Why WordPress Has Been Labeled Best Platform For SEO?

Why WordPress Has Been Labeled Best Platform For SEO?

Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg developed and released WordPress in 2003. It was a simple tool for blogging back then, but now it is a leading CMS system in the world. 33.1% of the sites existing over the internet are using WordPress. To get a higher rank on Google or other search engines, optimizing the SEO is important, and WordPress is exceptional in terms of SEO. Users can use many built-in features, which makes the entire process of optimizing very easy. In this blog, we will list out our reasons as to why WordPress is one of the best platforms for SEO.

1) Automatically adding Metadata

The meta description is an influential ranking factor in the search engines. Metadata is a summary of the web page or the blog post. Users can view it under the page link within the Google search result page. Metadata improves the position of the website, and users must add it to every page and post of their website.

WordPress allows the user to add metadata automatically. They can utilize plugins like All in One SEO or Yoast SEO, which will automatically create SEO-friendly meta descriptions for their website.

2) Optimization for Mobile

Nowadays, the search engine is used more from mobile phones than from a computer. It is a new trend the website owners need to adapt. There should be no separate URL for websites, one each for mobile and PC. Instead, there needs to be only one URL that will ensure that the inbound links are not separate because of different URLs. Hence, blogs need to be mobile-friendly.

Users can use the responsive design to optimize themes for mobile, and WordPress has this feature for premium users. Users can check how their website looks when the customization is complete on different devices. There is a plugin called Jetpack plugin, and it will help users comply with the mobile standards of Google.

3) Site Speed

Visitors are bound to be frustrated if the loading time of a site is high. It will increase the bounce rate, and Google many ban the website if it is too slow. Speed will not be a problem if users are using WordPress. It comes with optimized themes, and many plugins will improve the speed of the website. Users can check their website's load time on Google's PageSpeed Insights.

4) Optimized SEO Images

Images affect SEO indirectly because they improve the visitor's experience. By breaking the flow of the entire text, the readability of the content gets improved. Optimizing the images for SEO is necessary to get maximum exposure. Users can fill the Alternative Text section in the image edit options and include their version of the keyword for the best results.

Users can utilize the free plugins if they want to optimize the image size automatically. Optimized SEO images will make the entire content engaging.

5) User Experience

Visitors will spend more time, and engage on the website if they get good user experience. Google calculates the user experience from parametres like the average time that a visitor spends. If the user wants to calculate the bounce rate, they can do it from their Google Analytics account. If the bounce rate is high, then it is an indicator of poor experience for the user. Visitors will be more engaged if the website looks good. They will drop their comments or post questions. The website's ranking will improve because of an active community. Users have many options for customizing their site with themes and plugins that WordPress provides, and they can use them to design creative websites for themselves.

6) Integration for Social Media

The ranking will be good if users engage with their visitors on social media. It is about the activity of other people in the user's posts. WordPress allows users to install plugins that will boost their exposure in social media. Users can add buttons for social media to their content to get shares from their visitors. They can automate their campaigns and connect the latest news feed on their website. It will encourage visitors to be part of their campaigns.

7) SEO Friendly URLs

The permalinks are the URLs on the user's WordPress website. It is possible to edit these permalinks from the WordPress Dashboard settings. There are two ways through which the permalinks will affect the ranking :

    • Pretty permalinks can boost the click-through rate of the user's post in the search engines 

    • Keywords in the link are a significant factor in the ranking.

Instead of leaving the permalinks to the default option, customizing it is a much better option. It will improve the traffic for the website.


WordPress has features and tools that users may not find elsewhere. It will save them a lot of time. The overall experience is better because of new plugins and themes coming in the market daily. WordPress is free to use and has enough add-ons/plugins for users to customize their site as per their needs. It will continue to dominate the SEO and CMS community because of its open-source developer community who continuously provides new themes and plugins for WordPress. There is a high demand to hire WordPress developers by companies because this platform can solve many problems that the business nowadays face.

Author Bio

Prinsa Prajapati is a technical content writer who loves to write about WordPress web development. She shares her knowledge about the recent advancements in the area of web design with a WordPress development company. She also likes to talk about different software, CMS, IT languages, and technologies.

Why Webinars Are The Perfect Way To Promote Your eLearning Business

Today, there are thousands of companies all selling training and certification services. What’s more, not all of them strictly fall into the eLearning industry category. Many are just regular firms that happen to have in-depth knowledge of a particular subject and want to share with others. 

Marketing eLearning training can be a challenge. Going from initial touchpoint to sale is often a long and arduous process taking many months. 

Many companies, therefore, are turning to the humble webinar to promote their training options. They’re finding that it is an effective way to promote their services. 

