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10 Tips for Testing WordPress Themes

A diverse range of WordPress themes are on offer and they include both free and premium categories. Whatever be the type or class of the theme, it should be tested throughout to ensure that no bugs are present. The most popular and the most intelligent process to get a bug-free WordPress theme is to simulate a development environment that helps to nip most of the bugs in their buds. Other than that, there are several other ways in which one can achieve a bug-free WordPress theme. To better understand the procedures and their application areas, it is immensely important to classify the entire development of the WordPress theme into distinct phases. It will help in focussing upon the components more discreetly and also will help to avoid confusion. These phases are as follows

  • Initial Setting up of the theme
  • Core Development Phase
  • Testing and monitoring the final product

Initial Set Up

The initial setting up can be devised and designed in such a way that it reduces the chances of error or bugs to the lowest possible level. Following are some of the things that can be done to ensure that this phase is compact

#1. Use a network (WordPress Multisite)

Developing a network installation might pose some methodological challenges but it is still useful to do so as to insure from the very beginning that the themes work well.

#2. Custom Table Prefix

Apart from equipping the WordPress theme with an extra level of security, what the custom table prefix also does well is that it makes sure that one is not required to hard code database queries. Every coder involved in this processes are so aware of default prefixes such as wp_ that these prefixes can also be looked upon or considered as a de-facto mini password for the database.

#3. Make the debugging information active

What this simply means is an instruction that ‘don’t leave your variables undefined’. Keeping these types of undefined variables spread all around might not act as an immediate challenge but will definitely crop up ass problems for future development.

#4. Disable WordPress script concatenation

Handle this feature well and keep an eye on whether your scripts are pulled in separately or not.

#5. Advanced query analysis

The save queries command needs to be set constant so that WordPress saves all the queries performed in a variable and they can be further accessed by printing them whenever it is required.

The setting up phase will have a very less probability of being prone to bugs if the above instructions are followed carefully, and apart from the above one can also follow the following two features so that the phase is complete in terms of checking.

Core Development & Final Testing Phase

This is the phase that a coder enjoys the most and at the same time bears the highest possible risk for errors and bugs to creep in. But all that can be tackled efficiently, if one follows some basic operating principles from the very beginning of the phase, and these principles are as follows:

#6. Don’t keep things pending

Not only starters, but seasoned coders as well often concentrate more on the bigger picture and take a bird’s eye view to the content intricacies. For a WordPress theme coder, undoubtedly the development of the form is of prior importance, but that should not lead to overlooking staff that are vital for successful running of the theme. Therefore coders who are affected by the touch-up syndrome, which means doing the bigger things first and then covering up for the smaller components, should be more careful about doing things as per a well chalked out road map, that incorporates every milestone inside it in a  chronology of time rather than ranking it in its relative importance.

#7. Follow a modular approach

It’s very important that an object oriented PHP or the generic philosophy of an object oriented language is used from the beginning. Following this approach will give birth to simple patterns that can act as a back-end for a widget which ensures that the data is saved properly and with the provision of front end code to be added that can work anywhere anytime.

The Modular approach can also be successfully used in writing codes. These code writing mechanisms make the codes clean, easy to trace and maintain in a systematic way.

#8. Using the appropriate tools

This is again a very important thing to consider as the proper choice of tools can always lead to a faster progress, these tools are like Less, Code kit, Snippets, Thumbnail Regeneration, Template hierarchy, Browser development tools and other WordPress knowledge tools.

#9. Testing and follow up

WordPress itself comes with an application called WordPress theme check that is an extremely useful tool to make it sure that the themes developed are as per specifications. It can be applied successfully for following up on parameters like legacy functions, incorrect text domains, hidden files and other required functions and attributes.

Apart from the above checking the following can be applied as and when required

#10. Using Cloud app and Fluffy app

These are so useful to comfortably upload files and to play around with the screenshots. To do the same preparation and playing around with screenshots fluffy app can be used if you are working on the windows.

