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NeverBlue Turns 5

Never Blue Turns 5 Years Old!

Neverblue celebrates its fifth anniversary this week. This company started as a small group of friends working together and has blossomed into a full service CPA network in just 5 short years. Does anyone else hear ice cream cake? NeverBlue has there own tracking witch is one big plus I'm sure a lot of affiliates seen or heard about Direct Track going down I'm sure not everyone got to pause there campaigns on time. I sure as hell know I lost some bucks that's why NeverBlue & several Other CPA networks that I trust use there own Tracking Technology which makes there networks by far the best that are out there!

CPA Networks That Do not use Direct Track!
Media Trust
Hydra Network
Motive Interactive

Also if any networks using direct track seem to be ticking you off feel free to leave a comment & star rating over at www.AffiliateMarketingCompare.com


Affiliate Marketing Compare #4 On MSN!

How to rank high on MSN

As you all know I don't really know SEO that well.  I tend to read a lot of posts & do my best to get quality targeted traffic! to my websites. I wanted to make a site where everyone can review all the CPA networks sign up with ones they haven't been with overall  just cool site where you can watch videos that give you tour through the CPA network before you even sign up & that's why I made Affiliate Marketing Compare so far it has been a great success. As seen in the screen shot below I rank #4 for the key word "affiliate marketing".  How did I do it you ask? Well I'm going to tell you how I did it! Everything you need to rank just like I did it with SEOBook gave me all the tools I needed to rank high in the search engines . I highly recommend you buy the software.

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