Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Designer is better for Business

Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Designer is better for Business

Any business that desires to be aggressive in the on the web or offline market must have a professional website. The internet has turned into the leading asset for individuals to discover data, with business research being a leading reason to play out a search on the web.

Organizations that don't hire web designer online to create a website, losing potential customers on the Internet and in their retail facades. Buyers are assessing items and companies sometimes before they choose to make a buy, and if your website does not appear to be professional or secure, they will necessarily proceed onward to the following seller.

While deals and credibility are the two primary variables for having a professional website created for your business, the accompanying four reasons will enable you to comprehend why a professionally designed website is essential to your business.


Professional web design agencies work with creative innovation. What will your website resemble in quite a while from now? A professional web design office not just designs and creates websites, it additionally watches out for future advancements. With numerous new applications and regularly expanding web usefulness to speak to the social-mobile-local shopper, a professional web design organization can tell you the best way to design and not get left in the digital world.

Regardless of whether you have a vague vision of what you have at the top of the priority list a professional web design office can enable you to refine it and ensure it works throughout everyday life; the last comes in extremely helpful! What's more, on the off chance that you don't have a thought a professional web design office can enable you to make your one of a kind look. Here are some general inquiries a professional web design office should allow them to concentrate on your particular needs.


Building a mobile-friendly responsive website is no simple undertaking. If you don't trust me, you should attempt it yourself! Except if you are profoundly gifted in software applications, the most recent web benchmarks, and talk a couple of machine dialects (Parlez-vous PHP?) you expect to absorb information in front of you. A professional web design office is now experienced, so you don't need to pay them to learn.

Also, imagine a scenario in which you stall out. There is any number of issues amid the design and improvement of a website. Some of them are generally fixed effectively, yet others may need glancing through 1000s of lines of code or notwithstanding creating custom solutions. That is best left to a professional web design office.

Professional web design agencies can likewise assist you with area buys and enlistment, email arrangement, website hosting, IT administrations, and other non-design related administrations. Regardless of whether you as of now have a portion of this set up a professional web design office ensures that everything functions admirably together.

3. Assets

It takes a variety of assets to make a connecting with online nearness in the digital age! A professional web design office usually combines the capacity and vision of many creatives and strategists to offer the ideal outcomes. Contingent upon the extent of your project, you will require specialists running from UI/UX designers to web designers and designers, online business specialists, search engine optimization strategists, and IT bolster experts. A professional web design organization has every one of them in-house or accessible as needs are. That guarantees coherence from start to finish while incredibly lessening the danger of deferrals.

Have every single required professional engaged with your project from the earliest starting point. This enables you to foresee issues and deficiencies ahead of time as opposed to fixing them in the advancement stage. Having non-designers associated with the creative process is extremely useful in creating innovative solutions. What's more, our imaginative web designers took in a great deal since they began spending time with our IT groups!


Building a website is a muddled project, and cautious arranging certainly makes a difference. A professional web design office usually has a setup process depends on their experience. This ensures your project continues pushing ahead without ignoring any subtleties. A run of the mill process work process could go this way:

Strategy – The research and arrangement in this progression is the establishment of the design and advancement work.

Design – The visual look of the website starts to come to fruition, and any custom design components created.

Construct – This is the place the creative vision transforms into the real world. Designers fabricate the website usefulness and include the content.

Test – This is the place the new site experiences extensive beta testing, including usefulness on various programs and gadgets.

Dispatch – This incorporates any last contacts and moving the site to a live server.

Report – The last advance is following the new site's exhibition and making required changes and content updates. Rehash this progression as needed.

The process usually incorporates timelines for design and advancement of the new website from start to finish. Here is an example diagram appearing singular obligations of the customer and the designer. A professional web design organization can build up a custom timeline for your project, depends on your particular necessities.

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Alex Jone Works in a HR and Recruitment at Alliance Recruitment Agency- an IT Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping with international recruiting, hire dedicated web designers  ,staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.



The Latest WordPress Web Development Design Trends of 2019

The Latest WordPress Web Development Design Trends of 2019

When we talk about web development, WordPress pop up first in our mind. 27% of the top brand, like TechCrunch, CNN, and UPS, use WordPress. It's easy to understand which makes it easy for novice website services to make little updates to their webpage, for example, text changes and blog entries. WordPress additionally offers an extensive library of plugins to its clients, making it customizable to any web development need. All WordPress websites are likewise mobile and SEO-accommodating.

WordPress trends are driven by in general web design trends, notwithstanding new features given by the organization itself. A year ago, WordPress gave us adaptation 4.8, which included as good as ever widgets for including images, sound, and video to your website. On the propelled development site, the update added the capacity to perform multi-site refreshes and improved its text editor.

