Benefits of a Reputation Management Platform

Benefits of a Reputation Management Platform

No matter the size or scope of your business, it’s essential to have reputation management. This ensures that your company will be seen in a positive light and increase the chances that more people will patronize your business. 

With a reputation management platform, you can keep track of what consumers are saying and make the necessary changes in your business that will keep your company moving forward. 

What Is Reputation Management Software? 

If you own a business and want to know more about reputation management software, check out ReputationDesk to learn more about the ins and outs that are designed to help clients perceive you in a positive light. The software will also capture negative customer experiences and promote their products and services and will let you know what other people think about your business. You can also use the monitoring tools in the reputation management software to capture posts and discussions on social media. 

How does this type of software work? Since many consumers rely on reviews to get information on products and services, you need to make sure customers are satisfied with what you have to offer. According to Ambassador, 71% of people who use social media are likely to recommend a business they’ve had positive interactions with. It’s important to remember that recommendations can make a huge difference in the way people see your business. 

Does Reputation Management Work? 

Reputation management software utilizes tools to increase your sales by providing you with insight. When you see how your company is perceived, you can make the necessary adjustments to enhance customers’ experiences. You can clearly see the ways that you can improve in your marketing and consumer service and can make the necessary adjustments. 

The software is especially effective, since 94% of search results from Google are organic, which means they are not paid ads. An astounding 42% of adults have searched businesses online before buying anything. On the other hand, 45% of these internet users changed their mind about doing business with a company if they discovered a negative review or unfavorable information about a company. 

What Are the Perks of Reputation Management Software? 

One of the most prominent benefits of reputation management software is the secure online environment that helps you with getting more online reviews – learn more. Professional teams that have access to confidential data can share the information from customer reviews and not worry about privacy issues. This is why it’s vital that only certain people should have access to the information to maintain security. 

Reputation management software also allows you to work collaboratively. Larger businesses require online platforms where both external and internal teams can work together. You can also manage campaigns with several solutions, so you can choose to methods that work best for your company. 

You’ll also be working in a single platform or window when you’re using reputation management software. The software will provide you with a dashboard so you can hand out information to your team. Reputation management software also serves as the sole destination for detailed that you’ve gleaned from social media, listening tools and blogs to see what people think about your company. The ideal software for reputation management should also have the ability to monitor new stories and discussions and the origins of these details. You should also choose software that will generate reports based on social media interaction with your business. 

Reputation management software management is also a cost-effective way to ensure that you’re using the right marketing tools for your business. Using conventional methods for monitoring customer interaction with your company can be time-consuming and expensive. You’ll also get real-time notifications, which lets you know which services and products your customers prefer. 

Reputation management software can be a significant help when you’re trying to grow your business and keep your current client base satisfied. You can work with your marketing team to find the reputation management software that will work best for you. 

Five Essential Responsive Image Galleries 2019

Five Essential Responsive Image Galleries 2019

Presenting products, designs, and artwork in a beautiful gallery is an important remit for many website owners and with so many website visitors arriving via a mobile device, a responsive gallery is critical for both usability and website performance. Here’s a quick look at five of the best responsive galleries that are easy to implement and can help make your web pics and videos look great on any device. 

Responsive Performance 

It’s not all about choosing the right gallery plugin, you also need to make sure you have a supportive and fast WordPress hosting solution to ensure maximum performance from your image and video galleries. Speed and performance not only improve the experience for your visitors, it also helps improve your organic search presence and Google is a big fan of speedy, efficient websites – prioritizing them over slower, less optimized sites.

1. Envira Gallery

Envira gallery is arguably the most popular responsive WordPress gallery plugin. With a 320k+ strong user base, it’s designed to be powerful but very easy to use. It’s free to use at the basic level, but of course there are a variety of premium ad-ons available if you become a big fan. It’s also a popular choice for agencies, as it supports white label applications and even has an affiliate program. 

2. Unite Gallery 

Another very popular WordPress friendly responsive gallery plugin is Unite Gallery. It’s very flexible and also available for Drupal, Joomla, and other popular CMS platforms. With lots of customizable effects, over 120 gallery styles, and a plethora of video gallery options, Unite is a solid choice for a responsive gallery solution.

3. Justified Image Grid

Justified Image Grid is an extremely easy to use responsive image gallery solution. With over 340 customizable settings and 20 different image gallery templates, there’s a lot to love about Justified’s offering. Wisdom of the masses suggests it’s a good option as it’s CodeCanyon’s most popular image gallery, and it even has an add-on for WPBakery Page Builder, something not all galleries have.

