4 Tips To Help You Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing

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With social media sites such as TikTok taking off and more than 1 billion hours of YouTube being watched each day, there’s never been a better time to use video in your marketing. Whether you choose to hire a video production company or to create videos yourself, there’s money to be made by harnessing the power of video. Here are four tips to help you incorporate video into your marketing. 

  1. Focus on entertainment and not sales

The vast majority of video content consumed online is not sales-focused, but entertainment-focused, however, that doesn’t mean that it won’t help to boost your sales. If you want people to view your video and not to skip it, then it needs to provide them with value, and very few people find value in being overtly sold-to. The most successful marketing videos tend to focus on stories rather than sales, teaching their target audience about their company history, values or ethos, rather than pushing their products. By focusing on telling your brand story, you can improve your brand image and increase your visibility within your target market.

  1. It’s all about the first few seconds

We see so much content every day that our attention span is now less than 10 seconds. This means that you have very little time to grasp the attention of your target audience and so what you put in the first few seconds of your marketing videos is what really counts. To make sure that your audience sticks around for the rest of your video, create a captivating ‘hook’ and make use of informative and engaging thumbnails for your videos which entice people to click on them. 

  1. Include captions

A lot of video content is consumed in environments where a person’s sound will be switched off, and so it’s important to include captions so that you can still educate your viewers. Approximately 85% of video content played on Facebook is played with the sound off, so it really is important to make your videos captivating with and without sound effects. The key to making captions captivating is to ensure that they are easily readable, and perhaps animated in some way to help keep the attention of your viewers. 

  1. Tailor your videos depending on where you post them

Video content is consumed differently across different social media platforms. YouTube videos can generally be any length, but videos posted to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter perform better at certain durations. For example, although you can post videos of up to 60 seconds on Instagram, 30-second videos tend to get more views and interactions. On Facebook, videos that are 60 seconds or less tend to get the most attention, and on Twitter, this drops to 45 seconds. By tailoring the length of your videos by the platforms you use, you can ensure to get the most out of your video content. 

So there you have it – four simple tips to help you incorporate video into your marketing strategy. Have you tried video marketing before? Let me know how it worked for you in the comments. 

Does a Small Business Need a Website? Yes, and Here Is Why!

Does a Small Business Need a Website?

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What is likely to be the first thing you do when looking for a restaurant, mechanic, or beautician? You check their website. No matter whether the outlet you are interested in belongs to an international chain or is a local business, you want to know whether they are still open after your work shift or you should not bother driving there. However, small businesses have a limited budget to spend in marketing efforts, especially during these uncertain times. On the other hand, some benefits of having a website for your small business should not be ignored.

That's How Potential Customers Find Your Business.

Today's users and customers use the internet as a faster, more responsive, and immediately efficient phone book. In the past, if you could not find a business on the phone book, you will skip to the next one that offers similar services, but you can get in contact with – and that's your competition. If anybody in your area has a website, you will need to make sure that your business is as visible as theirs. If they don't, well, there is nothing outrageous in being the first one.

Including a Blog Helps You Build Relationships With Your Customers.

A couple of landing pages and contact forms might just be enough to encourage potential customers towards your business. However, before or after the purchase, such pages might not be particularly useful in keeping the engagement levels high. Instead, implementing a blog and regularly publishing relevant content allows you to supply answers to the most common questions and issues your audience might be experiencing.

When writing a blog for your business's website, you can craft a marketing strategy by yourself, but you should be aware of what are the most common blogging mistakes to avoid them. If you feel like this might be too overwhelming for you, asking for a consultation offered by an SEO or digital marketing professional can guide you through the right path.

And So Does a Newsletter!

Alongside regular blog posts, investing in a newsletter, and crafting the perfect call to action allows you to generate new leads and retain more data about your audience than ever. However, newsletters are also essential to keep in touch with your target market throughout the year. Therefore, you can check in with them in the periods in between purchases or when you are about to launch or update a new product or service. 

Instead of having to find new customers who are interested in your latest creation, most of your audience will get to know about offers, discounts, giveaways, and new launches. Don't forget that in periods in which your business can't operate as usual – like in the case of the current restrictions – a newsletter can help you communicate to your customer opening hours and safety measures implemented.

