8 Evergreen Content Marketing Tactics That Always Work

Is it possible to create evergreen content in a world full of technological advancements and innovation? The answer is yes. Having answered that, what do you understand evergreen content marketing strategy as?

It is a tactic implemented in the creation of long-lasting, relevant, and consistent content. Just like the evergreen trees, this content never becomes obsolete.

A well-planned content marketing yields to numerous beneath it's for your business such as reduction of marketing costs, the creation of long-lasting search engine optimization rankings, and leads and traffic generation. Strategies used include;


  1. The origin/source story strategy

Plays a vital role in informing your audience about how you began and reasons for starting your business. Thus creating secure connectivity between you and your audience. Some of the guidelines for telling your source story are;

  • What lead you to the establishment of the company, service or products that you are currently offering?
  • What significance do you anticipate it has brought to the existing market?

Do not give stories. Be brief enough to captivate audiences all over the web pages. Remember, your source story has to be a compelling site that readers cannot resist.

  1. The journey’s store strategy

Its primary purpose is for the enlightenment of your audiences about your ups, exhilaration, downs, bruises, and bumps on your path to your current position. For instance, in the Rodan and Fields’ blog, you see their fair review updates for the lash boost product. Sharing the unbiased and real-time experiences of people will increase your brand value.

Your journey’s story acts as information to your audience. You let them know where you came from (source story), current position, and where you intend to go.

Strong connections with your audience through the shared experience of your journey thus promoting your brand’s authenticity, trust, and appreciation.

  1. Biggest mistakes strategy

This content adds up to the general audiences’ shared experience. It is acceptable to make the biggest mistakes.

Let your audience know you are about them and how you intend to better them. For instance, you can address biggest mistakes done by your team pertaining your brand or product, or site an example of brand or company in your industry which committed biggest mistakes and how you intend to be different.

  1. Highest achievements strategy

This could be a part of your journey’s story. You openly tell your audience of that moment your biggest expectations came to be.

For instance, it could be the date you launched your product or brand, the achievement of a certain milestone, the receiving of your industry’s recognition, or won a certain award.

Unlike the news perspective (won a certain award), the evergreen strategy concentrates on the achievement of the moment. In other words, the evergreen strategy focuses more on the moment rather than the occasion.

For example, using an interesting blog, tell about your product’s launching date.

  1. The how-to strategy

Is your industry always captivating the new audience? If yes, this is a prerequisite for you. These articles educate and inform as well as introduce the new audience to your industry’s jargons, skills, and history.

By doing this, you actively involve yourself in increasing their experience. For example, you could use a combination of interesting blogs, visual treats as images and videos, and provision of relevant information to guide your audience into being knowledgeable about your industry.

Whenever you are using this strategy, make good use of keyword optimization to capture the attention of numerous audiences possible.

  1. The top-ten list strategy

Do you have a top-ten list? If not, what are you waiting for? If yes, big up yourself. Well, it is essential for you and your business to have a regularly updated top-ten list as events occur.

This list is a perennial choice in all businesses from entertainment to technology. It is a requirement for you to perform regular updates on it. For instance, this list could be tied to seasonal occasions or reward shows.

When coming up with this list, make the article shareable and strong.

  1. The best practices strategy

Just like the how-to articles, articles on best practices are regularly searched and used actively by your audiences. The best strategy here for you is to highlight any changes that have been done to best practices on an annual basis to keep at par with your audience.

As you do this, you might consider making references to the preceding year to ensure your content stays evergreen through the creation of connectivity between the outgoing and new blog.

For example, using keywords, you can highlight the best practices for previous years then show the changes occurring.

  1. The formats strategy

Always exercise answering the audiences’ queries and delivering real value. For example, if asked how it is used, you should be in a position to give the how-to in a valuable, reliable, and consistent manner.

You might also consider making use of emerging trends. Be careful though as you use patterns. Not every emerging trend is evergreen thus cautious consideration should be made.

If your article helps your audience to comprehend emerging trends, then you are most likely to see positive change in your traffics. It may result in high new traffic, referral traffic, and returning traffic.


In conclusion, despite the strategies given, you have to ensure that your content is highly captive to search engines and audiences alike.

Your content should, therefore, be extremely searchable, applicable universally, high value, timeless, produce consistent traffic as time passes, should be of common interests and should be of specific interests. For strategies to work best, you have to be smart.