Bonus Tip — Keeping a Bug Management workflow in place

Preparing a bug management work flow might seem difficult but can be effectively used as tools of bug management are available all around. You just need to select the proper one.

Apart from all that has been said above it is also important that a version control methodology is put in place with proper documentation of processes followed. Generating the maximum possible viewership for testing and allocation of ample time always prove to be useful as far as testing the final theme is concerned.

Author Bio. :- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a Real Estate app development company, having a team of best app developers who delivers best Real Estate app solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform. She regularly contributes his knowledge on the blogging sites.


Best Suited WordPress Themes For Musician

Are you interested to create your own website? Try WordPress because it is the most favored platform for developing a website. It became an effectual platform for young artists and musicians. There are ultimate options for customizing the website according to the requirement.

To sustain in the digital world, you should have an online profile. When you will have your own webpage, it can provide you a competitive advantage. Having a personal profile or website can give you chance to interact with interested visitors.

A number of WordPress music themes are currently available to use. You should always try to select a musician theme with artistic appeal and better functionality. If you want to maintain a balance between design elements and information which you want to display, let’s have a look at some brilliant WordPress music themes:



Those who aspire to have an excellent WordPress music theme, they can select Vice. It has unique features to create an innovative and unique musical website. People who have just started their journey can take the help of video tutorials. It even helps in the creation of custom website landing pages and adds YouTube videos in the back for getting better attention from the viewers.



Depending on the requirement of a music website, it can be the perfect choice for you. It saves your time and enhances your visibility among visitors. It makes this easy for you to provide details associated to the tour dates. Even, you can use logos according to your preference. It doesn’t require any coding, you can easily install it. Visitors will get the customized share button which will help them to share content.



For designing an appealing music theme based WordPress website, you can definitely select Amplify. It is feasible enough that you can make changes according to you. Background, color, layouts, and templates can be easily customized depending on the website requirement.



It is the most applicable WordPress theme for the musicians. It is suitable for both musicians and for rising talents. You can increase your presence rate whether you are managing everything on your own or you have a band. Revolution theme has everything to promote your music. You can add blogs, upload photo in the gallery and give updates about your tour dates.



Obsidian can be considered as the modernly designed WordPress music theme that is mainly for the musicians. You can get enticing backgrounds that can be modified easily. It is featured with audio and video library sections which will help you upload your latest audios and videos.



It is a WordPress theme with multiple functionalities and is highly responsive. It is incredible to create a perfect music website because it is embedded in different qualities like revolution slider, layer slider plugins, and visual composer. It has at least thirty homepage demo sites with the amalgamation of a trendy portfolio and blog templates. Uncode enables to design unique statements for the layouts. Also, there is a possibility to add custom elements and shortcodes.



This WordPress theme can be the ideal choice for music professionals. It is present with pre-built demos which can be modified according to the project requirement. There is no need to use any code during site creation. After you will select and install the desired demo, it is easy for you to implement modifications. Kentha is featured with full-screen video background and drag and drop playlist creator.



Muso is an appealing music theme which is present with a modernly designed logo. It can show the latest track from Soundcloud and have Carousel for the promotion of the tour dates.

Music Club

Music Club is a viable WordPress theme for creating a music based site. It is useful whether you are a solo artist or you have music band. You can get a collection of features in a music club which can be enough to support your passion in all possible manner. There is an option to select from seven hundred Google fonts and icons. It comes with elegant concepts that lets you add headers, menu, and widgets.



FWRD has been designed especially for the music professionals who are self-motivated. Multiple advanced features have been incorporated into it for the user-friendly experience. It facilitates you to play videos in the background. Due to responsive layouts, you may notice nonparallel effects on your website.



The remix can be the most important asset for you if you want to have a WordPress music theme website for enhancing visibility among followers. It is capable enough in showing enticing effects that make your site more attractive. This is responsive in nature and allows you to add audio files. The features like the slider and visual composer are also integrated into it.



