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As referred by whatis site, a website is a related collection of World Wide Web (WWW) files that includes a beginning file called a home page. A company or individual tells you how to access your website by providing you with the address of your homepage. From the home page, you get to visit all other pages on their site. Websites help you grow business and is about being digital in this era where everything out there is on digital platforms. It is imperative to learn how to make a responsive website.

Web design is the designing of how your website will look online, and what feelings does it give, is it justifying the product of the website, or is it totally out of context? Having an intelligent design for your website is the essential part of your site because your website is your brand, and that is what gives your business. Web design means having skills, discipline and art of maintaining it. Web designing and Web development are part of one tree; web design is a broader category of web development.  There are plenty of web design services available out there giving solutions.

Here are a few helpful web design tools to help you:


Photoshop is a very all-around tool; although it is not free, it does give you an experience of having the whole device by yourself and explore it the way you want it to. Photoshop helps you build customized graphics from scrape. You can mix up multiple images and group them, apply filters in them or convert them, resize or do recolor. Photoshop is a very fantastic tool for making the design for your website attractive, but you need the skills and knowledge for the same.


Everyone has almost heard about this, as it is also one the best in the web-designing tool list. Sketch offers a clean and manageable space to create amazing designs for your website. It is much easier compared to other web development tools. Sketch has a feature of small documents, which keeps the documents very much sorted and mess free. There is a built-in grid feature which makes sketch help us create great designs. The plugins that sketch has to offer which make the work fast and easy. It is also said to be the all-round winner for web design.


Wirefy is said to be one of the web design software for building a great responsive website. Creating wireframes without having any worry and without having any issues, it is easy to do it with Wirefy by having minimal knowledge of CSS and HTML. Wirefy has several snippets and templates to offer which are scaled as the browser is rephrased working across multiple devices. If for your content plays a significant role in your web design that Wirefy is the one the best professional web designing software.

Additional Helpful Resources:


Figma is an interface design tool. It gives you the freedom to collaborate in real time with multiple users. Figma has both free, and a paid version depends on what you want to use it for. Both have their benefits. Creating icons for an article for the website is one of the most beautiful features of Figma, and it also offers you collaborating and sharing your design or graphics with others within the app. This app is a user-friendly app and easy to learn. It is a free website builder.


Bootstrap is a front – end component library to build responsive web design css. Developing CSS, HTML, JS is a difficult task when you do it for the first time, but with bootstrap, it is easy as it is an open source toolkit. Building your web with their sass variables mixins, responsive grid system, extensive pre-built components, and powerful plugins makes it super attractive to even work on this tool, and also the output is excellent. It’s one, the best website development tools, providing a lot of components to build your website.


As innovative as its name, this google web designer free download tool is the most helpful for the web designers to compress or resize their images without the fear of losing on the quality of the image. It is an exciting way of operating this tool you have to drag and drop the image and keep swiping for the exact compression and size that is needed for your website. The best part about this tool is that it is available online and offline too.


Canva is so far the best free website designing tool, which has impressive features to offer. People who are super keen on using infographics on their website as it attracts the audience much faster, and they can relate to it more. Canva provides the designers and non – designers both a fantastic experience in making a graphic, whether it is for digital or print. Images are like the lifeline for any website, and when you have a boon-full tool like Canva, it’s a win-win situation.


Having a responsive website tool for your website is so much essential to growing in the industry. We are becoming so advanced day by day that there are so many new devices, tools, apps being developed with brand new features, latest technologies that we do face challenges to cope up with these, but being provided by such great tools to help us, it becomes a cake walk.

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