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Qwik Media

Qwik Media

Qwik Media is qwiker, better, faster, stronger then all the other competition CPA networks out there. Operating since Summer 2009 Qwik Media is Founded by online pioneers Harry Tamacas Perla and Gary Hamer, Qwik Media is poised to serve both advertisers and affiliates worldwide. Qwik Media takes pride in themselves on attentive customer service and clear communication with all their advertisers and affiliates, Qwik Media has proven to me they have excellent support & high quality offers for their publishers.

Qwik Media has some awesome promotions where you can get gift cards with little to no work generating some leads getting some offers running you will be rewarded in a timely manner & the rewards don’t stop there Qwik Media is just getting started so look out for new things to come & signup today.

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Azoogle Ads Epic Advertising How The Web Is Won!

Hey everyone giving a shout out to Azoogle Ads i have been with them over 2 years now way back in the day when i just started Yourcribsite.com. I had no clue what affiliate marketing is or was lol. I joined Azoogle Ads thinking that they were a PPC like Adbrite but I was wrong & these last couple months.

I decided to join up with Azoogle ads and give them a shot really love how their ads work also like how they work very professional vibe they got going. Hope you all enjoy the video & if you want to join Azoogle Ads let me know I will contact Jesse to get you in fast!

We all wish we made that kind of money with an Affiliate Network!


Get Ads Hooked Me Up !

Big Thanks to get ads they hooked up Ive had a old $5 keyboard for awhile I hated it so my affiliate manager at get ads was like Nick what do you want or need said hook me up with key board couple days later got a sick keyboard! I hated my old keyboard shift key didn't work so now i have a kick ass key board thanks to Mike at get ads. I recommend them to everyone one even if your new you can make money with get ads. If you want to give get ads a try contact me or give me a shout on twitter enjoy the video.

Also I have been helping out my buddy DR.Blog @ www.drblogonline.com he recently contacted me saying he needed help with his blog so I'm helping out i love helping other blogger's get big and become successful so to all my readers don't me a stranger if you have any questions feel free to ask I will do my best to help you out.

PS: sorry about the Audio quality just noticed my settings where all low Just fixed it!


Float Interactive Affiliate Network

Hey everyone sorry about no post yesterday been busy getting ready for college stuff like that. I recently signed up for Float Interactive been hearing great things about them. They have over 200+ offers. Also pay via Paypal I know a lot of people like that cause they don't want to wait for checks in the mail also its net 30. There a new company really like there layout very easy to navigate. Also top of the line support I needed couple banners made should be done in 24 hours to 48 hours really good support team. If you want to give Float Interactive a try

Float Interactive Details

Campaigns in network: 200+
Two-tier earnings: 4%
Commission type: CPA, CPL, CPS
Payment method: Check, Paypal, Bank Wire
Payment threshold: $50
Payment frequency: NET 30


NeverBlue Ads CPA Network

I have been testing lots of affiliate marketing websites and NeverBlue ads is doing a great job its really easy to get offers onto your website. I like how easy NeverBlue ads website is easy to navigate.

affiliate network offers affiliates major advantages:

  • Quality advertisers with unique ad campaigns.
  • Real-time tracking technology.
  • Great customer service. Each affiliate works with our experienced affiliate managers for maximum results.
  • High payouts on time every month.

If your want to check out NeverBlue ads click here