4. Juicebox

Jukebox touts itself as a spectacular HTML5 responsive image gallery and it certainly presents well with plenty of templates and customizable options. It plays well with WordPress, Lightroom, NextGen, PhotoShop and others.It has a smart, responsive user interface and offers eCommerce, SEO, and social media sharing support out of the box. 

5. NextGEN Gallery

Imagely’s NextGEN gallery for WordPress is the heavy duty photographer’s favorite. If you are a professional photographer selling your images online, then this is the gallery option for you. With over 27 million downloads, it even offers an automatic print fulfillment option alongside dozens of pro gallery templates and style options. This is probably the best pro option available at the moment for the dedicated WordPress users photography needs. 

It’s important to ensure that your website is fully responsive as mobile device use is only going to increase in the coming months and years. Make sure your image and gallery displays are optimized to look their most beautiful, using one of these powerful responsive gallery solutions alongside speedy web hosting.

Mint Mobile Why You Need To Switch Mobile Providers

Mint Mobile Why You Need To Switch Mobile Providers

Mint Mobile is one of the leading MNVO “A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is a wireless communications services provider that does not own the wireless network infrastructure over which it provides services to its customers.”

Mint SIM was launched in 2016 by Ultra Mobile.  In May of 2018 Mint SIM re-branded as Mint Mobile. Ultra Mobile is an MVNO of T-Mobile and thus it runs on T-Mobile’s network and consequently so does Mint Mobile.

Mint Mobile is part of the fastest, most advanced 4G LTE network. Check the map to make sure you're covered and then make the switch!

The latest web design trends in 2019

The latest web design trends in 2019

Designers more often work with the idea of being different and unique. To have a well-designed website of your company and developing something that stands out in the market can really help you in highlighting your name and individuality. However, not every new and rare design or variation can go viral, and it is not always necessary that it clicks in the eyes of viewers.

Let's look back at some outstanding designs that were used in 2019 and have outshined all the previous trends.

  1. Video Background

Today an increasing number of users determine to trust your business through your website, and Video Background has developed a widespread tendency to establish a positive and descriptive image. Delivering your purpose to the audience and capture their attention through a visual medium has always worked more effectively than a static version.

Background videos make the design of the site unusual and modern, which makes the viewer understand your message and it leads to increased involvement.

In this passing year of 2019, with the increasing proficient engagement of clients and profitable outcome, many companies have included the video backgrounds on their websites and landing pages. Companies such as 


They have developed some slick video backgrounds that attract the visitor within a few seconds of their visit.

  1. CSS Grid

Many big brands have started to use this design on their websites, and it is gradually coming into the spotlight. This design is expected to become a go-to layout very soon in the coming years and is usually used in product categories, image galleries, and portfolios.

The designers have also come up with a symmetrical layout of CSS Grid that is now known as a Broken Grid design. This design helps you set your text and image both horizontally and vertically.

Now, how cool is that!

In general, this design format allows you to be creative with your design, bring some variations according to your unique taste and ideas, and it is optimized for user interface design. So, if you are planning to develop a new site, you should definitely check it out.

You can also get a dynamic layout for yourself, some of the coolest ones that I think you should have a look at are:

  1. Typography-based Layouts

This has become the most popular design for every other website. This design is seen to be used by various brands on their website and has reached the top on every trending list. Whether you want to use loud, messy, outlined, quirky fonts or if you want to give your website a minimalist or quirky look. Typography-based Layouts are the best way to set the mood of your site.

The use of large fonts is guiding the audience to wrap their head around business ideas in an instant. Despite being less engaging then a video design layout, Typography can extensively offer a concise way of describing your message and is considered more functional.

You can also see trending fonts and their combinations with the design layouts. However, you can use all the best design and font to attract you clients, but the crux of making it to the top does not rely on the type of font you using, it is the words that you have created to convey it to the audience through these designs.

Some of the fantastic looks that we have come across so far in typography-based layouts can be seen below:

  1. Micro Interactions

For some reason, micro-interactions in a website always attract the visitor. Adding animation in your images, products, headers, or icons can give a user a pleasant experience on your website and make them feel that you are highly responsive.

Whenever a user refreshes their Snapchat, a Twitter feed, or press that thumbs up icon on Facebook Messenger, they hear a sound. That sound is a micro-interaction. These interactions can refresh a visitor's mind, and by receiving these playful responses, they can engage in exploring your website, which can help you in building your image and increase your profitability.

Few Final Takeaways

These were the top four trends that hit the sky in the year of 2019, and we are also expecting to have some more designs that will revolve around by the end of the year.