Remember, the secret here is to create timeless content for your articles which will be highly searchable and ranked high by SEO thus increasing your traffic. You have it all to create evergreen content. What are you waiting for?


Digital Marketing Trends To Follow For Creating A Strong Online Presence

There are numerous ways a company can market today. However, there are effective and non-effective ways of marketing. There are new rules for marketing each year. business must follow these new rules. For 2018 there are many new rules and regulations for marketing that business must follow.

This article will discuss eight new ways for digital marketing that business should follow in 2018. These eight new ways to the digital market in 2018 include artificial intelligence, programmatic advertising, chatbots, personalization, video, influence marketing, social messaging apps, and visual search. Each of these will be examined in more detail below.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence was once looked at as something out of a science fiction movie, not as something a company would use in their advertising campaigns. However, the use of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more popular. With artificial intelligence, a company can better predict what a consumer wants.

By this, we mean that the artificial intelligence software will analyze customer behaviours on many levels. These behaviours could be to analyze the number of time that a company is being talked about on social media. It could also be to analyze what is being said on social media and what the client wants.


Programmatic advertising

Artificial intelligence plays a role in the use of programmatic advertising. Artificial intelligence buys up ad spots. The AI will be better able to identify the audience when buying up the ads. This way the ad campaign has a greater chance of success.

There are studies that show the use of programmatic advertising will be on the rise over the next few years. Research is showing that those marketers who use programmatic advertising in 2018 are more likely to have campaigns that are successful than those who do not use the technology.



Chatbots are becoming popular with consumers as well as business. There are studies that show the chatbot is quick to respond to the customer and does not ever get the response wrong. This is a crowd pleaser for many clients.

Consumers like the idea of talking to a chatbot to solve their issue. Many sites have employed the use of chatbots. The year for increasing the use of chatbots would be this year. Companies who use chatbots on their sites are more likely than not to gain and retain customers. Is that not what marketing efforts are a matter of?



Personalization is the use of getting personal with the clients marketing emails. This can be done with the addressing of the email to the client. Also, if you show the client recommendations based on what they have purchased on your site, they will feel like you know them personally.

This is the idea of personalization. There will be clients who feel more important when you address them by name as opposed to sending out a bulk email that is generic. Clients will feel as though you care about them. This is important in order to 2018. Recently, consumers have not been wanting to feel lost, they want to feel indispensable. An established SEO agency can guide you here in providing the latest Google algorithms and how to work on it. Take help of them and create a remarkable experience for your customers.



This is using video to advertise instead of a blog or article. Videos are becoming the thing of today. Where you can say the same thing in a video that you can say in a blog or article. However, you say it much faster within thirty seconds and customers are more likely to frequent your site.

Video marketing might not have gotten much attention in 2017. But, it is getting attention for 2018. Studies are showing that customers have a very low attention span. They no longer wish to spend thirty minutes reading an article. They always want to spend thirty seconds and get the same information.


Influencer marketing

This is a form of marketing that will take someone who is a celebrity, or someone who is well known on Instagram or Twitter and use them to advertise the product to you. For instance, you can sell watches. You will want someone to advertise that has many followers.

If you advertise with someone who has many followers to consumers are likely to listen. They will listen because they trust the opinions they read online about products and services. Therefore, to use and influence to market for you is a smart idea in 2018.


Social messaging apps

These are apps like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. There are countless people who only communicate through these apps. So, companies that communicate with clients via the Whatsapp and Facebook messenger are more likely than not to have happy customers. Delighted customers are those customers who tell their friends and family about your business and the experience they had with your business. Their friends and family are likely to become your next clients. Also, a happy customer is a customer who is more likely to return to your site than someone who had a bad experience.


Visual search

Getting on the bandwagon for this one is becoming challenging. This is ensuring that you have pictures of your products and your service on your website. Visual search customers will input a photo to the search engine. The search engine will show results of similar images and also facts about an item.

This is facts about the item that might be reviews of the item. So, if you are selling a product or service you will want to have positive reviews of your service. Otherwise, back to the client believing what is read about a company, you will get negative publicity.

In conclusion, this article discussed the eight forms of digital marketing that cannot be ignored for 2018. These are areas of marketing that are becoming popular this year and will be growing in popularity in the next few years. Within five years, all these forms of digital marketing will be used by everyone who does business on the internet. This will be almost everyone who does business. After all, most people purchase things on the internet now and are at risk of in the future as well.

