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What You Need to Know About Website Lead Generation

At the start of 2018, Netcraft conducted a survey to determine how many websites exist on the internet. It found a whopping 1.8 billion websites in existence. Yet, the majority of those sites get zero, or almost zero, visitors.

While a large percentage of these websites are probably inactive or kept for private use, there are undoubtedly visitor-less sites out there that want traffic and leads. Even the best performing websites are rarely satisfied with their website lead generation. There’s always a push for more.

It begs the question, why do some sites generate leads and others don't? The answer is mostly a matter of effort. Website lead generation takes work, especially in the beginning. Thus, there are website owners that continuously put in the work and generate those leads and those that kick rocks and wonder why no one is visiting their site.

This article will take a look at some website lead generation basics while providing helpful insights into how you can entice better performance from your own website(s).

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What Is A Lead and Lead Generation?

A lead is an individual who has demonstrated interest, desire or need of your products, company, service, etc.

Lead generation is the process and tactics that go into turning non-customers into potential buyers or leads. In other words, attracting people to your business or website through offers, content and different strategies that generate genuine, natural interest.

For websites, it's essential to make a distinction between traffic and leads.

A lot of sites get traffic visiting the page, spending a few moments and then clicking off the page. These are not leads, as they haven't demonstrated an interest. Sure, they've visited your website, but their lack of time-on-page and engagement shows that, if anything, they are uninterested in your products.

Leads typically make it known that they are interested, by offering an email address, participating in a questionnaire/survey and many other ways.

Now that we’ve gotten a basic understanding of leads and lead generation, we can focus on proven strategies for website lead generation success.

Map Your Web Traffic

One of the keys to generating leads is understanding where your website traffic comes from and how it moves across the site. There are many different potential sources for website traffic, like social media pages, emails, search results or even from another website.

When you recognize where traffic is coming from, you can better understand the intent and motivation behind those visitors. Google ValueTrack is an excellent tool for seeing where your traffic is coming from.

Additionally, recognizing the web pages where your traffic gathers most allows you to understand where you should be including forms and offers that encourage lead generation.

Implement Lead Generators

Once you've established how your traffic moves, you need to start developing and implementing lead generators in the critical areas of your website where people gather most. Lead generators are, as the name suggests, tactics that help create leads.

Some examples are:

  • Landing pages

  • PPC ads

  • Call-to-actions (CTAs)

  • Contact forums

  • Email newsletter subscriptions

  • Content (social media posts, blogs, etc.)

Split Testing and Measuring Performance Of Lead Generators

Experimentation and measurement are fundamental aspects of creating sound, successful lead generators.

Even digital marketers that do this for a living don't have perfect success rates. That's because it is incredibly difficult to align the right lead generating tactics and messages with the prospects they are most suited for. Not only do you have to match the visitor's intent with the right messages, but you also have to trigger the correct emotions that compel them to act.

Measuring your active lead generators and experimenting with new ones is one of the most effective strategies towards understanding what works and what doesn’t.

For example, if you find that one landing page is creating a 2% conversion rate, while the other is at a colossal 7%, then there’s some aspect of landing page 2 that you need to identify and highlight in future efforts.

Split testing is one of the common ways of experimenting with ads and other lead generators. It works by creating two, almost-identical landing pages (or CTAs, advertisements, etc) that have one thing different. For example, you may change the background image, while keeping the text the same. As traffic passes through the landing page and conversions are made, you can determine which style of background works best.

It's vital that you make only one, small change when conducting split tests. Otherwise, it will be impossible to determine what exactly is influencing the change.

Give Your Customers Something For Nothing

Giving people something for nothing remains a great lead generation tool. Direct marketing employs it by sending free goods to your door. You use the same tactics for your website by creating a useful asset for your customer, or giving them an offer.

Examples of what you can give your customers include:

  • Infographics: Get stats from a free public resource, then turn them into an interactive resource. It’s simple. Not only will this give you a lead generation tool, it’ll also give you an asset that can help you build backlinks to your website try a free tool like Piktochart to get you going

  • Free offers: If you want a long-term customer, you can give them short-term access to your products for free. This is a great lead generation tool if you’re a SaaS company. Why? Because your customers won’t be able to live without your goods after seeing how beneficial they are

  • EBooks: You can turn podcasts, YouTube videos, or convert any online content into an eBook with no hassle with tools like Designrr. Like infographics, eBooks have the dual benefit of giving your customers free information, along with helping to build authority for your website

Spending a little time and money to give you customers something for nothing will pay you dividends. Decide which of the above you customers want and then let them have it.