Music provides you the eye-catching seamless pages that show videos with content. It highlights your current page and helps you to show the event related information. Whenever you want, your gallery can be updated accordingly.



It is a blend of appropriate qualities that make your site captivating enough for compelling the users to visit you. Sura has elegant layouts to design your website. It even has a white space for creating a comfortable music environment.


It is expedient and technically advanced for fulfilling the requirements. An artist who wants to get a better online presence can use it for creating their own online website. Croma has the HTML5 player block to facilitate followers with amazing music tracks. You can keep a record of every single activity such as event updates, location and pricing associated with it.


The list of different WordPress music themes has been given here so that you can choose the best out of them. By selecting the one that suits your requirement, you can have a better presence on search engines.

Author Bio
Bryan Lazaris is a WordPress developer working at HireWebDeveloper, a renowned company in India to hire WordPress developer. He holds several years of experience. He has a flare of writing that encourages his to update users with new technologies. Apart from giving technical content, he writes on other associated topics.

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Tips To Help You Select The Perfect WordPress Theme

Tips To Help You Select The Perfect WordPress Theme


Most beginners get really confused when it comes to selecting a theme for their WordPress site. There are thousands of options available, which includes both free and paid options. You can get really indecisive when it comes to selecting the best theme for your website.

Wordpress themes come with tons of customization options. You can also go for Wordpress website development services which will help you to select the right type of theme which will suit your business aesthetic.

Here are a few tips which will help you to select the right type of theme for your website:


Go for simplicity

There is a myriad of options available when it comes to WordPress themes. There are certain design layouts which are full of bold animations and complex layouts. However, you don’t really have to go so crazy with the layout. Go for themes which are appealing and without compromising its usability and simplicity.


The theme of your website should not be overly complicated and should be able to guide your users towards the information they are looking for. You users should be able to find their way around your website. Your website theme should be able to attract new users and subscribers.


Choose responsive themes

Responsive themes are which adjust their layout according to the screen size. A significant number of users operate websites from their mobiles. Majority of the traffic is generated from mobile users. Even Google shows mobile-friendly websites on top in the mobile searches.

A website has to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Wordpress websites are responsive by default. However, there are certain sellers who are selling sell fixed layouts which are not mobile friendly at all. Thus, you should make sure that you test a theme before you choose it for your website.


Check browser compatibility

Every individual uses a different browser. Thus, it is important to make sure that your theme looks perfect on every browser. Sometimes, it might happen that your theme looks great on the browser that you use but it might look broken in some other browsers.

There are various compatibility testing tools available where developers can check the compatibility of the themes with different browsers. You can run some basic tests on different browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox etc.


Supported plugins

Plugins are the real heroes of WordPress. Plugins enable the developer to do anything for your WordPress websites. There are plenty of WordPress plugins available to choose from. Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache are some of the most popular plugins which are widely used. Your developer can help you choose the right type of plugin depending upon the requirement of your website.


Page builders

Page builders are plugins which enables us to create various page layouts using drag and drop user interface. Various WordPress themes come with pre-installed page builders. However, these pre-installed page builders can produce a lot of unwanted code. If you ever switch the theme of then those pages will require a lot of cleaning up and coding.

You must understand that the WordPress theme plays a crucial role in your site’s SEO friendliness. No matter how good looking your theme is it can still generate poorly coded HTML. This could highly degrade your website’s performance on the search engine. Premium WordPress theme developers will ensure that their pages are optimized for SEO.

Another way of judging the quality of the WordPress theme is by going through the ratings and reviews. For free WordPress themes, you will find ratings and reviews just below the ‘download’ icon. However, you should know that almost every WordPress theme gets bad reviews, you should refrain from those themes which have unusually high negative reviews.  



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Top 10 WordPress Builder Themes

Among the first few decisions that you need to make to start an online business venture, deciding how your website is going to look is perhaps the most important one.

It’s imperative to publish high-quality content and make a page that draws people in and keep them engaged for a while.

