Companies at the forefront of your privacy. Should you use ExpressVPN?


In short, yes. Everyone should be using a VPN.

As more internet snoops seek to harvest and control data, many believe a VPN will soon be as essential as the internet itself. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects you by routing all of your internet data through a secure network, making it impossible for others to record your activity. ExpressVPN goes even further, by using 256 bit key encryption as standard. This essentially means there is not enough computing power on the planet to hack it.

ExpressVPN has a host of benefits, not least the pure speed at which it operates. Indeed, there are no caps at all on speed or bandwidth, making it a market leader in functionality. There is also a staggering 99.9% uptime, with servers in over 78 different countries.

The Service You?ve been Waiting for

Modern operating systems demand a robust internet connection. ExpressVPN is a provider that lets you run things your own way. Businesses increasingly need more control over their digital output, as governments and organisations increasingly seek to wrestle that control back.

A trustworthy VPN provider is essential If you are transmitting, or even looking at, data sensitive materials online. Not only will it keep your connection private, but it will also keep no record of anything you do.

When your computer network is connected to the internet, a lot of what you do can be tracked and recorded. Operating Systems have long offered a great deal of control over your offline content, now ExpressVPN grants you the same control over your online activity.

Would you let your competitors go through your laptop?

Everything on the internet can be copied and abused. So it?s comforting to know ExpressVPN treats your privacy as a priority. If a government or competitor tries to gain access to your internet data, they will be wasting their time and effort. This is truly liberating, as it takes any privacy concerns away. Indeed, there is literally nothing to worry about, as ExpressVPN keep no logs of your browsing activity. Spend your time doing what?s best for you and your business, without worrying about who else isn?t.

Social Media for Business

Social Media has become the de facto way for businesses to reach their consumers. It's cheap, easy and accessible to everyone. A Facebook like can greatly expose your business to larger markets. But many countries have limitations in place that could interfere with your business interaction and promotion. Some countries block it entirely, making a VPN connection as essential as the computer it runs on. But it's not just the usual suspects. Any government could decide that Facebook is illegal, then censor it. Unlikely? Look at the list of countries that this has happened in.

The Facebook Like button is awash over many 3rd party sites, not just their own. As is the Twitter share button. This is how people communicate today. They are essential tools when promoting business. Having no access to them would be extremely detrimental. ExpressVPN will ensure you are always able to reach your customers.

ExpressVPN offer a fast, affordable, and reliable internet solution. An essential and trustworthy solution for any privacy concerns.

Why Should You Use Avast Security?

Why Should You Use Avast Security?

Avast Security

There are many antivirus programs that you can use to provide ample protection for your devices from computer viruses and malwares. One of the most popular antivirus solutions in the market these days is Avast Security.

Computer users across the world have been affected and traumatized by computer viruses for several years and these experiences have made them realize the value of having good antivirus software like Avast installed in their computers and even smartphones or tablets. Avast is the antivirus software program that you can use to provide superior protection for your device and for its OS. Since you will be using the web through your computer or smartphone, it is important to use an antivirus because this is the only line of defense that you have against destructive viruses.

Avast Antivirus is the software that has gained many awards because of its faultless services. The greatest part regarding this software is that you could download and get it for free. With that, you will instantly get a sufficient amount of protection for your computer or your website from those harmful threats that are now widely available through the web.

So What Is Special Regarding Avast Antivirus?

This antivirus program comes with the anti spyware component which has been sanctioned by the West Coast Labs, the leading facility used for testing, research and certification of services and products. The best antivirus software must provide users updated protection from any sort of spyware. Once these dangerous programs are able to find their way to your computer, Avast will start working immediately to save your computer. Even when a virus manages to slither past the antivirus, this software will notify you and would also provide you the choice to get rid of the computer virus for good.

On top of all, you will find that Avast comes with a quick scanning method and because it?s fast, this would be capable of combing right over your system and that matters most. Through that way, you are sure that your OS is not attacked by the computer virus.? Apart from that, Avast also features a stream scan that will not cause your computer to slow down, allowing you to use your computer while the scanning process goes on.

