Motive Interactive 2.0

Motive Interactive 2.0

Behind the scenes of the all new Motive Interactive. Motive is the top of the line CPA network because they listen to what the publishers have to say. Also having the top of the line referral program is a big plus.The new motive is built from the ground up just for all you publishers out there Motive wants you to get your offers quick & fast also using their own custom tracking system puts Motive on top of all the competition that's out there if you want to sign up for motive interactive click here

My Interview with Brendan Smith CEO/Founder of Motive Interactive

PS: Sorry for bad quality video was taken on my LG Dare

thought it would come out better need to get a Flip Mino.

So what is your Motive Guys Sign up for Motive Interactive Today!

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  • Josh Smith

    They have a pretty nice custom tracking system that blows DT out of the water. Another good network down in Southern California.

    October 12, 2008 at 11:13 am

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