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Use Your Blog To Reap The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

Joining a make money affiliate marketing program can prove to be beneficial if you want to earn money using the Internet. The popularity of affiliate marketing has risen with the steady increase in online marketing. Sometimes, websites are created for the purpose of affiliate marketing only. However, you can very well create a blog and use it for the same. Make your blog a lucrative medium for earning dollars through affiliate marketing by extending it beyond a space for publishing personal posts.

Affiliate marketing can be of 3 types. It is important to have a clear understanding of each type before a blog is created for this purpose. The 3 types of affiliate marketing are:

1.) Pay-per-click affiliate marketing – In this case, you will be paid by an merchant company/advertiser if the ad or link displayed on your blog is clicked by a visitor. Just a click on the ad or link will earn money for you. It is the easiest money earning medium, out of the 3 types of affiliate marketing.

2.) Pay-per-lead affiliate marketing – This type involves payment based on leads. A lead can be of many types such as filling out a form for receiving newsletters, downloading software, providing information about oneself and one’s contact details etc. All of this is done on the advertiser’s website. If your blog acts as a medium in making this possible, you will get paid by the advertisers.

3.) Pay-per-sale affiliate marketing – As the term implies, payment is based on sales made by the advertiser. If using your blog, a visitor goes to the advertiser’s website and buys a product or service, the advertiser will pay you.

Chances of earning from a make money affiliate marketing program depend on your ability to promote and popularize the products and services of the company you are working for. The following steps can prove to be helpful:

a.) Chatting - You can chat with people through blog comments/posts to build network. Your aim will be to convince your viewers about a product or service. Also, through chatting, you can answer their questions if they have any query regarding anything.

b.) Using images – In order to attract visitors to the advertiser’s website, use appealing pictures of their products or services on your blog.

c.) Selecting proper keywords – Perhaps this is the most important requirement for popularizing your blog and thus making money. You need to have a good knowledge about keywords. You can learn about this on the Internet. Use keywords which are popular and which increases the visibility of your blog on search engines. Not only it will attract more advertisers, but also it will increase the chances of getting paid by the merchant companies.

Whether you need money or just want to earn some extra dollars, joining a make money affiliate marketing program can prove to be beneficial. Using your blog for this purpose makes it all the more easy.


HasOffers Free 30 Day Trial

HasOffers is offering your existing or new network a 30 day free trial using there top of the line network software. I have been using has offers to run my network for while now & love it. Unlike Direct Track where you only have a demo account to log-in to HasOffers is giving you 30 days to test offers & get a feel for using there software. They continuously update & stay on top of the game perventing fraud accounts using Fraud Score detecting fraud affilaite & advertiser accounts. I really like HasOffers dedication & team support they put into their software.

Little Background about the company HasOffers, is a product of Adapp, Inc., located in Seattle, Washington. Adapp creates online advertising applications for all levels of online marketing, focusing on performance based solutions. Adapp has assembled an excellent team of programmers, engineers, managers, and support associates to provide the very best technology and support for all of our products.

Learn more about Adapp, Inc. by visiting www.adappsolutions.com.

HasOffers mission is to track and facilitate online marketing relationships, empowering advertisers, networks, and marketers to maximize their reach to relevant consumers around the world.

So pretty much anyone can run an Affiliate Network so what are you waiting for start your free trial with HasOffers Today


HasOffers Create Your Own Affiliate Network!

That's right you can create your own network in 5 min's with HasOffers top of the line Affiliate Software.

It's very customizable so just check it out. It's set up in a way so that you can easily customize the color design, upload your own logo, and choose how to setup your offers and accept new affiliate accounts, amongst so much else.

HasOffers has made creating your own affiliate network easier than ever before. You can go create an account now while it is still free. It's a decision you will not regret, especially at this price of FREE!

Creat Your Own Network With Has Offers

First of all, the basic version is free. You get a subdomain.hasoffers.com and up to 250,000 clicks! Most people will want to run on their own domain which only costs 99 bucks a month and you get up to 500,000 clicks!! Sick! I almost think it's a bit under priced for everything you get.