Create the First Point of Contact

Undoubtedly, websites are the first point of contact for a customer who is looking for your address or contact details. If it does reflect the value proposition, theme, and mission of your brand, your website offers an ideal peek into the experience that your customer is about to have. 

Not having a website might suggest that your business is not particularly up-to-date, innovative, or clear in intent. Additionally, if you let the first point of contact be when the customer walks into your physical shop, this might not always go as planned! And first impressions are often everlasting! In this case, a well-crafted website allows you to create the ideal first impression you always want to leave in a new customer.

Does a Small Business Need a Website?

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Increases Trust – From the First Moment

If you are the owner of an established small or local business, your customer base might derive from decades of word-of-mouth marketing and entire generations engaging in your services. However, if you are a new business, you will have to generate trust and get your customers to know that you have the expertise, attitude, and knowledge to perform the best job. A website can do precisely that. 

Your business' site will have testimonials, reviews, social media handles' links, and call to actions. Your customer can explore your business, experience, and portfolio at its own pace, and make an even more informed decision. Aside from increasing the number of customers for your business, they might also be willing to pay more for the same product!

It's a Marketing Channel You Can't Ignore

With an endless range of marketing media out there, it can seem impossible to pick the best one for your needs. However, just by having a website, you can combine several digital marketing branches, such as SEO and video marketing, in one platform. While you might need the help of a professional agency or expert to craft a strategy that can truly get your business off the ground, websites are also reasonably easy to handle by yourself.

You Can Leverage Data to Create Better Services

Past and potential customers commenting, subscribing, and generally taking action on your website offer you a data set you can start plotting. Whether this about your marketing campaign, expectations not met, or a particular aspect of your product that does not work as well, it is all valuable feedback. Through such input, you can craft better products, strategies, and services that truly reflect your users' needs. 

It Is the Starting Point to Build an eCommerce Business.

The current pandemic and ensuing lockdown and social distancing measures have made clear that remote working, delivery options, and touchless services are here to stay. While your small business already works locally, you might not be able to reach an audience that, while interested, might be located away from you. 

However, today, not starting to think about an eCommerce option might decrease your business's level of competitiveness, especially if you look at other companies in the same sector. You can still opt to keep your local outlet open as usual, but generating income streams through an online eCommerce store allows you to benefit from a visibility level that you would not have otherwise. 

Why Use Flexible Labor in Your Business?

For companies that have always only worked with full-time employees, a move to a more flexible approach to labor requires a mental shift. It has long been a major sticking point that if the workers were not present in the office, the employer couldn’t be assured that they were putting in the work. 

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Nevertheless, more companies are opening up to the idea of using flexible labor such as freelancers, short-term contract workers, and remote workers. Here are four reasons to take it more seriously now. 

The World is Less Predictable Than Ever

If the recent months have taught us anything it’s that predicting the future is no longer possible with any degree of accuracy. The business world isn’t stoic or slow-moving any longer – all companies must adapt to this different reality. 

With the possibility of further national health issues in the future, being flexible in business operations is essential. Revenue can climb (or fall) at much faster rates than before. The need to be fluid and adaptable is more necessary than ever. 

Get New Projects Up and Running Quicker

When the company is diving into a new project where only some of the existing employees have any experience in that area, it creates a dilemma.

Recruiting several full-time workers before work can truly begin in earnest will require weeks or months to find appropriately qualified people. Meanwhile, the project doesn’t move forward and the risk is that competitors will steal a march on your business. 

Instead, consider using freelancers to take on specific tasks to get the ball rolling on the new project. Start with research tasks and building out the systems that’ll be necessary for a larger team to proceed. This will save time when the employee recruitment phase is complete. 

Is One Freelancer as Good as Another?

Finding effective freelancers is hit and miss. This is what puts companies off trying them out. 

However, there are now solutions to this difficulty. One is a database of freelancer marketing specialists who can provide a range of services in the digital realm from project management to web development to media buying to strategic development. Just looking in one state alone, there’s plenty of qualified Minneapolis freelancers available for marketing purposes, and they’re capable of working nationwide too.

It’s also possible to ask around for recommendations about people who have worked for your peers. Because they only need them for occasional tasks, they’re not worried about you poaching their staff, so the suggestions come much easier. 

Tap the National Talent Pool

As an employee in one city, your local talent pool for employees is restricted to the city and surrounding catchment areas. Depending on the industry focus in the city and the limit of the talent present, it might be difficult to find the people with the requisite skills. 

