The Latest WordPress Web Development Design Trends of 2019

The Latest WordPress Web Development Design Trends of 2019

When we talk about web development, WordPress pop up first in our mind. 27% of the top brand, like TechCrunch, CNN, and UPS, use WordPress. It's easy to understand which makes it easy for novice website services to make little updates to their webpage, for example, text changes and blog entries. WordPress additionally offers an extensive library of plugins to its clients, making it customizable to any web development need. All WordPress websites are likewise mobile and SEO-accommodating.

WordPress trends are driven by in general web design trends, notwithstanding new features given by the organization itself. A year ago, WordPress gave us adaptation 4.8, which included as good as ever widgets for including images, sound, and video to your website. On the propelled development site, the update added the capacity to perform multi-site refreshes and improved its text editor.

Usually, we need to stay aware of the most recent WordPress trends so we can keep on conveying amazing websites to our clients. This is what we can anticipate from WordPress in 2019:

Latest Features and Improvements of WordPress

WordPress 4.9 is as of now in beta, and the full version will launch soon. This variant incorporates fixes and improvements to the 4.8 launches. Clients can hope to see improvements in editing code, managing themes, managing plugins, and simpler customizations. These improvements will help designers notwithstanding website services. These improvements are energizing as convenience is a standout amongst the most significant parts of WordPress for our clients. As a WordPress website development company when we make a website, we need to enable our clients to make website changes individually as their business develops.

Intuitive WordPress Themes

While WordPress offers numerous fundamental layout themes for nothing, customizable ideas are frequently worth the cost. Since WordPress prides itself on being easy to understand, there are themes that run from easy to complex at different value focuses. A year ago, we saw an ascent in the measure of “intuitive” themes, which enable clients to make and customize websites without composing any code. These themes are easy to use for both web engineers and non-coders alike. Intuitive makes experimentation with different layouts and plugins easy too. Need to try different things with video headers? Intuitive a video header widget and check whether it builds time nearby! Here are a few instances of simplified WordPress themes:

Foundry – Foundry is a rich, outwardly staggering responsive subject that is adaptable and easy to customize.

Uplift – Uplift's intuitive developer features 54 components to customize your website easily.

BeTheme – BeTheme is an easy-to-utilize, responsive and quick stacking subject that is extraordinary for fledglings!

WordPress Video Headers

Its a well-known fact that video will command web design in 2018. Video headers and backgrounds might not be “new”, but it is getting to be in vogue in the web design world. Fortunately, WordPress makes it easy to get energetic about this pattern by offering themes that highlight video headers. Here are a couple of models:

Inspiro – This subject features a full-screen video that is extraordinary for flaunting a video portfolio.

Naila – Naila is a single page subject with a discretionary full-screen video foundation show.

Balzac – Balzac is a responsive topic with full video support. It incorporates numerous layouts inside the subject, so it's amazingly adaptable.

Virtual Reality WordPress Plugins

Web engineers and designers on poised to begin including virtual reality and expanded reality in web designs. WordPress completely underpins virtual reality content just as 360° recordings and images. There are a few plugins officially accessible. Hope to see more WordPress websites utilized this substance in 2018. Here are a couple plugins that are as of now accessible:

MomentoPress – MomentoPress is a free module for showing 360° photographs and recordings.

360° Panoramic Image Viewer – 360° Panoramic Image Viewer is a responsive module that enables you to include “hotspots” to static images, making a vivid encounter for your guests.

WP-VR View – WP-VR View is a well-known module that enables you to show PhotoSphere images and 360° video on your WordPress site. Cell phone clients can even get the virtual reality experience utilizing Google Cardboard!

Improved Ecommerce Websites

The online business makes up a huge part of WordPress websites with WooCommerce being the most well-known module by a wide margin. Other web-based business stages, for example, PayPal and Google Checkout incorporate effectively with WordPress too, settling on it a mainstream decision for online stores. Online business trends, for example, mobile shopping, membership-based administrations, and personalized shopping, are effectively tended to by WordPress in its more current internet business themes:

Uncode – Uncode offers a vast amount of options to upgrade your online store. It offers a lot of customizable shop formats and easy alternate routes for store-related features, for example, estimating plans. It's responsive and integrates with WooCommerce.