Businesses use webinars for a host of topics. One of the most popular is employee engagement: trying to get their workers more excited about what they’re doing, reducing passivity.  

A lot of webinars are on employee training: that is, how companies should train their people and the benefits of doing so. 

Some businesses also use their webinars as an opportunity to engage in a spot of microlearning, providing prospects with a sample of what their final services might be like. 

Webinars, however, are about more than just providing information – they’re also a pivotal opportunity to overcome customer sticking points and make a sale. The ROI statistics are impressive. Around 60 percent of marketers in the eLearning space use webinars as part of their marketing strategy, with between 20 and 40 percent of viewers turning into qualified leads. 

Do you sell training services over the internet? Would you like you to find out more about the effectiveness of webinars for marketing your services? Then check out the following infographic for more details. 

Check out The Complete Webinar Marketing Infographic For eLearning Companies
How Social Media Affects Mental Health

How Social Media Affects Mental Health

There is no denying that social media has grown to become an integral part of everyone’s social life today. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for example, are now immensely popular amongst both the millennials and the older generation. Coincidentally or otherwise, cases of mental disorders among young adults appear to increase with the increase of social media popularity. Well, we cannot authoritatively say that the two stats are correlated, but we cannot turn a blind eye either of them. That is why we are focusing on 6 possible relationships between social media and mental health, 3 being positive and 3 negative. 

3 Positive Effects of Social Media on Your Mental Health

Social media helps us to find answers to problems that affect us, share our stories with people who are or who have been in the same situation as we are in, and to make new contacts. Of course, social media is filled with people who understand and share our struggles, who are willing to be part of our support system. This is both inspiring and empowering, and has a spiral effect of an individual’s improved mental health. Here is the evidence:

1. Fostering a sense of belonging

Social media is one large and welcoming community that gives every user some strong sense of belonging. Social media groups, for example, are formed by individuals who share a common belief, profession, or life challenge. That makes each member feel like they are an important part of a community. 

How does this benefit your mental health? Well, according to a 1999 scientific study by the School of Nursing at the University of Michigan, a strong psychological sense of belonging can help you overcome depression and other mental health problems. 

2. A repository of your fond memories

Social media has grown to become the repository of most people’s fondest memories. As a matter of fact, social media is the main motivation behind most photos nowadays. Answer this as truthfully as possible: Would you be taking as many pictures as you do now if you weren’t on social media? Most likely, no! 

The Instagram pictures you posted after a happy event, for example, will always be a constant reminder of your exciting past.  If you are stressed or anxious prior to an interview, going through photos of your graduation on Facebook, for example, can help you relax and regain your lost self-belief. According to study findings published in nature.com on January 2019, positive memory reduces your chances of suffering depression and significantly boosts your mental health. 

3. Enhancing better self-expression 

When youths engage with one another on social media, they gain basic social and technical skills that help them to express themselves better and with more clarity. A guy who is attracted to a girl, for example, will have an easier time expressing his interest in the girl via social media chats than in face-to-face interaction. This form of self-expression wasn’t available before social media.

3 Negative Effects of Social Media on Your Mental Health

Cases of cyberbullying and social media trolls have been cited before as a cause of depression and a feeling of self-worthlessness amongst young people. There are also psychologists who argue that chronic sleep deprivation that social media users have can be detrimental to their health. Here are 3 more destructive aspects of social media in regards to your mental health: 

1. Toxic comparison can lead to depression

A recent study that was published in a popular medical journal revealed that comparing your life with other people online can lead to depression, regardless of whether you are doing better than them or not. And with millions of photos being posted on social media on a daily basis, you cannot help but compare your life to your friends as you scroll through your social media feeds. There have been numerous cases reporting to these issues, however, if you are struggling with depression, approaching an experienced life coach would help you find clarity and solve the problem.

2. Social isolation 

Brian Primack and other researchers at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine recently found out that overusing social media can leave you feeling socially-disconnected from the real world. This form of social isolation leads to depression and when unattended for long, encourages suicidal thoughts. That is according to a separate study by the Association for Psychological Science. 

3. Social media is addictive

Internet and particularly social media addiction is real. ‘Facebook Addiction Disorder’ is very common nowadays; it causes mental preoccupation that can promote feelings of anxiety when the addicted individual stops using Facebook. 

How to Save Money in Your Startup

How to Save Money in Your Startup

Turning a good idea into a successful business is what startups are all about. We love the idea of a startup because the potential is limitless, but we also love it because of how difficult it is to build a successful startup. Simply put, it’s a huge challenge that offers big rewards. 

Naturally, faced with such a challenge, new startups want to make wise investments with their cash, but what are the areas these companies can look to save money?