When looking farther afield and accepting remote workers or freelancers, it’s not necessary to headhunt someone and have them relocate across the country. Instead, they’re available, usually immediately, with the skills required without any fuss. 

For companies that were previously unwilling to work with people outside of the employer-employee construct, it’s a real eye-opener to see the wealth of options that the wider labor market offers. It also allows for greater flexibility to scale labor up and down as the economy indicates, to manage costs appropriately.

Retaining Customers With Video Marketing

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Are you looking for the best types of videos for retaining customers? Once you have secured business, your work is not done. It is important to strengthen relationships with existing customers so that you can secure repeat business. 

For most business types, repeat business is the most important. This part of the consumer life cycle phase is, of course, beyond the funnel. One Funnel Away can help you with creating a funnel for your ideas if you need further information on this. Below, we are going to take a look at the best types of videos for retaining customers in further detail.

Thank You Videos

One of the best ways to retain customers is to show your appreciation for them, and what better way to do this than with a thank you video? You need to show your consumers that they are just as important to you once they have purchased from your business as they were while you were trying to turn them into a customer. 

A good example of a customer thank you is a video created by Constant Contact back in 2014. Why is it so effective? Well, not only does it show customers that they are special, but it also reminds them why they loved working with the brand. Another good example is the thank you video from Birchbox, which not only involves the company saying thank you to all customers, but also shares their favorite customer interactions from throughout the year. It is great because it shows employees talking about their favorite memories, which no doubt makes customers feel special. 

As you have probably gathered, sharing these videos at the year-end is a good strategy, as you are reflecting on the year gone by. The aim of these videos should be to spread positivity; there should not be any overt selling purpose.

Show Additional Uses For Your Product 

Once your customers have purchased your product, you can show them additional uses for it through a video. This adds value to the purchase the customer made, and it also shows your consumers that you still care about them. 

This is something Oreo executed brilliantly in a 20-second video that shows followers how to make an Oreo banana cream pie using their biscuits. This is something that can easily be re-created for all food products, as well as other items, such as videos of different ways to wear a clothing garment or accessory, or different hairstyles that can be created with a hair styling product. 

Embrace brand advocates 

Use video production to give your customers a way of sharing their stories. By giving your customers a voice, you increase brand loyalty. This is something that Walt Disney Company did exceptionally well. They created a video of a father and daughter enjoying Disneyland, and they shared it on Facebook on Father’s Day, encouraging people to share the video with their ‘Disney Dad’ to remind him of how special he is. 

Thousands of people shared the post, with many commenting on the video about the experience they had at Disneyland with their father. By doing this, Disney celebrated the experience their customers had, and, at the same time, they endeared themselves to other customers who wanted to have this experience.

To increase the chances of retaining customers and generating a loyal consumer base, incorporate the video content mentioned above into your marketing strategy. As they say, ‘work never ends’, and if you stop trying once you have turned a lead into a customer, you are going to find that they walk straight into the hands of the competition next time around.

Tips On Improving Your Local Marketing Strategy

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If your business is reliant on your local community for sales, then finding ways to reach out to the people closest to you is a must. But even if your business isn't reliant on the community around you, you might still want to focus on them within your marketing, as the more people you have buying from you, the better. Right? We're sure you're nodding your head in agreement as you read this. 

Of course, if you already have a local marketing strategy in place that works for you, then fine. Keep doing what you're doing. But if your marketing strategy sucks, you should do what you can to improve matters. 

The following steps are recommended.

#1: Understand your target audience

The most important step in any marketing campaign is to know who your target audience is. You need to work out who your ideal customer is, what types of things interest them, and what marketing approach works best when targeting them. So, you might want to work out what social platforms they might use, what websites they might visit, and where they might spend time offline. Customer analysis can be carried out through market research, social media analytics, and the application of data science with the help of a data science agency. Checking out the marketing efforts of your nearest competitors can also help you in this regard.

#2: Target your audience

When you know who and where your key demographic is, you need to reach out to them. Build a marketing campaign around their primary interests. Focus on SEO and use those keywords that your audience will probably be entering into Google. And create advertisements and other promotional materials that explain why and how your product or service can fulfill the needs of your audience. Use a range of marketing strategies in your efforts to reach them, but focus on those that can be assumed will bring the best results. 

