How To Market Yourself At A Convention

How To Market Yourself At A Convention

Exhibition_Halls,_Brisbane_Convention_&_Exhibition_CentreTrade conventions are great marketing opportunities, allowing you to network with other businesses and promote your services to those who may be interested in your area of trade. But how do you stand out amongst all the other companies and stalls present? Failing to advertise yourself properly could make it a wasted trip. Here are some ways to make the most out of a convention.

Check competition

Before going to the event, you should receive some information detailing where your stall will be and which other businesses will be attending and located around your area. Research these businesses before going to a? convention. If their trade is similar to yours, they are your main competition! Find out what it is that makes your service stand out from theirs and make that your selling point at the convention public speaking tips. For example, if you're a health and fitness convention and the gym equipment your company sells is cheaper than your competition's? market your stall as? budget gym equipment that everyone can buy? or something along those lines. If your services are more expensive, market yourself as? luxury? or ?professional?.

Creative signage

Don't let your stall blend in with others. A great way to do this make?sure your signage creative. Invest in cardboard cutouts, creatively-shaped signs, and big colorful banners. And of course, your signage doesn't have to be static. Did you know that you can hire pedicabs for convention marketing? These mini vehicles are sure to stand out. Other ideas involve wearing branded t-shirts, hiring a mascot-like figure to carry a sign around and offering branded bags.

Make a speech

All conventions will have an area for talks, whether it be a business convention or a trade convention. Talks can be educational, motivational, promotional or a blend of all three. Communicate with the organizers in advance about the opportunity of giving a speech. Public speaking can be daunting, but it?s the best way to stand out at a convention. Instead of having to give the same lengthy spiel to every passer-by, you can save it all for your talk and tell anyone that visits your stall in brief that you will be on at a certain time. Whilst you may want to shout about you and your business, the best talks commonly aren?t wholly promotional. Use it as a chance to inform people of your area of expertise, or to give advice to fellow businesses, on top of promoting.

Tweet regularly

Many people at the convention will be using social media, whether they?re other businesses or members of public. Let people know of your presence by taking to Twitter. If you?re giving a talk, tell people what time it will be one. Take a picture of your stall so people know what it looks like. Shout about the convention well in advance so that people who follow you on Twitter already can come visit your stall. Keep on top of convention news and what things are trending and link your business in with this.

Web Wizards: Use the Internet Like a Consumer, Not a Business

Web Wizards: Use the Internet Like a Consumer, Not a Business

Let?s be honest for a moment: the internet is important to any business and if you don?t use it you?re losing potential customers. Whether you?re a brick and mortar store selling socks or a Michelin star restaurant, you have to use the internet for a variety of different things.

In the modern age, almost everyone has a smart device of some kind and everyone looks online for news and reviews about almost everything. People can search up a review of your restaurant, on the socks you produce, or the quality of the doormat in your office. As long as someone has been to your establishment, they?re eligible to write up a review of your business.

Even if you don?t have a brick and mortar store, your services are no good to anyone if someone hasn?t taken a chance to use you. Just think about it?are you more likely to use a service with 1000 reviews, or buy from a company with 0 reviews and feedback? Unless you like to take a gamble, then you?re almost always going to go for the company with more feedback and reviews for safety reasons.

person-apple-laptop-notebookWelcome to Your Business

Be it advertising, taking bookings or delivering products across the world, your website serves as the digital front door to your business. If your entrance is filled with advertisements, shoddy writing, clashing colors and incoherent blabber, then your customers are going to turn tail and flee. However, if there?s a cozy environment, clear and concise writing, and complimentary colors that are easy on the eyes, then your consumers will remember your address and keep you on their list of competent businesses to interact with.

Take great care when designing your website. Hire a professional if you need, consult an artist, or even ask your friends and family what they think?every opinion counts, even ?bad? ones. Don?t turn your nose up at a friend who says ?the site looks weird??don?t just assume that your friend doesn?t understand your website because they aren?t an art student or they haven?t studied the colour theory that you?ve painstakingly applied to your website.

