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Video Recap About Recent Posts

Here is a video my thoughts about a post I made couple days ago. I personally think Market Leverage is by far the best Affiliate Network hands down this is not a paid post or video by them. This is what I personally think & want to help my fellow affiliates succeed in this vast changing Affiliate world we live in. Enjoy the video!

Here link to my American Cancer Society Post


Update To Market Leverage Summer Blogging Contest

Update To The Market Leverage Summer Blogging Contest As seen in the picture there is a an Ipod Nano to be Won lucky 2nd place will be getting the Amex $50 gift card & an Ipod Nano from Market Leverage So far I have 20 entry's into the contest some emails need to be activated in order to count in the contest.
I want to thank everyone who has entered the Contest wish everyone the best of luck.


Market Leverage Summer Blogging Contest Win Tons Of Prizes

Summer Blog Contest Win All sorts of prizes! My friends over at Market Leverage are offering a Flip video camera, $50 ML Amex Rewards card ,One Ipod nano, one 2 gig USB pen I will be offering 1,000 Entrecard credits & two 1 year Back Links.
Contest Has Ended
This Contest Will End June 17, 2008 12am PST

Flip Phone

How to enter!
1 entry Mandatory to enter contest for subscribers via email also must comment below to count entry into contest.
2 entry's for blogging about this contest with link to this post or use the track back URL also with a link to market leverage.

Enter your email address:

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1st prize Flip video camera $179.00 Value
2nd prize $50 ML Amex Rewards card & A Ipod NANO
3rd 500 Entrecard credits 1 back link for 1 year on this blog
4th 500 Entrecard credits & 1 back link for 1 year on this blog

5th one 2 gig USB Market Leverage Pen


One entry per ip address
In order to count your entry please leave a comment on this post

Must Have A Valid Shipping Address to ship items too!

How Will Winners Be Picked You Ask?

Winners will be picked via www.random.org


I Want To Give Our Main Sponsor Big thanks To Market Leverage!!


Affiliate Marketers Give Back

I was inspired by this blog glad to see affiliate marketers give back. I think Debby from Market Leverage is doing a great job. there trying to raise money more info at there blog Affiliate Marketers Give Back. Market Leverage & several others are sponsoring there t-shirt so far has some openings good way to get some traffic.

How to Donate:

Visit www.60-milewalk.com and click on your preferred walker. Make your donation of either $50, $100, $250 or $500.


Market Leverage Industry's Highest Paying CPA Network!

I really like what Market Leverage is doing here because they are establishing relationships with the key players in the affiliate marketing area. in 2008 you are going to hear an ear full so you might as well sign up give them a try.

I give there support team  10/10

Easy to find great offers 9/10

Layouts Graphics web 2.0 look 8/10

Over all they are a great company they have many things that make them stand  out from the rest. Trust me some of these key things mean a lot to the average web-master and big time companies that advertise in this day and age.

Also another great think about Market Leverage is rewards program that pays out in American Express gift cards each month. Another excellent and unique feature of Market Leverage!

Click here to sign up for Market Leverage