niche

Another great way to market within your niche is to team up with other companies within your trade. You can agree to promote their wares in exchange that they do the same for you. This could involve advertising the company on your website, posting about them on social media or even retweeting some of their posts. You?ll want to avoid a conflict of interest of course ? if you?re a restaurant, you might not want to promote another restaurant in your area although it could prove beneficial to team up with a local hotel (you recommend them in exchange that they recommend you). If you?re a budget company, you may want to team up with another budget company, whilst a high-end company might benefit to team up with another high-end business.

How Website Affects Your Business’s Public Appearance

How Website Affects Your Business’s Public Appearance

Starting a new business can be very challenging and there are a lot of factors that will affect its success. As an entrepreneur, you can avoid most of those difficulties. Making a good website is the first step toward building a respectable and recognizable brand. Your potential customers will go online and search for your service and product. Their experience while visiting your site will form their opinion about your business. Below are some of the most important aspects you should consider when creating a website for your new company.


You don?t want to hide anything from your clients. Therefore, create a website that is easy to navigate through. That simple effort will ensure that people come back and start trusting your company. Every single page of your site should include plenty of breadcrumbs, so visitors can easily navigate around different categories and pages. It is crucial that they know where they are at any time. In addition, navigation should be done the way it looks pretty. Being functional is just not enough. Feel free to play with basic shapes and lines in order to improve aesthetics of your website?s navigation. Keep it simple and appealing and traffic will most certainly increase.

Homepage image

The homepage is the first thing your potential customer will see. Keep in mind that people are visual beings. Because of that, you should pay a lot of attention to your homepage image. Use the visuals to direct visitor?s eyes. You can make people look at any specific area using just simple elements which will cause an immediate reaction. In case you don?t want to have large visual on your homepage, you can do just fine with other design elements available on your site. There are no rules, so go ahead and be creative. The more time you invest, the better your homepage will be.

Recent and popular posts

If you decide to run a blog, WordPress which is highly recommended, you should make sure it is well organized and relevant. That means that you?ll need to push your most popular posts on the top of the page. The same action should be done with recent posts. This simple tricks will help your business in at least two ways. First, you?ll be able to see what are your visitors interested in so you can meet their expectations in the future. The second perk is a better ranking of your website in the search engine results.

High-quality content

Once your customers clicked on your link and found themselves on your website, they?ll want to know what are you about. Make sure you work on high-quality content and web design which will get your visitors hooked on your brand. Keep up with personal tone while writing content since people are more likely to trust an individual than a big faceless corporation.

Before you start creating content, go ahead and find out who?s your ideal customer. Try to define their demographics. Get to know their age, interests, education. All of those will help you to give them the content they are seeking for. Work on keywords, and if you are not into it, feel free to consult one of the available SEO companies and they?ll be there for you.

Social media

Your website can?t make it on its own. Regardless of its aesthetics, functionality, and content, it will need help from social media platforms. The whole internet life is happening there, and if you?re not on social media, there?s a good chance you don?t exist. Because of that, consider adding some sharing buttons on your website, so your visitors can share what they like quickly. That way, the word about your business will be spread out, and you?ll be able to see what people think about your product or service. In addition, you?ll get valuable information about the traffic that came from social media, so you can use it for future marketing campaigns.


Try to avoid making a boring website. It should be provocative and unusual, and yet simple and pretty. You don?t have to worry about that since there are numerous talented web designers out there and you can make an audition so they can present their ideas. Make sure to hire someone experienced and up-to-date. Trends are changing fast and you don?t want to hire someone who will design and outdated website. Your website will be the face of your company, so make sure it?s representative.

Final thoughts

As you can see, aesthetics is important but not crucial part of your website. Before you start thinking about the looks, go ahead and start working on the content. The best way to lure people to your site is to listen to them and give them what they want. Always meet your customers? needs. Create a place where they can communicate with each other and with you.

Take some time to answer all their questions and address all concerns. People will appreciate your attitude and will be coming back. If you treat your customer base with care, they will share their experience online and your website will get even more traffic and your conversion rate will improve in no time.

How to Bring Your Website into the 21st Century

How to Bring Your Website into the 21st Century

When it comes to having a modern, up-to-date and, therefore, successful website, many businesses are lacking. Businesses believe that all you have to do is be online, have your products or services available, and customers will be flocking to your website. This is incorrect. To get click-through rates, you cannot simply rely on ?just being there.? You must transition into the digital era and make use of the internet and all the separate avenues available to you. This is how to bring your website into the 21st century.

Update Your Layout

If your website follows an obvious, quite static template, you need to swap it out for one which is user-friendly and more aesthetically pleasing. Modern and minimalist designs are popular, and a ?less is more? approach makes navigating through your website less stressful and more appealing. Have a select few of pages and tabs available, include images, and keep everything simple. Wow them with quality over quantity. Lucid Digital LLC and similar web design companies can offer your user-friendly web design that?ll optimize your sales and revenue.

Additionally, you will need to remove any ?spammy? ads, as Google is likely penalized your site and lower your ranking. Websites solely based on ads and generating revenue are being heavily targeted by Google?s latest update, Fred.

Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, people are more likely to access the internet via their smartphones than their desktop or laptop. This is because people live busier lives, and smartphones can be easier to access and can also run smooth enough for optimal web surfing. Your website need to be available across multiple devices, otherwise it will lead to frustrations and people won?t click through (or they?ll abandon ship when they can?t get to or buy what they want).

Social Media

Have your website linked to your social media accounts, and have your social media profiles link back to your website. Doing so allows you to fully utilize your social media marketing; you can post images of your product on Instagram, for example, and have it link back to the relevant page so people can purchase it easily. If you show your social media accounts on your website, people can easily ?like? your Facebook page or follow your Twitter and Instagram, making it easier for them to see you company updates or promotions.

Onsite SEO

Better your onsite SEO by improving your website?s content. You want relevant and useful keywords, and there?s nothing more jarring than seeing a website talking about outdated or irrelevant products/services. Plus, if you were prone to keyword stuffing or posting empty content, then removing them and starting afresh will better your Google ranking.

Offsite SEO

If your website isn?t easily found or crawling up Google ranking?s, you will need to consider offsite SEO as a means of becoming more noticeable. Competition is fierce, so you need optimal online visibility to become successful. You can implement SEO with content marketing, useful meta descriptions and hiring reputable SEO professionals who understand the digital marketing practice.

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