Don?t get annoyed when your parents think that your website is ?too colourful? or they have comments like ?I don?t know how to find x? because chances are, they?re going to be the average type of audience to browse your website. You can?t plan your website and design it like you?re engaging in professional discussion and interactions all the time. Good design is simple enough to be understood by everyone, so don?t get too carried away with creating a minimalistic or avant-garde front page to impress people.

When in doubt, consult professional designers about your problems. There are specialized services such as POET Media detailed here. Just keep in mind this golden rule of simple business designs: make something that a customer would use, not an art appreciator.

apple-camera-desk-officeMe! Me! Me!

We, we, we. That?s all business seem to talk about on the internet. Take a look at the following phrases:

  • We ensure the highest standard of quality when…
  • Our team of well-trained staff are capable of?
  • We have multiple awards in the field of?
  • Our experts have years of experience?

These are just some of the many types of quotes that you?ll find on a typical business website. Do you notice the complete lack of care about the customer? It?s a shameful display of self-importance that turns off regular consumers. People want to hear about what your business can offer them, not the other way around.

Don?t list your achievements like a trophy display on the wall of your living room. You wouldn?t invite guests over then drown them in your achievements while pointing at the items in your display case, so why would you do that to your online guests? Treat consumers with the respect that you want to be treated with. If your customers want to know about your awards and qualifications, then they?ll look that up separately. Your first reaction to a new customer shouldn?t be ?look at my amazing awards!?, it should be ?how can I help you??.

So how do you go about remedying your self-important quotes and qualifications list? Remove them. A front page should be welcoming, clutter-free, and easy to read. In many industries, qualifications are required so that your customers know you?re capable of doing the job they need or that you?re able to provide high-quality products. However, you can keep these on a separate page or place them deeper in your website for when the consumer requests more information?don?t shove it down their throats straight away.

Utilise images, clean color schemes, reduce the number of words on the page and get your message across using fewer syllables. Consumers are busy people and potential business clients have a lot of work to do, so you need to use clever strategies to draw in customers.

Computer Desktop with pokemonBeing Social on Social Media

Take a look at any social media account for a big brand and you?ll see the same boring and useless robotic-tone messages that might as well not be there. ?Our products are the best around, try us now!? or how about ?We have a sale! Click this link for more info!?. Sure, there?s absolutely no doubt that a sale would draw in more people?but is that really the point of social media? Another advertising platform? The millions of active users on Twitter seem to think otherwise.

Let?s face it, no one is going to add your business?s social media accounts to their friend list if all you do is spout advertising nonsense and boast about how great you are. People already encounter tons of marketing campaigns and commercials in their daily social media feeds, so do they really want to add to that spam by having your account pop up as well? Most likely not.

So how can a business utilize social media properly? That?s easy: by being talkative and encouraging interaction between users. Let?s not forget that social media platforms were made not for advertisers and businesses, but for regular people who want to converse, make friends, keep up with old pals, and learn about interesting things that are happening around the world. They don?t care that your business is having a sale in a store on the other side of the world to them, and the fact that you recently won a minor award doesn?t interest them at all.

Give your social media identity a personality. Manage it on your own or encourage your marketing team to add some personality to your posts. You want to be relatable, you want to appear human, and you want to engage consumers by interacting with your social media followers. Ask them what they want to see in your new product, encourage people to create hashtags for your services and products, offer technical support through twitter messages so that people can see your company cares about its customers and its public image. Be social?not a robot.

people-coffee-tea-meetingFocus on the User Experience

As mentioned before, one of the best ways to ensure that your business website is suitable for consumers is to get friends and family members to test it. However, those principles extend further than just design issues and coloring. While a good website can be attractive and informative, it?s useless if there are no systems implemented to actually encourage users to purchase or even consider using your products and services.