Web design Mistakes

13 Important Metrics For Your Press Release Distribution

Before, it seems impossible to measure the impact of public relations. Even measuring the result of press release distribution seems a daunting process.

Why do you think we need to measure the impact of distributing releases? In the era of the digital age, everyone can write a release. It is not only limited to PR professionals.

However, despite the fact that anyone can do it, it doesn’t mean that anyone can do it right. If you know what to measure, you’ll have more successful releases in the future.

In this post, we’ll discuss the important metrics that are important for you to measure the impact of distributing releases:




The goal of every release is to invite the media and readers to read your announcement. However, it is not the only thing that you should target.

You should encourage them to take an action. What is your call-to-action (CTA)? Do you want them to click to your link to visit your site and learn more about your product?

Do you want them to sign up for newsletters, or invite them to download a copy of your E-book? If you can engage them more, the more successful your campaign will be.

You should be able to engage them in your story. It is one factor that you should measure in your campaign. There are many tools that can help you track results.

To measure click-through, you can use a URL shortener in your release. Its purpose is to track how many times the link was clicked in your story. It also gives an idea of how it is going.




How do you measure the conversion rate of your campaign? If the audience read your content and clicked on the link how did they respond to it?

For instance, once they reached your site, did they read the content, make a purchase, download something, or complete a contact form? You can also use Google Analytics to monitor the traffic sources and check where it is coming from.

Your goal in your release determines your conversion rates. Conversions are a sign that a prospect or potential customer is actively moving on to the sales funnel.


  • READS.


This metric reflects the number of times that an audience read your release. Reads indicate the number of people who consumed your news.

By monitoring the number of reads of your successful releases, you can develop the method of writing releases patterned to successful releases.




These are tools that give you an idea when your chosen keywords are found online. Using this tools allow you to monitor your brand mentions and company name and helps manage your reputation. It gives you a hint, whether your content is popular or not online.




Tracking your social media mentions is a very important metric that tells how well your content is performing. You should be able to monitor the number of Twitter mentions or blog mentions to know that it is going viral on these platforms. You can set Twitter alerts to notify you of these mentions.

It’s significant that you know how many influencers are mentioning you, or how many have shared your content. Make sure that you also keep an eye on the hashtags that perform well.




It measures the total number of people who have seen your release so far. You should be able to track how many people have been exposed to your content. If you are using a press release distribution service, it is expected that you have a high potential reach.




The potential reach of your release may be overwhelming. However, you shouldn’t be satisfied with the value unless you have seen the engagement rate.

A lot of marketers thought that potential reach is enough for them to measure their content’s success. You should be more concerned about the number of people who have seen it, and how many have actually engaged.

There are a number of ways how you can measure the engagement of your audience, including how many have downloaded the copy of your ebook, shared your content, or how many have clicked to your link.

You need to find ways to boost the engagement of your audience to your content. Make sure that you master these tactics.




This is perhaps the oldest and first metric used in measuring the impact of releases. You need to know where your news is placed and published. You also need to have an idea about the length of the article, message permeation, assets, placement and more.




How aware are people of your news? You can determine who shared it, the extent of sharing, or who shared your news. Did you get editorial coverage, or was it shared by an influencer or your employee?




You can track the inbound traffic of your release by adding a URL builder or extension to any URL placed within your content. The link should traffic back to your site. When they clicked the links, you can monitor their actions within your site.




It’s important that you know which part of the world your news resonated. You can track it per region, locally and globally.

Knowing how your news resonated is useful to continue any conversation online or sales marketing campaigns. You’ll also get the idea which regions or area receive your news positively, so you can target them the next time you issue your release.




You should see your release on top of the search engines if you have made all the effort in enhancing your copy. Make sure that you also distribute content on a regular basis. Check the tools that you can use to monitor the keywords or search terms you are targeting and your search engine rankings.




Search your release title. Place your headline onto quotation marks. You’ll get the exact number of indexed pickups at the last page of the search results.

Tracking the impact of your distribution is important as knowing its return-on-investment. With available tracking tools online, measuring its impact has never been easier.

Aside from the mentioned above, it is now easier to measure the success of releases now that it has gone live. Other elements that are important in determining its impact, include: identifying online and offline news outlets that published your news, number of backlinks it generated, and if it is gaining popularity on the social media.