To do so in an easy manner, you need a premium WordPress theme.

In this article, you will learn about the best WordPress builder themes that VM Interactive has shortlisted after a survey.

The short reviews available for each of them will help you select one that suits your business best and engage the audiences. Let’s have a look!


  • Divi


“The sky is the limit” fits well to this theme and once you have it installed, you will know why. There are infinite customization features and high functionality; however, you can only get this with the help of a professional developer.

You can turn your dreams into reality by creating the layouts you like. You will even have the ability to change anything you don’t like in the layout and change the skins. From the color theme to the icons and complete page formats, you can play with them all


  • Soledad


No one of us would like to spend money on a dull WordPress theme. Those who have purchased this theme say that it’s the most ‘universally-positive” and that is unquestionable because of the numerous amazing features the theme has!

There are over 200 blog layout and slider combination options in Soledad to keep your visitors engaged.


  • Jevelin


If you are looking for a top-notch level website that is multipurpose and deeply customized, Jevelin is for you. It uses a building process which makes intuitive visual pages that a webmaster with no coding experience can master in the blink of an eye. Whether it is for your personal or for professional business, or corporate web pages, Jevelin will not disappoint you.


  • Massive Dynamic


Known for the gorgeous, catchy websites that Massive Dynamic enables you to create, it is an inconceivably flexible platform. The theme works for several types of business and is preferred by everyone across a host of industries and fields.

This theme synchronizes your website designing process with the building process and yields simplified websites using the real-time Live Website Builder.

Massive Dynamic has everything you will love.


  • Shopkeeper


Looking for a classy website template for an online business? The shopkeeper is the perfect choice for you. This theme has a versatile design that adjusts nicely to fit different screens of the devices. This theme has everything you need to build an appealing for your business.

In addition to countless features that it has, Shopkeeper makes marketing your product easier online and enables you to get to an even wider range of audiences, all credits to its amazing social media integration.add new post wordpress


  • Merchandiser


Any person with zero coding know-how can easily work with the WordPress theme called Merchandiser.

It is an effective tool to effortlessly and competently build an urban, contemporary commercial website that is focused on online transactions, increased product display features, and progressive shopping cart capabilities with which users just need a few clicks to get done.

Decide on the content and Merchandiser will tackle the rest for you!


  • Oshine


Oshine is an imaginative, expressive, and easy-to-read WordPress theme for a host of businesses to develop their website applications. From business to corporate people, personal to commercial uses, and SMEs to giant organizations, the theme is being used by many.


  • Norebro


Norebro has made its place in the list of the most popular themes on WordPress. The theme can create almost every type of website. Whether it is blogs, an online shop, a web agency, or full-flash businesses, Norebro is will be the bro you need in life.

With a theme as innovative and new as Norebro, it is easy for you to answer questions about designing when the developer asks and ease the whole website development process. This theme again is versatile and fits the screens slickly.

To use this, you don’t require coding skills, there are premium plugins bundle you get for free, and over thirty pre-built demos on top of the first-class performance. Norebro is your one-stop solution to everything!


  • XStore


The XStore theme on WordPress was itself designed through a prolonged and complex design and development process to deliver what it is meant to. The theme works amazingly for all types of online ventures regardless of the size. With its unbroken functionality and absolute comfort of use, webmasters with zero or any level of experience can play with it nicely.

The beginners and troupers can both develop the most attractive modern shops online using XStore in just a matter of minutes. This doesn’t even require looking at the code too much.


  • Uncode


The wonderful features and tools in Uncode help you develop highly-interactive pages and websites. With themes like these, website development has become easier and so much fun.

Some newest and nicest web development technologies power this theme which allow incorporating HTML5 coding, polished and customizable CSS3 styling, and modular Bootstrap design in a unified, drawn up, and utterly beautiful outlook that is easy-to-use too.  

So which of these top 10 WordPress themes do you think will work best for you? Choose one from the above and let your creative juices flow!