Divi – Divi charges itself as “The Ultimate WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder” and it is accurate! This is a comprehensive, completely customizable topic for any website, but it's particularly incredible for online business websites. It incorporates smooth product pages and is totally responsive, dynamic, and integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce.

Handmade – Handmade incorporates incredible web-based business features, for example, a single tick demo merchant, product channel widgets, and a lot of options to customize your online store.

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7 Reasons To Build Your Website With WordPress

7 Reasons To Build Your Website With WordPress

Do you know…?

There are only 53% of small businesses own a website. A staggering 18% of small and medium businesses admit that they avoid building a website due to the unaffordable cost of designing it.

But most of these businesses are not aware of the fact that it takes only or less than $100 to build as well as launch a website.

You heard it right! With the world’s most used content management system, WordPress, you can get your business online in the most convenient way. You can set up your own website with a proper domain name and website hosting within a few minutes.

Are you ready to set up a stunning looking WordPress website in just $100 or still thinking it as a lot of investment?

Now, you might be confused with the continuous appearing term: WordPress and wondering why the web development companies don’t mention it. Well, find all your questions and doubts addressed here.

First of all, what is WordPress?

According to Wikipedia, “WordPress ( is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP & MySQL. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system.”

This robust content management system allows businesses to easily create, manage, edit, and publish content on the websites without any need to have expertise in programming.

According to Venture Beat, “WordPress now powers more than 25% of the Web”

Contrary to the assumption, WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform, you can leverage it for multiple purposes such as eCommerce sites, business websites, and set up professional portfolios.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should build your website with WordPress. Let’s have a quick glance.

  1. Solves Biggest Problem: Money

If you are in no mood of spending $2000 to $25000 on a website by hiring a web developer then WordPress is for you. You can build an eye-catching website or just a blog section for your business without any prior web design knowledge. WordPress doesn’t charge extra if your business starts getting more traffic through the website.

  1. Build a Website You Always Wanted

With WordPress’ amazing customized theme, you can make your website look the way you want. You can use any one of the many themes freely available or buy a premium one such as astra theme. You can also use plugins to add certain features to make your website function the way you expect.

  1. No Designer/ Middleman Required

It requires a lot of efforts in maintaining a website. From keeping your website updated to optimizing it for multiple devices to implementing robust security in it, there is continuous work involved. In order to build a custom website, you need to hire an expert web developer who can handle all tasks, but this option is a bit costly.

On the other hand, building your website with WordPress doesn’t have such challenges. You can update your website, install plugins, and manage content on the webpages, everything on your own. It will help you save time and money.

  1. Scale your Website with Plugins

WordPress plugins enable you to add functionality to your website. With the help of these plugins, you can add a checkout system, create a contact page for your website, improve SEO, create landing pages, and add an extra security layer, in just a few clicks.

There are more than 40,000 plugins available on the WordPress plugins database to help you scale your website.

  1. Continuous Updates and Support

Being an open-source platform, WordPress delivers high-quality, premium user experience. Along with that, millions of users support WordPress across the world. In case you come across any issue, these experts are there to help you.

WordPress get at least 3 major updates in its software every year and your system will be automatically updated along with other minor updates for free. Isn’t it a big enough reason to choose WordPress for your website.

  1. Easy SEO Implementations

Optimizing your website and content for every search engine has become the crucial thing today. It requires a lot of resources, time, and efforts. Doing proper SEO on every web page can be a tedious task. WordPress has not only addressed but also solved this challenge with its plugin. Yes, there is a plugin that can take care of your SEO tasks: Yoast.

Yoast SEO plugin enables you to implement meta titles, description, and even optimize your content for keywords in a convenient and time-saving way.

  1. Easy Content Management

With WordPress dashboard, you get to experiment with a lot of functions. Such as creating image galleries, uploading multimedia content with drag and drop interface, schedule posts for a fixed time, adding widgets, and customize sidebar. All can be achieved without having experience in coding.

