How to Make Sure Your WordPress Website is SEO-Friendly

What is the use of a visually-stunning, feature-rich website if it isn’t optimized for search engines? In fact, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo care more about quality content, file names, alt tags and keywords than they do about how nice a site is to look at. If you’re building a website in WordPress, understanding what search engines are looking for on your site can help your online venture become a resounding success. 

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Why Is SEO Necessary?

If you already have a WordPress website, you probably know just how important it is to ensure that your site is well-optimized for search engines. It doesn’t matter how nice the design is, without proper SEO, you’re simply not going to get the results that you want. An SEO-friendly website has a much higher chance of appearing on the first page of search results for relevant keywords, driving constant organic traffic to your website. These resources can help you better understand SEO and where to get started. 

Set Permalinks:

Permalinks are the URLs of your website pages and posts. They are what users type into their address bar to reach your website and visit relevant pages. They might also be used by search engines and other websites to link to pages on your website. WordPress comes with default permalink settings that allow you to change them depending on your needs. You can find these in settings > permalinks. 

Create a Sitemap:

Your website might contain hundreds of different pages, and it’s important to tell Google your website structure in order to get these pages indexed by Google. You can create a Google XML sitemap, which is relatively simple. To do this, all you need to do is use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, which you can link with your site to automatically generate a sitemap and make it easier for search engines to better index your site. 

Use Google Analytics:

This popular analytics tool is free to use and invaluable for helping you keep track of your website traffic and determine what you’re doing well and what could be improved. You can use it to find out more about traffic sources, user behavior, and various other important factors that you need to understand in order to better reach your target audience. You can use it to locate 404 error pages, combat referral spam and more. 

Choose an SEO-Friendly Theme:

WordPress offers a huge variety of both paid and free themes, which you can use to influence the design, look and feel of your site. However, don’t just think about appearance when choosing your theme. While looking good is important, you should also select a theme that has been optimized for search engines. Make sure that your theme uses meta title tags and headings appropriately, has a neat, clean structure with valid HTML, and is responsive to all devices. 

There are plenty of factors to think about when it comes to ensuring that your WordPress website is SEO friendly. Keep these tips in mind in order to lay a good foundation when building your site. 

4 Excellent Security Tools For The Modern-Day Business

4 Excellent Security Tools For The Modern-Day Business

Your business means a lot to you. Every single facet of it is incredibly valuable. From digital aspects like your business website, all the way through to physical items like the products you sell. If anything gets compromised, it can spell problems for your small company. As a consequence, you need to take strict security measures into account. 

The modern business faces a lot of foes. Some of these you can see – like burglars – others lurk in the shadows – like hackers. Nevertheless, you need to arm yourself with some modern security tools/ideas to protect your company from any harm.

If you keep on reading, you’ll see some excellent security suggestions for your business:

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Ethical hackers

What better way to protect your business against hackers than by employing some hackers of your own? Hacking gets a pretty bad rap because it’s always spoken about negatively. However, you can use hacking to bolster the security of your IT network. An ethical hacker is someone who works with your business and tries to breach your network security system. They will then pinpoint all the weak spots and tell you how you can improve. Ultimately, it’s like an audit of your security system. You learn all of your weaknesses and can fix them. This is a great way to keep your network secure, which will also protect your business website from being hacked. If that were to happen, you could miss out on lots of business and compromise so much data. 


A drone works really well as a mobile security camera for your business. As such, it’s more for protection against physical threats. If you have a business location that you need to keep secure, then a drone comes in very handy. As it shows on, some drones have been specifically made for commercial purposes. So, find one that suits your needs and can be used as a reliable security drone. Many businesses have used drones to add extra security to outdoor events as well. Let’s say you’re hosting a conference or a business event outdoors – and there are lots of people – then a drone up high casts a look down upon everyone. You can spot security threats as they happen, preventing them from being major issues. 