Build Logical Conversion Paths

As a prospect is nurtured towards ultimately converting into a lead, their journey needs to make sense. If it doesn’t, they won’t commit to continuing the process. What this means is that each step, or each interaction, needs to follow a logical path.

For example, let's say a plumber creates a blog post: "How To Stop A Leaking Pipe," which attracts a click off of Google from Susan, a homeowner with a water issue.

At the end of the blog are additional articles that are relevant to Susan's problem, like repairing water damage or how to shut off the water, which allows her to continue gathering information.

As Susan continues to click around and learn more about her leaking pipe, she decides that she’s in over her head. She follows a CTA on the page that puts her in contact with the plumber to schedule a service visit.

That’s a logical conversion path that converted a lead.

Now, if Susan read that first article, reached the end and found more articles talking about reasons to install a bidet or what tile colors are best, she’d be at a dead end. She’d click away from the page, back to Google, and continue researching on another page.

This is hard to perform each time seamlessly, but you can improve your success rate by critically thinking about the intent behind your prospects' actions. Why are they on this page and how can I encourage them to stay and convert?


There's a lot of strategy, planning, creativity, and even a little luck that goes into successful lead generation.

The most important thing to remember is to always pay attention to how your website visitors are behaving, what they respond to and what pushes them away. Then, make small adjustments to capitalize on your latest insights. You're always going to be changing strategies and adjusting landing pages in an attempt to drive better quality leads and, ultimately, a fatter bottom line.


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sterkly strong, smart, marketing

Sterkly Affiliate Network

Standing for “strong, smart, marketing,” sterkly’s innovative services offer increased promotional advantages for its partners. Focusing on user acquisition, sterkly’s performance-based affiliate and bundling options maximize quality and revenue for advertisers and publishers.

As an affiliate and software bundling network, sterkly:

-          owns popular, high-converting offers in the download vertical, ensuring the highest possible payouts

-          offers its exclusive offers on both its affiliate and software bundling network, allowing affiliates to promote the offers on a pay-per-install basis and advertisers to scale rapidly

-          has unique abilities to distribute software and generates over 3 million installs a month for its clients

-          launches new, in-house developed products periodically

-          tests all offers in house to assure high conversion rates

-          has average take rates of 50 to70 percent on its bundling platform

There are so many insurance, education, payday and finance offers that it’s hard to stand out.  The benefit of download offers (pay-per-install) is that they convert very well, also for incent traffic. Therefore, sterkly now offers its exclusive applications PageRage, Drop Down Deals and Best Video Downloader on an incent basis and allows publishers to run these offers directly at the highest payout.

Founded in 2007 and now capable of distributing millions of installs a month for its clients, sterkly recently opened up both its software bundling and affiliate network for direct affiliates and advertisers, allowing publishers to run sterkly’s exclusive offers directly at higher payouts.

sterkly’s Affiliate Network

For affiliates: although sterkly owns a wide array of exclusive offers in the download vertical, such as ezLooker and FreeTwitTube, sterkly has offers in many verticals and geo’s. sterkly offers timely publisher payments and quick response times. With sterkly you’ll have access to an industry-leading tracking platform (CAKE), competitive payouts and unparalleled account management.

For Advertisers: Advertisers can gain access to carefully selected, qualified affiliates who will promote offers at no cost until a conversion occurs. Advertisers will not pay for anything unless a desired action is received. All accounts are monitored in real time by our compliance team to ensure high-quality conversions and traffic.

sterkly’s Bundling Network

sterkly’s bundling network is entirely dedicated to our strongest area of expertise: downloadable software. sterkly has a strong track record in software bundling and the pay-per-install space. The benefits of software bundling are the high conversion rates, the ability to scale fast and the diversity of bundling options. A wide range of downloadable products and applications can be bundled including software, toolbars and browser plugins. sterkly’s bundling platform developed a built-in technology that auto-optimizes offers to assure the highest conversion rates and earnings.

For publishers: if you’re a publisher who owns an application and is either looking for a way to monetize your product or for more downloads for your product, then the sterkly bundling network is the right place to do this. While most bundling opportunities across the web are either through auction-based systems that require large volume commitments or one-off arrangements, sterkly accepts bundling publishers of all sizes and experience levels as long as the application is a good fit with our network.

