How Blogging Can Help You Achieve Happiness and Wealth

How Blogging Can Help You Achieve Happiness and Wealth

We tend to associate websites with businesses and organizations, and as places to find information. It?s not a resource that springs to mind as a way of improving our individual lives or increasing our personal wealth. It?s true that some people set up their own website to promote their creative efforts or if they have a cause they want to promote, but for most of us, a couple of social media pages are all we worry about when it comes to having an online presence. If you don?t have your own website or blog, you could be missing out on an opportunity to further your career, achieve your goals, and create additional income, so if you have something to say, why not see how blogging could help.

What is blogging?

The distinction between a blog and a website has become less clear in recent years, and many blogs look just like websites now. Originally a blog (which is short for web log), was an online record of someone?s thoughts, ideas, comments and so on, just like a traditional written diary. A website could have all kinds of different pages for articles, shopping, information, perhaps a picture gallery, and any other relevant topics. Now websites often have a blog page on them, and blogs often have additional pages for articles, shopping, and other information.

Blog or website?

If you?re wondering which is more appropriate for you, have a browse around other people?s sites and see which platforms offer the kind of functionality and layout you like. A simple WordPress blog site can be set up in no time at all and is very easy to get the hang of, so if you want something straightforward and effective, this is a good bet. If you?re comfortable with the use of technology and want a more sophisticated site, there are many website builders available to choose from with which you can create your own site without needing any expertise in HTML or advanced page construction techniques. If you?re a bit of a whizz with web design, then you can always create your own site from scratch, but you do need to know what you?re doing to make this option work.

How much will it cost?

This is a how long is a piece of string question. You can basically spend as much or as little as you please. A standard blog or website will cost around $75 to $150 per year, plus the charge for your domain name. These can cost as little as a few bucks a year, or many thousands, depending on how popular they are likely to be. You need to check exactly what you are going to get for your money before signing up. Some deals sound almost too good to be true, and that?s usually because you discover that the advertised price is for a basic package, and all the pages and functions you want to add will cost extra. Before you look at committing yourself to a contract that will often extend to two years, work out how much you?re willing to invest. If you?re really committed, you might want to consider getting some form of credit, so you can afford the more expensive packages. Websites like Bonsai Finance can help you choose the credit option that?s right for your situation, but don?t resort to borrowing if you have any concerns about your ability to pay it off. If you see it as an advance that you can cover with no problem, it could be a good way of getting yourself started more quickly.

How will blogging help me find happiness?

It?s a fact backed up by scientific study, that writing or otherwise expressing your thoughts is beneficial to your health. Journaling has become all the rage in the last few years; a journal is just a kind of diary, and a blog is a form of online diary. Getting something off your chest, describing events that happen in your life, and sharing your passion and knowledge about a topic close to your heart, are all functions of your blog that will help you express your feelings. This will improve your mental health, connect you with like-minded people, and give you a sense of satisfaction.

How will blogging help me achieve wealth?

This could happen in one of several ways. First, you could use your blog to talk about a hobby, craft, or another subject you are particularly interested in. This will help establish your position as someone who is knowledgeable and potentially authoritative on a specific topic. That can then help you secure a new job, advance your career, or branch out into writing or coaching in that specialist subject. You can also use your blog to create an online portfolio of your work, publishing your poetry or photography for example so that it reaches a wider audience. If you want to find opportunities to work in any kind of freelance capacity, then it?s always valuable to have a site which acts as a repository for your best work to which you can refer prospective clients. If you collect enough followers, you can also begin to monetize your site, for example making a commission on sales placed, including affiliate links, and accepting certain forms of advertising.

What should you write about?

You can write about whatever inspires you or you feel passionate about. It?s worth having a look at what other blogs are out there, so you can find something that makes yours special enough for people to want to read and engage with it regularly. If you want to write a beauty blog that people will read, you need to offer them something new and fresh, which could be a challenge in a sector that has so many existing blogs and websites devoted to it. Good writing is essential too, so if you don?t rate your skills very highly look at the advice available from support groups and professional organizations, take courses, and keep practicing until you become an effective wordsmith.

For a modest investment, you could be opening up many doors to increased wealth and happiness, so it?s worth seeing whether a blog could help you improve your life.

How To Start Your Very Own Blog In 3 Easy Steps

How To Start Your Very Own Blog In 3 Easy Steps

If you?re hoping to grow your business, then it?s time to give some serious consideration to the idea of starting your business blog. In a highly competitive marketplace, businesses need every advantage to stay ahead of their competitors, and a blog is one of your most useful tools. As well as offering a way for customers to engage with your company, a good blog is able to act as proof of your business knowledge and can work much more effectively than other forms of advertising. As a way to improve your SEO, or simply giving you something to share on your social media, a blog has many uses. If you?re thinking of starting a blog for your business, then here are the key steps that you need to take in order to get the most from it.


Use your website

You may have used a WordPress or Wix site to build your website, in which case you may already be familiar with how it works. If you have used other methods, including outsourced website management systems, then now?s the time to get to grips with the way that your chosen platform works. Once you?ve made the decision to use your blog, having a clear understanding of your website platform will give you greater confidence when it comes to additional content such as images or polls.