Avast ? The Number One Antivirus Software

With over 230 million users across the world, Avast has become the most reliable and trusted antivirus and security solution. It is the only antivirus that comes with home network security that will enable you to secure your home network gadgets like routers as well as your wireless devices from hackers.

It now comes with more brand new and exciting features such as browser cleanup, remote assistance and software updater. With Avast, you can now remove any annoying browser toolbar and extension the restore your hacked search browser. Since it comes with a software updater, you can simply update your software so as to boost the overall condition and security of your computer. The remote assistance feature is letting you help and be helped through the web.

So what are you still waiting for? If your current antivirus is not working like this, think about switching to Avast. It is free to download!


In this article, we are going to take a look at the various ways to protect yourself online. Your online security is of great importance, most especially these days.

?Buy VPN

VPN solutions provide a solution to secure your privacy. The fascinating thing about how exactly these networks work is that the privacy protection really does a lot more than you may think in the beginning. Many people would expect privacy protection to just obscure or cover up their IP address. VPN services, actually, carry out that form of privacy. There are other ways that this privacy influences your online experience.

There are lots of countries in the world and some particular areas where access to information on the web is significantly limited. The VPN network can protect your computer from anywhere. If a person is blocked from accessing specific sites, the VPN provides a cover, permitting them to access those websites. The VPN simply provides an IP address from a country which is allowed to visit that site and, through the technology involved in making the VPN networks function, transmits that information to the user.

Recommended VPN: Private Internet Access

Review:?Private Internet Access review


The anonymity service of VPN providers is the most important reason why individuals subscribe to these services. These imply that, whenever you go to a website address, an IP besides your own shows up as the coming address for the request to view whatever material you would like to see.

Staying Protected with Avast Internet Security

Antivirus software is an important part to any computer, without having it you are leaving your system subjected to all sorts of risks that may compromise your data and identity.

Identity and data theft are a large issue these days and online ‘gangs' operate to create massive profits by stealing essential financial information and data. They do this by using a variety of exploits, but the most common are:

1. Phishing websites
2. Backdoor Trojan horses
3. Keyloggers

These major threats operate with the same purpose; to steal crucial information which pertains to your identity or your financial information. By retrieving this data, an internet thief can simply access websites like your web banking or PayPal and then move funds to a selected account.

Without having antivirus protection, these types of exploits can simply end up on your system without you even realizing. You might download a file which you think is secure and get infected. You may also go to a genuine website which has been infected maliciously and that will silently install a Trojan horse

virus onto your machine whenever you visit it. Sadly, nobody is secure. Browsing the Internet these days with no form of anti-virus protection is a disaster waiting to occur. For more information,

Life Lock & Identity Theft

I have been victim to many identity thefts as my bank accounts happen to be accessed to make a number of purchases throughout the recent years. This crime has become an art form to the thieves making this activity into hopefully a life-long profitable career. These people devote their time looking for innovative ways to get around the government, credit card bureaus, and even tacky customer support where with no proper care your data can be given away.

LifeLock, as stated on their website at , is the leading industry leader in the fast-growing field of Identity Theft Protection. And the support they offer to their customers is safety all for only $110/year (annually) or $10/month (monthly).

In summary, there are measures for each of us to take to aid avoid identity fraud. Many of them are free. A number of them need a bit more time for that extra amount of safety. And lastly, some may cost you, such as LifeLock, Avast, and VPN services.

SiteGround ? A Web Hosting Company with a Unique Outlook

SiteGround-WebHosting Review

?Web Hosting Crafted With Care? is the motto of SiteGround, a Web hosting company I learned about while attending Affiliate Summit West 2015 in Las Vegas. They offer an array of features that include free domain names, 24/7 technical support, dedicated servers and reseller hosting. The company is unique in that it adds its own custom-made solutions to ensure clients have faster, safer and better-supported websites.

The company employs ?The Philosophy of Handcraft? with the understanding that a one-size-fits-all approach isn?t a real solution. SiteGround was founded in 2004 by a team of university friends working together from their dorm rooms. The firm was developed and launched with the idea that traditional Web hosting was too restrictive.

