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Click Booth recently contacted me saying that they had there new blog done by Unique Blog Designs they really did a great job! Click Booth also know as Integra Click. Click Booth was nice enough to send me some gear & some really cool stuff that will benefit my needs as an affiliate marketer. Which will remind me daily to promote offers with there network. When I made the video wasn't meaning to cut my head off . I posted it anyways I decided I gotta be real post the first video you make even if there are mess ups.

As an affiliate marketer. I know its hard to pick and chose networks to work with thing I look for is how well they treat there customer's just shows you that they want to make money with you. So they go out of there way to prove it. Click Booth is one of those networks not just the free stuff . But one thing is key tons of top paying offers & top of the line support .What more can you ask for?

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