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Click Booth Charity Contest

That's right everyone there is a New Contest With Click Booth. Raising money for charity's below are details this is one contest any affiliate or blogger should not miss.I give Click Booth props for setting up these type of contest one its for a good cause. Second it brings us all together & gives us motivation to work in the affiliate marketing area. So don't let this pass you bye!

ClickBooth Post: http://blog.clickbooth.com/2009/10/21/live-like-a-super-affiliate/

Clickbooth Charity Contest

So here’s how the contest works:

The contest is currently being held across four well-known blogs: JohnChow.com, IanFernando.com, ZacJohnson.com and MurrayNewlands.com and each blogger has chosen a charity that they will be representing. Clickbooth will be donating $500 to each of the charities no matter what, however YOU have the power to help each of them earn an additional $1,000 for their charity.

If all of the new affiliates that sign up to our network through the contest can collectively reach $100,000 in revenue within the two month period, we will donate an additional $1,000 to each charity. Simple as that.

So if you aren’t a publisher of ours yet, sign up and do what you do best – start making some money! The better you do, the better the charities do, and you will have a HUGE edge in winning the highly sought out Live Like A Super Affiliate Prize package!

Note: When you sign up as a publisher, you MUST input the word “LiveContest” in the comments section of the sign up form. If you don’t input the code, you WILL NOT be entered in the contest and will be ineligible to win any of the prizes.

Now comes the fun part, The Ultimate Live Like A Super Affiliate Prize Package!

One lucky winner will win the following:

  • Weekend Trip to Sarasota, Florida (Hang out with Clickbooth for the weekend and receive the ultimate Super Affiliate treatment!)
  • 125×125 ad on JohnChow.com for 1 Month
  • Guest Post or Product/Service Review on JohnChow.com
  • 30 Minute Consulting Call with Super Affiliate Zac Johnson
  • Guest Post on ZacJohnson.com
  • 1 Ticket to Leads Con in Vegas
  • 1 Platinum Pass to Affiliate Summit West
  • An Interview on MurrayNewlands.com
  • • Product/Service Review on IanFernando.com
  • • Membership to Twit Sniper

So what does it take to win this awesome prize package? It all comes down to a point system:

  • Most Revenue During 2 Months of Contest: 40pts
  • Write a post about the contest with a link back to this post: 10pts
  • Video of why you should win the live like a Super Affiliate package: 15pts
  • Follow each Super Affiliate and Clickbooth on Twitter: 5pts (John Chow, Ian Fernando, Zac Johnson, Murray Newlands, Clickbooth.
  • Tweet about contest using the following Tweet: 5pts

I just entered @Clickbooth’s new contest for a chance to Live Like A Super Affiliate! Check it out!

  • Become a Facebook Fan of each blogger and Clickbooth: 5pts
  • Subscribe to CB Blog: 5pts
  • Stumble this post: 5pts

You will need to send an email to Eric@clickbooth.com by December 10th, stating your FULL NAME, as well as which of the above tasks you completed  with a link to each (for tracking purposes). Make the subject of the email “Live Like A Super Affiliate”.

If there is a tie in points, we will randomly draw a winner from the participants that tied. However, if you don’t send an email, your points WILL NOT be counted. Also, this contest is only open to NEW affiliates that have not signed up with our network before.

So I can only win something if I get the most amount of points?

No, there will also be prizes given out to 2 random winners. Prizes are:

• Affiliate Theme by, Unique Blog Designs (1 winner)
• 1 Month Featured Blog or a 468×60 Ad on AffBuzz.com (1 winner)

Winners of the random prizes will be announced December 18, 2009.


CPA Shuffle

CPA Shuffle is really well designed platform & is one unique way to get leads. We all know advertising via adsense can make you some great profitable cash. But lets say you have a website with good daily traffic. CPA Shuffle will most likely convert 100 times better then a banner ad. It is  proven that people rather click a link VS a banner ad & CPA Shuffle makes it so easy for you & almost identical to adsense. CPA Shuffle makes it easy to change it to match your site theme or you can stick with the default black white blue look.

  • Pull in Network Offers and Display them Adsense Style
  • You Sign up to the Network and have your Affiliate ID within CPA Shuffle
  • Ability to Rotate Network Ads base on Performance
  • Randomly Shows Different Offers from Other CPA Networks (future, currently 1 network)
  • Traditional Banner Style Ads to Put on your Blog
  • Get Paid Higher than pennies

CPA Shuffle

CPA Shuffle currently only has it setup with Hydra Network so if your not with Hydra make sure you sign up once your in all you need to do at CPA Shuffle is enter your affiliate ID.

In conclusion choosing the right way to advertise on your website is not an easy task, but the right programs can guarantee long lasting compensation


Media Trust Knows Publishers

Generally Speaking with Media Trust This is the type of videos I like to see when interviewing CPA networks Ian Fernando & Glenn Talk about the Trust in there company's name its something they have & will make them successful in this industry! Enjoy the video

We all agree as affiliates it is hard to get a rep at Facebook now a days Media Trust is making it way easier to get your ads approved & have some one to contact not just hoping to get your ad approved in 24 hours now it will be way faster. Another thing I liked is Media Trust wants to go global this will benefit Media Trust & the over seas affiliates!


Marketing Sexy Women To Get Traffic?

Hey everyone I have been recently chatting with my buddy Ian Fernando.  He checked out my YouTube Profile. Saw that. I got 5 million view's did bring my social network some good traffic. Here is what Ian had to say.

The Big Question Is Does Sex Sell? Answer Is YES!
Reason why my video got so many hits is because my timing was right no one else 2 years ago had Hot Girls Boobs video! Was a good idea back then so if you have any good marketing ideas go do it see how much traffic you can bring in!

One other site i have had success in promoting aka marketing is BrittanysBlog. I made it into a Britney Spears Blog Been doing some cheap ppc ads saying britney spears is dead so far lots of click's just some of the good marketing idea's I think of lol.