Usually, we need to stay aware of the most recent WordPress trends so we can keep on conveying amazing websites to our clients. This is what we can anticipate from WordPress in 2019:

Latest Features and Improvements of WordPress

WordPress 4.9 is as of now in beta, and the full version will launch soon. This variant incorporates fixes and improvements to the 4.8 launches. Clients can hope to see improvements in editing code, managing themes, managing plugins, and simpler customizations. These improvements will help designers notwithstanding website services. These improvements are energizing as convenience is a standout amongst the most significant parts of WordPress for our clients. As a WordPress website development company when we make a website, we need to enable our clients to make website changes individually as their business develops.

Intuitive WordPress Themes

While WordPress offers numerous fundamental layout themes for nothing, customizable ideas are frequently worth the cost. Since WordPress prides itself on being easy to understand, there are themes that run from easy to complex at different value focuses. A year ago, we saw an ascent in the measure of “intuitive” themes, which enable clients to make and customize websites without composing any code. These themes are easy to use for both web engineers and non-coders alike. Intuitive makes experimentation with different layouts and plugins easy too. Need to try different things with video headers? Intuitive a video header widget and check whether it builds time nearby! Here are a few instances of simplified WordPress themes:

Foundry – Foundry is a rich, outwardly staggering responsive subject that is adaptable and easy to customize.

Uplift – Uplift's intuitive developer features 54 components to customize your website easily.

BeTheme – BeTheme is an easy-to-utilize, responsive and quick stacking subject that is extraordinary for fledglings!

WordPress Video Headers

Its a well-known fact that video will command web design in 2018. Video headers and backgrounds might not be “new”, but it is getting to be in vogue in the web design world. Fortunately, WordPress makes it easy to get energetic about this pattern by offering themes that highlight video headers. Here are a couple of models:

Inspiro – This subject features a full-screen video that is extraordinary for flaunting a video portfolio.

Naila – Naila is a single page subject with a discretionary full-screen video foundation show.

Balzac – Balzac is a responsive topic with full video support. It incorporates numerous layouts inside the subject, so it's amazingly adaptable.

Virtual Reality WordPress Plugins

Web engineers and designers on poised to begin including virtual reality and expanded reality in web designs. WordPress completely underpins virtual reality content just as 360° recordings and images. There are a few plugins officially accessible. Hope to see more WordPress websites utilized this substance in 2018. Here are a couple plugins that are as of now accessible:

MomentoPress – MomentoPress is a free module for showing 360° photographs and recordings.

360° Panoramic Image Viewer – 360° Panoramic Image Viewer is a responsive module that enables you to include “hotspots” to static images, making a vivid encounter for your guests.

WP-VR View – WP-VR View is a well-known module that enables you to show PhotoSphere images and 360° video on your WordPress site. Cell phone clients can even get the virtual reality experience utilizing Google Cardboard!

Improved Ecommerce Websites

The online business makes up a huge part of WordPress websites with WooCommerce being the most well-known module by a wide margin. Other web-based business stages, for example, PayPal and Google Checkout incorporate effectively with WordPress too, settling on it a mainstream decision for online stores. Online business trends, for example, mobile shopping, membership-based administrations, and personalized shopping, are effectively tended to by WordPress in its more current internet business themes:

Uncode – Uncode offers a vast amount of options to upgrade your online store. It offers a lot of customizable shop formats and easy alternate routes for store-related features, for example, estimating plans. It's responsive and integrates with WooCommerce.

Divi – Divi charges itself as “The Ultimate WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder” and it is accurate! This is a comprehensive, completely customizable topic for any website, but it's particularly incredible for online business websites. It incorporates smooth product pages and is totally responsive, dynamic, and integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce.

Handmade – Handmade incorporates incredible web-based business features, for example, a single tick demo merchant, product channel widgets, and a lot of options to customize your online store.

  About The Author

Code Wilson is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by WordPress Website Development Company Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.





7 Design Mistakes that Ruin Your Website Content

Whether you are a web designer or a business owner, you should know by now that website design and content go hand in hand. How you can combine the two has a massive impact on your customers’ experience and conversion rate.

Knowing how to design your website to enhance the content is of crucial importance for business success. That is why you should take a look at the following most common website design mistakes that can have a negative effect on your content.

1. Disregarding whitespace

That empty space between text, graphics, or margins can be fundamental for good web design.

If you overcrowd the website, the users won’t be able to recognize what they should focus on and will quickly lose interest.