If your news story is promoted and shared on social media channels a lot more times, it can spread like a wildfire. Your story can go viral easily that boost its virality.

Backlinks are also an important gauge in measuring your news impact. A back reference refers to the link leading to your website.

Search engines like Google regard backlinks as an important element in determining the ranking of your content. More backlinks lead to a higher ranking on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

In reality, traditional releases have lost its ability to create an impact. If you want your story to generate interest, go viral and widen its reach, you need to personalize it as much as possible.

A personalized pitch is favorable to journalists as it creates an instant traction with them. Boost their interest by making them feel that you are making their job easier.

Follow the format of writing a release, make your news newsworthy, and include assets like surveys studies and infographics. The more accessible and complete your content is, the more they will have the interest to publish your work.

Build relationships to establish a foundation with the press. Be sure to do this prior to reaching out.

Use different online tools in measuring the success of your releases. If you are using newswire services, know what metrics they use to track the performance of your content.

If they can’t provide you these reports, choose other services that can provide you. Remember that you cannot just distribute content, without knowing how well it is performing.

Another applicable tip that you can try is monitoring the profiles of your competitors. Check their content and distribution, and how their stories are covered by the media.

Knowing how your competitors are performing can help you improve your approach in distributing your content. It pays well if you know the market you are in. Study your industry and rivals in the business.

You should be aware of who is leading, and how you can beat them through content distribution. Keep in mind that it getting publicity is not easy due to the steep competition.

Your content needs to stand out from the rest. By becoming aware of how to properly write and distribute your content, you have a better chance of getting a more positive result for your campaigns.

Again, go back to your goal. Think about how you are going to reach your goal. At the end of your campaign, you should be able to measure whether you reach it or not.

The result is important for your future content marketing campaigns. By gaining insights and stats of your content’s performance, you can better improve your content and avoid the mistakes that are hampering you in getting the right outcome.

Back On Track: Reviving A Flailing Marketing Campaign

Back On Track: Reviving A Flailing Marketing Campaign

Marketing plays an integral role in the success of a business. If you’ve noticed that your website is attracting less traffic, your emails are going unnoticed, or there’s been a limited response to an advert in the local press, it may be time to rethink and revitalize your marketing campaign. If you’re struggling to make an impact, this guide will help you get your business back on track.

Identify the issues

If your marketing strategy isn’t working as well as it should be, the best place to start is pinpointing the reasons why. What has gone wrong? If you can work out which cogs aren’t turning in the right direction, this will help you identify solutions, which will propel your company forward. Look at data, analyze what you’re currently doing, and adopt the perspective of a consumer. Is there is a problem with getting content or materials out there, or are you losing leads once you’ve attracted their attention? If you’re not garnering sufficient attention to begin with, you can work on reaching out to more people and getting yourself noticed. If the process is breaking down in the middle section, you can strive to convert more leads. If there’s an issue at the end, and you’re losing customers who have already put an item in their cart, for example, this is the spanner you need to remove from the works. Once you know where you’re going wrong, you can attempt to rectify the situation.


Carry out research

Every marketing campaign should be drawn up based on extensive market research. If you don’t know the customer well enough or you’ve got no idea what kind of competition you’re facing, there’s a high risk of your marketing strategy missing the bullseye. It’s essential to reach the market thoroughly and to gather as much information as you can about potential clients and competitors. If you’re firing blanks, carrying out research could help you find the answers. When revamping your campaign, focus on that ideal customer, and make sure your business stands out from the crowd. To collect information, send out surveys and questionnaires, converse with customers via live chat on your website, and invite people to leave feedback and comments. You can also organize focus groups and leave suggestions boxes around the premises if you have a hotel, a store, a restaurant or a salon, for example.


Make use of data analytics

You may have a website and social media profiles, but do you know if they are benefiting your business? Data analytic tools provide you with valuable information about who is visiting your website, what they’re doing online, and where traffic comes from. You can learn about which kinds of posts are most successful, and you can also determine which contact methods are most appealing to your customers. If you don’t already make use of analytics, now is the time to start. This data could make a huge difference to the efficacy of your strategy. If you’re not a marketing expert, it’s worth considering teaming up with a company that specializes in generating and converting leads and increasing traffic and sales. Look for firms that offer the kinds of features, services, and expertise you’re looking for, such as a digital agency private label service or experience in web analytics, social media marketing, and SEO. If you’re not au fait with cutting-edge marketing techniques, you may not be aware of the potential benefits of tapping into analytics and gaining access to this font of information.