#3: Get involved with your community

To really make an impression on your community, you need to increase the visibility of your business. When the local people know and trust the people behind the product or service they are being offered, the greater the chances of them using your business. So, get out there and do what you can to make yourself known. Attend community events, as both a business guru and as a friend of the community. Offer training courses and workshops to local people. Hold fundraising events for community causes. And follow these other ideas for getting involved with the local community, as the more you can do to engage with people, the greater the chances that they will engage with you.

#4: Track your marketing efforts

Which of your local marketing strategies are bringing in the most results? When you know what is working, you should devote most of your time to these areas. Check out these techniques for measuring local marketing and go back to our suggestions about data science and social media analytics to track your marketing efforts further. 

By following these steps you will improve your local marketing strategy. So, if you haven't attained the sales you hoped for in your locale, consider our suggestions and commit to further research on each one of them. 

Must-Read Marketing Tips

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There is more to your success than just a great looking and informative website. Even the best websites need the support of great marketing strategies. 

Embrace email marketing

One of the ways to achieve this is through email marketing. Email marketing allows you to connect directly to potential customers and return visitors to your site. When done properly it provides that personal touch that you would normally only get in face-to-face marketing. However, when it is done poorly, it can become akin to spam; unwanted, unappreciated and unlikely to lead to anything positive. 

Given this, it is important to understand the subtleties of email marketing. This includes elements such as the importance of making sure you have permission to use the individual’s email details for this purpose. When you capture an email address you must ensure the individual knows why you are asking and is giving permission to you to send such communications. You must also remember that this permission can be revoked at any time and that your emails must include an unsubscribe link. 

You need to be aware of this and of the less obvious elements of designing a good email marketing campaign. Anything from the subject line, to the amount of time the email takes to open, will affect whether the email is even read, let alone whether the reader responds to it. 

Make SEO a hobby

SEO is not something you can address once and then just forget about. The Internet is changing all of the time and you need to make sure that your business stays ahead of the curve. We recommend reading 2020 books on search engine optimization (SEO). This will make sure that you are using strategies that are effective in the modern-day. 

One thing you definitely need to make sure you stay away from is black-hat techniques. These are strategies that try to manipulate search engines to get to the top. You will get penalised in the end.

Avoid PPC mistakes

Pay Per Click advertising can be a very useful tool in bringing new customers to your business website. However, this only remains true if you understand how it works and avoid some very costly mistakes along the way. 

One of the major mistakes that businesses make when first using PPC is related to their links. It is important that the link you include in the advert takes the visitor to the right page, the page for the product or service that was included in their keyword search. If you instead send them to your home or contacts page, the visitor must work to get to where they want to be. 

Unfortunately for you, it is easier for the visitor to click back and try a different link altogether, losing you a potential sale and costing you money into the bargain. 

Another mistake to avoid is forgetting to split test your text. Failing to test any aspect of your campaign runs the risk of losing potential customers and your PPC adverts are no different. Your web design agency will take care of the testing phase for you ensuring that only the most appropriate wording is used. 

How to Raise the Profile of Your Law Firm

How to Raise the Profile of Your Law Firm

Are you looking for ways to elevate the reputation of your law firm? In the highly competitive legal industry, it can be hard to make your business stand out from the many other law firms out there. Attracting high profile, more lucrative clients can feel like an impossible challenge when there are just so many different firms competing for the same business. However, with the right guidance, it is possible to raise your firm’s profile, here’s how:


One of the first tasks to tackle is improving your firm’s visibility so that you reach a wider audience. Enhancing your visibility requires a website that showcases your services perfectly, and is also easy for potential clients to find.

Getting expert help with your SEO (search engine optimization) is essential to get your website noticed and ranked on the first page of the search engine results.


In a perfect world, your reputation as a professional law firm offering expert advice to clients would be enough to get you noticed. However, in an increasingly competitive industry, it takes more than this to make your law firm stand out from the crowd.

To cement your reputation as a professional legal practice and to elevate your status above the many competing firms out there, you need to achieve expert status. Becoming an expert in your field will send your reputation soaring, and will add a significant amount of equity to your brand. 