Streamline Marketing 

In today’s world, it doesn’t cost all that much to be able to reach your ideal clients with your marketing. Small budgets can go a long way, but only if you’re innovative and embrace modern marketing. 

When you’re looking to invest in the cornerstone of your marketing efforts, then a prime candidate is your website. Whatever industry you’re in, your website is going to set the tone for how your clients view your company and what they come to expect from you. 

A high-quality website is a perfect way to start to build trust between you and your clients, and it brings together all your marketing efforts. In many ways, your website is like your storefront in the modern world, and it’s got to look appealing to your clients. 

Focus on What You’re Good At

A common difficulty for startups is that they get sucked into doing things they’re not necessarily good at when they don’t need to. Thanks to modern technology, it’s easier than ever to outsource the things you’re not good at and give you more time to focus on the things that are going to make you money.

You don’t have to be able to do everything well to be a successful company, it can be more beneficial to focus on the things you do well and allow other people to take care of the things you don’t do so well. 

Don’t be afraid to outsource and take advantage of other peoples’ talents. 

Get the Right Software

In order to stand out from the crowd, you’ve got to be able to do your best work and you can’t do that if you don’t have the right software. 

It can be tempting to make do with lesser software and save some money at the beginning, but invariably you find it costs you more through inefficiencies in the long run. Your software is integral to your ability to do business efficiently, so make sure you’ve got a good provider like www.bytes.co.uk.

Hire Smart 

They say that “you’re only as good as the team around you,” and that’s true, but it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank and get the most expensive employees.

A startup is about innovation and achieving dreams, so find employees who share these feelings. There are talented people at all ends of the experience scale, so find the employees that share your goals and want to grow with your company.

Your employees are going to have a huge say on the direction and success of your company so make it a priority to get the right people in to help you. 

7 Things You Need to Know to Start Your Own Web Development Small Business

7 Things You Need to Know to Start Your Own Web Development Small Business

Well if you ever struck with an idea to start your own web development business, then believe us now is a perfect time and opportunity for you. In this modern world with thousands of businesses, companies, and industries are moving online towards a more preferred and efficient form of doing business. Nowadays zero sectors prefer operating offline, on the contrary, everything is being cut back and moving towards what we call the online market. This may be the reason why there has been a huge increase in outsourcing development and the demand of web developers. 

For a business, basic things like digital marketing, social media marketing, interactive websites are essential to function. However most small to medium-sized businesses don’t have a full-time position for this skill set. That’s where you come in to fill the void for these companies especially the one looking for web development services. And once you set foot in this business you can expand your product and services that you offer accordingly. However, it’s not an easy task, well no worries as we are here with the perfect 7 Things You Need to Know to Start Your Own Web Development Small Business.

Target Your Market 

The very step to your web design business plan should be identifying your target market. It’s not that difficult just answer a simple question and that is “Who do you want to work with?”. 

One of the biggest mistake that most of the beginners make in their prior web development plan is that they want to work with everyone. Well, this is something you would absolutely want to avoid because if you are doing that you are not appealing to the specific needs of one particular business type. So the best piece of advice for a beginner would be to pick up some group of the market initially. For instance, if you are really good at handling commercial websites then stick to it for starter and then expand slowly. 

Pick Up A Niche 

Like we said before, it’s stupid to even think that you can work in every domain of web development business. It always best to pick up an industry that you are interested in and that you would like to work with. Well if you are unable to attract clients then consider offering your services for free or for a reduced cost to build your portfolio and to get a recommendation in your niche. It is always recommended to start with a local community and build trust with your clients. 

Target Clones Of Your Best Clients 

Once you have gained experience in working with different business owners or somebody in a particular industry. You will start to identify traits of good clients and bad clients, clients who are beneficial for your web development business and who are not. Well, when you start to feel this way its time for you to change your strategy and start targeting clones of your best clients. This is one of the best reason why you would want to stick to a single industry business. It will help you know which clients are right for you and your web development business. 

Competitor Analysis 

Once you are settled your business, its time for you to start looking at the competitive landscape and who else exists in this landscape alongside you. Competition is not always bad you get to learn a lot of new trends and the big players in the industry. So we would recommend you to always have an eye on your competitors if you want to grow your web development business. 

Unique Solutions 

A good thing about web development business is that the startup cost is low so you can easily start your business. However, if you want to sustain your business then you have to offer something unique and new. 

Setup Goals 

Well, we are pretty sure that you have high hopes for your business and it’s really logical and recommended to set up your goals. So make sure that you have some short term and long term goals for your business. 

Author Bio:-

Sunny Chawla is a Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency – best virtual assistant website design . He specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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