Build Your Website With WordPress

7 Reasons To Build Your Website With WordPress

Do you know…? There are only 53% of small businesses own a website. A staggering 18% of small and medium businesses admit that they avoid building a website due to the unaffordable cost of designing it. But most of these businesses are not aware of the fact that it takes [...]


How To Start Your Very Own Blog In 3 Easy Steps

If you?re hoping to grow your business, then it?s time to give some serious consideration to the idea of starting your business blog. In a highly competitive marketplace, businesses need every advantage to stay ahead of their competitors, and a blog is one of your most useful tools. As [...]


WordPress Says Update, So Should I?

If you have logged into your WordPress and found an alert to update, then this article is one you might want to read. You see, WordPress gets updated a lot. Sometimes the updates are small security fixes. However, once a year or so, there is a major update. Before we continue, [...]