Back On Track: Reviving A Flailing Marketing Campaign

Seek expert help

Sometimes, it’s difficult to determine why your marketing strategy is failing when you’re involved in putting content together, organizing events or sending out emails. If you’re at the heart of designing and implementing the campaign, you may benefit from getting the opinion of people outside of your business circle. Seeking expert advice can provide you with information and knowledge you may not have yourself, but it can also help you to judge your efforts from a different perspective. Often, a fresh pair of eyes, especially one that belongs to somebody with marketing expertise, can make all the difference. If you’re looking for a marketing agency to help you boost your business profile and drive sales, search for a company that has experience in your field, set up some informal meetings to discuss your requirements, and take a look at portfolios and client reviews.

Back On Track: Reviving A Flailing Marketing Campaign













Communicate with your customers

If your sales have stalled, you’re not getting the reaction you want from social media posts or your website isn’t attracting as many visitors as it used to, it’s a good idea to communicate with your customers, friends, and followers. Ask them about the kind of posts they’d like to see on your pages, talk to them about the themes they’d like you to cover on your blog, and invite them to leave feedback on the service you provide. Take time to read comments, answer questions, and look through ideas and opinions. Feedback can be incredibly useful. You might find that something as simple as posting too frequently is putting clients off, and this can easily be rectified.

Be original

In business, there’s always competition. If you want to succeed, you’ll need to outshine others. Although it’s hugely beneficial to adopt tried and tested marketing techniques, don’t underestimate the value of being original. Up-sell your USP, and try and be innovative and inventive. If you’ve got a social media campaign on the go, for example, think about what kinds of content you can upload to turn heads and get people talking and sharing links.

Is your marketing campaign struggling to make an impact? If you’re keen to put your business on the map, it’s wise to analyze what’s going wrong and then work on ironing out those issues and improving your strategy. Hopefully, this guide will help you get back on track. Carry out an audit to see where you’re falling down, conduct research to ensure your campaign is relevant to the target market, and make use of analytics. Work with experts, talk to your customers and use feedback, and try and be original and creative.  


Think These Marketing Tactics Are Dead? Think Again

It’s easy to assume that certain marketing tactics should be forgotten. Perhaps you are entirely focused on new possibilities such as social media marketing or possibly the latest SEO trends. While main modern marketing tactics like this can be effective, it doesn’t mean that older options should be forgotten. There are plenty of great choices that serve your business well. So, let’s look at some of these choices and make sure you know how crucial they can be.


You probably assume that if you’re running a business, you no longer need to hand flyers out on the street or post them through people’s doors. After all, these days you can provide the content that people want online in a way that is far less intrusive and potentially reach a much larger audience.

There are two reasons why flyer marketing should not be abandoned. First, don’t underestimate the importance of local customers. A loyal local base of customers can keep your company afloat when profits tumble in your company model.

As well as this, you can combine this marketing tactic with more modern trends such as hashtags. Include a hashtag on your flyer, and you could get a solid group of impressed customers using it. This will help a small company rise through the ranks online.

Email Marketing

You might assume that people always see email marketing as spam. But this isn’t the case at all. Ultimately it depends what emails you are sending people on your list. If you are constantly sending the same content repeatedly to all the people on the list, yeah it’s going to be junk. So, let’s start by making sure that you separate your list into groups. That way you can make the content is a little more personalized. For instance, you should be sending different emails to those who are just joining as a customer and those who haven’t bought anything from your business in a while.

Think about the actual content too. You need to give a good mix of different types such as newsletters. Software for newsletters can make this type of content creation easy and fast while still compelling.

















Guerilla Marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of guerilla marketing. These days the aim of promoting your business is to go viral. You can do this quite simply by making sure that you are giving the media something to write about. That’s where guerrilla marketing comes in. This is something fresh and exciting which gives everyone from local journalists to international broadcasters a reason to take notice of your company brand.


Finally, you probably don’t want to pay a fortune for TV ads anymore in your business, and that is certainly understandable. No one wants to waste a fortune on their marketing budget for ads most people will probably skip. But don’t dismiss video completely. It can still be useful and effective for you as a business owner.

Make sure you look at some of these possibilities that may seem old-fashioned but could provide your business the fantastic boost it needs.