Karaktr $25,000.00 Contest

Karaktr $25,000.00 Contest

Contest Start: September 1, 2009
Contest End: October 31, 2009
Draw takes place LIVE, via uStream: November 4, 2009

Karaktr Media and Cashtactics.net are proud to announce the BIGGEST CONTEST OF 2009. Realizing that many contests are skewed towards the Biggest Fish in the industry we decided to ‘Level the Playing Field'. The Little and Big Fish Contest will work on a Draw system where all entrants earn ballots. At the end of the contest, all entrants will have a chance to pull in the grand prize of $25,000.00

In conclusion this is a great contest your stupid if you don't join. Most people either are lazy to enter a contest or never try that's why they say oh the chances of me winning are against me. I say that's bull shit you only fail once you stop trying so don't give up do all you can do & the odds our on your side. I wish everyone the best of luck in this contest!

Who is Karaktr?

Karaktr Media $25,000 Contest from Nick Throlson on Vimeo.

Enter $25,000 Contest

Karaktr Media is a leader in the online product development and marketing space. As they are NOT a network, this means that they “Cut Out the Middleman” and pay higher payouts directly to the affiliates. Karaktr is most well known for their industry leading products such as: Bromalite and Bromacleanse (Colon Cleanse), Wu-Yi Pixie Pack (Green Tea Weight-Loss), Acai XS (Acai Weight-Loss), and their brand new Resvival (Resveratrol) offer. Karaktr also leads the way in paying over the lifetime of the customers you generate, not just an up-front CPA. Referrals are welcome, and paid for too!


  • Existing Karaktr Publishers: You are automatically enrolled and we will provide you with bi-weekly updates as to how many ballots you have earned.
  • New Publishers: You MUST sign-up through the form found on www.cashtactics.net/karaktr
Generate Sales
1.First 10 sales generated in a day = 1 ballot (sales 10-49)
2.Next 40 sales generated in a day = 1 ballot (sales 50-149)
3.Next 100 sales generated in a day = 1 ballot (sales 150 – 399)
4.Next 250 sales generated in a day = 1 ballot (sales 400 – 499)
5.500+ sales or more will give you a bonus ballot of 1
Maximum 5 ballots per day.

If less than 10 sales are generated on a daily basis, a ballot will be awarded for each cumulative 10 sales generated. If more than 10 sales are generated then the entrant is awarded ballots based on the aforementioned.

Refer Others

Refer a publisher to us and earn one (1) ballot for every fifty (50) sales they commutatively generate. For a ballot to be granted, you must email contest@karaktr.com notifying us of whom you referred. All referrals will be verified with the referral. Maximum of 5 ballots per day.

Individuals planning to refer multiple people please email kris@cashtactics.net so that you may receive a special referal link.

For Terms and Conditions
Click Here

Tweet this Contest

Tweet this contest to your friends for an extra ballot. Please see the approved tweets below. You may also click on the tweet you would like to use to instantly tweet the message to your friend. We are using the hastag (#$25k). One (1) ballot per every seven (7) day period.

Here are some approved tweets that you can use for a ballot entry. You may also click on the tweet to post it automatically to you twitter account!

Take a Picture

Wear a contest T-Shirt or print a Karaktr/Cashtactics.net logo to show your support. Simply, send in a picture to contest@karaktr.com displaying either the Cashtactic.net logo OR the Karaktr Logo printed off from the Karaktr Media website www.karaktr.com and you will instantly be given one (1) ballot; note: One (1) photo entry per every seven (7) day period. Maximum of 8 during entire contest period.

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  • RyanBuke

    Good stuff, Kataktr is a solid network, have done business with them before.

    September 19, 2009 at 1:41 am
  • Internet Marketing News

    Oh this is amazing.. I like to join the contest.. seems that its really a fun contest..
    Good Luck to everyone!

    December 4, 2010 at 8:09 pm

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