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instagram tips for 2018

Instagram Stories Ads And Other Insta Marketing Secrets For 2018

  In the last 5 years, Instagram has turned into a go-to social network for businesses looking to put their names on the map. Companies love to use Instagram because it gives them a chance to connect with their targeted audience. And with more than?500 million daily active users?it seems [...]


Three audiences that a social media have!

Whether you have a business or a product that you want to promote online, or you are a blogger who wants to target a certain type of audience to bring in the visitors to make his blog successful; it is very crucial to understand the type of audiences that [...]


Three Things You Should Avoid Doing as a Blogger

As a blogger, you are always on the look-out for things to do in order to taste a rapid increase in growth. This is a very typical gesture of someone looking for success. ?But the fact remains that there are many things you are not doing to the fullest. [...]