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Life Of A Digital Nomad: Sounds Amazing, But Is It Right For You?

The very idea not having to go to the office every day is exciting for almost anyone. Also, you will often hear people explaining that work at home but not be such a great idea after all. But what about working remotely from anywhere? This type of work is being popular by the day and many psychologists believe that is actually quite beneficial since it lets you do your job from any part of the world. This digital nomad lifestyle sure sounds wonderful, and even perfect, but before you decide it’s the perfect way for you, make sure you’ve taken into consideration all that comes with it.

If you don’t take this manner of working seriously, your performance will suffer and you may lose the job altogether. That’s why you should have a look at these several factors important for any digital nomad and figure out if they’re right for you.

  1. No close attachments

Being digital nomad doesn’t mean you have to travel all the time, but you won’t be spending a long time in one place either to build any close relationships. Sometimes you might feel lonely and you have to be prepared to feel alone too, but you’ll also meet a lot of new people and that experience can trump that. At least to some extent. However, there are many ways to stay in touch with your family and friends back home via Skype or any other apps and similar software.

After all, there is always a chance that you'll like someplace so much that you decide to stay there and grow roots. And nothing like that would be possible unless you take a leap of fate.

  1. Be flexible

You can't be a digital nomad and hate surprises and unpredictability. If you decide to work on the road, you have to accept the fact that you can't control your environment 100%. Anything can happen to rattle your cage, from the Internet being bad or non-existent to your laptop being stolen. These are the worst case scenarios of course but are known to happen to digital nomads before. The best way to deal with these types of possibilities is to have a backup plan what to do if it ever comes to them.

It may not be what you want to hear, but the job is the most important element in those situations so securing that it’s not affected by this misfortune is your priority. So if you can accept that and not stress over the mere possibility of being exposed to these unnerving situations, you’re good to go.

  1. No working hours

Working remotely is usually a freelancing job, although sometimes it may be the case of having the exact working hours even though you're in the different time zone. As a freelancer, you have to prepared to work even during the weekends, more than 8-hours a day and during times when everyone else is enjoying the sun on the gorgeous beach. This is something that won't happen all the time, but it can come to having to choose between fun and work. If you can't choose the job as your priority, then it’s better not to tempt yourself with exotic and inviting landscapes at all.

Or you can just make a compromise and choose a similarly nice spot which can be good for work and fun during the breaks.

  1. Always on the road

Since you’ll be always travelling, you will have to be very efficient about what you take with you on the road. First and foremost, rent boxes for moving and relocation and pack all your valuable and important belongings. That way you can leave them in a safe place and not worry about them, or even think about carrying them with you. You’ll have to be ready to wash your clothes by hand or wear the same thing several times. When you’re a digital nomad, it’s all about the work and travelling, and little things like makeup and fancy clothes may have to go.

Of course, you can always buy some in the new place, or borrow something from a new friend. But being rid of material attachments is something you have to learn and live by while on the digital nomad lifestyle.

  1. You already have a job

This one is really important and will determine if you can be a digital nomad or not. Before you start working and travelling, you already must have a client. Going on the road without an employer is not only foolish but can cause a lot of financial and existential trouble. One secure source of income is mandatory so you can pay for the adventure, and attaining more during the travelling is advisable. The whole point of digital nomad lifestyle is based on you working remotely for at least one client, and not having that will only be financially challenging and irresponsible.

Final thoughts

Being prepared is not something easily done when you're a digital nomad, but you can prevent some inconveniences from happening with avoiding small places since they tend to have a problem with the Internet connection and fewer visitors. Also, organize your daily tasks and fun time so you'll avoid procrastination – the biggest enemy of all freelancers. If you're unsure of any aspects related to the digital nomad lifestyle, consider working from your home office or sticking to your regular desk job.


