Blogging Idol Is Live

Blogging Idol

Yep that's right Blogging Idol is live everyone! hope you have a great 4th of July!

To find out more info about Blogging Idol click here . Also i will not be participating in this great contest due to my vacation trip back east wish everyone the best!

Webmaster Updates

updates Hey everyone there are couple things I have been working on currently I'm getting my blog theme pimped out by
new theme should be done in a week or so also I'm working on 2 websites I have owned for awhile I was having problems with my social network was using phpfox 1.6.20 so i downgraded to an older version seems to be working fine now just gotta get everything back up to normal. The second website is its currently using index script I honestly dislike the script I'm gonna make a test site see if I could make the database work using PHPLD seems like everyone is using phpld & there are lots of mods ect!

PS: To keep everyone updated from July 14th to the 29th I will be back east visiting family also gonna be in Boston Mass for couple day's. I will be twittering also will post couple draft posts I have while I'm gone

Money Bites Easy Money Contest!

Money Bites ContestThis Contest Is Really easy to enter all you gotta do is subscribe via email then blog about the contest and provide an anchor link to moneybites .com Saying “how to earn online
The contest will end on July 15. There will be three winners. First place will get a whopping $50 through paypal. Second will get $20 and third $5.

Winners will be chosen using a randomizer.

To enter this great contest click here

BlogRush Great Source Of Traffic!

Blog RushBlog Rush promises to be ?The Fastest And Easiest Way To Instantly Drive a Flood Of Targeted Readers To Your Blog?Absolutely Free!?

So whats Blog Rush all about?

Its basically a widget that you can add to your blog. And whenever your blog page loads with this widget, the widget will refresh and display 5 clickable blog post titles which link to other blogs. This links open a new browser window to the other blog so that your visitor doesn?t really leave your blog.

How Much Traffic You Can Get?

According to other sites that they have just tried, Initially the amount of traffic you get is currently unknown. It should depend by some key factors, such as, your referrals, the category of your website, the actual click through rate, the amount of traffic your blog has, the placement of the widget on other sites as well.

BlogRush is only available for English-language blogs with non-adult content and gives you the chance to submit many several niches, different from categories you choose such as entertainment, health, technology or sports..

Their pyramid referral scheme means that first movers and early birds will get an advantage. Supposedly, the more users you refer, the more traffic you get. Then again, this depends on your referrals? traffic levels and the widget?s algorithm.

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BlogRush Click Maximizer

Building traffic for your blog has never been easier, and more on target with the release of the BlogRush Click Maximizer Plugin. Click Here To Download Now

Imagine being able to control which of your blog posts to display in the BlogRush Widget on other blogs. BlogRush Click Maximizer allows you to create a custom RSS feed which you can use when registering with BlogRush.

This allows you to control what you want to display in BlogRush. You can even write alternate – short and catchy title just for BlogRush.

Imagine, no more off topic posts being displayed. Imagine only using your most popular posts in BlogRush. Imagine keeping all of your submitted posts on topic, and relevant to your chosen category.

You will have total control of what appears over the BlogRush Network.