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A virtual private network is a handy security tool for modern business. It’s especially vital for any companies that spend a lot of time online. The aim of a VPN is to provide more privacy when you browse the web. You can use a VPN to protect your internet privacy using encryption technology. In essence, it becomes harder for people to see what you’re doing. From a business standpoint, this can also protect your internet connection in the office. It makes it far less likely that someone can hack your connection or spy on what you’re doing. We live in a strange age, so there’s no telling what a rival business might do to try and gain the upper hand! VPNs are simple and affordable, and you can set one up in a matter of minutes. If you care about internet security, this is something you need to have. 


You’ve got a smartphone, right? How do you unlock it? Most of you will use a fingerprint or face scanner. This is biometrics, and you can utilize the technology to make your business more secure. Instead of using fingerprints to unlock a phone, you can use them to unlock doors. This could be a great access system that controls who is allowed into your building. Only people whose fingerprints have been registered can actually enter the office. Otherwise, they’ll need someone to come down and let them in. This can prevent so many security threats as you stop people from walking inside as they please. Other access system methods are available, but they have flaws. A pin code can be memorized if someone is spying on the door. A simple lock can easily be picked! You can’t replicate a fingerprint or a face or a retina. 

Alternatively, you can use biometrics to secure specific places in your workplace. For example, let’s say you have a server room. This is a great place for a biometric lock as it provides extra security to protect your servers.

No matter how big your business is, it needs to be secure. Whether you’re an online business or one with a physical presence, various threats will exist. Consider using any of these tools or ideas to bolster your security. 

Is This Lockdown Period a Perfect Time To Design a Fantasy Sports Website?

Is This Lockdown Period a Perfect Time To Design a Fantasy Sports Website?

While the whole world was enjoying a glimpse of sunshine, violent storm clouds were building up in the meat market in Wuhan. The whole world is struggling with this coronavirus outbreak and to save their lives, they are living at home. At this time, all the age people including children, aged and youngsters all are staying at home to cope up with this pandemic. At home, children love to play indoor games, online games and most of the young people are spending their time playing online games, cooking, painting, drawing, new skills development, and many other activities.

Lockdown 3.0 has applied in India. The lockdown period is giving an opportunity to put your leg into the iGaming industry. This worldwide pandemic has increased the demand for online games like Fantasy sports, Fantasy Cricket, PUBG, Rummy, poker and many more online games. This time is to grab this new opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur. So what are you waiting for, start your business by Fantasy Sports Website Development and create a strong image and business in the market of iGaming. 

I know that you are also facing some problems during this lockdown period. This blog will help you to understand the reason to start your business and will provide you with support by giving few tips. Read the full article to earn money online by developing fantasy sports websites. 

Fantasy Sports Market Growth:

According to experts, Growth of the fantasy sports market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% with Revenue USD 9.34 bn in 2020-24. A major reason for the growth of the market is the development of fantasy sports applications. All the applications of fantasy sports provide a variety of features including account creation, multiple-payments mode, allow users to invite their friends, score sharing, players ranking and performance tracking, etc.

Leading Key Players of Global Fantasy Sports Market:

  • Roto Sports Inc.
  • Sporta Technologies Private Ltd.
  • Sportech Inc.
  • The Football Association Premier League Ltd.
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • CBS Corp.
  • DraftKings Inc.
  • Fox Corp.
  • Paddy Power Betfair Plc
  • Verizon Communications Inc.

A large period of lockdown has applied in various countries, This caused major companies to assign ‘work from home” to their employees, owners are staying at home, industries are closed, No outdoor activity can be performed. To kill time, people are downloading a variety of mobile applications like Healthcare application, Houseparty app, Video gaming apps, Book reading apps, fantasy sports and fantasy cricket apps, artwork apps and more. 

User-engagement with Fantasy Sports Web and Applications:

Before the lockdown, people were engaging in their monotonous routine activities. All sectors were working with their own efficiency and at that time, they did not find any time for fun. This lockdown period provides sufficient time for all the sector peoples to enjoy at their home by spending their time with family members.

