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How to Get SEO Dynamics Out Of Your Hard Copy Information

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sometimes seems like a sort of mystic science. That?s often the case for those who don?t work with it on a regular basis, particularly businesspeople, who are likely to have received the full blast of statistical analyses from experts without getting the big picture of what SEO does, and what it?s supposed to achieve.

Another thing most people don?t know is that SEO works, and works very well. They also apparently don?t know that the basic principles of SEO and advertising copy are very much the same. Ironically, the realities of SEO ideas and practices are in plain view, all the time, all over the world, in the form of ad copy.

Consider this-

  • How do you search for something online?
  • You use names, descriptions, and try to pin down your search terms to be as effective as possible, to find what you want in the shortest space of time.

SEO keywords and phrases are based on these principles, and so is advertising copy. If you?re looking for a fridge, you search for fridges, perhaps with a brand name.? If you look at hard copy ads, what do you see? ?Westinghouse Fridges?.

SEO dynamics in hard copy

A man called Claude Hopkins is called The Father of Advertising. He wrote a book called Scientific Advertising at the start of the 20th century, and his work is still required reading today. ?Hopkins was a realist, and emphasized the value of print materials in terms of their value to the consumer, not the seller. The idea is that people have their own motivations for purchase, and these are the real decision-making influences.

Decisions are based on information, and that information has to be presented so that it shows clear values to the consumer. The consumer, naturally, looks at any form of advertising in the same way as SEO ? ?This is what I?m looking for?.

For hard copy producers, this principle is extremely important. A post-it note can provide enough information to generate a sale, provided it has information of use to the buyer. This in turn means that hard copy information has to use these values dynamically, to match the medium used.

For example-

  • Your business card- Business card printing allows some very high value content to be included on a card, like services, areas of expertise, and visual content to attract attention like colour schemes, layout, etc. A business card is in effect a mini-advertisement.
  • Business writing techniques- Basic business writing may not have a reputation for glamorous use of language, but it?s extremely efficient in terms of providing information. In corporate brochure printing, information content is very much constructed on the business writing foundation, with ad copy attached to highlight the SEO content effect for subject matter.

Even technical writing can be incorporated into something as obviously advertising-oriented as large poster printing, using text like ?The new XYZ processor, 5GB RAM?, which tells those interested in high end processors exactly what they want to know.

SEO content dynamics work for any business. If you?re looking for better content for your hard copy, start looking at SEO principles. You?ll appreciate the upgrade.

Why Your Site Isn?t Ranking Well in the Search Engines

Do you know that Google is currently the biggest website online, and also the biggest search engine in the world? Google also happens to be sending the highest number of visitors to most websites online, and the reason for that is very simple; when people need solutions to their problems, they go to Google.

There are two ways you can get traffic from the Google search engine. The first way is by constantly writing quality content that will hopefully get noticed in a few years time, and the other way is by actively taking measures to optimize your site and make sure it is in the right frame to rank well in the search engines. The second approach is the one I use for my yahoo small business coupon and midphase coupon blog, and this approach has been quite effective for me in the past, and is still bringing me great results.

The problem, however, is that there are things you should (and should not) do to help you get better rankings in the search engines, and in this article I will be giving you some reasons why your site isn?t ranking well.

Lots of Flash and Javascript Content

One major reason why most websites can?t rank well in the search engines is because they use a lot of flash and Javascript content to communicate with their readers. I?m not trying to say flash or Javascript isn?t good; instead, it isn?t that friendly to the search engine bots as they can?t crawl it. If you love to communicate to your readers via videos, then you can increase your chances of success by ensuring the post has the right title, description and tags. That way, the search engines will recognize and rank it in the right position.

It is Taking too Long to Load

Another major reason why your site might not be ranking well in the search engines is that it is taking too long to load. More than ever, search engines are now starting to place more emphasis on having fast loading sites, and as a result it will be very difficult for irritably slow sites to rank well in the search engines.

You can increase your chances of ranking well for your desired keywords in the search engines by optimizing your site and working on ensuring it loads faster for all users.

Poor Site Structure and Lack of Quality Content

One thing that might affect your site a lot and cost you some rankings is your site structure. Just try to take a look at your site structure and ask yourself if it is user-friendly or if it is unorganized. A good user-friendly site is also search engine friendly, due to the fact that links are all organized in one place and are easy to find, and also because the quality of the content regularly published is superb.

