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4 Ways To Benefit From Your Video Viewers? Short Attention Span

Video marketing can be effective and useful, but only if you do it right. This campaign started with long videos and advertisements people used to enjoy, but nowadays, the average viewer?s attention span is too short for them to keep up with a long video. You need to combat [...]


Are You Using Video to Spread Your Message?

Surprisingly, it was only a few years ago when video became popular on the web. A combination of technological factors and cheap bandwidth made it possible for anyone with a digital camcorder to create their own video brand. Some people are making a ton of money on web video [...]


10 Little Tricks for Looking Professional on Video

Do you want to create the perfect video for your business? Videos make excellent marketing tools. With videos, you share your experience and expertise with potential customers. Presentation is key when designing your videos. You want to appear professional, speak eloquently and highlight your services in the best light. [...]