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Are You Using Video to Spread Your Message?

Surprisingly, it was only a few years ago when video became popular on the web. A combination of technological factors and cheap bandwidth made it possible for anyone with a digital camcorder to create their own video brand. Some people are making a ton of money on web video sites. But the question is: how can you take their success and somehow translate it to your brand? Here are some ideas.

Choose Your Platform YouTube? Vimeo? Justin.tv? Where do you start? YouTube has the highest popularity but also has the most junk. Vimeo is directed towards higher-quality streaming for video buffs. Justin.tv is where people go to create their own web channel that streams content all the time. Decide what site you want to focus on by spending (but not wasting!) time at each of them.

Take The Dull, Make it Fun Videos that become popular on the web do so because they are usually funny, unique and/or interesting. They don’t have to be in that order, and they don’t have to be all three. A great example of this is the Blendtec “Will it Blend?” series where gadgets are taken to the chopper. This guy sells blenders doing this!

Screencasts People who are into technology love screencasts. The best part about these videos is that you can get started with this using no money at all. Just download a free trial copy of Camtasia Studio and post some how-tos. This is great for products related to PC software, games or web applications.

Create Your Own Show If you own a site that has a following, devise a way to develop your own show. If people come to your site to see the words and pictures that you post, it’s likely they will come around to see video as well. Actually, you may find that your audience is better suited for video depending on your niche. You won’t know until you try experimenting.

Stay Consistent Even if you don’t know what you’re doing with video, it’s important to stay consistent, just with any other web-based project. Sure, your first video likely will not be a hit, but those who have ended up being the most successful just kept going. iJustine, now a big YouTube star, began with videos of herself microwaving oatmeal and now has major deals with advertisers selling products because she just kept going.

It’s the Beginning! The most important thing to realize is this: it’s still the beginning for web video – we’re in the early stages of this technology. If you want to try to expand into new markets for your business, it’s not going to hurt trying web video. If anything, you’ll most definitely learn something new in the process.

Daniel Cawrey is a freelance writer and blogger. In addition to writing about credit cards, he also has his own blog about Google Chrome and Chrome OS.


10 Little Tricks for Looking Professional on Video

Do you want to create the perfect video for your business? Videos make excellent marketing tools. With videos, you share your experience and expertise with potential customers. Presentation is key when designing your videos. You want to appear professional, speak eloquently and highlight your services in the best light. How can you look more professional on video? Here are some simple tips.

1. Variety: Customers do not need to look at you through the entire presentation of the subject. Show off professionally designed Powerpoint presentations, use graphs or bring others into the conversation. If your video is long, change your background graphics.

2. Dress professionally: Your video marketing needs to instill confidence within your customers. Poor grooming makes the customers believe that you don't care about your product. If you don't care about your product, why should they? Make sure that your clothing has no holes and no excess wear and tear. Looking great makes you feel good, and feeling good instills confidence.

3. Use high quality audio and video: Customers should be able to hear you and see you when you are on camera. If customers can't hear you, they become confused and will not purchase your products. For demonstration and how-to videos, your subject needs to be absolutely clear and in focus so that the customers can follow your instructions. Minimize any background noise.

4. Be concise: Avoid rambling off-topic diatribes. Your viewers want to see what you are offering, not hear your opinions about the latest football scores. When you are scripting your video, eliminate anything which can be construed as off-topic or rambling. Your viewers should not be wondering when you will get to the point.

5. Scripting: Very few people can sit in front of a camera and produce a great video on the first take. Script every single word that you will say on the video, edit as necessary. Eliminate topics which do not relate to the intention of the video. Each word should forward the story.

6. Practice: Practice your script. Most importantly, practice your facial expressions. Practice your body language. Do a few dry runs of your presentation so you can see how well you present yourself. Show a genuine interest in your product. Practice displaying your confidence.

7. Mindful speech: Eliminate ‘er' and ‘uh' and other filler words. This returns to the idea that you need to be concise with your thoughts. There is nothing so distracting as to listen to a presenter who is very obviously camera-shy. Think about each phrase as you are saying it.

8. Look at the camera: When someone is looking away or looking down, there is a natural inclination to see what has captured their attention. When you develop a conversational video, pretend that you are speaking directly to your friend or neighbor. Look into their eyes.

9. Alter your cadence: Everyone has a rhythm to their speech. When you are saying something that your viewers need to remember, change the cadence of your speech to draw attention to it. Move from a slow rhythmic flow to short bursts. Pause longer between sentences. Speed up or slow down.

10. Smile: Your smile places people at ease. When you are smiling, you show that you are relaxed with your presentation. Hide any internal fears that you have by consciously smiling. When in doubt, practice smiling in front of a mirror to determine your best expressions.

A video marketing campaign enhances your business. When your presentation is clear and eloquent, you instill confidence within your viewers. When that expertise shines through, you generate more interest in your products and services.

A writer and product analyst, James Adams currently works at Cartridge Save, one of the UK's foremost suppliers of printer inks.

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