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XTracks By Click Booth

Tracking202 Inc, a PPC Affiliate Marketing Analytics company based in San Francisco, CA, developed the powerful framework that powers Clickbooth's XTracks. The Clickbooth technology team expressed gratitude for the back-end development of Tracking202. ?Prior to public beta-release testing, we spent many weeks integrating XTracks into Clickbooth's user-interface to maximize [...]



This week I noticed some pretty nice updates by the 202 team. They have been working on Revolution202. From what I have seen it has been great success if you have a 202 account already just use that login witch I love hate signing up for new stuff all [...]


Things Affiliate Marketers Are Doing Wrong

As you all know Affiliate Marketing is never easy.Recently many new affiliate Marketers have arrived on the scene.They come into believing that setting up a landing page along side with a few thousand dollars will make them successful. The chances of that happening is very slim. Many affiliate Marketers [...]