Stick to your branding

You need to decide on your blog?s style, and that?s going to come down to your business branding. It?s vital that your blog is an extension of your branding, and acts as a reinforcement of it. This consistency will be key to engaging your customers and will be able to guide you in the manner of your interactions with both existing and potential clients. Make use of your chosen tone of voice, whether it be casual, academic, or even humorous, and ensure that it remains in-line with your branding tone across every medium and platform. Make sure that you use the blog to prove your professional knowledge and your awareness of industry changes, and you may start to be considered a market leader in your field.


Make sure that you?re protected

It?s a sad truth that despite the many benefits that the digital age has wrought, it has also brought with it a wave of cybercrime. Any business that makes use of an online platform needs to be aware of their security needs, and it?s vital that you protect your business, your employees, customers, and suppliers when it comes to storing and managing your online data. Many businesses are finding that managing their IT needs is becoming too overwhelming, which is why more are making use of outsourced IT management, the experts at being a good example. Making use of these services offers you an extra layer of protection, while also giving you and your staff the space to concentrate on your more productive daily roles.

Your website isn?t merely a place where customers can come and browse new products, it?s your customer-facing store to the digital world, and failing to put as much effort into it as you would every other customer-facing element of your business is a waste of resources. Take advantage of new technologies and always keep up to date on your industry sector, and you might find that blogging becomes the best use of your time and your advertising budget.

8 Promotion Tactics To Skyrocket Your Small Business Website’s Traffic

8 Promotion Tactics To Skyrocket Your Small Business Website’s Traffic

Having high website traffic is the necessary condition of success for small businesses specializing in online-based services. Without a steadily-increasing stream of visitors, internet-based companies have little room for growth. However, drawing in new consumers is not a simple task in today's marketplace. There are over 1 billion websites registered in the world today, meaning there is a lot of competition to be had between online businesses.

Coming out on top is not easy, but there are steps each company can take to improve their chance at success. Specifically, companies need to utilize a wide variety of marketing tactics in order to reach out to more and more potential customers. Choosing the right approach can be difficult, in no small part due to the abundance of low-quality online articles which tend to promise wonders, but deliver only trifles. So instead of pretending to sell you marketing panacea, we will use the rest of this article to outline what are some of the most commonly used methods of increasing online traffic.

Magazine Ads

Magazine AdsDespite what some naysayers have been telling you, traditional media hasn't quite gone the way of the dinosaur yet. They are dwindling, however, which means they are more likely to support themselves through advertising. This is where your website comes in. Advertising your website through newspaper and magazine ads has never been cheaper. Use this opportunity to introduce people to your company logo, tag-line, and website URL.

Stickers, Leaflets, Business Cards

stickers to promote your business

Don't underestimate the advertising potential of small bits of paper with your logo and website address on them. Printing and distributing paper-based materials is an inexpensive way to infiltrate the pockets of your fellow city-dwellers. Make sure to include these materials in your official press-kits, as local media can be a powerful ally for getting your name heard.

Mobile Advertising

People are taught to pay attention to moving vehicles from an early age. And if you know where their eyes will be looking, why not put an ad there? A single line of text such as a web address can easily be put on a bike, a car, or on the side of a train, thus ensuring your brand is circulating on the streets.

Outdoor Panels

Placing a Display Me lightbox with your company logo and a QR code pointing to your website at the entrance of your business office, combines both online marketing and offline marketing as well for maximum impact. Passersby who regularly move through your area will have many opportunities to check out your ad, and some might even scan the code out of curiosity. This will lead them to your website irrespective of how popular it might be online.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO for your business website

People are not going to visit your website if they can't find it. Your service might be excellent and your site might be a masterpiece of design, but if no one comes across it while browsing online, all your effort will go to waste. SEO works by making your site more visible on search engine result pages. Optimization is achieved through the tactical use of keywords and keyword phrases throughout your site's content. The better your site is optimized, the greater the likelihood of it appearing among top search results on Google or Bing, which makes it easier to find through while browsing the web.


Incorporating a company blog in your website ensures that you have a means of expanding your content on a regular basis. Blog posts are very versatile when it comes to increasing traffic. First, they are ripe for SEO because they can incorporate trending keywords as they become popular. Second, they are a free source of content for your social media page. Finally, quality blog posts can be valuable sources of information for other blog writers, who will in turn link to them, further spreading your online presence.

Social media marketing

By creating a social media profile for your business, you are setting it up to become a part of the online conversation. If they like your social media content, your soon-to-be followers will check out your profile, which should contain a link to your website, which is where you want to lead them. The best part comes from the fact that your followers are likely to share your content with their friends, potentially creating new followers at no extra cost to you.

Celebrity Streamers

Celebrity Streamers

The popularity of video-based services like Twitch and YouTube in recent years has brought about the rise of a new kind of entrepreneur: the celebrity streamer. These individuals make living by creating video content for their massive audiences. Having your website featured in one of these videos is sure to give a boost to your traffic. While it can be difficult to get a hold of top-level streamers, there are plenty of young, eager celebrity-wannabes that would be willing to promote your content at a fair price.

Causing a Traffic Jam Online

Increasing online traffic is often presented as something achievable only through esoteric means. The reality is that increasing website traffic is not as difficult as it seems. Understanding the basic principles behind online (and offline) advertising allows companies to expand their traffic quickly, conveniently, and at very little extra cost.

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