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Top 5 Converting Offers

Hi everyone I feel that affiliate marketers keep the offers that they promote on the down low to much so I'm going to give you guys an inside look on what offers I push & what CPA networks have the highest payouts

#1 Making the most is Pure Acai Berry Best paying A whole $36.00 per lead CPA network is Click Booth

#2 White Tea with Acai Berry Paying out with A whole $30.00 per lead CPA network is Motive Interactive

#3 Credit Report America Paying out with A whole $35.00 per lead CPA network is Advaliant

#4 Credit Solutions Debt Relief for Today  A whole $11.30 per lead CPA network is Hydra Network

#5 Google SEO Supervisor (Incentivizable)A whole 29.00 per lead CPA network is Float Interactive

Just to give my readers some info White Tea with Acai is doing really well due to the economy wanting to lose weight people are spending money like crazy on these free trials!

Also any debt offers or house forclosers are doing really well due to the economy be sure to stay up to date. Just put your self in a normal house wife or average working dads shoes what typer of offers would they complete? Also once you find a niche you do well with stick to it because you can dominate the others I think its bad to switch niches all the time only when a niche dies you should move on towards something new.


Float Interactive Affiliate Network

Hey everyone sorry about no post yesterday been busy getting ready for college stuff like that. I recently signed up for Float Interactive been hearing great things about them. They have over 200+ offers. Also pay via Paypal I know a lot of people like that cause they don't want to wait for checks in the mail also its net 30. There a new company really like there layout very easy to navigate. Also top of the line support I needed couple banners made should be done in 24 hours to 48 hours really good support team. If you want to give Float Interactive a try

Float Interactive Details

Campaigns in network: 200+
Two-tier earnings: 4%
Commission type: CPA, CPL, CPS
Payment method: Check, Paypal, Bank Wire
Payment threshold: $50
Payment frequency: NET 30