The structure of your website is very important, and the quality of your content should be second to none, so make sure you work hard on improving these aspects of your blog.

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Search Engine Optimization SEMRush

If you?re into Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing, then you should be into SEMrush because it can help you stay ahead of the game.

SEMrush is the only tool of its kind currently scraping over 88 million Google SERPs a month for the most popular keywords. It then takes that data and translates it into easy to follow charts, reports, and stat summaries for each keyword, phrase, or domain you plug into the search box.

When you open the SEMRush page, you?ll see the search box. Once you type in either a domain name or a keyword, a navigation menu on the left will list out the various reports you can browse through. These reports are based on both Google Organic search results and Google AdWords data.

Reports available include:

  • Main Report
  • Google Keywords
  • AdWords Keywords
  • Competitors in Google
  • Competitors in AdWords
  • AdWords Ads Texts
  • Potential Ads Buyers
  • Potential Ads Sellers

You might begin your analysis by entering your own domain name in the search box. You?ll then be able to see a snapshot of all the reports available.

The Google keywords report will give you a list of keywords for which you are currently ranking in the first 20 positions in Google SERP. For each keyword, useful information about it is provided, including: the exact SERP position, percentage of the traffic you are getting from it, total number of Google search results for the keyword, as well as numbers related to monthly search volume (CPC, search trend, and the like). Any AdWords data is also readily available via the AdWords Keywords tab.

Perhaps more important than checking data related to your own site, is checking the data relative to your competitors? sites. This is easy with SEMrush. Just enter a domain in the search box, click on the Competitors in Google tab in the Reports Menu, and you?ll see a list of competing domains based on an organic search. Included in this report is data such as: number of common keywords, search engine traffic, search engine traffic price, and total number of AdWords keywords associated with each of the domains. A similar report is also available relative to your AdWords competitors.

Keyword data can be attained the same way as domain info. SEMrush gives a complete list of data in its keyword summary, including: the list of sites using the word ranking in the first 20 positions in Google Organic Search, a Related Keywords Report, a Phrase Match Report, and an AdWords Report (list of sites running AdWords campaigns for that keyword).

SEMRush can even help identify potential ad buyers or ad sellers for your site based in your keyword searches. It compares the keywords you?re ranking in Google?s first 20 positions for to the list of Google AdWords buyers for those keywords and produces a Potential Ads Buyers report, or Potential Ad Sellers report for each.

SEMRush is available for varying levels of access and data. There?s a free, limited access version for those who want to check out how it does what it does, but that will only scratch the surface if you?re a true SEO or SEM professional. Other subscriptions to the service range from ?light? to ?PRO? and even Guru and Enterprise levels for those who need it.

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Using SEO techniques to optimize websites is crucial for ranking high in search engine results. Many people try to optimize their own website, without any way of knowing if their efforts have been effective. is offering free SEO reports that can help website owners evaluate the SEO on their websites.

The process is easy. Simply enter a URL, choose a keyword and provide an email address where results can be sent. will provide visitors with a professional evaluation of the website entered. The report offers detailed, in-depth results about the website. Also included are suggestions on proven techniques to improve the site?s SEO, enabling the site to rank highly in search engine results.

The SEO report is free, and users can sign up for a Pro account that provides unlimited reports, along with the ability to customize them with personal branding. Reports can be used on members? own websites and those of their clients.

When people conduct an online search, few seldom look further than the first page of search results. The businesses and merchants that enjoy the best sales are those that appear on that all important first page. To rank on the first page, it?s vital that a website utilize SEO techniques. Businesses that don?t are losing business to the competition.

Businesses typically optimized their sites for a worldwide audience, and while that?s still important, it?s vital that merchants don?t overlook the value of optimization for local customers. Consumers are conducting more searches for local outlets with which to do business in an effort to avoid long commutes and to save money. Optimizing websites for local traffic is an easy means of introducing a business, its products and services to a completely new group of potential customers.

Many merchants attempt to optimize their own sites, with mixed results at best. The free evaluation from quickly and easily lets businesses know what they?re doing correctly and provides them with sound advice for optimizing their sites to obtain the traffic and search engine ranking they need to succeed.

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