To Sum Up,

WordPress is an easy-to-use, powerful website-building platform that allows everyone to create a responsive and wonderful website. It is changing and adapting continuously as per users’ requirements and expectations. This is one of the biggest reason to choose WordPress over other alternatives.

Interested in building your own website with WordPress? We help you with a wide range of shared web hosting plans that are optimized for reliability and speed when using WordPress.

Good luck. Hope you have a great website experience.


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Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile application. He works in a leading mobile app development company with skilled iOS & Android app developers that has developed innovative mobile applications across various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Social Causes, Education and many more and has bagged numerous awards for the same.

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Is WordPress The Perfect CMS For My Business

Is WordPress The Perfect CMS For My Business

CMS or Content Management System is a software interface or a set of related programs that is the basic criteria in order to create, maintain and modify an online digital content. There two specific arenas where the Content Management Systems are incorporated. One of them is named a s the Enterprise Content management and the other one is the web content management. The Enterprise Content Management provides the required platform for the management of integrating document and information, management of digital contents, proper functioning for the retention of records and providing end users with the access to the digital data of an organization. It is completely based on the interface meant for the collaboration with workplace. On the other hand, Web Content Management facilitates the option of collaboration with websites or best wordpress development of the concerned authority. Web Content Management also co-ordinates the publishing of data and information.

Both the Enterprise Content Management and Web Content Management have two control units. They are named as Content Management Application and Content Delivery Application respectively. The Content Management Application basically plays the role of management of the content present in a website. It is a graphical user interface that controls the formation, modification for any better changes and finally removal of any content from the website without the involvement of any sort of hypertext links. The Content Delivery Application on the other hands handles the facility of delivering the content prepared by the Content Management Application by providing back ?end services as and when required.

The various features of the Content Management Systems keep on varying as per as the requirements. However, some of the basic functions of the CMS remains intact such as the indexing, search and retrieval options, management of the format, revision control and finally publishing the content. Indexing, search and retrieval qualities of the CMS enhance easy search facilities for the users. It allows them to search by using some common tools such publication dates, keywords or author name or any other specifications. Management of the format of the content is responsible for converting scanned paper documents and other electronic documents into hypertext links and respective PDF documents. Revision feature helps to keep the content updated after the initial publication of the document in the web portal. It also provides the facility of editing and tracking the changes made to any file which in turn helps in updating the content. Publishing feature is vital for it allows the users to access any template or group of templates as approved by the concerned organization including wizard or other facilities, for the sole purpose of creating or modifying the content.

WordPress is one such CMS software which is favoured by many business organizations for the content management in their respective website. This is mainly because WordPress has quite a few inherent characteristics which are quite user friendly. First of all, WordPress is free and an open source type platform. It is being constantly updated with its new version coming into existence every now and then is providing stability to the users. Hence they don?t have to switch over to any other CMS software. As said before that this is user friendly software. Hence the users can opt for any sort of modification without having much acquaintance with the technical terms. WordPress is a actively scalable and a flexible software which the users can reshape as per as their requirements.

WordPress has a wide range of support forum to help out the future users facing a similar type of problem. It is of immense help to non-developers for a suitable developer may not be available every time. Hence a non-developer can back his ability to work with WordPress as or when required, provided that it is quite easy to learn and use. WordPress has quite a few free features in stock such as the incorporating new plugins created by other developers, proper access to SEO tools, and effective URLs in the form of permalinks for more and better content.

How To Start Your Very Own Blog In 3 Easy Steps

How To Start Your Very Own Blog In 3 Easy Steps

If you?re hoping to grow your business, then it?s time to give some serious consideration to the idea of starting your business blog. In a highly competitive marketplace, businesses need every advantage to stay ahead of their competitors, and a blog is one of your most useful tools. As well as offering a way for customers to engage with your company, a good blog is able to act as proof of your business knowledge and can work much more effectively than other forms of advertising. As a way to improve your SEO, or simply giving you something to share on your social media, a blog has many uses. If you?re thinking of starting a blog for your business, then here are the key steps that you need to take in order to get the most from it.