Sure Signs Your Business Will Be A Success

Are you wondering whether your business is going to be a success or not? When you first come up with a business idea, it can be all too easy to get swept away and think that it’s going to be the most revolutionary idea since the wheel. However, this isn’t always the case. These sure signs will confirm whether your business will be a success:

You Know You Make A Difference To Customer’s Lives

If you are confident that your business makes a real difference to your customer’s lives, chances are, you’re onto a winner. Having the customer at the forefront of your business and considering them in everything you do is a must if you want to be a success. As time has gone on, people have realized that putting more of a focus on customers is crucial. Make sure you are really helping them and making a difference.

ShoppingYour Business Can Make Money While You Sleep

If your business can make money even while you’re sleeping or on vacation, this is a great sign! This can be one of the biggest and best signs that you’re on your way to financial freedom, which is surely what most entrepreneurs aim for.

You Have A Strong Online Presence

Having a strong online presence will do many things for you, including increase your exposure and get you more conversions. As more and more people are shopping online and using the internet to research products/services, having a strong online presence is a must.

Your Customers Give You Great Feedback

Do your customers give you great feedback? This is a brilliant sign that you’re on the right track. You may get the odd piece of feedback that isn’t as pleasing to you, but that’s just life. If you are pleasing the majority of your customers and they’re telling you so, you should be proud and know you’re doing well. There’s a good chance that they're giving you word of mouth reviews too, which can be extremely valuable. Show off your feedback and testimonials online if you can, as they’ll make the world of difference!

Sure Signs Your Business Will Be A SuccessYou’re Getting Attention In The Press

Getting attention in the press is a wonderful sign too. Whether this is online or in print, you should take this as a sign that your business will be big.

You Have A Business Plan

A business plan helps you to see things from a bird’s eye perspective. You can avoid big mistakes these way and stay focused on your goals. Not only that, it can help if you’re trying to secure a business loan or some kind of funding.

You Know Your Numbers

Knowing your numbers is important too. You own this business, so you need to make sure you have a handle of the numbers too. Some find this boring, but it’ll only contribute to your success in the long run.

You Learn From Your Mistakes

It’s normal to make some mistakes, but learning from them is so important. Don’t let setbacks get you down for too long!


Make Money with Smart Panel

The Smart Panel is a cutting-edge market research project run by Verto Analytics.

The goal of the project is to collect information about how people use the internet – whether that’s through their computers, on their smartphones, or on their tablets. We want to understand how people interact with each other, with their favorite websites, with their apps, and with their devices.

By participating in the Smart Panel, you’re sharing your data with us. We then make sure that data is anonymous and perform a variety of statistical calculations on it. Those statistics are then shared with our customers – the very websites, apps, and tech companies that you know and love.

You’re helping us to make the internet better, and that’s important. That’s why for sharing your data with us, we’re happy to pay you. Just for signing up and installing the Smart App to your devices, you earn $5. Once the Smart App has been installed and active on your devices for 30 days, your rewards will become available to redeem. For every month that you use the Smart App, you’ll earn another $5. After your devices have been syncing with us for 90 days, you can earn a loyalty bonus of $5. After six months, you can earn a loyalty bonus of $10, after nine months $15, and every quarter after that another $15.

All of these rewards are redeemable either as Paypal payments (meaning you just get the cash) or as Gift Cards (which can be used for purchases at

Thank you for joining the Smart Panel, and thank you for helping us make the internet better!


Media Insiders Review – How to Make Extra Money from Your Phone with the App


media insiders logo

Did you know that you can now start making extra money right from your phone? That’s true, and the opportunity created with the Media Insiders app is a proof of that!

Earning money with the app is easy. Download it on your phone, let it run on your device and you can already start earning $5 Tango gift card every month. The good thing about this money-making opportunity is that you do not need to take any survey to get paid. Simply let it run on your device! You won’t even notice that it is running on the background. Plus, even as it runs, you will feel at ease for it won’t affect or slow down the performance of the device. Once you receive the $5 Tango card you earn, you have the option to redeem it in any known gift cards, like iTunes, Target, Amazon, etc! That’s the money-making opportunity you can take advantage of with the Media Insiders app.

