Celebrating the History of Dragon Blogger Technology with a PS4 Giveaway

Dragon Blogger is not just a technology blog but has many social media properties including a YouTube Channel as well as you can find them on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,, Soundcloud and more. Just search for dragonblogger in Google and the many sites will come up. Dragon Blogger has many writers and reviewers contributing to the site now and is always on the lookout for more streamers, gamers and people who want to contribute content and get free stuff to review.

Besides the giveaways and gaming related content, you can find the latest gadget reviews also on Dragon Blogger Technology and these can be anything from Bluetooth Earbuds, to the latest Mobile Tech, Car Tech, Video Cards, Speakers and more. A growing number of brands are partnering with Dragon Blogger which is expanding the amount and type of products that get reviewed all the time.

Dragon Blogger not only hosts the latest tech news and features video game content and streams, but you can also find tech giveaways over at Dragon Blogger Technology as they often giveaway a product that they get to review or partner with sponsors for larger giveaways. Over the years people have won Kindle Fire Tablets, Laptops, PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as tons of headsets and Bluetooth accessories.

Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment does more than just product reviews on their YouTube Channel which is you can find everything from video game let's play's, to the various contributors experimenting with different entertainment and product demonstrations. Feel free to get to know all the contributors to over the years, there have been nearly 20 different people contributing at various points in the site history.

Dragon Blogger Technology isn't just about reviewing products and sharing the latest tech news and gadget info. Since the beginning the owner of Dragon Blogger has wanted to give people a chance to win free stuff and was one of the earliest giveaway sites leveraging the giveaway platforms that are now very popular long before they became popular. Giveaways are fair and honest, and each giveaway always has it's winners announced publicly in social media, on the site and in the giveaway platform widget. This ensures legitimacy and accountability for each giveaway and leaves no question "was there really a winner, or was that giveaway really legit?" Many winners also take pictures holding the prizes to help build assurance that the giveaways are indeed legit and not scams.

Enter for your chance to win a PlayStation 4 which includes the EasySMX Cool 2000 Gaming Headsetthat is hosted and sponsored by, ThisBytesForYou and NexusInYou666 but we are also co-hosting and make sure if you enter the giveaway you cut/paste the URL for this page when it asks you "which site did you enter from". That way we can get credit for co-hosting the giveaway and have our chance to host the winner and win a cool prize ourselves.

Enter to Win a PlayStation 4 Now

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console Giveaway

If the above widget doesn't work you can enter from the main site page here: if you have any questions go to and use the contact us form to ask the site owner, or you can ask the giveaway owner at


Win Networking Plus Passes to Affiliate Summit West 2015

Affiliate Summit West is right around the corner, I'm giving away 3  Networking Plus Passes  to Affiliate Summit West 2015 enter below for a chance to win! Contest Ends OCT 22nd 2014 11:59pm PST.

Affiliate Summit West 2015
Affiliate Summit West 2015 Networking Plus Passes

Networking Plus Pass: Admission to Meet Market, Exhibit Hall, Keynotes, access to one session from the first track of each day of the show; access to all recorded session videos; and PowerPoint presentations.


A Deeper Analysis of the Lucktastic App

Lucktastic App Review

In the last twenty years the world has witnessed a number of drastic changes in the technical industry. People all over the world are now quite habituated with the phoning devises. This is the reason that new companies are coming in the market offering the best choices in the mobile application options. At present the smart phones that are coming to the market are not too costly. This is the reason that the companies are coming with attractive offers regarding the apps. Lucktastic app is one of these apps that are now quite popular in the whole world. In fact among the other apps Lucktastic comes as a very fruitful one so far the gaming options are concerned. In this following Lucktastic app review this will be the primary matter.

There are various gaming sites available now where you can get the best games available. At the same time in the phoning devises there are different apps that are there for the proper download of the games or playing the games properly. In this connection it is important to mention also that some of the gaming software and portals also have the profitable means, that is to say, options for earning. Lucktastic is one such app where the users can get the proper earning. One can actually earn up to 500 $ if he can play properly.

No doubt that the users of this app are gradually increasing because of the way the app manufacturers has devised this app. At the same time there are different stages of this gaming app where the users can earn from the minimum of 10 $ to 500 $. As the users pass every level of the games, they can earn more. This is the system of these games. So far the Lucktastic app is concerned; this is one very important feature worthy of mentioning. Other than that there are other factors there also.

Most of the players, who play in this app, do not only play for the money. As the Lucktastic app offers a wide arrangement of the best games available worldwide, they also love to try out the new exciting games. In fact, any game lover can enter in the app and get all the possible games that they look for. This is the reason that in the Lucktastic app review it is important to mention that it is not only earning that matters but also the fun of playing the games.


WP Robot Birthday Giveaway Over $6000 Worth Of Prizes

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WP Robot Birthday Giveaway Over $6000 Worth Of Prizes


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Score a Win with the LiveToWin App

Live To Win App

Live To Win App Double Winners
photo 1In April 2014, I had an extra $500 in my pocket thanks to an app called LiveToWin. That same nifty little app just nette
d me another $500 in a little over a month, simply through a post on my blog. I shared the details of the app on my website, along with a referral code. One of my readers entered the code and we each won $500 as a result.

I’ve always had very good luck with contests, but the LiveToWin app increases my chances substantially. There are thousands of prizes being given away every day, but finding reputable contests that actually deliver on their claims has been a real problem. Not anymore.

Use Live to win Referral Code: ILSMT or click here from your iphone

 LiveToWin notifies users when they win and the app’s preferences can be set to let them know when new prizes are available and how to earn extra entries. It provides users with the drawing date, a prize description, prize options, methods of delivery and the estimated time of arrival should they win. It offers users a convenient way to keep track of each item they’ve won.

Prizes run the gamut, from gift cards and money to electronics. Contestants have the option of choosing how their monetary prizes will be delivered – via check or PayPal. In some instances, prize winners can choose whether they want to receive the physical prize or a cash equivalent. No purchase is necessary to win and a prize winner is guaranteed every day.

The rules vary by contest. Users may be required to complete a survey, provide feedback, watch a brief commercial or sign up for Live To Win Appa specific service. A spin-the-wheel game allows users to earn extra entries. The LiveToWin app is available at the iTunes store and can be downloaded for free. It’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. It’s available for Android operating systems on Google Play.

So far, I’ve won an iPad, $100 and $500 twice, along with a lot of gift cards. Sweepstakes scams have made many wary of contest apps, but LiveToWin has made me a winner on numerous occasions. No one has to deprive themselves of fun and the nicer things in life through a missed opportunity.

The highest value for prizes and amounts top out at $500, but it’s not just the monetary value of the prize that counts. Winning makes people feel special, even if it’s a $10 gift card. In this economy, no one can afford to turn down free products or money. Besides, contests are fun and the time investment is very small.

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