Sad Down About Your Life Dont Be!

Sad Down About Your Life Dont Be!

Hey everyone just keeping you all up to date about my life. I recently tried to get a Student Loan got denied then tried Citi Bank for a personal loan didn't ask for too much still got denied sucks made me sad for couple days but as a person makes me stronger. I was like wait a minute I'm stronger then this. I can make money doing something I love & that's affiliate marketing.

This let down is going to make me work harder & make way more money then I wanted to borrow! For anyone who gets down about your personal life remember your most likely a blogger webmaster or a newbee.? I will go well out of my way to help you out you can just ask my Bro Rajan aka DR Blog. He owns a new blog some really great content there also can ask him any questions you may have!

Many new things coming to I'm working with Advaliant to sponsor a big contest just for publishers and my readers so be sure to check them out. I will keep everyone updated when the contest will start.

Block Buster Movie Game Rentals

Block Buster Movie Game Rentals

To all my friends & Readers I recommend Block Buster I have been using them for over 2 months now & I love how you can just bring the movies or games back to the store & then get new ones unlike NetfFix where you have to wait for the mail man. If you sign up you will get 50% off the first month great way to start off September almost end of the summer why not rent movies.

All my family members say how come you have seen all these new movies this is the reason why I'm a movie freak so BlockBuster Is The Way To Go Everyone!

  • Movies delivered right to your door!
  • Over 40,000 titles
  • New Releases
  • No Fees!
  • Rent Games

Tons of reasons to get your block buster membership today!

Unique Blog Designs 1-Year Anniversary Contest

Unique Blog Designs 1-Year Anniversary Contest

Hey Everyone Unique Blog Designs Is Having There 1 year Anniversary Contest! This is a must enter for anyone world wide. Also in the coming months I do plan to get my website re-designed by UBD I really love there work!

Grand Prize – Brand New 8GB iPod Touch ($299 value) and One (1) Copy of our New UBD Citrus WordPress Theme (coming next week).

Three (3) runner-up prizes include copies of our new UBD Citrus WordPress Theme.

How do I enter?

Entering the UBD 1-Year Anniversary Contest is super simple!

  • For one (1) contest entry – just reply to this post with a comment. Only one comment per person will be counted.
  • For five (5) contest entries – write a blog post about the UBD 1-Year Anniversary Contest and link back to this post. If your blog post does not appear under the ?Pingbacks,? leave a comment with a URL to the post.

The winner will be randomly chosen Monday, September 1st, 2008. We will draw the winner via streaming video from the UBD office.

To see the contest post click here

Get Ads Hooked Me Up !

Get Ads Hooked Me Up !

Big Thanks to get ads they hooked up Ive had a old $5 keyboard for awhile I hated it so my affiliate manager at get ads was like Nick what do you want or need said hook me up with key board couple days later got a sick keyboard! I hated my old keyboard shift key didn't work so now i have a kick ass key board thanks to Mike at get ads. I recommend them to everyone one even if your new you can make money with get ads. If you want to give get ads a try contact me or give me a shout on twitter enjoy the video.

Also I have been helping out my buddy DR.Blog @ he recently contacted me saying he needed help with his blog so I'm helping out i love helping other blogger's get big and become successful so to all my readers don't me a stranger if you have any questions feel free to ask I will do my best to help you out.

PS: sorry about the Audio quality just noticed my settings where all low Just fixed it!

Barack Obamas Blog Video

Just made new video for my Obama blog check it out everyone for Blog Gears lots new stuff coming in September. I plan to make some quality e-books also promote several of my sites main site's I'm working on is

Be sure to check out obamas blog click here