Pay Attention to These Marketing Trends in 2017

Every time a new year comes around, it's essential to make sure your business is keeping up with the latest trends. Marketing trends are emerging all the time, and it's important to know what works and what no longer matters. In particular, digital marketing can be affected by changes to Google's algorithms and rules. Any business should keep up with what others are doing in the marketing industry. Although, of course, marketing firms especially need to know what's happening. As 2017 approaches, you can ensure that you're familiar with which trends are continuing and emerging in the new year.

Content Is KingInteractive Content Marketing

Content marketing has been extremely important in the last few years. As it develops, many people are starting to take a more strategic approach to it. One of the trends that are beginning to grow is the use of interactive content marketing. This can include a large range of content types that people can use. Interactive content might take the form of quizzes, lookbooks, ebooks, assessments, and calculators. They are elements that visitors to a website can get involved with, instead of simply reading or looking at it. Interactive items can also encourage sharing on many occasions, such as with quizzes.

Mobile SEO

Search engine optimization will always be important for digital marketing. However, each year there can be different things to consider. Whenever Google makes any changes, it's essential for businesses to reassess their SEO strategies. Recent announcements about Google's mobile index mean that mobile SEO will need to be examined in 2017. Mobile searches are also growing and have overtaken desktop searches for the first time. Specialist search engine optimization services can help businesses to keep up with these changes. They can ensure that SEO strategies remain relevant in the long and short-term.


Using Big Data

The use of big data has become increasingly popular in many areas of business. However, many businesses have struggled to make use of it in the past. They can sometimes collect the data but fail to make the most of it. Collecting data from various channels is only the start of using it to improve marketing methods. It's also essential to know how to apply the information to change the way you target your market. It can help to create personalization on websites and other marketing methods. Email marketing can become more personalized using big data collected too.


MarketingMarketing automation has also been a significant issue for the past few years. The concept involves automating marketing processes and tasks so that they don't need to be constantly monitored. It frees up time to analyze the success of marketing methods and do various other things. Many businesses have been using marketing automation for a while, but others don't know how to get started. They are starting to understand how they can begin automation and how it will benefit their business.

2017 will be a year to watch the continuing development of some important marketing trends. There will also be some new issues to concentrate on for marketing success.

Digital Marketing

Heal Those Digital Marketing Woes with This Essential Guide

Digital MarketingYou’d think, by now, that everyone would have nailed digital marketing. After all, we’ve been running businesses on the world wide web for decades now. But it’s not that simple, is it? Digital marketing is always changing. And it’s easier than some professionals may think to get it wrong.

Are you having digital marketing woes? Then check out this guide. Here are some common reasons why digital marketing campaigns aren’t as effective as desired.

Marketing Ideas

What the heck are you doing?

Many marketing campaigns suffer from vague goals. You may think that people surely couldn’t get the goal of digital marketing wrong. Isn’t in just as simple as getting your message out there in front of as many people as possible?

It’s actually nowhere near as simple as that. When you have a digital marketing campaign going, you can’t just spam your advertising everywhere. You have limited marketing resources. So you have to be what economists would call al locatively efficient. You have to figure out exactly what kind of user is more likely to click through to your website. Work out what websites that demographic frequents and what content they enjoy. Then allocate your resources accordingly.

rabbit_goes_to_your_head-_hat_manufacture_in_britain_1940_d1297Is that a black hat?

One of the biggest killers of digital marketing efficacy is black hat SEO techniques. If you’re not sure what those are, they’re the little tricks web developers and marketers play to trick search engines.

Keyword stuffing is a popular one. So are invisible keywords and tiny fonts that allow to you use keywords repeatedly without disturbing text flow. Cloaking, once very popular, is now severely cracked down against. (This was showing a search engine one page but directing users to another.) It’s possible that your website is filled with black hat SEO techniques without you realizing it. Basically, they need to be avoided because Google will penalize you for it. You should be working with trustworthy professional SEO services to avoid this risk.

3649959481_4132e29b09_oWhere’s the content?

Search engines, and users, love websites that are filled with content for them to check out. They also like websites that will deliver them new content on a regular basis. You probably already know this. But you may think that such content-related advice doesn’t apply to you.

The fact is that pretty much any business can create new content for their website. It’s not a case of having to update your design every couple of months. You just need to keep your website up-to-date with news and blog posts. If those methods don’t quite fit your website, then ensure that something new is being offered in terms of sales. Outside of your website, make sure you’re staying active on social media. Instagram and Twitter are great ways of sharing content with your fans. The more

Wresponsive-web-design-concepthat is up with that design?

A lot of people don’t know that the design of your website affects your digital marketing. Search engine algorithms can tell when a website is a confusing mess or loads way too slowly. That can see your website being throttled when it comes to search results. Don’t forget to ensure that your website has a great design.