If you are looking to design a website that is inspired by the new trends, you can definitely pick up this four trends and give your website an up notch. Don’t forget to explore more ideas and come up with your own unique designs because remember, 

“Thinking out of the box is always trendy.”

Let us know your ideas and enjoy all the new trends!

Mariam Muzaffar is a thoughtful content writer at PennySaviour. She is also a business enthusiast. She has written various pieces related to the field of IT, health and care, fashion, entertainment, and so on. She considers herself an explorer who wants to write about every new thing she learns in her adventurous ride. Her zeal for authenticity and variation makes her content unique and allows her audience to have a bona fide experience.

How to create the perfect website for your online book shop

How to create the perfect website for your online book shop

If you are the proud owner of an online book mart, then it would be of prime importance that you have a solid business website that can reflect your company and its values. These days online book shops are growing in popularity tremendously. As a part of the larger e-commerce platform, online book shops are extremely popular with people because of the large discounts they offer, along with the guarantee of receiving genuine products. 

But in order to be successful in this business, it is important to have a beautiful business website. Your business website will be the prime factor that differentiates your company from the rest, and hence, you must build it with a lot of consideration. In this article, you will be learning about the proper way to design your online book mart.

Why is the web design of your online book mart so important?

The web design is the main aspect of your business website, no matter whatever type of business you run, but your web design needs to be perfect. The design elements will help in setting a specific tone and role to your business website. You can easily create a business website, but in order to truly make a mark in the online business community, you would have to add the extra flavor of the design.

In a book shop, it is all about aesthetics and design, beauty and grace, orderly classification, and accurate categorization. The book shop must be easy to browse through, and one should be able to easily locate the books that one wants or might like to read. Along with this, the general décor must also be inviting. It is for this reason that libraries and old book shops have a certain charm about them that makes people want to read more while a glass showroom like building will not look too appealing for a reader. 

Thus the type of products you want to sell should be considered when you are designing your shop. Similar is the case with online book marts; you must incorporate specific design elements that would stand out and appeal to customers. It has to have neat categories of genres and sub-genres containing books of different types. The arrangement of these books can be based on the alphabetical order of the list of authors or different books on related topics that can be clubbed together and so on. The main objective is to ensure that the customer feels at ease when they visit your online book mart. 

In addition to this, you must ensure that your visitors are easily able to navigate through your site and search for specific books also. Asides from this, you would have to optimize your online book mart properly for search engines to correctly index them so that your page has high organic traffic. It is for these reasons that the web design of your online book shop must be top-notch.

What design elements can you incorporate?

One of the most important decisions which you will have to make early on is the specific design element that you want in your online book shop’s website. You cannot incorporate design elements randomly based on popularity because they might not be suitable for your business products.

  1. Font and Text: The primary thing to consider would be the font and text size of your basic content. Because this is a book shop, so there would be plenty of textual content involved in the form of reviews, testimonials, summaries of books, and so on. Thus you will need to choose a professional-looking font type that is appealing to a reader. Font types like Bookerly, Times New Roman, and Cooper are popular with book publishers, and you can also consider using them. Do not use font types like Calibri, Ariel, Blackwood because although they are good for general content, they do not seem fit for book lovers. In addition to this, you should also consider the size of the fonts. 

You can generally use a font size of 12 points for general content in other types of business websites. But for a book market, it would be better to go with larger font sizes like 16 points or 14 points. This will ensure that the text of your business website is more prominent to the eyes. In addition to this, you can also use italics to highlight certain specific parts of your content, like maybe important reviews, quotations, citations, and so on.

2. Photos: You will have to use plenty of generic photos on your website. You must photo of all the books which you have for sale. Ideally, it would be best if you upload three images per book. The first image would be that of the cover page of the book; the second would be that of the contents page, the third is the image of the last back cover page of the book. These photos must be of high resolution, and the user should be able to zoom in the photo to get a better understanding. You should ensure that your web design is responsive because a responsive web design will ensure that people are able to easily zoom in and see your images from their smartphones and tablets also.

3. Navigation and arrangement: You may put a carousel-like running display of popular best sellers, classics, or new publications on the home page of your business website. In addition to this, remember to keep a search box either in the middle or on the top right corner of your home page where people can easily search for the books they want. This search can be on the basis of the author, genre, and specific titles. 

You should club your books in different but specific categories according to their genre, type, author, and so on.

For more information on how to find the best web designer for your business website, you must search for website designer NYC on the internet. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you. Stay tuned to us for more information!

Author Bio

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.