Let?s use a restaurant as an example. It?s great you have a pretty website with a lot of pictures of your food, an online menu, and even a list of awards that?s neatly tucked away from the front page. You should also have some testimonies, reviews, and of course contact information such as a phone number, email address, and most importantly your address.

Sadly, that?s considered the bare minimum for a productive website. You need to make sure that those pictures are up to date and change on a regular basis. Don?t expect your customers to be happy when they see a portion of fries on your website served in a pretty basket but then they find out that you no longer serve fries in your restaurant. Keeping the menu updated with the proper pricing and ingredients is also extremely important because you need to keep customers in the loop. Remember to update your content on a regular basis, and don?t skimp on taking pictures with your mobile phone unless it?s a top-end smartphone with an amazing camera. Hire a professional photographer to take mouth-wateringly detailed images of your food and beautiful photos of your establishment.

In addition to just contact information, an online web-service will also get you a big thumbs up from consumers. Allow your customers to book tables, order food online, and even talk live to your staff members. Set up eCommerce services so that your products can be sent across the entire globe. Never limit your audience to just your local area, and keep your quality of service consistent no matter what country you work with.

Inexpensive Marketing Solutions To Promote Any Business

Inexpensive Marketing Solutions To Promote Any Business

?Much has been written about the subject of marketing, particularly for businesses which are just getting off the ground. If that is where your business currently lies, then it is wise to try and promote it as cheaply as you can. The good news is that there are always plenty of ways to promote a business without overspending on your company budget. What?s more, many of these methods are even entirely free of charge. Yes, they are still effective marketing solutions – and no, you won?t have to sell your soul. Let?s take a look at some of the best, cheapest marketing solutions for any small business. Budget-Friendly Ideas to Promote Your Business

Instagram On Phone AppSocial Media

We will start with something which no business can afford to ignore. The fact is, social media is one of the best things to happen to marketing for many years. The great thing about social media marketing is that you can easily connect with many people with no effort at all – and all for a cost of nothing. With social media, your business can enjoy a surprising influx of new customers – provided that you do it right, of course. For maximum effect, be sure to try and make genuine connections with people on these sites. That is the best way to ensure that you attract as many people as possible. For more on this, see


Often, the old ways are the best. This is certainly true when you are trying to promote a new business, and you don?t know where to begin. Although you might not have thought it, the fact is that merchandise remains one of the most effective means of spreading the word. It really doesn?t matter what the actual merchandise is, so long as it is something which people are likely to use in their daily lives. And, of course. Provided that your business name is nice and prominent on the product. Take a look at for examples of powerful merchandise options.


As we have seen, the oldest methods are often the most effective. Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in the process of word-of-mouth. This is one of those methods which no business can do without. If you are not making the most of this, then it is unlikely that your business will get very far. In a manner of speaking, word of mouth is how businesses get going in the early days. Most businesses rely on word of mouth, at least at the very beginning, in order to grow and expand.

Press Releases

This is one method which is often overlooked, and yet it is surprisingly powerful. Sending out a press release is a great way of getting the word out that is completely free of charge. If you are releasing a new product, for example, then you could write a press release informing the press of that. You might be surprised at what an effect this can have on a young business. Above all, you should make sure that you learn how to write them so that they give the best impression.

The Internet Age & Your Business: The Undeniable Benefits

The Internet Age & Your Business: The Undeniable Benefits

One of the major benefits of running a business in the internet age is that being successful is much easier. That may sound like a bold statement to make, but the truth is when it comes to business success, the internet has levelled the playing field, so to speak. It is now much easier for smaller companies to compete with larger and more experienced corporations. Regardless of the size of their budget. Companies of all shapes and sizes can now reach a record number of potential customers. And all thanks to the power of the internet. That being said, not all businesses know how to use the internet to increase success. Or even, the benefits of taking the time to do so.

