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Affiliate Summit West 2010

Affiliate Summit this year was a much needed trip for ThrolsonLLC . I want to personally thank all the networks who hosted party's & made ASW come to life.

Tryst Night Club

Copeac did great job by renting out the club for us affiliates then alot of us after the tryst headed over to XS over all copeacs party was pretty cool.

Click Booths Party

Click Booths Party was amazing met some really cool people last night I was in Vegas couldnt belive they had live chicken at the party but in Vegas anything goes.

To see videos of my trip to ASW10 http://www.youtube.com/nickthrolson

Overall ASW10 was great cant wait till next year!


Summer Makeover Contest!

Clickbooth Announces the Extreme Clickbooth
Summer Makeover Contest!

Click Booth Contest

We're always looking for new ways to take care of our publishers and this July we've put together something pretty cool. Simply run traffic to any of these top converting health and beauty offers and receive points. For each lead you generate, you will earn one point. As a bonus any publisher who can earn 50,000 points across ANY of the offers will begin earning double points thereafter.

Here are the campaigns eligible for the contest:

8026 | $$. Exclusive AcaiBurn Detox - Blue Landing

8023 | AcaiBurn Extreme For Men

7863 | Dazzle White

8021 | Dazzle White Now

7819 | Detox AcaiBurn

8150 | MAX ResV Ultra

8161 | Nature PureCleanse - Short Page

8022 | Premium AcaiBurn

7822 | PureLift Cream

7823 | PureLift Ultra

8024 | Ultra PureCleanse

At the end of July, cash those points in to receive one of the fabulous prizes listed below.

500 pts

HP Mini Laptop

OR select a Gift Card for $375.00

1,000 pts

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi Kit

OR select a Gift Card for $750.00

2,500 pts

Breitling Navitimer Men's Watch or Woman's Breitling Colt Oceane II Watch

OR select a Gift Card for $1,875.00

5,000 pts

Namco Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Home Cabaret Cabinet Arcade Game

OR select a Gift Card for $3,750.00

10,000 pts

Jet Ski Ultra 260LX

OR select a Gift Card for $7,500.00

25,000 pts

70" Bravia XBR7 Series LCD HD television

OR select a Gift Card for $18,750.00

50,000 pts

2009 BigDog Wolf Custom Chopper

OR select a Gift Card for $37,500.00

75,000 pts

2009 Landrover Sport HSE

OR select a Gift Card for $75,000.00

100,000 pts

Luxury Yacht for 1 week with you and 7 of your friends. Join your friends in San Remo, Italy for a cruise of the West Mediterranean on the 107' BELLISSIMA CC courtesy of Primo Yachts. There are jet skis, a gondola, sun bathing area, and a jacuzzi for everyone to enjoy.

OR select a Gift Card for $100,000.00

125,000 pts

2009 Audi R8

OR select a Gift Card for $125,000.00

150,000 pts Grand Prize

1 week stay on your own private island. One of the most private hideaway islands in the Caribbean, Guana Island located amongst the British Virgin Islands has 7 beautiful white sand beaches, water sports, tennis, hiking and walking trials, and nature preserves to fill your whole day. At night, you can have a relaxing dinner with family or friends by candlelight or have a BBQ on the beach. You can retire to your own private room with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Bring up to 15 friends or family members to experience this once in a lifetime private island adventure.

OR select a Gift Card for $150,000.00

Hit up your Affiliate Strategist to get started!

Not a publisher yet? Sign up here and enter MAKEOVER in the comments section of your application.


ClickBooth Gear

An Exclusive CPA Network

Click Booth recently contacted me saying that they had there new blog done by Unique Blog Designs they really did a great job! Click Booth also know as Integra Click. Click Booth was nice enough to send me some gear & some really cool stuff that will benefit my needs as an affiliate marketer. Which will remind me daily to promote offers with there network. When I made the video wasn't meaning to cut my head off . I posted it anyways I decided I gotta be real post the first video you make even if there are mess ups.

As an affiliate marketer. I know its hard to pick and chose networks to work with thing I look for is how well they treat there customer's just shows you that they want to make money with you. So they go out of there way to prove it. Click Booth is one of those networks not just the free stuff . But one thing is key tons of top paying offers & top of the line support .What more can you ask for?

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Top 5 Converting Offers

Hi everyone I feel that affiliate marketers keep the offers that they promote on the down low to much so I'm going to give you guys an inside look on what offers I push & what CPA networks have the highest payouts

#1 Making the most is Pure Acai Berry Best paying A whole $36.00 per lead CPA network is Click Booth

#2 White Tea with Acai Berry Paying out with A whole $30.00 per lead CPA network is Motive Interactive

#3 Credit Report America Paying out with A whole $35.00 per lead CPA network is Advaliant

#4 Credit Solutions Debt Relief for Today  A whole $11.30 per lead CPA network is Hydra Network

#5 Google SEO Supervisor (Incentivizable)A whole 29.00 per lead CPA network is Float Interactive

Just to give my readers some info White Tea with Acai is doing really well due to the economy wanting to lose weight people are spending money like crazy on these free trials!

Also any debt offers or house forclosers are doing really well due to the economy be sure to stay up to date. Just put your self in a normal house wife or average working dads shoes what typer of offers would they complete? Also once you find a niche you do well with stick to it because you can dominate the others I think its bad to switch niches all the time only when a niche dies you should move on towards something new.


Click Booth Setting The Standard For CPA

Click Booth Amazed me with over 700 offers to chose from some great email submits verry high paying leads. One big plus about click booth is they Guarantee HIGHEST payouts.

Highest ePCs and eCPMs ClickBooth guarantees higher conversions and the highest payouts as publishers are allowed to run offers directly cutting out the middle man.

Clickbooth has two payment schedules. Net 15 – meaning a check is sent 15 days

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