Hostgators 10th Anniversary

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Hostgator Cyber Monday Deal 50% Off Web Hosting Plans

I have the best Cyber Monday deal for you! My web host provider,?HostGator, is doing a Cyber Monday sale and offering?50% off on all their web hosting plans! HostGator?prices are already among the lowest in the industry, but during Cyber Monday, you can start a new blog for as low as $2.48 a month!

Founded in 2002,?, LLC has quickly grown from its humble beginnings in Boca Raton, Florida into one of the most respected names in the web hosting industry.?, LLC is a world leading provider of shared, reseller, and dedicated web hosting. Privately held and based in Houston, Texas, the company was founded in 2002 by current President and CEO Brent Oxley, who started the company from his dorm room at Florida Atlantic University. Since then,?HostGatorhas grown from a small hosting company with just three servers into a world leading and industry recognized hosting provider with more than 10,000 servers under management. The over one million domains hosted by?HostGator?make up approximately 1% of the world?s Internet traffic.

But the sale is for today only! If you were thinking about starting your blog, TODAY is the day to do it! Order your web hosting plan… What are you waiting for? Happy Cyber Monday!

Incapsula Uncompromising Security & Performance for Any Website

Think that enterprise-grade website security and a high-speed is only for the “big guys”? Think again

Through a simple DNS settings change and a process that takes less than 60 seconds, your website traffic can be seamlessly routed through Incapsula?s global network of high-powered servers. The result- incoming traffic is intelligently profiled, in real-time, blocking even the latest web threats from sophisticated SQL injection attacks to malicious bots and intruding comment spammers. Meanwhile, outgoing traffic is accelerated and optimized for faster load times, keeping welcome visitors speeding through. You get the best of both worlds!

If it sounds like some other services you know, dig a bit deeper and you'll see otherwise. With an impressive pedigree (Incapsula is a spin-off of Imperva, a security leader in and of itself) and an extensive knowledge of developing Internet and Data security solutions, for tier-one companies and organizations, Incapsula is able to provide top performance and security to any website, regardless of size, at a fraction of the cost of traditional firewalls.


While you'd think that running your traffic through the Incapsula servers would slow down your site, Incapsula does the contrary. By caching and optimizing your content and delivering it directly from the Internet?s backbone, Incapsula claims that on average, any site will load 40% faster and consume 50% less bandwidth.

Incapsula offers a paid version for commercial sites with PCI compliance, and have just come out with a free version for smaller or personal sites.

My Verdict

I say- give it a try. If you look for a solution that can free up your time, let you concentrate on your true business and make your website work for you, Incapsula seems like the way to go.

And? It's always nice to find a service that gives the big guys a healthy fight.

CloudFlare goes to the cloud for security and protection

Give CloudFlare five minutes they?ll supercharge any website. The firm?s software is a cloud-based firewall that also improves load time.

It?s a protection and acceleration solution that provides real time analytics. Traffic is routed through their own intelligent global network. Each delivery of a client?s webpage is automatically optimized so visitors never have to wait for slow loading pages.

CloudFlare also works to limit bots and crawlers that can waste bandwidth and server resources. Spam and other attacks are significantly reduced and as the number of users increase, so does the system?s speed. Users are immediately notified of visitors who are infected.

The system can be used with any website, domain or platform. It quickly installs in five minutes or less and there?s no additional software or hardware is ever needed. Users must add their website to the system, which requires a small change in the domain?s DNS settings, but no other change in the site?s existing code is required. It can be turned off anytime the user desires.

The core service is free for those who want an automatic security and performance solution. Statistics are provided about all traffic to the website and it?s updated every 24 hours. The software provides tracking of outbound links and geo-location lookup of any visitor?s IP.

The Pro edition is just $20 per month for the first site, $5 for each additional site and $1 for each subdomain. It provides users with all the core services, in addition to more control over their site and advanced security. Virtual real time statistics are provided, along with advanced DNS management and offline browsing. The system is updated every 15 minutes. Traffic can be blocked by country or IP range, and it provides protection from email harvesting and hotlinking. The system analyzes resources and optimization to enable the best possible experience for visitors.