People are spending their full day at home and engaging themselves in various activities but even after doing that, they have a large time portion of the day and these leftovers hours are engaging them in online activities. Before now due to a tight schedule, they were unable to enjoy their hobbies and life events. Millions of people are engaging in online activities wherein 70 percent of people are playing online games on a daily basis. Don’t you think that it is a perfect time to start your online business. 

Advantages Of Developing Fantasy Sports Website:

  • Increase product sales
  • Helps in increasing website traffic.
  • Increase the sport, product and brand awareness.
  • Helps in building relationships with your customers and suppliers
  • Impressively builds loyalty among online community
  • Helps in getting an email database of new customers. 

Fantasy Sports Website Development companies provide help to entrepreneurs, sports fans, leagues and bloggers to design a feature-rich website and application. 

Fantasy Sports Website Solution that You Should Know:

While developing Fantasy sports website you should know about the scope and solutions for which you can design a user-centric website:

  • Fantasy Sports Software
  • Fantasy Sports App Development
  • Fantasy Cricket App Development
  • Daily Fantasy Sports Web Development
  • Season Long Fantasy Sports Development 
  • Fantasy Games Website Development
  • Fantasy Golf Development
  • Fantasy Hockey Development
  • fantasy ESports Software Development
  • Sports League Website Development
  • Fantasy Football Development
  • Sports Betting Software Development
  • Fantasy Basketball  Development
  • Fantasy Baseball Development
  • Fantasy Soccer Software Development
  • Fantasy Stock Market software Development
  • Fantasy Rugby Software Development
  • Fantasy Auto Racing Development
  • White Label Fantasy Sports Software Development, more. 

Above all the services you can hire for your new project. In this economic crisis, you have to understand the value of an online business. Everyone is sitting at home, only you have to think logically to survive in this outbreak. You can go for some innovative ideas during website development. By providing some special features like free membership, bonus prizes, online cash, download, and earn and many attractive discounts offer you can engage more and more people on your website and it will help to increase your traffic. 

Step-by-step Guide To Start Your Business:

To become a Top-notch Service provider, You have to follow some steps to start your business in Fantasy Sports. 

1. Decide a Goal .

2. Choose your target audience.

3. Design a list of sports that you want to add.

4. Develop your Unique Selling Proposition.

5. Choose a reliable Data provider.

6. Launch your business.

7. Elect a trustworthy development partner.

At last, you have to choose a trustworthy development partner that can convert your dreams into reality. You have to stick to your vision and should take all the actions very carefully. Hire a trustworthy Fantasy Sports web developer and share your business idea with them. You can hire Fantasy Sports Web Developers from Mobiweb Technologies which offers feature-rich sports websites at affordable prices. 


All the above discussion clarifies that this lockdown period is a perfect time to start your business. It is a time to challenge your abilities and skills for giving a perfect shape to your future. Show your hidden skills in developing a fantasy sports business and become a billion-dollar business owner in 2020. The above tips will help you to understand the growth of the market and as per your wisdom take the right action at the right time. Do not waste your time, just do it. 

Author Bio:

I am Arnika Gupta SEO executive at Mobiweb Technologies which is an offshore software and application development company serving the clients globally from 10+ years. Curiosity to learn new things makes me interested in content writing and encourages me to write something different. 

At-Home Work Policies Every Business Now Needs

At-Home Work Policies Every Business Now Needs

Who would have thought that we would be sitting here, discussing what the best at-home work policies are for business, just a few months ago? It's shocking to see how rapidly the world has changed. The lockdown proposes many unique challenges that the majority of business owners have never faced before. However, now you need to get the most out of your workers while everybody is at home in their pjs’. You will need to consider what technologies you can get employees to adopt for their laptops, tablets and mobiles. Communication is vitally important as there’s very little face-to-face speaking anymore. The chain of command must also remain intact.

