Top Affiliate Challenge In The News

Top Affiliate Challenge In The News

I Was Kinda Shocked to see TAC in the news but I guess its a small station in Nebraska Check it out!

Also my buddy Ian Fernando Made Video Couple Day's Back On His Thoughts About The Top Affiliate Challenge!

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  • Thor Schrock

    Thanks for the post about the show. You are right that Lincoln is pretty excited for the Top Affiliate Challenge. As so many others pointed out across the web, this kind of thing doesn’t happen too often around here 😉

    As far as Ian’s video, we have talked about his comments and he assured me that many of them would be understood by his readers as a joke.

    We have been taking care of our contestants with some of the best food Lincoln has to offer. They are eating sandwiches, gourmet food from a locally recognized chef, steak and chicken.

    The meal that Ian spoke about on his blog was a Midwest restaurant chain called Runza. Its a Nebraska thing and we took the contestants there to experience it. Ian didn’t like it – no big deal.

    The honest truth is that I am extremely happy with the direction the show is heading and in a way the negative press has done far more for us than any amount of positive press could.

    After the first reviews were in Shoemoney told me as long as you have a quality product, no press is bad press. There are a lot of ways to define quality, but IMO TAC is improving on all fronts and that is reflected with climbing viewership rates.

    If you have the time, take a look at some of our most recent episodes. Especially the one that airs tomorrow. No one will be ready for that one 🙂

    July 9, 2008 at 9:50 pm