Use your website

You may have used a WordPress or Wix site to build your website, in which case you may already be familiar with how it works. If you have used other methods, including outsourced website management systems, then now?s the time to get to grips with the way that your chosen platform works. Once you?ve made the decision to use your blog, having a clear understanding of your website platform will give you greater confidence when it comes to additional content such as images or polls.


Stick to your branding

You need to decide on your blog?s style, and that?s going to come down to your business branding. It?s vital that your blog is an extension of your branding, and acts as a reinforcement of it. This consistency will be key to engaging your customers and will be able to guide you in the manner of your interactions with both existing and potential clients. Make use of your chosen tone of voice, whether it be casual, academic, or even humorous, and ensure that it remains in-line with your branding tone across every medium and platform. Make sure that you use the blog to prove your professional knowledge and your awareness of industry changes, and you may start to be considered a market leader in your field.


Make sure that you?re protected

It?s a sad truth that despite the many benefits that the digital age has wrought, it has also brought with it a wave of cybercrime. Any business that makes use of an online platform needs to be aware of their security needs, and it?s vital that you protect your business, your employees, customers, and suppliers when it comes to storing and managing your online data. Many businesses are finding that managing their IT needs is becoming too overwhelming, which is why more are making use of outsourced IT management, the experts at being a good example. Making use of these services offers you an extra layer of protection, while also giving you and your staff the space to concentrate on your more productive daily roles.

Your website isn?t merely a place where customers can come and browse new products, it?s your customer-facing store to the digital world, and failing to put as much effort into it as you would every other customer-facing element of your business is a waste of resources. Take advantage of new technologies and always keep up to date on your industry sector, and you might find that blogging becomes the best use of your time and your advertising budget.

Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Domain Name?

Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Domain Name?

Whether you are running a full website or just hoping to capitalize on a future opportunity, protecting your domain name is of paramount importance to anyone who is interested in an online career. You don?t hear too many success stories of people who lost their domain name to a hacker or scammer only to come back twice as strong. When you do hear a success story, they are the exception to the rule, and you can be sure they?d be better off not losing the name in the first place.

Protect your domain Name

Just like any valuable property, your domain name is something worth protecting. This needs to be done on several fronts, and you need to take the steps to protect yourself immediately. The road to victimhood is paved with procrastinated intentions, and getting your domain name back is extremely difficult and/or costly once you?ve lost it. If you have a lot of valuable content associated with the name, it will only be more difficult to get it back.

Here are the main things you need to do to protect your domain name:

Keep Your Basic Computer and Internet Security Strong

Your computer and other online accounts likely have information that could lead to the theft or other loss of your domain name, so you need to make sure that you have great security habits in general. You should be doing the following:

  • Make sure that you have a security suite on any computer or device you use to deal with your domain name. No exceptions.
  • Protect your email using every method you can think of (and even more you can look up). Your email is the main gateway into your other online accounts and is probably the easiest route through which someone can take your domain name.
  • Have a backup copy of all of the data on your computer that you?d miss. That way you?ll be able to recover more easily if your computer falls victim to malware or ransomware.
  • Be wary of most online offers. Scammers are everywhere, and nothing on the internet is truly free or easy. Ask yourself how any offer benefits the giver and how it could negatively impact you.
  • Be careful what you download or what people send you online. You could be clicking right into a trap, and it is very easy for things to become too late.

Protect your domain Name

Protect Your Website

If your domain name has a working website attached to it, you should make every possible to protect that website if you aren?t already. If you lose it, then you lose your domain name as well. You need to make sure you are doing the following:

  • Use the strongest verification methods you can associate with your website. Use complex passwords and security questions that no one but you know (you?d be surprised what people can find out online).
  • Make sure you are updating your platform and plugins if you are using any. Get rid of plugins that aren?t getting updated or could potentially lead to an XSS attack. Make a check of this sort every couple of months.
  • Do use plugins, tools and scripts that are beneficial to the security of your website. Once you find an acclaimed tool, make sure that you have something that can scan your website against vulnerabilities and protect you against brute force attacks. Protections against DDOS attacks and some other threats aren?t necessary to protect your domain name, but will prove helpful regardless.
  • Constantly be on the lookout for new threats, and listen when you hear about potential vulnerabilities on your website. It is better to be needlessly cautious than reckless.