Achieving expert status requires guidance from a PR and talent agency such as Elite Lawyer Management. A PR and talent agency specializing in legal firms can secure you bookings for expert opinion slots on TV shows and radio phone-ins. Appearing in the media offering expert opinion will bring both yourself and your law firm kudos, making it easier to attract high profile and more lucrative clients.

First Impressions

First impressions are one thing that cannot be changed—making a positive first impression will always be integral to your business’s profile. First impressions are formed very quickly and are also extremely hard to shake off. 

All the time and effort put into raising your profile will go to waste if you make a negative first impression when you meet your clients in person. First impressions are made based on a number of factors rather than one single element. Therefore, it is vital to be mindful of things such as the appearance of your business premises, your personal appearance, politeness, and time-keeping.

Clients are unlikely to be impressed if they arrive for their appointment with your firm and discover an untidy, disorganized office and are greeted 20 minutes after their scheduled appointment time by a scruffy looking lawyer. 

In Summary…

Raising the profile of your law firm is essential in an increasingly competitive market. The profile of your law firm will be significantly enhanced by positioning yourself as an expert in your field. However, it is also vital to ensure that you have all the basics covered and create a positive first impression on clients.

Four Signs Your Marketing Strategy Sucks

Can you imagine investing in a marketing strategy and realizing that it just doesn't work? You would not be the only person in the business world to get to that point, and it does happen a lot! You want to try and avoid this, but it is possible that you are going to invest in a marketing plan that will eventually suck.

Most marketers understand that you need to keep a close eye on your strategy and watch it, but it will help you to know what signs to look for. Whether you are looking at your traffic and noticing things aren't going well, or you’re not posting enough on social media, you’re going to have a lot to learn! You need to make changes and so here are four signs your current marketing strategy just isn't working for you.

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  • You’re Not Getting A Lot Of Comments

Engagement is so important, and if you’re not getting a high number of comments, likes or shares on your social media posts, it should raise a big red flag for you. You may have worried about how much traffic you were getting, but not know that it’s down to conversion rate optimization instead – like we said, a lot to learn. You need engagement on your website comment section as much as you do on your social media pages, and if you’re not online and getting those posts up, you’re going to have a problem.

  • You’re Not Increasing Your Conversions

It’s a clear sign for a business marketing strategy that things are going sour when there are fewer conversions than ever. If you’re not generating the right leads and making sales, you’re not making a profit. So, what is it about your website that is turning people off instead of on? You want people to invest in you, so check with your IT team about why your website isn’t doing it for the customers.

  • The Wrong Audience

Are you focusing your marketing efforts in the wrong places? There’s every chance that this is the case for your marketing strategy and the potential problem is that your engagement and traffic is all coming in from the wrong people. So, if your numbers are up but your conversions are not, then it’s important you check whether you have the right people even looking at your site. Create content that attracts the right people, and you’re on your way!

  • You’re Spending Too Much

You should be seeing results from the money you’re spending on marketing, and if you’re spending  tons of your budget but not seeing anything come back, you need to reevaluate everything. You should have a clear strategy with your marketing budget so that you don't increase your spends with zero result from the first spend.

If any of these signs are true for your business, then it is time to look at your marketing strategy and redo it all. You want it all to come right for your business and that means paying close attention to your marketing strategy. Start now!

How to Make Sure Your WordPress Website is SEO-Friendly

What is the use of a visually-stunning, feature-rich website if it isn’t optimized for search engines? In fact, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo care more about quality content, file names, alt tags and keywords than they do about how nice a site is to look at. If you’re building a website in WordPress, understanding what search engines are looking for on your site can help your online venture become a resounding success. 

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Why Is SEO Necessary?

If you already have a WordPress website, you probably know just how important it is to ensure that your site is well-optimized for search engines. It doesn’t matter how nice the design is, without proper SEO, you’re simply not going to get the results that you want. An SEO-friendly website has a much higher chance of appearing on the first page of search results for relevant keywords, driving constant organic traffic to your website. These resources can help you better understand SEO and where to get started. 

Set Permalinks:

Permalinks are the URLs of your website pages and posts. They are what users type into their address bar to reach your website and visit relevant pages. They might also be used by search engines and other websites to link to pages on your website. WordPress comes with default permalink settings that allow you to change them depending on your needs. You can find these in settings > permalinks. 

