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WordCamp Riverside | November 4-5, 2017 Riverside California

WordCamp RiversideWordCamp Riverside | November 4-5, 2017 Riverside California

Riverside’s inaugural WordCamp,  happening at SolarMax Technologies. The camp will be from 8 am – 5 pm on both days.

Event Location: Address: 3080 12th St, Riverside, CA 92507

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Affiliate Summit West 2017 Recap #ASW17

Affiliate Summit West 2017 what can I say amazing conference to attend. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise that comes every year it just gets better and better. To start off day one I attended WordPress tips session and learned about automation one requirement for the audience was to create an IFTTT app that auto tweets your blog posts when created, Connecting the two was a challenge due to dual authentication, I have on my twitter and WordPress blog. I was the first to get it done and set up on the IFTTT app and I won $5,000 worth of hosting via WPEngine and other apps and goodies such as Optin Monster, WP Forms my advice to everyone is take action never know when you can get some free stuff for little effort.

WP Session ASW17 5k worth goodies I won

The Shareasale party at the night club inside the Aria was a great event everyone wearing favorite teams jersey great open bar & great atmosphere to network with other Affiliates.

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Day Two at Affiliate Summit West 2017 The Exhibit Hall has some great networking opportunities cash machine & of course booths like PeerFly giving away affiliate swag t-shirts it was great connecting with John Chow my buddy Morgan Thomas & Darren Blatt hosting a great Affiliate Ball with Snoop Dogg and hanging out with the one and only Coolio other great affiliates I hope to see everyone at Affiliate Summit East.


Affiliate Ball Recap


How To Market Yourself At A Convention

Exhibition_Halls,_Brisbane_Convention_&_Exhibition_CentreTrade conventions are great marketing opportunities, allowing you to network with other businesses and promote your services to those who may be interested in your area of trade. But how do you stand out amongst all the other companies and stalls present? Failing to advertise yourself properly could make it a wasted trip. Here are some ways to make the most out of a convention.

Check competition

Before going to the event, you should receive some information detailing where your stall will be and which other businesses will be attending and located around your area. Research these businesses before going to a convention. If their trade is similar to yours, they are your main competition! Find out what it is that makes your service stand out from theirs and make that your selling point at the convention. For example, if you’re a health and fitness convention and the gym equipment your company sells is cheaper than your competition’s – market your stall as ‘budget gym equipment that everyone can buy’ or something along those lines. If your services are more expensive, market yourself as ‘luxury’ or ‘professional’.

Creative signage

Don’t let your stall blend in with others. A great way to do this make sure your signage creative. Invest in cardboard cutouts, creatively-shaped signs and big colourful banners. And of course your signage doesn’t have to be static. Did you know that you can hire pedicabs for convention marketing? These mini vehicles are sure to stand out. Other ideas involve wearing branded t-shirts, hiring a mascot-like figure to carry a sign around and offering branded bags.

Make a speech

All conventions will have an area for talks, whether it be a business convention or a trade convention. Talks can be educational, motivational, promotional or a blend of all three. Communicate with the organizers in advance about the opportunity of giving a speech. Public speaking can be daunting, but it’s the best way to stand out at a convention. Instead of having to give the same lengthy spiel to every passer-by, you can save it all for your talk and tell anyone that visits your stall in brief that you will be on at a certain time. Whilst you may want to shout about you and your business, the best talks commonly aren’t wholly promotional. Use it as a chance to inform people of your area of expertise, or to give advice to fellow businesses, on top of promoting.

Tweet regularly

Many people at the convention will be using social media, whether they’re other businesses or members of public. Let people know of your presence by taking to Twitter. If you’re giving a talk, tell people what time it will be one. Take a picture of your stall so people know what it looks like. Shout about the convention well in advance so that people who follow you on Twitter already can come visit your stall. Keep on top of convention news and what things are trending and link your business in with this.

Dot Com Lifestyle Irvine

Dot Com Lifestyle Meetup Irvine CA Review

#21 Pho dotcom lifestyle meetupThe Dot Com Lifestyle is a great way to network and meet other like minded bloggers affiliates and entrepreneurs. I have been a friend of John Chow for several years now attending Affiliate Summit since 2009 and reading his blog since 2006. I have been meaning to attend dot com lifestyle meetup for while now, it was great listening to John share his stories about his new Tesla Model X. John Chow explains to the dotcom lifestyle members how he makes money online from his blog . do you want to come to the next meetup RSVP on I highly recommend you attend even if you think your total newbie there is no judgement and everyone here is supportive to one another.



Affiliate Summit East

Attending Affiliate Summit East 2016

Affiliate Summit EastThe Affiliate Summit East of 2016 will take place this coming July 31, 2016 – August 2, 2016 at the New York Marriott Marquis in New York, New York. It is a three-day conference which aims to exhibit the latest information and trends from the experts in affiliate marketing. The participants in this upcoming event are merchants, affiliates, vendors, networks as well as the different experts in the educational sessions. Attending in Affiliate Summit East Conference will bring a lot of take away benefits to its participants who will come from different fields.

Some people who have already attended a number of Affiliate Summit East have said that they learned a lot of new things based from their own experiences that they had when they participated in the summit. By putting such efforts in their chosen path, they are able to find themselves searching for new tactics that they can make use the next time that they will attend another Affiliate Summit East. They also find it as a way to meet and interact with other people because for them, meeting new people is an overwhelming feeling. Aside from that, they see it as a way to mingle with other people who also have expertise in the same fields that they have where they can exchange their experiences and both learned from it. Expected Attendance: 5,500+

Meeting different people in the Affiliate Summit East is an unforgettable experience for its participants because they don’t just interact with one other but they also spend a lot of fun activities in the exhibition hall. They have fun by enjoying the Karaoke the whole night.

Other participants have the opportunity to meet and talk with several celebrities such as Hulk Hogan, Shawn Collins, Missy Ward. They are also able to meet different advertisers in person and they also learn how their affiliate program can help in their blogs and websites. Aside from that, they are also able to get cool stuff and giveaways like water bottles, t-shirts, pins, caps and a lot more. They were also able to listen to the success stories of their fellow Affiliate bloggers and marketers.

That are just some of the wonderful benefits that participants of the Affiliate Summit East conference can get. Participants are guaranteed not only for them to learn a lot of things with regards to Affiliate blogging and marketing but also for them to enjoy their selves, meet and greet new people, meet popular stars in person, gain contacts in order to improve their potential in the online marketing and also in the existing online campaigns for marketing.

By attending the Affiliate Summit East conference, participants will be able to stay energized and motivated as a good affiliate marketer towards the potential of making a huge amount of money online that they can get from the Affiliate Summit East programs where they attended. That is why it is important that affiliate marketers to attend Affiliate Summits because they will benefit in a lot of things.

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