First Copeac Check

COPEAC?is no longer an active network!?please signup with the following Affiliate Networks: Clickbooth or?PeerFly

Just wanted to keep you guys on the update here is my first check from COPEAC not much but we all do got start from some place.

Copeac has gone far out of there way to help me become a successful affiliate marketer in the past couple month's. I give my affiliate manager Frank Cuffio big props for nagging me also helping me with the top converting offers to promote via PPC.

If your not already with COPEAC give them a shot today!

Motive Interactive Advent 2.0

Motive Interactive Seems to amaze me every time I recently got contacted by my affiliate manager Chris R that motive is going 2.0 really like how they have the Ajax system setup real time stats tracking.

Motive goes way beyond the extra mile to make their publishers happy & become a great affiliate marketer kinda like having a big brother motivating you every day that's the way I see motive. to sign up with Motive Advent Click Here

The referral program:

Motive Interactive's referral earnings program is 5.5% lifetimes referral

The referred publisher must continue to generate commissions without a lapse
of twelve (12) calendar months in order for the referrer to continue
receiving the 5.5% commission from that publisher each month.
The referral system is currently being tracked manually with reports each
month via a unique referral link and a number of banners are available as
well by request – signup to our referral program is usually approved within

Dashboard Screen Shot!