Some of the benefits of using whitespace are:

  • Increasing interaction by eliminating distractions
  • Highlighting call to actions
  • Improving legibility
  • Separating unrelated elements
  • Adding a sense of elegance to the website

The next time you think of overlooking whitespace, just remember all these benefits.

2. Making typography mistakes

You may think that this should go without saying, but it is surprising how many times I have come across typography mistakes on active websites.

Here is what you shouldn’t do when it comes to typography:

  • Overusing capitals – Capitals are often used for emphasizing certain information. However, if you abuse them it will signify shouting and anger to the reader.
  • Using illegible font – Even you love how a certain font looks if it’s hard to read, forget about it. You should never sacrifice readability for aesthetics.
  • Mixing fonts – If you use more than one or two fonts it will distract the readers from the message. Consistency is the key to clear content.
  • Forgetting to proofread and edit – No one should even upload any type of content before checking it first. With the help of some online tools such as WowGrade, you can get this done quickly and professionally.

Now that you are aware of these “typography gone wrong” cases, you’ll know what to pay attention to.

3. Using the same size for all elements

Applying the same size font, images, and photo boxes for each website element will kill the users’ interest.

Consistency should have its limits and this is where the line should be drawn.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should go overboard with different sizes but you don’t want to lose the users because of content monotony.

Different size fonts or images help the user to determine what is more important and it emphasizes visual hierarchy.

When it comes to images, you don’t even have to change the website template if you want to play with their sizes. All you need to do is to zoom in or zoom out the image in the picture box and that will create different effects.

4. Applying a confusing color scheme

Colors can be the design’s best friend of its biggest enemy. The color scheme is a vital factor in visual processing.

Just think about how many times you have made a decision based on the color of the product? People gravitate towards visually pleasing things and the website design is no exception.

Avoid chaotic color schemes, as well as too many neon or bright colors if you don’t want to chase the users away.

When picking the color combo, think about what will enhance the content and make it easier to understand.

For inspiration, take a look at these color schemes from award-winning websites.

5. Not paying attention to the navigation

There is more to a website than how it looks. It needs to be usable as well.

Users want to have a certain type of experience once they come across a website. Without clear navigation, they will quickly give up on their pursuit.

You’ll know that the website’s navigation is good if it’s easy for user’s to find what they need. They should also be able to go through the website’s pages without being misled or distracted.

Do a navigation test by asking someone to try out the website. Give them a task to find something on it and watch how much time they’ll need.

6. Adding low-resolution, irrelevant images

The images should complement the content. If they don’t, they are not suitable for your website.

Don’t add images just for the sake of having some visuals. Their use is to clarify and enhance the text. You won’t be able to accomplish that with low-resolution or irrelevant images.

A random, poor resolution image will send the message that you aren’t credible and you don’t care about providing quality.

What can also negatively affect the site’s performance is too many images. Crowding the website with symbols, images, or graphs can confuse the users.

7. Using a non-responsive website design

If your website isn’t responsive, the users will get discouraged from the very start and leave the site.

Take into consideration that up to 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device. Not to mention that 89% of people are likely to recommend a brand after a positive brand experience on mobile.

As you can tell, a mobile-friendly experience plays a huge role when it comes to user experience.

Without responsive design, your content won’t be presentable and you won’t be able to show the users what you have to offer.


Even if you are guilty of making some of these mistakes, don’t beat yourself up. The important thing is that you want to learn and improve your website design.

With a few simple changes such as these, you can remove all the bad and keep all the good elements. Keep in mind that the content and design should always complement each other.

Adriana Veasey is a content writer and editor at Study Ton. She has years of experience in different writing niches. Adriana uses her knowledge to help web designers and business owners to perfect their website content.

Am I Making the Most Out of My Website?

Am I Making the Most Out of My Website?

Most professional businesses now have websites from which they can base their commerce, attract new customers, and act as a source of the necessary information. However, many companies aren’t taking the required steps to ensure that they’re making the most of their websites and actually ensuring that the traffic to their websites converts into sales.

How Can I Make the Most of My Website?

If you are unsure of what steps you should take to optimize your website, you should consider hiring a digital marketing agency that can discuss with you how to make the best use of your website and the steps that you can take to improve it.

DMG is a digital marketing company that can help you to make the most of your website through aspects such as targeted marketing and SEO. Not only will they be able to advise and implement improvements to your website, but they’ll ensure that you can convert this into real website traffic.

Do I Have a Professional Website Design?

Your business and the content on your website might be of high quality and provide real value to your market. However, if your website design is unprofessional, potential clientele visiting your website will click away from it within a matter of seconds.

To ensure your website looks as if your brand provides a valued service to your customers, you should ensure that you use professional design elements. Using website builders such as WordPress can create a simple foundation.