For Advertisers: If you’re an advertiser and own a downloadable application or service, then sterkly can open up your product to a mass of high-quality users at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. sterkly’s expertise lies in working with both new and seasoned advertisers to promote their products within the install path of sterkly’s bundling publishers and popular products. For even faster distribution, advertisers can run their offers on both the Affiliate and Bundling Network.


For more information or to learn how to join sterkly’s affiliate network, visit, or contact sterkly directly at or (855) 783-7559.


Clickbooth model offers access to premium advertisers

Clickbooth CPC

The Clickbooth platform is recognized as one of the leaders in affiliate marketing, providing increased revenue and access to thousands of top advertisers. Advertisers place ads on carefully screened websites and the advertisements rotate to match relevant content for the website’s audience, resulting in more sales

Clickbooth is a performance-based online marketing company, offering CPA and CPC solutions. Their CPC network for advertisers provides a cost effective means of advertising on sites that have been carefully screened to prevent click fraud and protect brands. It’s a low-cost solution for advertisers, as they only pay for the targeted channels they choose. It’s a way to promote products and services, and gain feedback on targeted viewers through a range of networks.

Advertisers have complete control over their campaigns and select the channels on which their ads are displayed. Ads can be optimized in any way they choose. Advertisers are provided with real time reporting to track results, and ads can be targeted by context, demographics and geographic locations. Clickbooth CPC can be used with large and small niche markets, and images can be added to text ads.

Advertisers can also choose to utilize Clickbooth’s CPA model for cost effective advertising. Their CPA model provides a one-stop solution for affiliate marketing. The CPA model generates traffic through a comprehensive inventory of exclusive affiliates. Traffic is targeted to the advertiser’s site and unique users. Advertisers don’t pay for any marketing unless a sale is made.

Clickbooth CPC Free $25 Signup Bonus

CPA offers opportunities for affiliate marketers to generate significant revenues. Marketers have access to millions of ads from top advertisers. Payouts are competitive, generous and guaranteed to be the highest. Payouts are also available for referrals. Marketers have access to premium advertisers comprised of Fortune 500 companies. Marketers earn each time there’s a click on a paid ad. Dedicated account managers are available 24/7.

Marketers can also choose to utilize Clickbooth’s CPC model that matches advertisers to site visitors and content. Marketers have access to a continuously expanding ad inventory for increased web traffic and earnings.

Clickbooth’s CPC model provides marketers with highly targeted ads, premium advertisers and superior semantic technology. Marketers are paid when visitors click on a paid ad. Advertising is targeted to marketer’s websites and visitors, and they can filter or block ads if they desire. Real time reporting is offered and ads are available for inclusion as plain text or with images. Websites can be monetized with just one click.

Clickbooth matches marketers and advertisers to their mutual benefit. Advertisers have access to top sites, while providing marketers with the ability to leverage premium advertisers. The platform is mutually advantageous to all parties involved, and it’s easy for advertisers and marketers to compare products to discover which will best fit their needs.


Blam Ads helps increase profits on a global scale

There’s a new player in lead generation and incentive advertising, and their name is Blam Ads. Their services are specifically designed for affiliates, webmasters, developers and advertisers who want to increase profits on a global scale.

Blam Ads is owned by parent company Eagle Web Assets, Inc. Owner Ryan Eagle started the business in 2004, and it’s grown into a successful conglomerate with over 75 employees throughout the United States and Europe.

They offer affiliates over 750 incentive-only offers in 60 countries to increase profits worldwide, in addition to real time reporting and tracking with a user-friendly interface. Their services are especially beneficial for established affiliates, who gain access to Blam Ad’s extensive database of direct offers. They work to maintain personal relationships with their affiliates, unlike some companies with similar services.

Their content locking gateway automatically turns visitors into conversions for webmasters and gives them more control over their sites. Offers are automatically split tested and the top converting offers are shown. They offer superior analytics and an impressive selection of direct offers.

Blam Ads offers turnkey services to developers that easily plugs into their own applications to derive more profit from direct advertisers. Staff members works closely with developers to turn Facebook, MySpace or Web application into results that are measureable in cash. Developers have access to traffic in over 60 countries, significantly increasing sales potential.

Blam Ad staff works with advertisers to optimize their offers for maximum profits, while providing brand protection and quality leads. They work with enterprises of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. They offer cost effective ways for advertisers to increase revenue without risking their budgets.

Blam Ads presents the perfect opportunity to increase profitability. Their selection of offers, extensive global network and technological solutions ensure success. Blam Ads believes in working harder, longer and smarter to offer clients the greatest earning potential available.

For more information, visit the website at