With that in mind, below we have shared some of the undeniable benefits of the internet for businesses. Along with ways that brands should be utilizing this powerful resource.

computer-768608_1280Sharing information is quicker and easier

20 years ago, sharing information about a product or service that your business was launching was far from easy. It would be expensive, time-consuming, and wholly ineffective. Mainly because of how limited your audience was. However, thanks to the rise of the internet, sharing information is now simpler and easier than ever before. From the use of email campaigns using software like Mailchimp to the use of social media, information sharing couldn?t be easier. Because most of these resources are free to use, sharing information has also become much more affordable. Meaning that businesses of all shapes and sizes are able to do so freely. Effectively upping their chances of their success.

Marketing doesn?t have to cost you the earth

Traditional marketing solutions can be incredibly expensive. Especially those that involve good old fashioned paper marketing. However, thanks to the internet, online marketing has become a new and more cost-effective option. The internet is not only a resource for marketing but also has plenty of information and advice about how it works. For instance, you can discover online marketing here, and read up on the ins and outs of each option. The fact is there are various ways that businesses can advertise online, some of which are effective, and some that aren?t. So before choosing a marketing option, it?s always best to do your research. The last thing you want is to put a whole lot of time and effort into something, only for it to fail spectacularly.

Social media makes networking much easier


It?s no secret that for businesses of all shapes and sizes, networking is crucial. The business industry is a big place, and so, to get your brand name out there, you need to make time to network with other industry professionals. Traditionally, networking was something that was done face to face at networking events. Many industry professionals still network in this way. And while that?s their prerogative, it?s not always practical to leave your office to attend a networking event. However, thanks to the internet – or social media to be exact – you no longer have to. Many companies now choose to network online with the help of social media. The best social media site for online networking is Twitter, as there are various chats held each day. These are a fantastic way to meet like-minded people and grow your business?s reach. There are various Twitter chats to take part in, but some of the best ones are #smallbizchat, #SEOchat, and #PMchat.

Reduces costs

Regardless of their size, all businesses want to find ways to reduce their spending. As the more money they can save on everyday costs, the more they have to invest in other areas of running their company. The internet has made saving money as a business owner much easier, as we mentioned above. As well as making marketing cheaper and more cost-effective, the internet has also reduced other business costs. Take mail, for instance. Businesses used to have to pay to print documents out and then pay to send them. However, now important documents can be sent for free via email, saving companies money on postage. Then there?s the fact that the internet can save businesses money by cutting phone bills and travel costs. This is thanks to wi-fi calls and video chatting. Another example is free software – the internet offers a lot of free software that can be useful for businesses. As a resource, the internet is fantastic for helping to reduce costs.

Offering good customer service is easier

6497720551_79c434a2a0Last but not least, thanks to the internet it?s much easier to offer higher levels of customer service. You see, social media sites have meant that it?s easier than ever before for customers to contact companies with queries. It has also made it much easier for brands to reply to these. The invention of online web chats, such as Google Hangouts, have made it easier again for companies to be contacted. Live chats are popular because they?re quick and easy in comparison to having to call a customer service number. There?s no waiting around on hold or expensive bills to worry about. It?s just a case of typing in a message and waiting for a response. Studies have shown that companies that offer live chats on their websites tend to rank better in terms of customer service quality. So a web chat is something that?s most definitely worth adding to your website.

The internet age has had a big impact on the business industry and has changed it in many ways. Today, a business without a website is rare. Whereas, 20 years ago very few companies would have websites. Those that did, would have limited traffic because few people used the internet or even had a computer in their homes. However, today that?s no longer the case. The internet is a resource that?s used day in, day out by the majority of society, including many successful businesses. Hence why it has become such a useful tool for business owners to use to make running their company easier.

Five Fantastic Ideas For Small Business Lead Generation

Five Fantastic Ideas For Small Business Lead Generation


There?s nothing more important to the welfare of a small business than growth. Without it, you?ll be constantly dealing with a high degree of risk, and your business will forever be in danger. There are lots of ways to try and pursue that growth, and lead generation is one of them. You need to make sure that you?ve got that strong source of sales, or you?ll be failing to make profits. But, every other business is trying to do the same thing as you. Your lead generation tactics need to be smarter than theirs. How can you make sure of this? Let?s find out.