However, if you want to spice up your design, you should ensure that elements such as your fonts and graphics both stand out and are professional at all times.

Am I Engaging with Customers?

Your website is an excellent opportunity to engage with customers, providing you with an easy platform from which customers can comment, express their opinions, and leave reviews, and from which you can answer any queries.

To optimize this, you should consider installing a chatbot to your website, as well as comment boxes and a simple-to-use contact section where customers can engage with you and your brand.

Is My Website Mobile-Optimised?

With 40% of transactions now performed on mobile phones, it’s crucial that you consider how you can optimize your website for easy viewing on this vast platform. For instance, most mobile users will click away from your site if it doesn’t load efficiently within 10 seconds.

To optimize your website for mobiles, you should ensure that your website is easily converted to a mobile format, that the graphics load properly, and that the mobile website loads at a fast pace.

Is My Site Updated Regularly?

If you create stellar content but you haven’t updated your website in a long time, not only will this affect your Google ranking, but your website will look inactive to potential clients. Instead, you should begin to write a blog or change your homepage regularly to ensure that you add constant new content and up-to-date information to your business website.

3 Super-Effective Tips for Branding Your Business

3 Super-Effective Tips for Branding Your Business

As a year passes, it very difficult for a small brand to market them self and turf them into s reliable brand— what with the marketplace in a practically steady condition of disturbance and oversaturation. On the off chance that you claim a business or end up accountable for a Branding company in pune, the odds are high that you're attempting to decide the ideal approach to achieve your target audience for the year ahead.

Likewise, with some other year, specific marketing trends are as of now developing. For any brand wanting to fabricate an audience, disregarding these trends could spell calamity. Consider for a minute your contemplations on a business that keeps mum on social channels. You've likely wound up creating a story about  the nature of its products or care for its clients.

The absence of a social presence can likewise make clients think about a brand as old or outdated, which can lead them to look for products or services from a contender. For what reason works with a brand that is not cutting-edge on the latest trends? Likewise, consumers need to communicate with a brand, and your non-appearance on social channels gives no chance to that. They can without much of a stretch, discover another brand that will establish a relationship, fabricate trust, and work for consumers' matter of fact.

The new year is well under way, and it requires your brand to locate its authentic voice, yet also, influence video content and social media to bring that voice over the remainder of the clamor.

1. Authenticity

Less and fewer consumers trust brands — and even less are brand-steadfast — leaving brands both of all shapes and sizes with no other choice than to “lift the shroud” around their organizations. You should demonstrate the open your brand's humankind in almost every move you make, and this frequently begins with how you speak with a target audience.

Netflix has assembled a brand voice rooted in authenticity. Each post, GIF, or image from the spilling administration feels as though it's originating from a companion, and an extraordinary companion — one with a comical inclination. Indeed, there's as yet marketing required with what's being shared, yet the consistency in voice-over all stages makes clients' associations feel authentic.

So give consumers a glimpse into your association. Offer anecdotes about your way of life, mission, values, representatives, and so forth. Post pictures, recordings, and images. Begin thinking about your brand as an individual with a personality like that of your target audience. In case you're ready to strike the correct tone, consumers will feel the authenticity in your brand and be progressively disposed to confide in the perspective, product, or administration.

2. Video

Video assumed a primary job in Casper's fruitful content marketing strategy, and brand administrators have paid heed. The online “bed in a case” organization got good footing from an old YouTube video made by a couple of unsatisfied clients. The bed didn't work out for the couple. However, the unpacking background was terrific to the point that their energy over the experience was sufficient to pitch Casper to other people. Presently, you can discover recordings featuring everything from unpacking the sleeping cushion to the beddings' first-rate building.

The video will be your best tool to manufacture a certified association with your audience. Aberdeen Group found that video advertisers get 66 percent progressively qualified leads. The examination likewise denoted a 54 percent expansion in brand mindfulness when the video was utilized in marketing.

The most evident use for video content is to advertise products or administrations. In any case, this is a sensitive line since watchers would prefer not to watch unadulterated advancement — who truly needs to see another business? Instead, consider creating video content to exhibit your brand in general. Offer what's happening inside your association, which can support the authenticity of your brand.

3. Social media

There's no better method to lift the cover and use video content than through social media. It can spread your message far and wide, keep a log of your brand's informing, and enable individuals to explore the “persona” behind the brand. Indeed, social media marketing is relied upon to develop from $32 billion out of 2017 to an expected $48 billion by 2021.

Other than product-advertise fit, Airbnb developed its business as a rule by method for social media. The brand depends intensely on client produced content, saddling its clients' posts of their stays on Instagram. The organization additionally utilizes Twitter as a significant aspect of its client administration strategy, going the extent that is setting up a Twitter account only for client support.

