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Motive Interactive Contest Winners

To all my readers I'm proud to announce the winners of the blogging portion of the Motive contest a lot of bloggers & affiliates went out of there way to help promote the contest. The contest was not a huge success but at the end some of the newbie affiliates were rock-in on there profits. Winners please email me your address details so I can pass that on to Motive!

Motive Interactive Contest Winners


1st IndoContest $100 Best Buy Gift Card

2nd Brandon 8GB Flash Drive

3rd Doll $25 Amazon Gift Card

I would really like to thank Luke,Chris & Brendan over at Motive Interactive for making this contest possible. Motive by far has shown affiliates what they are made of when it comes to a CPA network & they have proven to me that they are the best & always will be supporter of Motive Interactive. I wish everyone much success in 2009.

PS: due to the fact that submit you contest did not reply Brandon @ 20yearbillionaire.com won the 8 GB USB