HasOffers Service's

  • Free

Up to 250,000 Clicks per Month
Free Subdomain (ie: yournetwork.hasoffers.com)
Chat and Email Support
99.5% SLA guaranteed uptime

  • Pro ($99 per month)

Up to 500,000 Clicks per Month
Access to all features within HasOffers
Custom Application Domain (ie: www.yournetwork.com)
Custom Tracking Domain (ie: yourtracking.com)
Custom Branded Layout
Chat and Email Support plus 5 Phone Tickets
Data Migration of offers, advertisers and affiliates
99.8% SLA guaranteed system uptime

  • Enterprise ($799 per month)

Unlimited Click Volume
Unlimited Access to all features within HasOffers
Unlimited Chat, Email and Phone Support
Advanced Data Migration of Offers, Advertiser and Affiliates
Custom Application Domain
Custom Tracking Domain
Unlimited Storage Space
Custom Branded Layout by our Graphics Team
Dedicated Server Resources for Increased Performance
Increased Storage Limits
99.8% SLA guaranteed system uptime

Has OffersA white label is basically a company which provides a service you can ’skin’ to make look like your own. The benefit is they take the bandwidth, upkeep and development side of things. You are left to make it look like your own service and hit the ground rolling.

I recently setup ThrolsonCPA through the free version have a couple offers up and running if you would like to sign up click here. Most likely will upgrade to the $99 version of has offers that way I can get my network on a domain VS a sub-domain.


Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing?In the current media world dominated by the Internet, affiliate marketing has emerged as one of the common practices incorporated by industrial players in their Internet marketing plan. The concept of affiliate marketing is simple – the websites (the affiliates) attract visitors and redirect them to the businesses they affiliated with, and then the businesses compensate the websites according to the volume of referred visitors.

It is not uncommon for affiliate marketing to be a marketing strategy that combines other varieties of advertising methods, for example: SEO, E-Mail marketing, display advertising, and orthodox method of publishing product reviews for affiliated businesses. Though advertisers may frequently overlook it, affiliate marketing is practically the most cost-effective advertising – that is, the “pay for performance” operating model.

As proven by Amazon.com, you may one day owe much of your business successes to affiliate marketing if you implemented it effectively, and that makes choosing the right affiliate program a matter of utmost importance.

The very first step is to identify excellent affiliate programs out of the sea of sameness. A good program is always characterized by having growth potential with expanding product range, providing high pay rate, operating with unambiguous pay structure, having the ability to generate returning businesses for your business, and having marketing, as well as community support for the products. A distinguished or above average program must be able to fulfill most of the mentioned measuring criteria.

There are usually 2 choices in deciding which program is suitable for your business after you have identified the excellent ones: programs that sell “Hot Products”, or programs that sell products that suit your interests. The former focuses on products with great demand in the market, and the latter are more on the interest field related to your business. However, it is recommended to choose hot products that you have interests in. The high demand is to ensure higher revenue, and the interest is to sustain your relationship with the programs. It is also important to stay knowledgeable on the products you’re selling in order to be convincing to your visitors.

In conclusion, choosing the right affiliate program is not an easy task, but the right programs can guarantee long lasting compensation


Affiliate Marketing Compare #4 On MSN!

How to rank high on MSN

As you all know I don't really know SEO that well.  I tend to read a lot of posts & do my best to get quality targeted traffic! to my websites. I wanted to make a site where everyone can review all the CPA networks sign up with ones they haven't been with overall  just cool site where you can watch videos that give you tour through the CPA network before you even sign up & that's why I made Affiliate Marketing Compare so far it has been a great success. As seen in the screen shot below I rank #4 for the key word "affiliate marketing".  How did I do it you ask? Well I'm going to tell you how I did it! Everything you need to rank just like I did it with SEOBook gave me all the tools I needed to rank high in the search engines . I highly recommend you buy the software.

Affiliate Marketing

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