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Affiliate Summit West 2011 Day 3

Day three at Affiliate Summit West 2011 was a great day. I started off the day with some coffee and decided to hang out with Luke Smith from Motive Interactive. Around 10am the exhibit hall opened up. Luke and I stopped by several booths and entered several contests wish us luck winning Ipads. After the exhibit hall I decided to go to the "Are You Buyers Mobile, Yet?" session. In this session they talked about how using services such a appmakr allow pretty much any business can make an app. Also how paypal and other merchants are making it easier for you to make purchases for pretty much anything using your phone to pay for food,clothes,apps etc. I'ts going to change the way we use our phones.

As I was leaving for lunch I ran into Shawn Collins Founder & Owner of Affiliate Summit. If you have never been to any of the Affiliate Summit events you should defiantly go to ASE in New York this summer.

Nick Throlson & Shawn Collins


NeverBlue Turns 5

Never Blue Turns 5 Years Old!

Neverblue celebrates its fifth anniversary this week. This company started as a small group of friends working together and has blossomed into a full service CPA network in just 5 short years. Does anyone else hear ice cream cake? NeverBlue has there own tracking witch is one big plus I'm sure a lot of affiliates seen or heard about Direct Track going down I'm sure not everyone got to pause there campaigns on time. I sure as hell know I lost some bucks that's why NeverBlue & several Other CPA networks that I trust use there own Tracking Technology which makes there networks by far the best that are out there!

CPA Networks That Do not use Direct Track!
Media Trust
Hydra Network
Motive Interactive

Also if any networks using direct track seem to be ticking you off feel free to leave a comment & star rating over at www.AffiliateMarketingCompare.com


Motive Interactive Contest Winners

To all my readers I'm proud to announce the winners of the blogging portion of the Motive contest a lot of bloggers & affiliates went out of there way to help promote the contest. The contest was not a huge success but at the end some of the newbie affiliates were rock-in on there profits. Winners please email me your address details so I can pass that on to Motive!

Motive Interactive Contest Winners


1st IndoContest $100 Best Buy Gift Card

2nd Brandon 8GB Flash Drive

3rd Doll $25 Amazon Gift Card

I would really like to thank Luke,Chris & Brendan over at Motive Interactive for making this contest possible. Motive by far has shown affiliates what they are made of when it comes to a CPA network & they have proven to me that they are the best & always will be supporter of Motive Interactive. I wish everyone much success in 2009.

PS: due to the fact that submit you contest did not reply Brandon @ 20yearbillionaire.com won the 8 GB USB


Motive Contest Near End

Sign up with Motive Interactive Today

To all my readers the Motive Interactive contest is near end currently two affiliates making some dough with Motive so anyone who would like to join at the last minute is welcome to some awesome prizes to be won!

Current Standings

1st place MOTIVE377297 is at : $ 1,916

2nd place MOTIVE391740 is at : $ 242.80

Motive Interactive is a CPA network using there own tracking system built from the ground up great affiliate managers overall the best CPA network I have worked with. Motive goes far & beyond for there affiliates & to make them succeed in the affiliate world!


Things Affiliate Marketers Are Doing Wrong

Affiliate Marketers Your Doing it Wrong!As you all know Affiliate Marketing is never easy.Recently many new affiliate Marketers have arrived on the scene.They come into believing that setting up a landing page along side with a few thousand dollars will make them successful. The chances of that happening is very slim. Many affiliate Marketers inquire about how to get traffic to their sites & how to get better conversions. The answer is "Stat's Via Tracking 202."

The main problem is that they don't know the keywords and what to expect in the way of profits. Tracking 202 provides all of the answers when it comes to stat's. Those who do PPC without Tracking 202 are at a disadvantage because the advertiser can see all the key words the affiliate marketer is bidding on and basic-ley won't need the affiliate marketer. As a result, the advertiser will pull the offer from the network being utilised.

Another key problem is that new affiliate marketers believe they can set up a site and become momentarily successful ( "I thought so, too!")it is important to use money from the ads on your website to invest that money back into your site's for example hosting costs. Also new affiliate marketers give up too quickly. It is a long hard process & patience is required. Working in the online business is tough & takes quite a bit of discipline. Actually, it is not for everyone however, it does pay off in the long run. The word "perseverance" comes to mind.

P.S. Check out the contest I'm holding with Motive Interactive

Also See you all at Affiliate Summit West Las Vegas