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Nick Throlson DTM Distinguished Toastmaster

My Journey to Becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster

Distingushed Toastmaster Letter3 1/2 years, 40+ speeches, 1 year as an Area Governor for District 12, 1 year as a Division E Director for District 12, Leading Division E to a Distinguished division. Contest Chair for area & division contests. Club president & Vice president of education. Coaching a club "Eastvale Toastmasters" to distinguished and mentoring new members. Chartering 2 new clubs is just the tip of the iceberg on what a Distinguished Toastmaster is all about. Being the highest honor only 2% of toastmasters ever achieve this goal.

Today I am celebrating my success. Follow your dreams set goals with a date attached to them. I said I would achieve Distinguished Toastmaster in three years first day I joined. 3 1/2 years later it's come true! Thank you to all my friends and Toastmasters team. I couldn't of done it without you! TOASTMASTERS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! ‪#‎Toastmasters‬ ‪#‎DTM‬ ‪#‎DistingushedToastmaster‬ ‪#‎goals‬ ‪#‎success‬ ‪#‎dreams‬ ‪#‎leadership‬



The Perfectionist’s Guide To Public Speaking by: Matt Kramer

My buddy Matt Kramer has written an exponential book about public speaking being in toastmasters for over 3 years I've seen word championship speakers & Matt is one I look up too he knows his stuff when it comes to getting 100% of the rooms attention it's been a pleasure to see him grow and get this book published. If you are new to public speaking or are a professional speaker we all can learn something From Matt. Download his book to your kindle or get his audio book what are you waiting for its FREE!!!!  The Perfectionist's Guide To Public Speaking by: Matt Kramer  For more info about matt visit :

The Perfectionist's Guide To Public Speaking by Matt Kramer

How would you like to...

Shed your primal fear of public speaking and be able to speak in front of anyone, anytime?

• Get a restraining order against your internal critic?

Free yourself from the constant pressure of having to be “perfect”?

• Build powerful, memorable messages and deliver them with confidence?

• Read the best book ever written

• Do all of the above (except the last thing) and maybe smile while you’re at it?

If yes, you will definitely, most likely, maybe, sorta like this book. [The last sentence was put through a lie detector test—results inconclusive.]

The book takes you on a journey through the eyes of the author, Matt Kramer, a perfectionist who was once petrified of public speaking. You’ll read about his embarrassing speaking moments as well as the raw, internal thoughts that once crept into his mind time after time. Lastly, you’ll know after reading this book that there is hope for you—that public speaking is not just for the Tony Robbinses of the world. It’s for anyone who dares to break through their self-imposed barriers. Matt tells you how he overcame his fear of public speaking…and how you can, too.

Inside You’ll Find:

8 methods to control nervousness while waiting your turn to speak

• How to avoid forgetting what to say (Including one thing you should NEVER do)

• Several bad jokes

• How to construct a presentation from nothing but a blank slate

• The secret to winning the war against your inner critic

How to deliver: From your seat to the final call to action

How to thoroughly prepare for your next presentation

• The most effective way to stop saying ah, um, and other filler words

• Other stuff and at least one good joke

So, only one thing left to do go get his book here: 


Help Me Attend Toastmasters World Convention 2015

The 2015 Toastmasters International Convention would be held in one of the most popular and exciting cities across the globe and that is no other than the city of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada, US. This will be just a few months from now. The scheduled dates for the said convention will be from August 12 until 15 of this present year, 2015. I still have enough time to prepare myself for that very special occasion. I want to be there and I really need to be there. I am physically and emotionally ready for the said convention, but my pocket is my only problem. I can say that I am not financially capable up to this moment and I want you guys to somehow help me in preparing for all of my needs so that I can get there.

The 2015 Toastmasters International Convention matters to me…to my whole life! This will serve as a major stepping stone for me to achieve success for my business and I believe that my presence on that upcoming convention will also bring a multitude of benefits to each one of you. I am knocking at the hearts of those who have the heart to help me attend the Toastmasters Convention 2015.

It is not actually my first time to join the convention that is conducted annually. I joined  two and a half years ago and it was one of the greatest things that I did in my life. The convention, particularly the Toastmasters allowed me to speak in front of a large number of people who are eager to listen and give comments that you will never get somewhere else. Attending this convention for this year will help me to grow further as a business owner. For the past 2 years, I was able to step up and take various leadership roles in District 12.

I grew to be the 2015 - 2016 Division E Director of District 12 and I am now in need of some financial assistance in attending the Toastmasters Convention 2015. I appreciate any donation  of any amount. Even if it is $1, it will be a great help for me to achieve my goal of attending this year’s Toastmasters Convention. I have been asking for donations for a while and I am looking forward to getting more financial help from the public.

Please help me attend Toastmasters Convention 2015. I am now very thankful for those who showed their support in my endeavor. Please feel free to visit to donate now