Create a Sitemap:

Your website might contain hundreds of different pages, and it’s important to tell Google your website structure in order to get these pages indexed by Google. You can create a Google XML sitemap, which is relatively simple. To do this, all you need to do is use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, which you can link with your site to automatically generate a sitemap and make it easier for search engines to better index your site. 

Use Google Analytics:

This popular analytics tool is free to use and invaluable for helping you keep track of your website traffic and determine what you’re doing well and what could be improved. You can use it to find out more about traffic sources, user behavior, and various other important factors that you need to understand in order to better reach your target audience. You can use it to locate 404 error pages, combat referral spam and more. 

Choose an SEO-Friendly Theme:

WordPress offers a huge variety of both paid and free themes, which you can use to influence the design, look and feel of your site. However, don’t just think about appearance when choosing your theme. While looking good is important, you should also select a theme that has been optimized for search engines. Make sure that your theme uses meta title tags and headings appropriately, has a neat, clean structure with valid HTML, and is responsive to all devices. 

There are plenty of factors to think about when it comes to ensuring that your WordPress website is SEO friendly. Keep these tips in mind in order to lay a good foundation when building your site. 

4 Excellent Security Tools For The Modern-Day Business

4 Excellent Security Tools For The Modern-Day Business

Your business means a lot to you. Every single facet of it is incredibly valuable. From digital aspects like your business website, all the way through to physical items like the products you sell. If anything gets compromised, it can spell problems for your small company. As a consequence, you need to take strict security measures into account. 

The modern business faces a lot of foes. Some of these you can see – like burglars – others lurk in the shadows – like hackers. Nevertheless, you need to arm yourself with some modern security tools/ideas to protect your company from any harm.

If you keep on reading, you’ll see some excellent security suggestions for your business:

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Ethical hackers

What better way to protect your business against hackers than by employing some hackers of your own? Hacking gets a pretty bad rap because it’s always spoken about negatively. However, you can use hacking to bolster the security of your IT network. An ethical hacker is someone who works with your business and tries to breach your network security system. They will then pinpoint all the weak spots and tell you how you can improve. Ultimately, it’s like an audit of your security system. You learn all of your weaknesses and can fix them. This is a great way to keep your network secure, which will also protect your business website from being hacked. If that were to happen, you could miss out on lots of business and compromise so much data. 


A drone works really well as a mobile security camera for your business. As such, it’s more for protection against physical threats. If you have a business location that you need to keep secure, then a drone comes in very handy. As it shows on DrDrone.ca, some drones have been specifically made for commercial purposes. So, find one that suits your needs and can be used as a reliable security drone. Many businesses have used drones to add extra security to outdoor events as well. Let’s say you’re hosting a conference or a business event outdoors – and there are lots of people – then a drone up high casts a look down upon everyone. You can spot security threats as they happen, preventing them from being major issues. 

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A virtual private network is a handy security tool for modern business. It’s especially vital for any companies that spend a lot of time online. The aim of a VPN is to provide more privacy when you browse the web. You can use a VPN to protect your internet privacy using encryption technology. In essence, it becomes harder for people to see what you’re doing. From a business standpoint, this can also protect your internet connection in the office. It makes it far less likely that someone can hack your connection or spy on what you’re doing. We live in a strange age, so there’s no telling what a rival business might do to try and gain the upper hand! VPNs are simple and affordable, and you can set one up in a matter of minutes. If you care about internet security, this is something you need to have. 


You’ve got a smartphone, right? How do you unlock it? Most of you will use a fingerprint or face scanner. This is biometrics, and you can utilize the technology to make your business more secure. Instead of using fingerprints to unlock a phone, you can use them to unlock doors. This could be a great access system that controls who is allowed into your building. Only people whose fingerprints have been registered can actually enter the office. Otherwise, they’ll need someone to come down and let them in. This can prevent so many security threats as you stop people from walking inside as they please. Other access system methods are available, but they have flaws. A pin code can be memorized if someone is spying on the door. A simple lock can easily be picked! You can’t replicate a fingerprint or a face or a retina. 

Alternatively, you can use biometrics to secure specific places in your workplace. For example, let’s say you have a server room. This is a great place for a biometric lock as it provides extra security to protect your servers.

No matter how big your business is, it needs to be secure. Whether you’re an online business or one with a physical presence, various threats will exist. Consider using any of these tools or ideas to bolster your security. 

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