Task and project management

As the business owner, how do you manage a project from your office at home? Keeping your management staff focussed on the projects at hand is one thing, but how do you know what is and isn’t feasible? Firstly you should have a meeting with your heads of departments. Ask them what they think is a realistic way forward with regard to the contingency of projects they were doing before lockdown? This will entail your management contact employees in their departments to see what their personal at-home capabilities are. Do they have the software needed to carry on working at a satisfactory level from home? Can your employees use the software they use in the office, at home on their machines? This is possible if you have cloud-based systems. 

Remain in contact

Now we realize the value of face-to-face communication. Any questions we had, we could get answers to instantly and have conversations to fully understand the issues at hand. Now, however, we are left with fewer and inferior options. It's important to realize not everyone will be at their machines all day. Lockdown is tough on the mental health of individuals so they might be out for a walk or doing grocery shopping. Using group messaging services from mobile brands is a bit of an afterthought. Instead, there is a better way to do group messaging by using a specialist service. This type of platform will organize your group messages for you, so you know what groups are talking about and who is replying. You can also opt-out at any time, while still receiving the information you need. You don’t have to be part of a group to be alerted to what was said if you have chosen to be given a summary of information in the form of a list. 

Chain of command

During this time, business owners will need to test their leadership skills. The chain of command is so easily broken when your management doesn't ‘feel’ your presence. However, conducting regular bi-weekly meetings via conference call software will remind employees that the show is carrying on. Ask all your management staff to buy webcams so it feels more like a meeting as everyone can see and hear each other. 

These are the policies that every business will not be rushing to employ. No one really knows how long the lockdown will last, but keeping business chugging along, albeit slowly, is better than nothing. 

How you can speed up your WordPress Website

How you can speed up your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the best and most widely used content management systems available today. Around 35% of is powered by WordPress, making it a great option for you to choose.

One thing that you'll want from your WP site is lightning speed. Why? Because it not only contributes to your online visitor's user experience but also towards your SEO efforts.

Want to speed up your WP site? Here’s what you need to do:

Get better hosting.

Hosting plays an important part in your WP site speed. 

If you're just starting a WP site with no experience, it won't make sense for you to invest in high-speed hosting. That's fine. 

But when your website starts to grow, and you’re getting more traffic than what your current hosting option can handle, then it’s time to move on to better hosting.

Choosing a dedicated server will make your website much faster. It will also come at a higher price than a shared option, but when it comes to hosting, you’re getting for what you’re paying. 

Only use the essential plugins.

Plugins are what arguably makes WordPress, WordPress. 

A mistake that a lot of beginner WordPress users make is that they fill their website will make all kinds of plugins. While plugins are great and provide a lot of additional functionality to your website, they also take a toll on your website's load speed.

The best way to go about choosing your WP plugins is to use only the ones that you really need. Ideally, you should be using high-performance plugins that are known for providing value to other WP sites.

It makes sense for your site to have plugins that bring joy to your audience. Having a plugin for a live chat app will help improve your audience’s experience on your site.

Another thing with plugins is that some plugins can interfere with the working of other plugins. This may cause a loss of site speed, among other things.

Use a fast theme.

Themes play a big role in how your WP site looks. Choosing the right theme can be difficult if you're new to WordPress, but it's not that hard.

There are several factors that you need to consider while choosing a theme for your website. One of them should be how fast your WordPress theme is.

You should not choose a theme that is aesthetically pleasing but isn’t fast. The tradeoff just isn’t worth it. 

So, stick with a theme that looks amazing but provides you the performance that you want and needs.

Optimize your images.

To make your website faster, you'll want all the content on your website to be optimized and to the point. You'll notice that some blogging websites aim for each of their blog posts to be below a certain word count. So, optimizing your content is really important.