Influence the mainstream stages, and investigate those new to the scene. In case you're authentic and engaging with your informing, it can make a viral impact that can expand the attention to the littlest brands.

How would you intend to use these trends in your advanced marketing endeavors in 2019? Did we have any patterns? Share with us in the comment section.

The Importance of UX in Web Design

The Importance of UX in Web Design

The Importance of UX in Web Design

UX stands for User Experience and it is the most important factor in web design. It matters more than the style, appearance, and content of a website. If your platform doesn't deliver good user experience, it isn't going to thrive, regardless of how pretty it looks. According to a recent report, around 77% of digital marketing agencies believe bad UX is a significant weakness. ( In this article, we discuss why UX is so important and how you can improve it.

What is UX?

User experience is what people feel when they interact with a website or an online platform. Visitors have a good user experience if everything loads quickly and the platform works without any glitches. Visitors have a bad user experience if the platform loads slowly and the app hangs frequently.

If the website doesn’t perform as well as expected, people will click the back button and visit competitors. No website is completely immune to the competition so if you want to get ahead, you can’t afford to compromise on user experience.

Why is UX Important?

It is easy to underestimate the importance of user experience. Most designers, especially ones with little to no experience, focus on the design and features of the website. They’re constantly on the hunt to create a new and exciting platform. Sometimes developers can lose sight of user experience in the process. Here are some reasons why it is important to keep UX in mind:

  • Retaining Customers – Businesses need a steady customer base to get consistent income. This can only happen if you have the ability to retain clients and ensure they keep coming back to make a purchase at your establishment. Websites that deliver good user experience are more likely to help you retain customers. People are more willing to abandon sites and businesses that don’t work as they expect them to.
  • Company Reputation – Most people determine how trustworthy a business is based on the website’s quality. If your site is slow to load, difficult to navigate, and looks old, customers are less likely to trust your business. If you want your business to have a good reputation, you need to make sure your website delivers the best possible user experience.
  • Impressions – A good first impression is essential in the modern competitive business world. If people don't have a good experience with your brand on the first contact, they won't bother going further in their business dealings with you. That's why it is important to make sure people have a good experience from the get-go.

As you can see, there are several reasons why it is important to focus on the user experience of your website. A great way to check if the platform lives up to expectations is to navigate it from the user’s perspective. Visit the website on your desktop and mobile phone to get a clear idea of how it performs on all devices. If you can navigate through the website smoothly, without experiencing any delays, there’s no need for optimizing or redesign. If you encounter several problems, you might need to hire a professional to assess the platform thoroughly.

How to Ensure Your Website Provides Good User Experience?

Experienced designers never lose sight of UX and always make sure every aspect of the website works as expected. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to this aspect of web design. Experts often take the customer’s requirements into consideration when they plan the UX. Here’s a look at the factors they consider:

1. Target Audience Persona

One of the first things people look at is the target audience persona. Experts examine the client’s business carefully to understand their target audience. They look at things like age, education, gender, ability, and several other factors before creating a website. For example, if your business caters to a lot of Spanish-speaking people, you might need a website with both English and Spanish text to improve overall user experience.

Understanding the target audience is one of the best ways to create a great platform that delivers the best user experience.

2. Focus on Structure

A website should have great structure and clear logic to deliver a good user experience. Make sure the most important menus and links at the top and the least important ones are still easy to access and visible. You need to follow the layout people are familiar with and consider predictable.

Some designers go overboard when they’re trying to create something unique and that does more harm than good. It is important to maintain a predictable structure and just experiment with the colors and designs to add some uniqueness.

3. AB Test Everything

A/B and multivariate testing is a great way to understand if the design works well. You can assemble a team of users to test different versions of your website and determine which one provides the best experience.

This will help you refine the website and ensure only the most efficient version makes it to your real customers.

4. Mobile Experience

Most people use their mobile phones to look for products or information, which means your website should function well on the mobile platform. Google has shifted to a mobile-first index and will rank websites based on how they perform on a mobile platform. That’s why it is even more important to ensure your website works well on these devices.

Check how your site performs on Android, iPhone, and other devices to get a clear idea. You can also check its performance on different browsers for the best assessment.

Experienced web designers will make sure your website delivers the best user experience and draws more customers to the platform.

Author Bio:

Brij Bhushan Singh is a Professional Blogger and Content writer. He is working with Hridik IT Consulting. In his professional life he has written many useful articles about Android Development, iOS development, WordPress, Social Media, SEO and almost all about Digital Marketing.