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Hostgator Updates

The other day I got an email from my favorite web hosting company Hostgator. The Updates to Hostgator hoary just keeps getting it better. I think they have gone far and beyond from just being an awesome hosting company. They have added on PCI Compliance for a year within shared and reseller hosting accounts. I personally think this is great for anyone who is building their own online store.

If that is not enough they are also adding on VPS servers which are a good idea for expanding their user base right now they have around Domains Hosted: 2,358,406. I think by next year Hostgator will have over 3million domains hosted with them & continue to grow. If you’re not with Hostgator or with some other hosting company I think you should take up Hostgator’s offer they will transfer your account to their servers free of charge can’t beat that so what are you waiting for? Sign Up With Hostgator!

Below in the quotes is from the Hostgator news letter email

PCI Compliance

HostGator follows PCI compliance standards to ensure that our customers’ data and information is safe and secure. More and more merchant accounts and payment gateways are requiring that e-commerce websites become PCI compliant in order to accept credit cards. We recently made a deal with McAfee Secure to give all of our shared (Hatchling, Baby, Business) hosting accounts free PCI scans for an entire year.

You can take advantage of this by logging into your control panel, and clicking “Account Addons” under the HostGator Links section. From there, just click the “Free PCI Scan” link to submit your site’s information.

VPS Servers

Many of our customers have been requesting VPS, and we’re happy to announce that it’s right around the corner. If you are interested in VPS, or want to know what to know what in the world it is, check our VPS forum thread.”


HostGator By Far The Best Web Hosting!

Get Your Websites Hosted With HostgatorThere are often many cons done by web hosting companies after subscribing to their service. Some web hosting companies are so slow in giving response while some are just so disappointing in providing fast connectivity. Individuals and business people of such bad and irresponsible service are getting so frustrated with the thought of digging thousands of potential web hosting companies to replace their old ones. It is time to try HostGator, a highly reliable and dedicated web hosting company.

Besides being a dedicated web hosting provider, HostGator makes sure that you enjoy the luxury of having ample of disk space up to 600 GB for web hosting alone. Furthermore, you will also experience truly superb bandwidth with this service. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about insufficient space for your website in the future. Also, there are wide ranges of web hosting for your websites. That simply means that you get unlimited amount of websites under one host.

HostGator understands the need of customers by providing 100% uptime for websites to be online and accessible to public. Not only downtime is least likely to happen, HostGator connectivity service is so fast in load time. People cringe at slow load time because that would jeopardize traffic to their websites. With this web hosting, your website is always running with no downtime experienced. HostGator also has amazing support to phone, E-mail or online chat with less than 3 minutes waiting time. For additional support, a plethora of step-by-step video tutorials are available for keen customers. Besides that, their support personnel are knowledgeable and fast in resolving connectivity issues.

Different platforms and standards are offered by HostGator to make your life so much easier. Normally, web hosting only provides one platform which makes site upgrading a hassle. Platforms including MySQL, POP, PHP 4, PHP 5, Perl and more are great for web publishing. Plus, it is very rare that a web hosting service provider offers many different platforms in one package. Moreover, HostGator also provides many services for site upgrade and hardware maintenance. It is one of the most updated comprehensive programs compared to other companies. With its 45-day money back guarantee, there is no risk in trying since you will be getting ample of benefits with reasonable price.

Webhost Awards Top 10!

Overall, HostGator is an outstanding web hosting provider considering its excellent performance and value to money. You will be able to experience high amount of features and benefits that only HostGator could offer. HostGator gained trust from its customer not by sweet talks like many web hosting out there, but it proved that it is indeed the most dedicated server by it great performance.


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BlueHost has been a great hosting company for all of my websites I think they are great for any type of small company to big time websites 24/7 Technical support with no server down time you cant go wrong with the price of $6.95 a month

I highly recommend blue host i have been with them for little over 3 years now they are great with support so check them out sign up today!!