Images are an important part of your website. They help your visitors visually understand the content and message you are trying to communicate on a web page of yours.

Generally, you should try to include high-quality images. But that contributes to more data on your website. And more data means more load time.

To make the most out of images and not slow down your website, you’ll need to optimize your images.

There are all kinds of tools for image optimization. But why use a tool when a plugin can help you. Plugins like TinyPNG, Imagify, Optimole, are all great choices.

Eliminate spam.

Spam comes in many shapes and forms. One of the most common kinds of spam is comment spam.

If you've seen an unmaintained blog, you'll notice that it's filled with spammy comments. These comments are off-topic, sometimes inappropriate, and are only present to insert a link.

These spam comments are not contributing anything of value to the website. They are also taking up space on your website, making it slow if there are enough of them. Also, some of these links might try to load malicious external resources on to your site.

To eliminate spam from your WP site, you'll need to monitor your website for spam manually. Worried? Well, you should be.

Manually eliminating spam is going to take too long and is not a viable solution. You’ll need an anti-spam plugin for your WordPress site like Akismet, that filters spam comments.

Having a plugin is not the only thing you'll need to do. You should also make sure to review your website for spam every month or so manually. You can vary this period depending upon your needs, but a month is pretty standard.

Limit the number of external resources.

External resources can take a lot of time to load. The time it takes for elements and assets to load on your website will contribute to your page load speed.

Try to use external resources sparingly.

If you choose to embed videos on a web page, you will be making the smarter choice. But still, that does not mean that you can embed as many external resources as you want. 

Another thing that is classified as an external resource but often ignored is advertisements. Most people want to make money from their website, and showing ads is a great way to do so.

There’s just one problem with that. Most ads have to be loaded externally, and that can take time. If your goal is to make your website fast and speedy, then you should consider limiting the number of ads on your website.

Consider using a CDN.

Content Distribution Network, CDN, is a great way to make your website faster.

Think of it this way. What a CDN does is places all your static files on servers located closer to your audience and traffic sources. This helps your audience to quickly have access to the files that they want to see as the servers are geographically closer to them.

While CDNs are a great way to increase your page load time for your audience, you’ll want to use them after careful consideration. Not knowing what you’re doing can result in an undesirable effect. Study up on CDNs and make sure you know how to use CDNs effectively.


WP is a forgiving platform. All you need to do is to do the basics right and make sure that you are only using essentials addons to your website.

Hamzah Adil is a digital marketer with a background in computer science. He's currently working for a startup that has released a new live chat app called SwiftChat.


How Coronavirus is Impacting Marketing, eCommerce & Advertising Statistics

How Coronavirus is Impacting Marketing, eCommerce & Advertising Statistics

The current Coronavirus pandemic has wide-ranging ramifications for every industry, including marketing and eCommerce. It's no surprise then that marketers are looking to make changes that will better help their businesses adapt to the new situation. The numbers are looking pretty grim, as statistical analysis shows drops in nearly every single part of the economy. Take a look at some statistics that represent the current situation for marketing, advertising, and eCommerce. 

Fashion retail sales have been nearly halved

Unsurprisingly, people aren't in any rush to shop for non-essentials this season. While most industries are seeing record lows, the clothing and fashion sectors have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Brick and mortar stores across Australia have been forced to close and consumers aren't rushing to spend their money in a time when employment is uncertain.

In regions such as France, the numbers aren't looking very good. There's been a severe year-on-year drop in sales for fashion, apparel, and accessory industries. Since the start of March, there's been a sharp decline of 41% in net sales. It's a difficult time for the fashion industry in France, but other countries aren't so lucky, either. The UK is seeing a similar, albeit slightly milder situation. The drop is only around 29% for its worst day, meaning it's doing slightly better than France.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. With the introduction of massive discounts, countries like Germany have seen minute increases in sales. This might not last very long, but it could be a sign of good things to come. Online retail remains popular and website visits haven't declined much, if at all. This suggests that consumers are still checking out products, but they're reserving them for later on when finances are more secure. 