CloudFlare was co-founded by CEO Matthew Prince and officially launched on Sept. 27, 2010. The project originally began as a system to track spammers that harvested email addresses and was named Honey Pot. Thousands of websites in over 185 countries participated in testing the software. It performed as intended, and users also experienced a 30 percent increase in the speed at which websites loaded. The free and Pro edition is offered, and CloudFlare is currently at work on an Enterprise option of its software for high-traffic sites that may encounter more threats and require faster loading pages.

For more information, visit the website at

Update: HostGator has teamed up with CloudFlare to make it even easier for you to use?their?services. So what are you waiting for signup with the?word leading?hosting company to get started with CloudFlare.

HostGator announces Black Friday 2010 promotion

HostGator has announced a special Black Friday 2010 promotion for all its loyal affiliates that promises to be the best deal ever in over eight years of hosting.

HostGator is offering 50 percent off everything from 12 midnight-5 a.m. CST, and 80 percent off from 5 a.m.-9 a.m. CST, while supplies last. It?s a first come first serve event that no one will want to miss. From 9 a.m.-11:59 p.m. CST, or after 80 percent off accounts have sold out, Host Gator will continue to offer 50 percent off everything.

The Black Friday promotion begins at 12-midnight on Friday, Nov. 26, 2010 CST (-6GMT) and will run until 11:59 p.m. CST (-6 GMT). During this time, affiliates will receive their full, regular commission on all Black Friday sales. The event promises to be a record-breaking day for HostGator and all its affiliates.

The discounts apply to all accounts and all term lengths. This allows all affiliate visitors and friends to receive 80 percent off up to three years worth of hosting. That?s $35.64 for three full years of hosting, and includes shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

The promotion marks a first in HostGator history. The firm has never conducted a promotion that included dedicated servers, all accounts and terms lengths, plus allowed affiliates to retain 100 percent of their commissions on every sale sent to them on Black Friday. The promotion boosts sales for HostGator, in addition to putting an amazing amount of money into the pockets of affiliates.

Depending on the time the deal is struck during the promotion, it provides customers with the opportunity to obtain shared hosting for a s little as 99 cents per month, reseller hosting for as low as $4.99 per month, VPS hosting for only $3.99 per month and dedicated servers for as little as $34.80 per month. The deal is extremely appealing and offers affiliates the opportunity to make a significant amount of money during the Black Friday 2010 promotion.

There are a number of means by which the offer can be promoted. Affiliates can post it on their blog, on Twitter, Facebook and other forums, and even use their email lists. Don?t forget to let friends and family know about the specials, and affiliates can even push all their hosting related traffic to HostGator for big earnings.

To participate, affiliates should go to to access their affiliate account and obtain their affiliate link, then just monitor their Black Friday traffic and sales. For anyone who can?t remember their password, they can go to, using the primary email address on file. Once affiliates are logged in, they should be sure to update their contact and payment information to access their control panel.

The Black Friday 2010 promotion is running for one day only. HostGator is seeking the aid of all its affiliates to help make this the largest offer ever. If the Black Friday promotion goes as well as anticipated, HostGator has indicated that more special events will be offered in the future. For anyone who may have questions or concerns about the promotion, HostGator encourages affiliates to contact them.

Why I Recommend Bluehost To New Bloggers

As the internet continues to grow, it is important to partner with a reputable web hosting company such as Bluehost Web Hosting. One of the top reasons you should partner with BlueHost is because of their determination, dedication and commitment to stay current in the web hosting industry. Bluehost is always trying to push the hosting standard and innovate.

From a pricing standpoint, you can't beat the $6.95 monthly price tag – and the features that come along with every shared web hosting plan are unmatched. recently, Bluehost has been working on simply making their servers faster so that you website loads when users bring it up in their browser. Website speed is critical when surfing the web and Bluehost is continually trying to improve server speeds & minimal users on ones server.

And for these numerous reasons, Bluehost is recommended to host your website whether you are a beginner, advanced or experienced webmaster. Anything from running advance web applications or simple static HTML pages, Bluehost has a web hosting solution for you.