Beware of Public Networks

People who like to manage their websites and business from more than just their homes and offices (a near necessity in today?s fast-paced world) will often have to pay a lot for their data plans or use public networks whenever they can. Yet public networks are extremely dangerous for any internet user, as on them it is possible for hackers to intercept your data without you having the slightest inkling of what is going on. This can easily lead to your email account or domain name getting stolen and sold within a matter of hours.

The best way for you to protect your domain name from this particular threat is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) whenever you are using a public network. A VPN is a service that connects your computer to another server around the world via an encrypted connection. This connection will protect you on public networks and not even let hackers know what you?re up to online. It also will also you to access blocked content anywhere in the world and hide your IP address, keeping you anonymous online.

Lock Down Your Domain Name

Certain domain name providers will have an option to put on additional security onto your domain name, allowing you to lock it down to your account and prevent unwanted transfers. It is likely something you will want to look into so that you can prevent an accidental loss or someone coming into your account and easily taking it away. It might not always be an option, but a quick check right this moment will only take a few minutes and might save you a lot of money and time in the long run. It may even cost a few dollars, but it could still be worth it for the security concerned.

Check In Regularly

It is surprising to see the effectiveness of simply checking in on your website or domain name regularly. It allows you to notice different things that might be out of place and get other notifications. You might be able to check to see if a person has been trying to get into your account depending on your service provider and your timing. Try to set up as many security notifications as possible so you can know if something is up with just an email. It will also get you in the good habit of being more involved with your business.

Renew Early and for Long Periods of Time

If you have a domain name that?s in strong demand, you can bet there will be vultures circling your website via tools ready to tell them the second your domain name is available for purchase. It will only be a matter of minutes (or even seconds) before someone snatches it up, and then they?ll either use it for themselves or be happy to resell it back to you (for a four figure sum).

Don?t let your hold on the name expire. If you have an option to renew your hold for five years and intend to keep it for that long, take the option and save yourself some money in the long run. Don?t wait until the very last minute to extend your hold, and choose to automatically renew from an account if that is an option (and update the card information every few years as your cards expire).

Keep Your Contact Info Current

It is a little known fact that domain name providers can revoke registration if you don?t respond in a proper amount of time to an inquiry about incorrect information (see of ICANN?s Registrar Accreditation Agreement). It isn?t a complex process and is resolved without too many problems most of the time, but your domain name could be in jeopardy if you don?t make the proper contact in time.

The main cause of this kind of domain name loss is the lack of contact information. More times than not you can safely know that your provider will be willing to work with you and reach out, but there?s nothing that can be done if you no longer have the email address and phone number that they have on record. Take a quick look to see if everything is current and make adjustments as necessary. Set a yearly reminder to check in on this. You?ll be thankful when it comes up.

Know Your Options

If your domain name does unfortunately get stolen or otherwise lost, you will need to act quickly and decisively. If the domain is particularly valuable, then you might want to consider legal action, in which case you should know the laws well and any policies your provider has put in place. If your computer is compromised, you should eliminate the threat, then reset passwords and accounts as necessary (be liberal about it). If you think your website is under attack, determine the source of the attack and retaliate as necessary. You need to plan ahead and have a go-to plan for any situation. Ideally, you won?t even have to think about it.

If you take the right steps, your domain name will be perfectly safe. It takes a little bit of time and some of your resources, but protecting your domain name properly should be seen as an investment which more than makes up for its costs. Do not be the weakest link online that will get targeted, and instead show the professional community that you care about every aspect of your online career and business.

Do you have any experience defending your domain name(s) from hackers and other vultures looking to make a quick dollar? Do you have any other tips that might be helpful to your fellow readers? If you do, please leave a comment below so you can keep the conversation going and share your knowledge with everyone.