The founders believed there had to be a better way to provide premium services combined with innovative and revolutionary technology that also offered improved protection from hacks. The solution they sought didn?t exist, so they utilized their collective pool of creativity to build their own.

Web hosting plans begin at $3.95 a month for a StartUp Plan, progress to $7.95 for the GrowBig option, and tops out at $14.95 for the firm?s GoGeek plan. Clients can choose from multiple types of platforms to accommodate an extensive variety of needs and requirements, from WordPress and Joomla to PrestaShop and cPanel hosting.

SiteGround offers generous Web space, free domain names and website transfers, and unlimited data transfers. Clients have access to free application installations and free daily backups. The second and third-tier plans come with a one-year free SSL certificate. The terms free and unlimited are key concepts at the company.

The company takes pride maintaining faster speeds, superior SPAM control and security measures. Comprehensive tutorial guides are available, but if an issue or question does arise, clients can contact SiteGround by phone or chat for instant support or submit a ticket for a response in just 10 minutes.

The founders of SiteGround has partnered with some of the most prestigious companies from around the world to realize their dream of providing a superior level of service. The firm offers an affiliate program with impressive commissions and tools for entrepreneurs, making SiteGround one of the best Web hosting companies I?ve encountered.

How to Protect Your Site from Cyber Crime – Avoiding Hacker Attacks

Website Security MalwareWhen you have a website, the last thing you want to deal with is a hacker. There are few things that can cause more frustration than a hacker attack. They can cause many problems for you such as deleting or altering your files, putting malicious content that spreads malware on your site and getting your site blacklisted by search engines, not to mention threatening all of your hard work. This is why it is detrimental that you learn how to protect your site from cyber crime. You need to therefore take defensive action on a daily basis so that you can strengthen your website against any unauthorized intrusions.

Have Security Programs in Place

You?ll need security plugins such as malware scanners and firewalls so you can prevent an intrusion. Keep all of these virus protection programs up to date, and if you run a business your employees should run a total virus scan each day from their own workstation. Anyone responsible for LAN should also be doing this daily on the server.

Update Your Website Software on a Regular Basis

You should be regularly updating the website platform software that you use, as updates become available. Drupal, WordPress and Joomla are commonly used platforms and they all release security software updates periodically. Many times these updates are to fix the vulnerabilities in the versions that are already being used. Plugin software should also be updated whenever new releases become available.

Be aware of plugins made by third parties. Most of them are useful and helpful programs, however hackers have made their own versions which once installed on your website?s server will create much trouble with your files. You should only be using accredited plugins and themes which have been checked for any malicious content beforehand.

Made Access to Your Website Difficult

When learning how to protect your site from cyber crime, you should also learn how to make access to your website difficult. You need to replace the admin default username, and then make a very complicated password that contains a combination of numbers, letters and symbols. Hackers will look for simple logins weaknesses on your site, and the more advanced bots will search the Internet to look for default login data. Make sure your file permissions are restricted for administrators only and limit the permissions for any other authorized users. You should also consider a security key if your site does not automatically have one, as this will further encrypt your website data in cookies, which are the temporary text files that will have your browsing and login data in them.

Keep Up-to-Date with Your Computer and Network Security

Since hackers are finding less ways to attack a website directly, they have created flank attacks by making viruses which will infect computers or local area networks. These viruses will go through the networks and computer looking for FTP login weaknesses, getting the FTP user information and then indirectly accessing the websites. When a hacker has gotten in to your server files by FTP, they get past the file permissions and then act as the administrator and change your existing files or delete files. Plus, they can also upload malicious links or software to your website?s server.

To avoid this sort of attack you need to update your software on a regular basis and install anti-virus and firewall software. Plus, you should scan your computer regularly for malware. Don?t click on any links that seem suspicious, or any files in emails from anyone you don?t know because they can take your computer to sites that are infected and which will download the malware without you even knowing it.

Directory Listing

Lastly, check to see if your server allows directly listing, as this will let anyone see what the contents of your directory by typing in the web address and folder name. If you can type in your website name and a folder name and see the contents, you need to talk to the web host right away and get it disabled.?

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