Supermarkets are busier than ever

March has seen a 20.6% increase in supermarket sales all throughout the UK. It was the busiest month on record, and it’s not difficult to imagine why. The moment that there was news of a global pandemic, people were quick to start stockpiling essentials. Supermarkets saw more traffic than Christmas day, as customers scrambled to get as much into their carrying bags as possible. 

There's another factor to consider. For the whole of March, restaurants saw very little business. Eating out suddenly came with a cost that outweighed the luxury. Instead, people shopped for groceries and preferred to cook and eat at home. 

Despite this, large supermarket and megamarket chains suffered some slight losses here and there. As these locations are ripe for crowd-formation and close interaction, they are generally avoided. The markets that are currently seeing customers are the more local corner and convenience stores. The average household will rather turn to the closest store they have to avoid interacting with too many strangers. This has led to a sharp 30% increase in sales for independent shops. If further restrictions are introduced by governments, it’s likely that supermarkets will see a further decline, while corner shops will remain stable throughout.

Marketing strategies are changing 

The continuing uncertainty of the economy has had an enormous impact on marketing. Marketers in Australia are changing their planned strategies to adapt to the current economic crisis. Only an estimated 14% of businesses are going through with their original marketing strategies for the year. This number could go even lower as the situation develops. There's no telling how the market will shift, which is why it never hurts to play it safe. 

The sharp increase in changes to marketing strategies has left businesses uncertain o whether or not to proceed with the same amount of effort. While the situation seems dire, marketing is one part of a business that shouldn't be neglected, even during a global crisis. It's still very effective at attracting consumers, as long as strategies are adapted well.

Australian businesses have quickly shifted towards the delivery of digital products and content. This has led to an increase in demand for effective online marketing and SEO. People aren’t visiting a brick and mortar stores for their shopping nowadays, which is why many Australian websites need to be primed and ready for an influx of new consumers. Everything from the design to the technical aspects of the website should be improved to keep search rankings up and websites more visible. 

Because of increased demand, online marketing businesses have recently seen more clients that are eager to work with them. Professionals in SEO in Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane are helping countless businesses overcome the challenges of optimizing websites for search engines. Since online retail is the only option available right now, optimization is more important than ever before. 

Product and service demand drops 69%

Businesses from various different markets have seen a sharp decline in demand for products and services in the weeks of March. The extent of this is severe and, by all accounts, it is hitting nearly every industry pretty hard. In the UK, 69% of organizations have seen massive drops in demand, which has led to a halt in production and distribution. However, the problems businesses face depend on their size and revenue.

Continuing with the UK stats, businesses with annual revenue below fifty million pounds have been affected more drastically. The previous figure becomes 77% and the extent of the loss in demand is much greater. These businesses have had to make sweeping changes and adjustments to their strategy to remain functional.

Their larger counterparts have fared somewhat better. Around 64% of higher-revenue businesses have taken losses, and these losses aren’t as extensive. Drastic changes are not yet necessary, as the business model is still working well for them. On the other hand, the supply chains of over 40% have been impacted and require adjustments. 

One of the most frequent changes that businesses are introducing is remote work. Jobs that previously required the worker to be present are slowly being adapted to allow for more remote access and productivity. With the same line of thinking, outsourcing services have become more prevalent as well. This has allowed many businesses to remain productive in the face of isolation regulations and keep selling their products and services.


There’s no aspect of the economy that the coronavirus hasn’t impacted. the numbers are showing that nearly every part of marketing is seeing record lows. The consequences of the current pandemic are likely to be felt for months, if not years after the situation has died down. Despite this, businesses need to start thinking about how to fix their marketing strategies right now. As product and service sales adapt to new changes, so does marketing. With the right kind of adaptation to their strategies, businesses should be able to eventually get back on their feet and continue seeing progress. 

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