The Media Insiders App                    

Media Insiders is just one of the many ways you can earn money nowadays by using your mobile phone. Such app is designed to let the sponsoring companies gain better understanding about the web and mobile usage. As a user or the mobile owner of the device where the app is installed, you are able to contribute in enabling that understanding to those companies. In exchange, receive incentives, which in the case of Media Insiders, is in the form of reward points or sweepstake entries.

The understanding gained with the help of the app, made possible by the members, is meant to aid media companies. With the help of the app and its users, important insights are provided, ones which allows clients in making informed decisions on how they can better deliver entertainment, information and content to consumers.

The app helps in providing that understanding in several ways that is not only limited to the use of mobile phones. Information can also be obtained through PCs. Regardless of the version of app running, activities conducted on mobile phones are measured while visited web pages, watched videos and viewed ads are captured. From there, the collected information is then compiled.

Who can become a Member?

Interested to make money through the Media Insiders way, but don’t know if you are allowed to? In truth, anyone can join and become a member of the Media Insiders as long as you are a US resident, have an email address, using a device with mobile data or Wi-Fi and is already 13 years and above. To become a member, you only need to download either the MIMobile or PC-Connect app to the appropriate device. You must accept the license agreements and Terms and conditions then you can start activating the application using your registered email address. From there, you can start earning money.

As for the earning, there are two ways in which you can earn using this means. You can choose from participating in either of the two reward programs, the Sweepstakes and Perks Points. Participating on the first options lets you earn up to $10,000 quarterly and a minimum of $10 in weekly drawings. On the second option, you get to redeem $5 every 3 weeks by simply letting the app actively run to your device every day. So, which reward programs do you prefer now? Either way, there is something you can receive in the end.


Start Earning Today From Your Smartphone by Downloading the Receipt Hog App

Receipts Make Money

Smartphones are devices that people use to communicate with loved ones, check emails, surf the web and play games. But, time has changed meaning the use of the devices in the past has also advanced. Just consider the use of your smartphone. Today, its use is not only limited to those mentioned. With the right installed app, you can also now use the device to start making money. Of course, you would love to make full use of that opportunity. All you have to do is to download the Receipt Hog app on your device, and you can begin!

The Receipt Hog App

Receipt Hog is a free app for mobile phones that lets you earn cash rewards by making full use of your shopping receipts. Each qualifying receipt you take a picture of then submit lets you earn spins at Hog slots or coins. You can even earn more coins every time you use your earned spins at Hog Slots. Consequently, one lucky winner every day may benefit from winning coins with the same value of the amount stated on their last snapped receipt. It is a real and fun way to earn money.

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How Receipt Hog Works

Money is earned with Receipt Hog by giving you the opportunity to become a member of an exclusive market research panel. This is a panel where opinions and purchases influence the promotions and products being offered by retailers and brands. By joining the panel, all the receipt data as well as answers to the survey you provided are summarized to create market research reports to be given to brands. In exchange for the provided survey answers and receipt data, you benefit from getting paid.

Receipt Hog App IOS Review

Receipt Hog App IOS Review use Referral Code: nad97536

If You Want To Start Earning Using The App, All You Need To Do Is…

If there is one thing that can be said about using Receipt Hog to earn cash, it would be that the process is so easy and fun. Plus, it is also rewarding. Just imagine turning all your receipts into cash! Well now, you don’t have to wonder about that anymore for you can already make it happen. All you need to do is to start shopping at any retailer, including grocery stores, club stores, supercenters and more, whether it is big or small. Take a picture of all your receipts, submit them and get paid!

But, the receipts you take pictures of is not the only means you can earn money using this app. If you want to increase your earnings, refer your friends and take as many surveys you can regularly.

That’s how easy earning cash with Receipt Hog is! Therefore, if you are looking for an easy means to put and add cash to your pocket, it is time that you grab this opportunity. Every coin you earn is redeemable for cash through Pay Pal as Amazon gift cards. Once you reach the payout, you can instantly cash out your earnings! Within just seven days, you can already get your money.

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Just make sure that the snapped photos of the receipts you are submitting are not more than 14 days old and you will certainly qualify for the rewards. So, if you think this is a worthwhile way of earning money, why not download the app now to your device if you haven’t yet, and start making cash!