Auto Price Feature "New"

Adtoll Just Released a New Auto Pricing Really Good For? Beginners & Experts I Give There Auto Pricing 5 Start Something unique That Other Ad Companies Dont Have!!!

How does ?Autopricing? work? The system uses a special formula that takes a number of key factors and calculates a price. These factors include ad format, current bookings (supply/demand), expected clicks etc?

It is a very smart system that adjusts your prices for example based on the market. If you have plenty of available ad spots it lowers the price, if you are booked out it raises the price. In essence, it balances your price based on the market.

You do have some control over the determined price through the Pricing Strategy you nominate. You can choose from five different strategies. As an example, if you are trying to fill ad inventory quickly or encourage impulse buys you might select ?Cheap?. If you consider your ads to be worth a lot and do not want low-end Advertisers you might go for ?Exclusive?. Or you can choose a strategy in the middle somewhere.

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AdBrite Is The Best Ad-Network Around!!!

AdBrite has grown alot in the recent years i agree soon they will top google for 1st place we just gotta wait . I think if we all give AdBrite a chance we can make some decent money.

So far my Earnings Average $1.56 daily not bad for some starter websites im posting a screen shot of my earnings hope people sign up & use adbrite you will get your moneys worth!! Giving Away Free $20 in Ads Enter The Contest Today!!!

Adtoll Forums will be giving out $20 Run Of NetWork Adstoo the person that can reach 10 posts or more will be put into a drawing for December 20th one member will be selected at Random to win the free $20 Network ads!!

Run of Network Ads allow you to have your ad published accross a wide range of web sites in our network. These ads are published on sites based on the Ad Rating, industry and target country (if you use Geo-Targeting). Run of Network ads are purchased on a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) basis.

Contest Rules !!!

1. No Spaming or will be banned for life!! 👿 👿
2. All Post have to be legit
3. All members must respect everyone here in the forums!!

Also Post Below To Be Entered Into The Contest & You Accept The Rules 😀


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