Lead Generation Programs

Let?s start with the easiest option available to you. Lead generation programs exist to do all the hard work on your behalf. They?ll focus on the areas they think are most important to ensure that you gain more sales. Of course, this is going to cost you money to implement, but you?ll hopefully reap the rewards via substantial growth. By buying into the right type of lead generation programs, you?ll have a great chance of success.


Social Media

We?ve gotten to a point where your business simply can?t afford to ignore social media any longer. Your customers and potential customers will be spending masses of time online. This is your chance to invade their viewing space and attract them with excellent lead generation tactics. How you do this is up to you, and if you?re not so clued-up, you might want the professionals to help out.


Paid Advertising

There are loads of forms of paid advertising that can help when it comes to lead generation. Social media is the first example. Facebook & Twitter are just two platforms that provide paid advertising services to reach more viewers. You can also think about boosting your website with SEO or engaging in Pay-Per-Click advertising, for example.



Events & Conferences

There?s a reason why events and conferences still haven?t died out, despite the reach of the internet. There?s a personal touch that you just don?t get online. Because of this, these events can be incredibly beneficial in the right circumstances. They cost a lot in money and preparation time, but you might just find that they?ll generate a significant number of leads. Pick a reputable and relatable event with the right type of audience, and you?ll go far.


Inbound Lead Generation

This is the one that many businesses forget! Inbound lead generation encourages the customers to come to you. It?s really easy to put into action, too. All you need is to spread your contact details around. Advertise them on your website. Put them on your social media profile. Include them in your emails to your mailing list. The more services you provide, the better. In particular, live chat room services are becoming a fantastic way to generate inbound lead generation.


Once you?ve generated those leads, be sure to keep a close track of them in the future. Be sure to build a database of customers and potential leads that might just lead to sales down the line. We wish you luck!

Social Bookmarking is The Easiest Way to Advertise Your Website

After reading the title the first question that may come to your mind is: what exactly is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking refers to the process of saving bookmarks to a web site or web page and tagging them to social bookmarking sites. These sites are popular and convenient ways to store your favourite sites. You can also share your link with friends and send them to search engines. Other users can also easily find your web site via tags on these social bookmarking sites.

These sites are usually free – you can submit your site and can share your links to the others for free. Normally in these social bookmarking sites you can save your link publicly but you have the option of saving these links privately.

You have to be aware that some sites are NoFollow while others are DoFollow. Of course, it's better if you submit your site to the DoFollow social bookmarking sites. So that your bookmark may be crawled quickly by the major search engine. Submitting to NoFollow social bookmarking sites means not that they don't have any value. However, the NoFollow sites might increase your your site's Yahoo backlink score.

Be Creative

There are millions of web pages on the net and visitors will only click your bookmark if it is interesting to them. So make your bookmarking title more interesting – be creative, so that the user are attracted to your bookmarking title.

Social bookmarking allows you to share your link in a professionally way to the other users. Normally, Social bookmarking is the a place where thousands of user can create their personal account to add their bookmarks. It is ideal if the social bookmarking site allows you to insert keywords so that other users can easily find links related to their specified bookmarks.

Laying down roots

Social bookmarking lays down the roots for establishing and promoting the value of your website, article post or video. Users are also able to vote for a bookmark. So the more votes you get for your bookmark, the more valuable it becomes. Thus, Social bookmarking gives a resource credibility. Most of the social bookmarking networks will also highlight those profiles with the highest votes.s

Once you register with a social bookmarking site you become a part of that community. You and all other members are there for the same thing for which you signed up. It is essential to develop a close relationship and communicate with the other users. is one of the places where you can buy social bookmarking service for only $5. So go over to the site and open a free account. Then buy my Gig?100 manual social bookmarking for $5.